Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  You slept through the night!  Woo hoo!  Thanks little man!  :-)

Early this morning, daddy mowed the lawn.  He wanted to get it done before it got hot outside.  It didn't take him long, and while he was out there, I gave you some oatmeal for breakfast.  :-)  We also played and called your Great-Grandmother.  :-)

We spent the majority of the day out.  We went to Gigi's house to pick up crib sheets and load a few more things into our car that we've been storing there.  Gigi fed you and played with you.  Daddy and I ran out to grab a lunch and look at washers and dryers.  When we got back to Gigi's house, you were napping on her.  

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent at the house.  It started to rain a lot.  We unpacked more things around the house and I put your sheets on the crib.  We still don't have any monitors yet, so you're still sleeping in our room.  But, I like having you right there next to us.  :-)

This evening, you played with your toys and did more tummy time.  I can tell you're getting stronger each day.  You act like you want to walk around when ever someone holds you up!  We have to get you crawling first.  :-)

It was a pretty relaxing day today.  I didn't feel that great this evening though, so daddy played with you a lot.  Tomorrow will probably be relaxing too.  :-)

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!  :-)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Forty One Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Today you are forty one weeks old!  Wow!  You may not realize this right now, but your first birthday is just around the corner!  Is there anything in particular that you want?  Well, keep thinking about it and then get back to daddy and I.  :-)  Your birthday will be on a saturday this year, and the State Fair will be in town!  Woo hoo!  

Well, you didn't listen to me yesterday and instead woke up early again.  :-P  Is this a new habit?  You woke up at 1:45am and you were really fussy!  We gave you a bottle, and then you fell asleep.  Once we put you back in your bed, you'd wake up again almost immediately!  You finally fell asleep in our bed between daddy and I after 3am.  We were so exhausted that we didn't even move you, even though you're not suppose to sleep there for safety reasons.  We got to thinking you don't like your little bed anymore (smaller bassinet that you're growing out of), so we ordered a new crib and mattress online this week.  It came in the mail today, and daddy and I stayed up this evening putting it together while you played.  We set it up in your new room, but we're going to wait to put you in there until we get a baby monitor.  I still like having you in the same room as us, but I think you'll like this bed better.  

Even after your early bottle, you still woke up relatively early and didn't sleep in much.  I was surprised.  We played a lot today with your toys and you did a lot of tummy time.  You took a little nap after lunch.  Daddy was able to come home a little early from work today and he played with you as soon as got here.  :-)

Grandpa Mike and Mimi came over this evening.  Mimi gave you barley and green beans for dinner.  And, while you were eating, some deer came into our back yard again!  Daddy and Grandpa Mike drove over to Uncle Brennan's to pick up Grandpa Mike's lawn mower.  Because of all the rain we've gotten, our grass has grown up like a little jungle.  Tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot, daddy will mow the lawn.  

Sleep tight little fellow!  Tomorrow we get to spend the day together as a family!  :-)

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  Well, you did it again .... you woke up at 2:30am alert and hungry!  You even took a 7 ounce bottle!  You continued to be restless even after the bottle, so I held you on my chest until you fell back asleep.  I finally put you back in your bed at 4:30am.  :-P

Daddy and I headed back to work today, but Penny was here to watch you until 3pm.  Then, Mimi came to watch you until daddy got home.  You took a few naps with Penny (maybe because you didn't sleep last night?) and you all also had your floor time, tummy time, and used the johnny jump up.  Penny left early because her sisters were still in town, so Mimi was able to watch you a few hours so that she could spend some time with them.  

Guess what you have coming in .... teeth!  Your lower primary centrals are erupting!  Those teeth are called #O and #P.  How exciting!  Of course, that also means you'll be able to bite soon.  As they come in more, we'll have to wipe them and try to keep them clean.

