Thursday, June 30, 2011

Biggest Meal & Roll

Dearest Blessings~

Well, well, well .... Mr. Joshua, you made it in your toddler bed for 2 hours last night!  Then, you noodled into our bed as usual.  :-P  But, guess what .... I was so exhausted that I didn't even hear you and daddy!  I woke up at 4am when Grace started crying and then noticed you in our bed next to me!  Daddy changed Grace and I asked him what happened.  You woke up crying and got out of your bed but stood next to it and continued to cry.  Once I nursed Grace, I leaned back in the bed to rest for a little before getting up for work.  Again, I was so tired that I slept through my alarm!  Oh no!  That never happens!  Luckily I didn't over sleep that much (about 10 minutes) and I already had my lunch made so that saved me some time.  ;-)

Joshua, you really impressed Penny today with your eating!  She said that lunch was the biggest meal she has seen you eat!  First, you had cereal with applesauce for breakfast!  Then, at lunch, you had some pasta, hotdog pieces, and lots of applesauce!  Good job little man!  Grace, you also caught Penny's attention .... you didn't have a poop all day!  Hummm, I hope you're ok.  If you don't have a poopy diaper tomorrow then I'll call the doctor. 

You all also had music, story time, and walked to the park.  :-)  How fun!

But, here's the really big news of the day .... daddy came home from work and started making dinner.  While things were cooking, he put Grace down for some tummy time.  Grace guess what .... YOU ROLLED!  You rolled from your belly to your back!  Daddy got a little picture of it.  I missed it since I was at work, but I'm glad daddy was able to see you since I was the one who saw Joshua roll for the first time.  :-)  I'm sure you'll roll for me.  ;-)  I'm so proud of you! 

We have to take a trip tomorrow afternoon to my work.  I need to get a test read so you all will need to go with me.  It won't take long, but it's suppose to be hot out.  :-P

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enough Gas

Dearest Miracles~

Grace, you woke up at one of those weird times that made it hard for me to go back to sleep since I had to work today.  You woke up at 3:55am.  I changed your diaper and then nursed you.  Once you were done, I didn't have long to rest before getting ready for the day.  It was  very hard for me to keep eyes open.  Plus, I woke up to a backache.  Not a great way to start off the morning.  :-P

You all had fun with Penny today!  Here are some of the things that you all did:

*Music time and learning how to 'hear and do'
-You all worked on 'If you're happy and you know it' and the 'Teddy Bear Song'

*Copying Behavior
-There was some spilled milk and Penny helped Joshua learn how to clean it up with a paper towel

*Follow Directions
-'Put it in the trash can'
-'Put this in the water' - Penny cleaned out your water table since it was dirty

*Walked to the park and had front porch time


Daddy made dinner before I got home.  He used the rest of the homemade pasta and baked it with some sauce and cheese.  It was good.  :-)

I was scared this morning because I didn't have a lot of gas in my car.  I thought it was going to run out on my way to work!  I was going to gas up yesterday while we were out, but I came home after Target because you all were getting hungry.  Then, it started to storm in the afternoon so I stayed in.  :-P  Daddy put a little extra gas in my car from the lawn mover gas can.  I had just enough to get to work and then could gas up on my way home!  Yippie!  :-)

I spoke to my cousin Julia after work this evening.  Joshua, you haven't seen her since she got married last May!  And Grace, you've never met her.  Well, she's planning a trip to North Carolina this fall over the Labor Day weekend and she's going to stay here with us one night!  Woo hoo!  You all are going to have to help me clean and straighten the guest room before she and Geoff arrive.  ;-)

Tomorrow's another work day so you all will be with Penny.  I'll rush home as fast as I can.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4 Months

Dearest Precious Gifts~

Grace .... Happy Four Months!  You're getting big fast!  I can't believe you are already 4 months old!  It seems like yesterday I was still feeling you kick around in the womb.  You two are so cute and adorable.  ;-)

You're still waking up at all hours of the night.  We were up at 1:45am.  I changed your diaper and then nursed you back to sleep.  I could barely keep my eyes open I was so exhausted.  I have some puzzles on my phone that I do sometimes to keep myself awake.  So far, I've completed 150 puzzles.  :-P

Joshua, you were the opposite this morning.  You slept in and then I was rushing to get you two to Joshua's appointments on time.  :-P

The appointments went well.  I wasn't doing your brush work correctly.  I'm suppose to use more pressure when putting it against your skin.  We have a new occupational therapist, Mary Beth (Michelle moved to the Raleigh office and we go to the Wake Forest office).  She showed me again and you sat still for her (distracted with a toy of course).  So, we'll continue to work on that.  For Kim, you ate a LOT of applesauce!  Good job little man!  I'm going to make some things this weekend to bring in for next week.  We're going to see how well you do with chunkier foods. 

We made a quick trip to Target right afterward.  Grace needed diapers and daddy and I needed bread and milk.  I picked up some more applesauce since Joshua was eating it.  :-)

Once home, we all played upstairs as I nursed Grace.  It was getting too hot upstairs, so we came downstairs and played once Grace was done.

Joshua, I almost forgot, you're getting another molar in on the bottom!  You now have two mandibular molars erupting!  Woo hoo!  Grace, you did tummy time and then practiced your sitting in the bumbo chair.  I did a quick pump and Joshua helped me clean downstairs.  He also helped me make my lunches for this week.  Grace wanted to be held the majority of the time, so these chores took a while.  :-P

It started to thunder at 4pm.  Yes, Joshua was still awake.  He didn't go down for a nap until right afterward .... around 4:15pm.  Wow!  What a late nap!  Once he was asleep, it really got dark outside and started to storm.  I then nursed Grace and closed my eyes too.  :-)

Mimi is in the hospital today.  She has a kidney stone so she'll need surgery next week.  Keep her in your prayers.

Joshua, you amazed us this evening .... you ate an entire 4oz container of applesauce in one minute with dinner!  You also had goldfish and some hotdog.  You didn't want the pasta though.

Daddy did your brush work and joint exercises with this evening and I did another quick pump.  We won't need to thaw much mommy milk for tomorrow.  :-)

Joshua, you were hyper this evening and fought sleep.  It was after 11pm before you were sleeping.

I saw something today that really bothered me .... I was looking at the news online and a headline came up that a toddler was killed in an automobile accident when an SUV flipped.  I was so hurt by that headline.  I didn't read the article because the headline was so bad.  This evening, I lost my temper for a second.  I didn't screw on Joshua's sippy cup lid tight enough and it started to spill everyone when he tried to drink from it.  Milk was on the kitchen floor and I got mad at myself (it was completely my fault).  I put it on tight and then handed it to Joshua.  He took a few sips and then threw the sippy cup down on the floor as I was trying to clean the milk and he started to laugh.  I got mad and yelled, "Joshua no!  Go over there with your sister!"  As soon as the words were out of my mouth, the headline of that article appeared in my head and I started to cry!  I immediately picked Joshua up and hugged him.  I kept saying in his ears, "I'm sorry!  I'm sorry!  Mommy is so sorry!"  I couldn't stop crying.  I don't know why I lost my temper like that, and I didn't mean to.  I apologize to the both of you.  Please forgive my outburst.  You all didn't deserve that.  I will try to be a better mother to you both.  I couldn't imagine my life without you all and I love you both so dearly! 

Sleep tight little angels!

I love you both so very much!


Monday, June 27, 2011


Dearest Miracles~

This morning we were up early at 2:30am nursing, little lady.  I got a little bit of rest afterward, but then you were up again at 5:30am hungry.  Daddy changed your diaper and then I nursed you.

Joshua, you didn't finish your cereal and fruit breakfast nor your sippy cup this morning.  You eventually finished the sippy cup later in the morning, but I had to remind you about it in order for you to take it.

Since we've been out of the house everyday for the past few days, we stayed in today and rested.  I ran everyone's laundry and then did a pump.  Our neighbor's dog barked a lot this morning as we were playing.  I noticed Joshua putting his fingers in his ears while walking around the play room.  Do you have noise sensitivity as well?

Our home therapy session went well.  Joshua ate some green beans.  He almost finished the container, but then flaked out on me with about two bites left.  :-P  I boiled some hotdogs this morning and he ate some for lunch.  I ate one with him.  :-) 

Grace, as I was making the hotdogs, you had a huge poop!  I had to change your outfit!  Whoa little lady!

We made our pillow fort upstairs after lunch and I did Joshua's joint compression exercises and brush exercises.  Afterward, Joshua took a nap.  Grace helped me fold some laundry and then did some tummy time.  She also practiced her sitting and her talking.  :-)

We had some afternoon thunderstorms today.  It got really dark out at one point.  I enjoyed it since we need some rain.  :-)  It cleared up by late afternoon.

Joshua, your bug bite has gotten better.  Now, it's just a small red area.  Before, it was raised and red.

We played after dinner with daddy.  I rubbed my hair against Grace's hair and she smiled and laughed.  :-)  I use to do that with Joshua too when he was smaller.  Now, he likes to play with my hair. 

Daddy had a late soccer game, so the three of us had music and free play time.  I nursed Grace and then got everyone ready for bed.  Surprisingly, Joshua did not fight sleep.  He was snoring by 9:45pm.  That's still late, but it's an improvement.  He curled up next to me as I nursed Grace.  It was sweet.  When daddy got home, you two were sleeping.

Oh, Joshua, you were uncooperative with your joint and brush exercises this evening.  Maybe you were just too tired?

My back still hurt today but didn't have to take any Motrin.  We'll see how it feels tomorrow.
Remember how we had some people come over weeks ago and spray around the house for bugs?  Well, they called me today to check to make sure things were going well since they sprayed.  I wasn't able to grab the phone when they called, so a lady left a message.  My phone 'greeting' apparently 'made her day' and she laughed and thanked me (on the message) for making her smile today.  That was so sweet!  My greeting says:

Ready .... ok!
Where is Crystal?
I truly wonder ....
Just leave your name,
And your phone number!
Ok!  Go Carolina!  :-)

Your Gigi actually thought of that message years ago and dared me to use it on my phone.  Of course I did and I've left it ever since!  It's much better than the boring ones people always use.  ;-)  I pray that you all grow up with a great sense of humor.  And, don't be afraid to laugh at yourself at times too!  People need to laugh and smile!  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  :-)


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Dearest Blessings~

Little lady, you were up at 1:55am this morning hungry.  Daddy changed your diaper before I nursed you.  Did you know what time it was?  :-P  Your second feeding was around 6am, so I was able to get about 3 hours of sleep between the two.  

Joshua, you had another good breakfast .... you ate some more cereal with fruit and whole milk mixed in it.  You didn't finish your bowl, but you came really close so we're counting it as a success.  ;-)

This morning I was able to get a pump in to build up mommy milk for wednesday.  This is a never ending cycle.  ;-)  But, it's the best thing for you to eat right now, so we're going to keep on going! 

Daddy ended up driving with Grandpa Mike to the coast today.  Mimi went down there with a friend and got sick (note, Mimi was sick before she left and still went out of town).  :-P  Daddy was at Grandpa Mike's house when Mimi called.  They were changing the oil and filter in my car.  Since Mimi's friend doesn't drive, they had to go down there to pick them up and drive up the second car.  Note, Mimi's friend has a valid driver's license, but just didn't want to drive Mimi's car.  :-P  So, daddy ended up being in a car for about 8 hours yesterday.  He wasn't too happy about that since he missed you all for an entire day.  :-(  We were planning on spending the day together as a family.   :-P

Here's some advice for when you two are older .... sometimes in-laws will aggravate you.  This isn't the first time Mimi has spoiled our weekend plans.  Remember when she just walked into our house with no warning with (Great) Alyson while we were visiting with Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James.  I was pretty irritated.  Well, your Mimi has also 'diagnosed' Grace has having colic and Joshua as being autistic.  Yes, autistic.  She actually told us that he was autistic twice!  Honestly, I don't know what her problem is.  Just know that I love you two very much and I protect and defend you two at any chance I have.  Also, I know I'm biased, but .... you may want to hang out with Gigi more .... she's one fun lady and doesn't 'diagnose' you all with unnecessary and inaccurate medical conditions.  :-P

The three of us stayed here while daddy was out.  Grace fell asleep during some tummy time and ended up taking a nap on her belly.  Joshua and I had music and free play time as she napped (I watched her the entire time though to make sure she was 'ok' on her belly).  Joshua and I made a pillow fort and he helped me organize a few things.

Joshua, you really surprised me today .... you ate a lot of hotdog at lunch!  In fact, you finished your container!  Way to go!  You also took down a boost.  I nursed Grace and then we did joint pressure exercises and brush exercises with Joshua.  He fell asleep and took a nap after the exercises.

As Joshua napped, Grace practiced sitting in her bumbo chair and did more tummy time.  I paid the mortgage and was even able to put some money into savings!  Woo hoo!  Daddy and I have a goal on how much we want to have in savings by the end of the year.  :-)

Here's the big news .... as I was playing with Grace, she transferred a toy ring from one hand to the other!  Yippie!  You are so smart and you're getting so strong!  I'm so proud of you little lady!  :-)  You smiled too so I think you were proud of your new accomplishment.  ;-)

Once Joshua woke up, we headed to Gigi's house to visit.  Joshua loves to look at Uncle James's fish tank that's set up in the kitchen.  Right now there's only one fish in there, but there's plans of expanding.  ;-)

Joshua didn't eat much and didn't want his sippy cup.  Though he ate more late this evening when we were back home.

Grace, you really surprised me .... you screamed with a bottle!  I was shocked because you had one yesterday at the party!  But this evening you really wailed and screamed.  Three of us tried to give you a bottle and you just wouldn't latch on.  So, I ended up taking you upstairs and nursing you as Joshua played with Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James. 