This evening, you played on the bed with your toys and showed daddy and I your tummy time. You eventually fell asleep on the bed.  It started to storm late this evening.  It thundered and there was lightning .... you and daddy slept.  :-)

Well, I hope you sleep a little better tonight.  :-P  Tomorrow daddy has to go to work, but you and I will have the day together to play.  :-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you!  :-)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talking Talking

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  Well, your sleeping streak ended .... you woke up at 12:15am this morning for a bottle.  :-P

Daddy and I both had to go to work today, so Penny came to look after you.  Here's what you all did:

8:30am:  Floor time, practiced sitting, and practiced rolling over.  Played in the Johnny Jump Up.
9:30am:  Sleeping
12:15pm:  Changed large stinky diaper!
12:30pm:  Sleeping
1:15pm:  Awake and did floor time
3:05pm:  Walk outside and met the neighbors .... they have a baby swing and you got to play in it!
3:30pm-5:15pm:  Sleeping

Once daddy and I got home from work, we ate dinner together and headed out to run an errand to Target.  You're running very low on formula, and if we don't pick any up tonight, you and Penny may run out tomorrow.  We wouldn't want that to happen!  :-)

This evening you played a lot on the bed and showed us your tummy time.  You're very tolerant of tummy time now.  Daddy and I can leave you on your belly for a while, and you'll continue to play with your toys.  Sometimes, you'll get tired and take a little cat nap on your belly.  That's fine to do if someone's watching you.  But, when you go down for the night, you still have to sleep on your back (until you start rolling over by yourself).  :-)

You talked a lot this evening!  You babbled on and on about things .... unfortunately, neither daddy or I knew what you were saying .... but it was really cute!  I took a few videos of you talking!

Tomorrow is another work day.  Penny's sisters are still in town, so Mimi is coming over to relieve Penny a few hours early.  That way, Penny can see her sisters before they head back home, and Mimi will be able to spend a few hours with you.  :-)  But, you have to promise to save a smile and kiss for me!  

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you very much!


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Cooking

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today you had your last drop of poly-vi-sol multivitamin.  At your one year check up in October, you'll have some blood drawn to recheck for anemia.  But, for now, you don't have to take anymore.  

You had green beans for the first time today!  Like the other veggies in the past, you gobbled them down!  Then, you sneezed everywhere!  Ew!  What a mess! ;-)

This morning, you had barley for breakfast again, and then fell back asleep for almost 2 hours!  You didn't even touch your bottle!  I was surprised!  

Once you woke, you took a bottle, and then we did a quick trip to the grocery store.  We needed a few items so we could cook dinner for tonight.  We started cooking once we got home.  :-)  We made a pasta casserole.  We put veggies and turkey meat in it with the cheese and sauce.  It was kind of like a baked ziti.  We based it off a recipe we found online, but we changed a few things.  Daddy liked it, so I guess it was a success!  :-)

You took a little afternoon nap after cooking and I held you the entire time while you slept.  

This evening, you played with your toys and did your tummy time with daddy.  You squealed a lot .... that high pitched squeal that you sometimes do.  :-P

We got to see the deer again!  After daddy got home from work, and before we ate dinner, we saw deer in our backyard.  Good, we were worried if they were ok after all the rainstorms that we've had.  

Tomorrow, I head back to work, but Penny will be here.  Continue to save some kisses and smiles for me!  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Laundry Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  You slept through the night!  Woo hoo!  Thank you!  This was the first time in a few days!  

This morning you had barley with your morning bottle.  Then, you took a longer nap than usual .... especially since you slept through the night.  I held you the entire time while curled up on the couch.  I watched a television show on the laptop, but once it was over, I took a little nap with you.  ;-)  Hey, with you waking up in the middle of the night now, I should probably get back into the habit of "sleep when the baby sleeps!"  Once you woke up, I gave you a nice bath.  I'm still trying to get that cradle cap off your scalp.

Eliza came over today for your weekly physical therapy appointment.  You're doing really well with pivoting, your sitting balance, and your tummy time.  Still no rolling as of yet, and you still need to improve your left movement.  We're going back to the Special Infant Care Clinic (SICC) in August, and I'm going to ask if the flat side on your scalp will remold.  Or, if you'll be a potential candidate for a helmet to correct your head shape.  We'll see what they have to say.  Oh, we wished Eliza happy anniversary!  Today is her 30th wedding anniversary!  :-)

Right after your appointment, we loaded up the car, gassed it up, and headed to Mimi's for some laundry time.  You got to play with Mimi and took a bottle from her as our clothes got washed.  Mimi went to Pam's for a haircut at 5pm, but Grandpa Mike was there (just got home from work) and he played with you as well.  When Mimi got back, you and I took her out for dinner.  Grandpa Mike had a work dinner, and daddy was at a soccer meeting this evening until 9pm.  

When we came home, you and I played on the bed.  You had your toys and did more tummy time.  When daddy got home, you got to play with him.  Daddy was on his back, and put you on your belly on him.  Then you threw up on daddy and put your head right down in it!  Ew!  I laughed (so did you!)!  :-)

Sleep tight little one! 