We got home late .... probably after 8pm.  Daddy hadn't been home long.  Grandpa Mike drove him back to our house once they got back from Beaufort (where Mimi was).  Daddy got sunburned and was really tired when we walked in.  I hope he has a better day tomorrow, even though he has to go to work.  I think seeing you two brightened his day.  I know he hated missing you all on a weekend day.  Maybe we can plan something nice to do next weekend as a family?  If you have any ideas just let me know.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Saturday, June 25, 2011


Dearest Blessings~

Well, little lady, you sleep a little bit longer this morning.  You woke up at 4:11am and daddy changed your diaper.  I fed you and then you fell asleep.  You woke up a few minutes later after I put you in your bassinet.  I picked you back up and nursed you some more.  You fell asleep .... again.  :-P  I leaned back in the bed and fell asleep for about one hour while holding Grace against my chest.  I woke back up and placed her in her bassinet (my back was killing me) and she woke back up again!  Daddy ended up waking up then and took her downstairs with him as he ate breakfast.  When he came back up, Grace made a poopy diaper.  So, I changed her and was back nursing her by 7am.  :-P

Joshua, you, on the other hand, didn't want to get up.  You woke up at 7am when all this was going on.  Grace fell back asleep so I got up and ate some breakfast at 8am.  When I came back upstairs, all three of you all were sleeping!  Grace, you ended up waking back up at 8:45am and Joshua, you woke back up at 9am! 

Both of you all had a bath this morning.  Daddy gave Joshua a bath once he woke up and I gave one to Grace once she had another poopy diaper.  :-P

Grandpa Jim came over this morning and helped up out with some things in the garage.  We had a big mirror, filing cabinet, and shelves that needed to go to a dumpster.  Grandpa Jim really helped us out on this because he has a truck.  He and daddy loaded everything and took it away to the dump.  Slowly our garage and house are looking cleaner.  :-)  Grandpa Jim then got to visit with you all for a little bit.  :-)  It felt nice early in the morning when he came, so we were all swinging on our front porch swing when he pulled up!  ;-)

While they were out doing that, you two stayed with me in the house.  You two helped me vacuum and sweep the downstairs.  Then, we made some chocolate pudding.  :-)  Yummm!

Oh, I almost forgot, Joshua, you ate a great breakfast for daddy this morning!  You ate three tablespoons of cereal with fruit mixed in and whole milk.  Then, you took down a sippy cup!  Wow!  Good job little man!

After lunch Aunt Katie and Uncle Brennan came over to visit.  They were out running errands and were in the neighborhood.  :-)  Grace, you were very fussy for some reason at the beginning.  You eventually calmed down, but you were really screaming there for a bit.  :-P

This afternoon we went to a birthday party for my coworker's son.  He's turning one year old.  This was the first time we've been invited to a birthday party for a small child.  You all got gift bags to take home with little toys in them!  There were lots of people there, both adults and children!  It was a little overwhelming with the number of people all in a living room and kitchen.  We went outside to walk around, but it was hot and Joshua's face turned a little red.  Joshua eventually started to put his fingers in his ears, and by that point we wanted to head out as well.  We had been there for an hour and a half, and we still had a 45 minute drive back home.  :-P  Oh, Joshua, you did have fun throwing toys everywhere.  :-P  Daddy and I kept watching you and moving you so that you won't hit the smaller children or an adult.  ;-)

We were back home by 6:30pm.  I nursed Grace and Joshua ate a little and drank some milk.  Oh, we weighed you all today.  Based on our scale you two weigh about 14 lbs (Grace) and 22 lbs (Joshua).  We'll see what the pediatrician's scale says in July.  This might be why my back has been hurting so much.  I carry you all around everyday.  I had to take some motrin today and my back felt like it was having a spasm this evening.  :-P

Joshua, you are still fascinated with hair!  You like to play with mine and rub Grace's hair!  It's so cute!  Oh, and Grace, I clipped your nails this evening after you fell asleep.

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Friday, June 24, 2011

Half Day

Dearest Angels~

You two decided to wake up early today.  :-P  Grace, you were up at 3am hungry.  Daddy changed your diaper and then I nursed you.  Joshua, you ate breakfast after 7am and we were all back upstairs by 8am.  You didn't want any cheerios, but you at least took down a sippy cup.

This morning we had more music time together.  I put another CD on in the play room and we all danced!  Joshua stomped his feet again as I swayed with Grace.  I made another pillow fort on the floor and Joshua and I had fun rolling around on them.  ;-)  Grace did tummy time on a blanket next to us.  I had to be sure that Joshua won't roll on her though.  ;-)

I noticed a little raised bump on the back of Joshua's left leg.  I didn't see any others on him, so it appears to just be a bug bite.  I know you all went to the park with Penny, so a little bug might have gotten on you.  I'll check it tomorrow as well to make sure it isn't something more serious or getting larger.  

Joshua, we had a good therapy session this morning.  You finished your carrots for me and even ate a little bit of green beans.  :-)  You also ate a lot of gold fish crackers and then took down a boost.  Yippie!

While we were downstairs, I ran the dishes (we ran out of sippy cups) and then took out the trash.  We came back upstairs and I nursed Grace.  Once she was full and playing around, I did some joint pressure exercises with Joshua and used his therapressure brush for sensory work.  I brushed your legs and arms with no problems.  When I started to brush you back you slowly closed your eyes and the next thing I knew you had fallen asleep!  You fell asleep just shy of noon.  I guess you were tired from waking up earlier.  :-P  I tried to clip your nails while you were sleeping, but you weren't cooperative.  You must not have been in a deep sleep when I tried.  I actually ended up waking you up after an hour of napping.  Sorry!

Daddy worked half day today, so he was home by 1:30pm.  After everyone ate something, we ran to a car store (my car needs an oil change and the tires rotated) to pick up a filter and oil.  Daddy and Grandpa Mike are going to help change everything in my car over the weekend .... I'm actually 1,000 miles overdue.  Yikes!  Then, we all went to the grocery store and refilled Joshua's prevacid prescription.  I hope the medication is working.  I wonder how much you weigh now. 

Back home I took more pictures of you all with daddy.  We also had more music time together in the play room.  

Guess who came for dinner?  Our friend Allison!  You all remember Allison .... daddy and I have known her since elementary school!  She came by to see you all after Grace was born.  She's back in NC working on her thesis so we'll be able to see her more often (she was in West Virginia for school).  She brought dinner over and Joshua ate a little mac and cheese.  Then he had fun showing Allison how far he can throw all his toys in the living room and the kitchen.  Yes, little man, we're still working on the concept of 'gently' placing things down or putting things back in their place.  ;-)  You two have gotten bigger since the last time she saw you all.  Grace, you're now too long for the 'Peanut' outfit that she gave you.  :-P

After visiting, we relaxed in the play room.  Joshua eventually fell into a deep sleep and daddy and I finished trimming his finger and toe nails!  ;-) 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  :-)


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mission Field

Dearest Miracles~

Little lady .... you did it again!  I woke up at 5am this morning to use the restroom.  When I got up, I realized I was immediately in pain ..... you never woke up for an early morning nursing session!  It was good you kept sleeping because I needed the sleep, but it was bad because I was leaking milk everywhere and hurting so much!  I went straight into the playroom and pump to alleviate the pressure (I didn't even use the restroom until afterward since I was in so much pain!).  Since I had enough mommy milk in the fridge for you already, I ended up freezing the majority.  You eventually did wake up and then I nursed you before heading to work.  :-P

Today was a much better day than yesterday!  Work went smoother and I did a great root canal treatment on tooth #11 for a patient.  In case you don't know, tooth #11 is the maxillary left permanent canine.  :-)

You all had fun with Penny too.  You three went to the park and took some naps.  You had music time and story time.  Penny noted that Grace is beginning to find her hands.  She stares at them now probably wondering what they are.  :-)

I stopped and picked up some sandwiches for dinner this evening and Joshua ate a little bit of the turkey.  Joshua, you had some beautiful giggles this evening as we relaxed in the play room.

A friend of mine forwarded a wonderful article about motherhood being a mission field.  I wanted to share a little of what the article said with you both:

"If you are a Christian woman who loves the Lord, the gospel is important to you.  At the very heart of the gospel is sacrifice, and there is perhaps no occupation in the world so intrinsically sacrificial as motherhood. Motherhood is a wonderful opportunity to live the gospel.  Motherhood provides you with an opportunity to lay down the things that you cannot keep on behalf of the people that you cannot lose. They are eternal souls, they are your children, they are your mission field.  Look at your children in faith, and see how many people will be ministered to by your ministering to them. How many people will your children know in their lives? How many grandchildren are represented in the faces around your table now?  Lay yourself down for the people here with you .... rejoice in them. Sacrifice for them.  Do not think that your work does not matter.  Offered with thankfulness, your work at home is only the beginning."

I was amazed when I read this!  How true it is and I honestly hadn't thought of that before!  You two are my 'mission field' in life!  I can't even fathom how many lives you all with touch as you grow older .... and because of that, it's my job to help you grow in faith and to love Jesus Christ as your savior!  How amazing!  What a blessing you two truly are!  God is so good and I pray that you two will know Him more and more as you grow into adulthood .... though I don't want you all growing up too fast!  ;-)  

Sleep tight my precious children!

I love you both more than you'll ever know!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tylenol Filled Frustrating Day

Dearest Precious Children~

Since we went to bed so late last night .... after 11pm .... I was exhausted when Grace decided to wake up.   I changed her diaper and was was nursing her by 4:40am.  Since I had to go to work today, I just stayed awake afterward.  I managed to nurse you one more time before leaving for work.

Work was hectic and frustrating.  It was pretty terrible and I took tylenol throughout the day just to get by.  I was exhausted and probably dehydrated since we were so busy.  We had a few 'not too pleasant' patients, which didn't help much.  Also, I had forgotten my 'self evaluation' for work which was due and had a horrible time trying to get my PPD shot updated .... which I never got!  Ugh!  So, I still have to get that done at some point.  We use to go down the hall to the pediatric clinic and just have one of the nurses or MA's give it to us.  Now, policies have changed and we have to check into a 'Same Day Care' clinic downstairs which was a mess!  Needless to say, my opinion of my 'fellow coworkers' at Same Day Care (we all work for the same company though different departments) is pretty low.  Plus, it's a joke that I couldn't get 'same day' service for a 2 second shot at a same day clinic!  They had no clue what was going on!  Grrrr!

The only good thing about today was coming home to see you two!!  You all had some fun with Penny.  You had music time, play time, and even walked up to the park.  Grace, you practiced your sitting in the bumbo chair and did some tummy time.  Joshua, you had fun in the sand box and water table.  

Daddy wasn't there when I walked in the door .... he had gone to play soccer (I have to admit I was mad at that too since he knew I had a pretty crappy day) .... but he had left some flowers for me and a big cookie cake.  Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie were babysitting you all, so it was nice that you all got to visit with them since you hadn't seen them in a while.  :-)  Also, it was nice to 'vent' a little with Aunt Katie.  She and I went upstairs to nurse Grace while Uncle Brennan played with Joshua downstairs. 

Grace, you do something cute now when I nurse you .... you've started to look up and smile at me when I nurse you like you're taking little breaks to say 'thank you' to me.  Whenever you look up at me and smile, I can't get mad no matter how tired I am.  I will certainly miss these days when you're older.  

And, no matter how bad my day was at work, seeing you all took that negative energy away.  I love you two so much and you both make my days, weeks, months .... my life in general .... so much better!  You all make me a better person and I have to thank you two for that!  

Sleep tight little angels!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice

Dearest Blessings~

Today is the summer solstice.  That means that today is the longest day of the year .... the day still has 24 hours in it, but the sun is out longer so the 'day' longer and the 'night' is shorter.  :-)

Grace, you woke at 3am hungry.  Daddy changed your diaper and then I nursed you.  Joshua, when you woke up (several hours later) you did not want any cheerios with me .... you kept spitting them out which I thought was odd since you ate a lot yesterday.

You did do well with your OT and ST appointments though.  We got to meet Mary Beth, who will be your new occupational therapist since Michelle is leaving the office.  She's very nice and you liked her.  You were more receptive to things .... you let Michelle bounce you on the trampoline and you didn't fuss much with the therapy brush and deep pressure exercises.  :-)  She gave us more exercises, so we'll need to practice them this week.  For Kim and I, you ate half a container of carrots!  You got them all over (again), but I wore one of daddy's shirts .... don't tell him!  ;-)

Grace, you had a huge poopy diaper right as we pulled into the parking lot .... again!  Good thing I anticipated it!  You two are now making it a habit for Joshua to have a huge poop right before we leave and then Grace right when we get there!  ;-P  Oh, Kim said that Grace was a good baby .... I, of course, agreed!  

Since we were out, and while you two were behaving, I made a quick trip to Target.  Joshua, you're running low on diapers and I won't make it to the store the next two days since I'll be working.  So, I picked up a box for you and some more vanilla boost.  I picked up some nursing tops for me and a new pillow since one of ours was getting kind of old.  :-P  

Once we got home, I made a pillow fort in the play room from all the pillows in the house.  At the therapy office, they have 'crash pads' (which look like long bean bags or long pillows) for Joshua to crawl and walking around on to help strengthen his muscles.  I tried to create our own with all the pillows.  Hopefully it'll work.  Joshua, you were a little apprehensive at first, but you got into it more when I started to crawl around too.  

We were home after 12:30pm and I immediately changed everyone's diapers and outfits.  You two still get hot in the car even with the extra fan on .... it was almost 100 degrees today!  Then, I nursed Grace.

This afternoon was so fun .... I put two 'folk' CDs on for us to listen to.  We had music and dance time in the play room!  Joshua, you stomped your feet around and I swayed with Grace!  It was so cute!  Grace, you also did a lot of tummy time and I took more pictures of the two of you.  Joshua, you kept wanting to touch the camera lens.  :-P  I then did a pump so we'll only need to thaw one container of mommy milk for tomorrow while I'm at work.  :-)

Joshua, you took a later nap so I took Grace downstairs and cooked dinner.  We made bacon, eggs, veggies, and the rest of the potato casserole.  Grace, you were quiet and content when I started but then started to cry and fuss right when I in the middle of dinner.  Of course I had a hot stove on and trying to cut the veggies when you started.  :-P  I rushed to finish and then nursed her upstairs.  I was surprised that her crying didn't wake up Joshua!