I love you very much!  :-)


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Did You Roll?

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello early riser!  You took another early bottle this morning at 3:50am!  Please don't continue to make this a habit!  Daddy and I are getting really tired.  :-P  I had to hold you after the bottle because you were so restless in your own bed.  I didn't put you back in your bed until 5:19am this morning!

All three of us ended up sleeping in after your morning wake up session and actually missed church.  But, we were able to get out and meet up with Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James for lunch.  Uncle James is in town this weekend, so we wanted to be sure we saw him before he went back to Chapel Hill.  He's planning on moving back to Raleigh soon, so we'll be able to see more of him later.  :-)  Since he's planning on moving, he and Grandpa Jim packed up a set of chairs and a kitchen table for us to have from his apartment.  Grandpa Jim brought it too our house later this afternoon. 

This afternoon I didn't feel well at all!  Your daddy picked up some antibiotics for me to help clear up my sinus.  I'm so congested I could hardly function today.  I've been sneezing and blowing my nose like crazy.  Daddy ended up watching and playing with you a lot this afternoon.  He even made dinner as I went and took a nap.  You have a really good daddy, Joshua.  We're both lucky and blessed to have him.  :-)

Oh, you had a HUGE poopy diaper this afternoon while daddy was watching you!  He had to change your outfit and the changing table cover!  I called Mimi afterward to see if you and I could go over there tomorrow to get some laundry done.  :-P  She'll be home the majority of the day, so we'll head over there after Eliza comes and sees you.

This evening you played on the bed with your toys and did more tummy time.  There was a question on whether you actually rolled today .... this afternoon, when I wasn't feeling well, I was laying on the floor in the living room on my back and daddy put you down next to me so he could go grab a bottle.  We're both 99% sure he put you on your belly before he left.  I closed my eyes and listened to you play.  A minute later, daddy came back and said, "Oh, did you flip him to his back?"  Immediately I looked up and said, "No!" but there you were playing on your back!  We both stared at you wondering if you actually rolled and both of us missed it!  You didn't do it the rest of the evening, so I guess we'll never know!  :-P

Perhaps tomorrow you'll roll for us?  :-)  Sleep tight little man (at least through the night this time!).

I love you very much!  :-)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pizza And Company

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man .... again with the early wake up call??  You woke up at 2:30am this morning and gobbled 5 ozs of formula.  :-P

We were able to sleep in a little after your morning session, and then you had another daddy morning.  I went to the eye doctor for a yearly check up.  However, my eye doctor messed up my appointment, so after talking to the front desk staff, I ended up rescheduling in two weeks.  :-P  It wasn't a complete loss though .... the eye MD is near Gigi's house so I was able to swing by their house , pack my car, and bring more boxes over to the new house (clothes, DVD's, some of your toys, etc).  I also ran into the pharmacy to see if I could find anything to help clear out my sinuses!  I'm still having a hard time being able to breath! 

Once I got back, and daddy helped me unload the car .... we had pancakes for lunch!  Yummy!  :-)

We made a trip to the store hhgregg to discuss washers and dryers.  We spoke to a man named "Lenny" who really wanted to make a sale!  We didn't buy anything, but we went home and did more research on which machines would be energy efficient.  Then, we went to Target to pick up a few things.

We came back here and we all three rested.  :-P  Daddy and I were tired from your morning bottle.  Plus, it was really HOT today .... I had to change my shirt 3 times during the course of the day!  I also changed your outfit and wiped you off with a cool washcloth and washed your hair.  :-)

For dinner, we headed back out and met up with Mimi, Grandpa Mike, Uncle Brennan, and Aunt Katie.  We went to a pizza place that you've actually been to before.  It was good!  :-)  You got passed around the table so that everyone held you.  :-)

Daddy and I organized a few things back at the house, but we mostly relaxed this evening.  You played with your toys and did tummy time on the bed.  

No more early bottles, ok?  ;-)  Sleep tight little precious!

I love you so very much!  :-)


Friday, July 23, 2010

Forty Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today you are forty weeks old!  Wow!  You're getting to be an old man!  ;-)  Though, I can't tell you how many weeks old I am!  Ha!

You had another early bottle today.  You woke up bright and early at 1:30am hungry.  I hope this isn't going to be a recurring theme for you!  Daddy and I were finally able to put you back in your bed at 3am this morning!