Mimi made a quick stop here this evening to bring some meals over that she had made.  We froze them to use for later in the week.  Then, we relaxed in the play room until bed time.

Tomorrow I head to work and I will miss you two so much!  But, I know you all will have fun with Penny!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Evening Out

Dearest Precious Children~

Grace, you did well this morning with your sleeping.  We didn't have a nursing session until 4:45am.  :-)  I was back in bed around 5:30am.  However, that cat woke me up again in less than an hour howling, growling, and running around the house.  Ugh.  He's still pooping in a completely different room from where the litter box is.  I don't know if he's peeing in the box either .... the study constantly smells like cat pee at this point.  Plus, Joshua keeps going up the box .... probably thinking it's another sand box.  I think we need to look into moving the cat to a different home .... we've tried everything to correct the problem here with no success.  Daddy is hesitant about moving the cat .... I think he'd rather live in a house that smells like cat pee and poop.  :-P

Breakfast went well this morning.  Joshua sat down and ate Honey Nut Cheerios with me.  :-)  Then, at lunch, he ate a good amount of chicken and hotdog!  Woo hoo!  Grace had a huge poopy diaper as I was feeding Joshua and then got fussy.  I couldn't blame her .... there was poop on her clothes and the papasan chair.  :-P  I changed her diaper and her outfit.  Then, I washed the chair.  

This morning we stayed pretty busy.  I baked some chicken for Joshua to have during the week.  Then, I vacuumed the play room and ran you all's laundry.  We ran the dishes and I got a morning pump in.  We did all this before 10am.  :-)

Grace, you let me trim your nails this afternoon.  Oh, and Joshua, you correctly identified your knees and eyes for me .... you usually get stuck on those but you got them correct today!  Good job little man!  

Joshua, you took a late nap.  I rocked you to sleep and then placed you on a pillow to rest under the fan.  I held you for a bit before putting you down since I hardly get to do that .... you're so active these days you never slow down for someone to hold you!  ;-)

We had a fun evening!  Daddy had another soccer game and wasn't coming home.  So, we decided to go to Gigi's house.  We got there around 5pm.  Joshua, you ate some hotdog and chicken, but not much.  :-P  Grace, you took down a bottle for Grandpa Jim and then took a little nap.  You also showed off your tummy time for everyone!  They were all impressed!  :-)

Joshua, you had a great time playing with Uncle James!  You all wandered through the downstairs and played in the kitchen and living room.  Gigi had some magnets on the fridge that you liked to take off and put back on.  Then, you sat down right next to Uncle James and ate a lot of cheerios!  You ate them for a long time .... it wasn't until 9pm that you were finished!  We ended up getting home around 9:30pm, but next time we might as well spend the night.  You two were still having fun, and it was nice to visit them.  Daddy has soccer games every monday, so maybe we should go over there every week while he's gone.  You all had fun and they all loved seeing you two.  :-)

Tomorrow Joshua has therapy.  It's suppose to be very hot, so we'll probably stay inside later in the day.  We'll see.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Dearest Miracles~

Today is Father's Day!  So, we got to spend the day with daddy and celebrate.  :-)  Grace woke us bright and earlier because she was so excited!  ;-)  I nursed her at 3:36am and 6:45am.  Daddy changed her diaper both times.  

This morning we all relaxed in the play room and watched another 'Veggie Tales' show.  This one was about hard work and perseverance.  They imitated the Three Stooges at one part, and I thought of you all's Great Grandfather.  I think Uncle James and I have seen all the Three Stooges episodes with him at some point in our life.  ;-) 

I was able to do a quick pump this morning, so we're building up a milk supply for you Grace!  I try to start on sundays to build up milk for Penny to use on wednesdays.  That way, I only need to thaw a little bit each week from the past thursday.  We have about 20 containers in the garage freezer of mommy milk.  I'm saving those for when I'm no longer pumping.  We're still going strong together with nursing, so I plan on keeping that up for as long as I can.  :-)

Joshua helped me wrap the Father's Day gifts as Grace kept daddy distracted.  ;-)  Then, I took more pictures of you all.  :-)  Grace, you had a huge poop that went through your clothes and down your back .... again!  This reminded me of thursday when you did that and I was running late for work.  :-P  Anyway, we gave you a quick sponge bath to clean you all up.

We got to see Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James after church today to celebrate.  They brought an apple pie and Grandpa Jim gave you a mommy milk bottle (you haven't had formula in about two months by the way).  I pumped while you took your bottle.  Did I tell you that on friday I tried to give you a bottle but you fussed?  I don't think you like me giving you a bottle.  :-P

While everyone was here, we called your Great Grandparents in Asheboro and wished Great Grandpa a happy father's day.  You two became 'phone shy' when we called.  Before we called, you two were babbling away.  :-P  Grandpa Jim loved his present .... a book about the ESPN sports network (your Grandpa Jim LOVES sports!).  And, daddy loved his Foo Fighters CD.  :-)

We made a baked pasta with chicken for dinner.  Joshua, you ate some chicken and a lot of hotdog!  We tried putting your prevacid medication back in the syringe since we weren't sure how much you were getting with it in a sippy cup.  However, you spit it out so quickly that we're just going to have to stick with the cup.  :-P

This evening was spent relaxing in the play room.  Grace did more tummy time as Joshua played around.  Everyone ended up going to bed late.  

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

This morning we had a 5am feeding session, so we got to sleep in a little more than usual.  Thanks!

Daddy gave Joshua an early bath as I nursed Grace at 8am.  Once she was done and the rest of us had some breakfast we made a quick trip to Target for some groceries.  Grace, you had a huge poopy diaper once we parked!  I had to changed your diaper and your outfit!  I carried you around in the infant carrier and Joshua rode in the cart.  :-)

I nursed Grace when we got home and she sounded like she laughed!  It was so cute and adorable!  I don't know if it was a true laugh, but it sure sounded like it!  ;-)  Joshua giggled as he played around in the living room with daddy.

Joshua, you ate a lot of mac and cheese for lunch!  You finished your little container!  Woo hoo!

Since it was hot outside today, we stayed in as much as possible.  UNC was playing in the College World Series of baseball, so we watched some of the game.  We ended up losing, but we're not completely out.  We'll have to cheer on the Heels for their next game.  :-)

Joshua, you took a late nap and really fought it and was grumpy all afternoon.  Also, you did the same for bedtime.  Daddy and I were so tired and you didn't go to bed until after 10pm.

We had a great dinner this evening!  Daddy grilled steaks and hotdogs.  I made a potato and veggie casserole.  Yummy!  Everything was so good!  And Joshua ate a good amount of hotdog!  :-)

There was a quick thunderstorm this evening, but we didn't get much rain.  I gave Grace a bath and her hair got all spiky and fluffy!  It was so cute!

I took some photos with Uncle Brennan's nice DSLR camera (he's been letting us borrow it for a long time since he got a new one years ago) of you all with daddy.  I haven't picked it up for months since I've been so busy with you two.  I need to use it more so we have some better photos of you two.  Maybe I can find some used lenses so I can take some wide angle pictures of you all in the future.  I'll be on the look out.  ;-)

This evening we all watched some 'Veggie Tales' videos.  We saw 'Sweetpea Beauty' which taught us that everyone is beautiful on the inside and outside.  It said that God knew us, all of us, before we were born and created us just as we are on purpose.  Our beauty comes from what's inside us and how we act and live our lives.   :-)

Tomorrow is Father's Day .... I think daddy will like the gift that we got him!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Friday, June 17, 2011


Dearest Angels~

You woke up a little earlier this morning (unlike last night).  We were up at 4am nursing.  I was still so tired from working yesterday and your late night crying.  I forgot to tell you yesterday, but you cried and cried again last night.  Daddy and I didn't know what the matter was.  You finally fell asleep in your swing.  

After nursing you this morning, I could tell you left some milk.  So, I pumped out 2.5 ozs of mommy milk and then went back to bed.  I was in bed by 5am.  Daddy got up for work shortly after.

This morning we were pretty productive.  I ran your laundry and threw my jeans in there that still had green beans on them.  :-P  I also swept and vacuumed the downstairs.  You two both had big poopy diapers.  Ew!  We also made some pudding.  I didn't completely get all the clumps out, but I think it turned out pretty well for our first try.  :-)  I wonder if Joshua will eat some.  We also did some packing for this evening (prepared the diaper bag) .... all this before 11:30am. 

Joshua, you had a pretty good therapy session.  I tried you on some green beans and you ate them!  Daddy did a second session with you this afternoon and you ate yogurt for him!  :-)

Joshua, you took a nap around 12:30pm.  I used that time to play with Grace.  She did tummy time and then tried to talk to me.  Daddy got home around 1pm as Grace was doing tummy time.  We all got to play before heading to the cookout!  :-)

The cookout was fun!  There were a few other children there .... Grace was the youngest.  Everyone had fun seeing you two!  You all were the entertainment and the stars of the show!  ;-)  And, Joshua, we are so proud of you .... you ate three fourths of a hotdog!  Wow!  Good job little man! 

Novelyn helped give Grace a bottle .... I tried at first and she was fussy with me.  I passed her to daddy and she was fine.  I guess you don't like me giving you a bottle?  Novelyn helped finish the bottle so daddy could eat.  I was feeding Joshua hotdog.  :-)

Everyone got to hold Grace.  And, everyone loved her hair!  I spiked it up a little and put her in a cute dress.  ;-) 

We left a little before 9pm, which wasn't the best timing on our part.  We wanted to leave earlier, but Joshua had so much fun playing with everyone on the deck.  Our drive home wasn't fun.  Joshua cried and cried.  We didn't know what the problem was.  We stopped and changed his diaper and tried to give him a sippy cup, but nothing worked.  He just wanted to be out of the car seat.  Then, Grace started to scream!  I knew she would be getting hungry, but I thought we had time.  She might have stayed sleeping if Joshua hadn't started crying.  Anyway, with the two of you all crying, our 45 minute drive home was not too pleasant.  :-P

Once we were home, everyone calmed down and I nursed Grace to sleep.  :-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Holly Bush

Dearest Precious Children!

Well, well, well little lady .... I woke up at 5:30am this morning to use the restroom and you were still sleeping!  Wow!  On the other hand, I was in so much pain from not nursing you and I was leaking through my shirt!  So, I went into the bonus room and pumped to alleviate the pressure.  Needless to say, you definitely have enough milk in the fridge for today while I'm at work.  ;-)

I still nursed you when you woke up and got hungry .... at 6:30am!  Way to sleep in little lady!  Then, I headed to work.

You two had fun with Penny while I was gone.  You all did manage to go to the park and Joshua found his way into a holly bush!  I guess no one told you that holly bushes have sharp points on the leaves.  :-P  You ended up scratching your arms, but you didn't appear to mind.  

You two also made something very adorable .... Penny got your footprints on a piece of paper for daddy for Father's Day.  How cute!  We'll have to frame it for him.  :-)

I was able to get home early .... much earlier than normal!  We've been having some power issues at the office (didn't have air conditioning until lunch time and it was very hot out again!), so they wanted to shut down our power in the afternoon.  Our 5pm patients were cancelled and we all left around 5:30pm.  I never get to leave that early!  I still had progress notes to write, but I was very happy to get home and see you all!  

Daddy made a quick pizza dinner for us, and then we headed to the grocery store.  Tomorrow we're having a cookout with my coworkers and we're in charge of bringing the burgers, hotdogs, and buns.  We also got some things for us like milk and frozen yogurt.  ;-)

Everyone at work is excited to see you all!  They've never met Grace and it's been a long time since they've seen Joshua!  We're having a cookout because one of the assistants, Ben, got accepted to Dental School starting this fall at Columbia.  He'll be leaving us in a few weeks (the beginning of July).  We're happy and excited for him .... but we'll all miss him around the office.

Daddy's only working a half day tomorrow before the cookout.  So, we'll have some time to play together before we head over to Sam's house (another coworker who's hosting the event).  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  :-)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Pet

Dearest Gifts from God~

Today was a long day at work!  One of the other dentists could not come because of a family emergency.  So, we shuffled her schedule around to see all the patients.  When I left work, I still had 12 progress notes to write, but I was too tired to stay at the office.  I'll catch up on notes later.  :-P

Grace woke up at 1:11am this morning for a nursing session.  Daddy changed her diaper and then I fed her.  I was able to get in one more nursing session and one pump before I left for work.

We had a little bit of excitement before leaving for work though .... Grace had a HUGE poop!  It went everywhere!  It was all over her bassinet sheets, her outfit, her back .... gross little lady!  What surprised me was that she wasn't fussing that much!  I went to pick her up and noticed it!  So, I had to change her outfit and sheets before Penny got here.  Normally, I would just give you a bath too.  But, I was running late for work, so you got a quick wipe all over.  I'll have to give you a bath a little later.  :-P 

Grace's rash looks better.  I'm wondering if it's eczema.  I get that on my legs, so I'm curious if she now has it.  I'll continue to keep an eye on it.

Joshua now has a new pet.  After work this evening, a deer came right up to the house!  We haven't seen the deer recently because of all the construction in the woods for the sewage lines.  The workers are gone (remember the doozers?), but we still haven't seen our deer friends .... until now!  This was the closest a deer has come to our house.  Joshua, you two were just staring at each other!  

The gifts that we ordered for Father's Day came in the mail today!  Woo hoo!  You two can help me wrap them this weekend.  

Daddy made hamburgers for dinner this evening.  The kitchen smelled really nice as I walked in the door after work!  ;-)

Grace, you were crying and very fussy this evening!  At times, you were really screaming too!  This was so unlike you.  We didn't know what was wrong.  I tried to nurse you thinking you were hungry, but you kept kicking me.  Daddy put you in your swing and you finally fell asleep.  It was after 11pm before you calmed down and were in your bassinet. 

Tomorrow head back to work.  Maybe you all will go back to the park like you did today.  The weather should be nice.  

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Throw Up & Green Beans

Dearest Blessings~

This morning Grace and I were up early at 1:37am.  I thought I could get some sleep after that, but she ended up waking back up at 3:25am .... this was one hour after I had put her down the first time.  :-P  Oh well.  Both of you two were up by 6:40am.

Today was another therapy day.  Joshua, you had a huge poopy diaper right before we left!  Then, Grace, you had a huge poopy diaper once we pulled into the parking lot!  I ended up changing you in the car.  Good thing I left some extra time this morning anticipating a diaper change so we wouldn't be late for our appointment.  :-P

Joshua, you did well with your therapies today.  Michelle is changing your appointments to 30 minutes, so instead of being there at 10:15am, our new time will be 10:30am for OT, and then 11am for speech therapy.

You were hesitant about things with Michelle.  She gave us some examples to work on for deep pressure exercises and heavy, weight baring exercises.  This is to help you with your sensitivities to textures and things near your mouth.  You pushed a wagon with weights in it for your heavy work and then crawled over different cushions.  You didn't like the tunnel and wouldn't go through that.  She also provided deep pressure around your mouth and cheeks.  You were 'ok' with that if you were distracted. 

Joshua, you actually chewed on strength toy for Kim!  Your whole body shook which let us know you don't have a lot of jaw strength.  You ate some green beans for us and then threw some on my pants!  

We were home by lunch and Grace was screaming since she was hungry!  I nursed her and then she threw up a little on my shirt.  So, by 1pm I had been thrown up on and had green beans thrown at me.  The everyday life of a mommy!  ;-)

Joshua had a nice afternoon nap.  I rocked in to sleep, but I had the hiccups, so he kept giggling at me before falling asleep.  Once he was asleep, I pumped again and played with Grace.  She fell asleep after I nursed her, so I also closed my eyes for a little bit.  I still felt groggy from this morning and took a tylenol once I woke up.

Oh, daddy figured out the electric mandolin and amp problem from last night.  The knobs just weren't set up right .... I was my mistake.  Sorry!  At least there's nothing wrong with the amp or the mandolin!  ;-)

We all walked to park after dinner.  Joshua found a little stick and carried it all around with him.  Grace watched him run around.  

I noticed a little rash on Grace's arms and legs.  I washed her and put a little lotion on her legs.  We'll see what it looks like tomorrow.  We may need to take her to the MD if it doesn't clear.

Tomorrow you two will be with Penny while I'm at work.  Have fun and I'll rush home as soon as I can!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Monday, June 13, 2011


Dearest Precious Children~

This morning Grace woke up at 1:15am to nurse.  We went to bed a little earlier, but it was still hard to get up.  Daddy changed her diaper.  Then, little lady, you were up again at 3:45am and then 5:15am.  Ugh!  I was quite groggy this morning.  Luckily, we didn't have to go anywhere, so we could rest the rest of the day.

Despite the early wake up sessions, we still managed to get some things done around the house.  In fact, we were relatively productive.  I did two loads of laundry, baked some potatoes for lunches this week, did a pump and almost filled a container for Grace for wednesday, emptied the dish washer and reloaded it, and brushed Joshua's teeth (he was cooperative this morning .... he fought it last night).  Plus, everyone had their morning poopy diaper and was dressed by around 10am (in addition to these chores).  I count that as a success!  ;-)

Grace did lots of tummy time and Joshua had fun mowing the carpet.  I debated making a Target trip, but decided to stay here since I'll be out the of the house all the other days this week with therapy or work.

Did I ever tell you all that my friend Alicia had her baby boy, Caleb?  Well, we ordered a gift for them .... it's the boy version of the 'In Training' picture that we have for Grace.  I'm going to order one for Joshua too and that way we can hang them side by side.  ;-)  We also ordered something online for Gigi's birthday (it's in July), and some thing for daddy and Grandpa Jim for Father's Day.  Daddy is still thinking of what to get Grandpa Mike.

Joshua, you were not cooperative with therapy this morning.  Out of ten trials, you let me only touch your lips .... and that was only once!  We did it again in the afternoon and you took 4 bites of yogurt.  But, on a good note, you ate 13 big pieces of hotdog (which, I'm guessing is close to a third to a half of a hotdog).  You probably would have eaten a few more but you ate them all!  I was so proud of you!

I rocked Joshua after lunch and he fell asleep on me.  I then played with Grace and she did some tummy time as I did a second pump (I now have one full container .... I'll try to have two filled by wednesday morning so we'll only need to thaw a little milk for you).  :-)  Grace also tried to talk while I was pumping and then she helped me check the mail.

I remembered to back up my laptop this afternoon.  I have so many photos and videos of you all that I didn't want to loose them!

Daddy left to go play soccer this evening, so it was just us.  I put a CD on again and we had music and play time.  Grace was in her swing and I walked around the play room with my mandolin and played a little for you all.  It's been a long time since I had done that.  It was the electric mandolin, so Joshua kept turning the volume and tone knobs.  And, he kept hitting the 3-way switch.  ;-)  I tried plugging the mandolin into daddy's amp, but for some reason it didn't work.  I couldn't get any volume to come out, so I continued to just strum it without the amp.

It was a little bit of a struggle for me to get you two to bed by myself, but we managed.  Joshua fought sleep and I was trying to nurse Grace at the same time.  He eventually fell asleep right next to me, and once Grace fell asleep and in her bassinet, I curled up next to Joshua.  Daddy was home by 10pm, but we were all in bed (though I was still awake).

I read something today that I wanted to share with you all .... "cherish the small things in life ... one day you will look back and realize they were the big things" .... that is so true!  Promise me that you all will cherish the small things in life.  It could be something simple like a hug from a friend.  Some times those small things are the things that matter most.  I cherish the time we have together and little things that you all do for me .... I love seeing your smiling faces in the morning when I wake up (even if I'm very tired and don't want to get up!).  ;-)  I cherish your laughs and giggles!  I cherish your hugs and kisses!  I know, one day when you all are older, you'll be 'embarrassed' to hug or kiss me in public, so I'm trying to get as much as I can now and to cherish every moment!  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you two so very much!  :-)


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dearest Miracles~

Grace guess what .... you slept until 5:20am this morning!  Woo hoo!  I got some extra sleep, but it's always a 'catch 22' when you sleep longer.  My body want to nurse every 3-4 hours, so if you sleep, I actually wake up hurting from the milk pressure.  Then, I start leaking everywhere.  :-P  So, this morning I tried to change your diaper as fast as I could so you could start eating and relieve the pressure! 

I heard something beautiful this morning .... daddy had the news on the television and people were being interviewed at the 'Race for the Cure' breast cancer 5K.  One woman stated that 'because God helps us, we need to help others.'  Isn't that a beautiful statement!  It stuck with me the rest of the day as I tried to figure out something that we could do as a family to help others.  I kept thinking of the ICN nurses at Wake Med Hospital and if there was something we could do for them so they feel appreciated and loved for what they do .... care for sick and small babies everyday.  I'll keep thinking, but if you two have any thoughts, just let me know.

Grandpa Jim did that race and he came in third place in his age group and 152nd overall!  Woo hoo!  I've done the race a few times in the past.

We tried to make it to church this morning, but we were late.  :-P  We didn't even leave the house until right when the service was starting.  I thought I would still be able to catch Gigi there (she plays in the praise team) but we missed her.  :-P  Grace, you were wearing a cute little dress too!  

So, we came back home and did one of Joshua's therapy sessions.  Little man, you were not in the mood today .... you had one positive trial out of ten!  We did another later in the day and you did a little better.  Maybe tomorrow will be more successful.

This afternoon after lunch, we all took a walk up to the stores near our subdivision.  It was about a 2.5 mile round trip walk and it was hot out!  I didn't think it was going to be that hot so early.  :-P  Once we got back home, we stripped everyone down to their diapers and we cooled off under the fan in the living room.  Once people had something to eat and drink, everyone got a bath.  Daddy took Joshua into the shower with him (he cried towards the end when he had to rinse his head) and I gave Grace a bath in the infant tub.  

This was the first time we used the double jogging stroller with you two.  We leaned one seat back so Grace could lay down and fall asleep.  Joshua sat up and looked all around during the trip.
Grace, you almost rolled today!  You twisted to your side all by yourself!  I took a little video of you twisting, just in case you decided to roll for us!  You were so close!  I wonder when you'll completely roll over.  :-)

Joshua, we tried to cut your hair this afternoon.  It was getting in your eyes, but you weren't too cooperative.  Daddy was able to trim the back, but your bangs are all over the place!  And, we couldn't trim the sides where the hair is past your ears.  So, you have an interesting hair cut right now!  Perhaps we can trim more when you're sleeping.  :-P  I had to vacuum the downstairs again once we tried to cut your hair.

Daddy made homemade pasta and lasagna this evening and it was good!  Joshua, you were grumpy all afternoon and wouldn't take a nap.  I rocked you at 6pm and you finally fell asleep on me!  I put you in your toddler bed (you've still been noodling into your bed), but you only lasted one hour.  Once you woke up, we watched some cartoons and then went to bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so very much!


Saturday, June 11, 2011


Dearest Angels~

We got a little bit more sleep this morning since Grace didn't wake up until 3:40am.  Once she finished eating, I went back to sleep for a few more hours.  ;-)

Joshua woke up relatively early too.  In fact, everyone was up so early this morning that we were all dressed and in the car by 8:45am to run errands!  We went to Target to pick up groceries and things for the house.  We were back in time for a mid morning therapy session for Joshua.  He ate some yogurt for us and did well. 

We made some macaroni and cheese in the crock pot this afternoon, but we didn't eat it for dinner since Mimi and Grandpa Mike came over.  They brought over some meatloaf, corn bread, and veggies, which were good.  We saved the mac and cheese so that Joshua can have some this week.

Daddy and I actually made too much pasta for the crock pot.  The recipe called for 6 cups of cooked pasta, and we didn't know how much uncooked pasta to prepare .... pasta gets bigger as you cook it.  ;-)  So, we have lots of pasta to spare!  Ha!  Now we know better.  

Daddy hung the dining room light higher.  It hung low since it's placed to go above a table.  Since we don't have a table and using the room for another purpose, we needed to lift the light so people weren't bumping their heads.  :-)

As daddy did that, I swept downstairs and vacuumed.  Then, I ran the dishes and organized Grace's bottles for next week.

Joshua, you took a late nap this afternoon and didn't go on your pillow until 3pm!  I nursed Grace and then she fell asleep as well.  I held her as she slept and watched Joshua snoring on his pillow.  I didn't want to let her go!  I enjoyed the moment as long as I could.  Then, I placed Grace down next to Joshua and took a little picture of the two of you all sleeping together!

As I watched you two sleep, I couldn't help thanking God for the blessing you all are in my life.  You two put joy in my life!  I can't even imagine my life without you all or daddy.  Family is such a blessing and I'm so thankful everyday for you all!  I  have no other desire than to be with you all each day.  Did I ever tell you all that daddy and I kiss you two and say 'I Love You' to the two of you everyday?  Well, we do!  :-)
Grace, I'm still adjusting to how fast and well you are growing!  I actually get sad some days when I see an outfit too tight on you!  But, that means you're healthy and I can't keep you small forever!  :-)

Daddy made some homemade banana bread and it was good!  Mimi and Grandpa Mike visited for about an hour and a half and brought Joshua a toy lawn mower!  He likes to push it all around the house.  Now, if only I could get you to push the vacuum cleaner .... hummm ....  ;-)

We had a heavy storm come in this evening after dinner and it cooled things off a little.  We all sat on the swing on the front porch and watched the rain fall.  Uncle James and I use to do that when we were little.  We lived in Wilmington and we would have hurricanes.  We use to watch Grandpa Jim run out and tie down our swing set so it wouldn't blow away! 

We relaxed in playroom this evening after dinner while it stormed.  We watched some cartoons and then everyone headed to bed.  

Sleep tight you two!

I love you very much .... forever and ever!  :-)


Friday, June 10, 2011


Dearest Miracles from God~

We had an early nursing session .... 12:08am.  Of course, in Grace's defense, she went to bed earlier.  Joshua was still awake, so it was really hard for me to keep my eyes open!  Thankfully daddy got up and changed your diaper!  I probably would have bumped into a few walls.  :-)

Today was a hot one!  It stayed in the 90's so we stayed inside!  I clipped Grace's nails, and then I clipped my own!  ;-)

Joshua, you had two good therapy sessions today and almost ate an entire yogurt container between the two!  I was so proud!  You then took down a boost drink.  ;-)  Grace did several tummy times and I even got a pump in.  With the milk in the fridge from yesterday, and the pump from this morning, I was able to freeze 16 ozs of mommy milk!  Woo hoo!  We're building up a nice supply in the freezer!  So far so good .... you're over 3 months old and we're still managing with just nursing you.  We'll see how long we can keep it up!  :-)

Joshua, you took an earlier nap .... you fell asleep right after lunch time.  Usually you wait until mid afternoon.  I nursed and played with Grace.  Once she started to doze, I also closed my eyes.  I still had a headache from yesterday so I had to take another Tylenol.

I put some lotion on Grace's legs .... they felt ashy.  Oh, and clothes labeled '3 months' are now getting too short for her!  She's moving into clothes labeled '3-6 months'!  You're growing way too fast little  lady!  :-)

We saw some lightning and heard some thunder this evening, but nothing big came of it.  Maybe we'll get some rain this weekend.  It's been to hot .... we could use the rain!  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so very much!  :-)