Not only was this Family Friday .... but you got to have a Daddy Morning!  I had an MD appointment first thing (which I was tired during thanks to your early morning wake up call!) so daddy got to watch you.  Both of you took naps after you finished the rest of your applesauce.  :-)

When I got home, daddy had a haircut appointment, so we all headed over to Pam's.  She loves seeing you, and once she finished with daddy, she got to hold you and walk you around the salon.  

We ate lunch out and walked around the mall.  It's still really hot out, so we used the mall as exercise to stretch our legs.  We put you in a stroller, and you looked so little in it .... but so cute!  But, since I was already sweating from being outside, it was easier to put you in the stroller than in the carrier right up against me.  After lunch, you made a cute pouty face.  I couldn't help myself and took a photo!

We met with our friend Frank this afternoon.  Daddy, Frank, and I all went to school together .... elementary school .... middle school .... high school .... and college!  He's a lawyer now and helped us with the closing on our new house.  Today, he helped us with some "Estate Planning" ..... we want to make sure that if anything were to happen to daddy or me, you would be properly taken care of.  Frank got to hold you and you smiled up at him and tried to grab his face.  :-P  

We made a quick trip to Lowes to look at some things for the house.  Then, we came home and daddy and I made some cookies for fun!  We made chocolate chip cookies .... and they were good!  You played with your toys and did tummy time while we baked.  

It really rained tonight.  We all watched it come down as we walked around the house and looked out the windows.  

Well, I hope you sleep better tonight.  Sleep tight little angel!

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, July 22, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  How are you?  :-)

Well, like I said yesterday, Penny had off today so you had Mimi Day!  But, before she came over, you and I had some time together and had breakfast before I left for work.  However, you were fussy with your rice cereal and didn't want to eat it!  :-P  When daddy came home after work, he gave you some oatmeal so that you had some solid foods today.  :-)

Mimi had a dermatologist appointment this morning, so you got to go for a ride today!  Her doctor has three daughters, and she carries a photograph of them with her.  This time, she got to see you in person, and not just a photo from Mimi.  :-)  Mimi also gave you some applesauce today.  You ate half your container.  You'll probably finish it tomorrow.  Also, we gave Mimi some of our laundry to help us with, so you got to play at Mimi's house while the laundry was being done.  :-)

Mimi got you a cute onesie!  It was about the Beatles and had a drum set on it.  You were wearing it when I got home from work.  :-)  We'll have to get you more "rocking" outfits as you get bigger.  ;-)

I helped you do your neck exercises when I got home from work.  You cried and were fussy throughout until I gave you a bottle.  Then you were all better.

You played with toys and did more tummy time on the bed this evening.  You eventually fell asleep after a bottle.  

Tomorrow daddy has off .... so it's "Family Friday!"  :-)  We have some errands to run during the day, so it'll be a busy day together.  Get some sleep and rest up!

Sleep tight little one!

I love you more than you know!  :-)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Ok, ok, ok .... I know I said that you shouldn't wake up at 1am or 2am anymore .... but 3am is no better!  You woke up at 3am this morning .... ate 7 ozs of formula .... and then wanted to play!  I'm guessing you fell asleep around 4:30am or 4:45am.  I was so tired that I gave you a rattle to play with in your bed (even though we don't ever keep anything in the bed with you while you're sleeping due to hazards).  You played and played with it, and after a while, I started to hear you yawn.  :-P  Our work alarm went off at 6am, and both daddy and I had to go in today!  You were still holding that rattle in your hand and sleeping when I woke back up.  

Penny was off today, so, as promised, you had Gigi Day!  Since you were up and awake so early this morning, you slept the entire time I got ready for work, packed your things, loaded you in the car, drove to Gigi's, and took you inside!  And, I ate a little bowl of cereal at Gigi's and you still slept!  You eventually woke up and took a bottle from Gigi at 9am.  :-P

Gigi said you all had fun today .... you played with toys, did some tummy time, and ate a lot!  I picked you up after work and Grandpa Jim was holding and playing with you.  :-)

This evening, you finished your container of applesauce and ate some oatmeal.  I wasn't able to give you any solid foods before work since you slept.  Also, you played more and did more tummy time for daddy and I.  

You know, you kick a lot now!  Both when you're on your belly and your back.  When someone holds you in their lap, you want to jump all over that person.  But, when we put you in the Johnny Jump Up, you just sit and swing in it!  I'm sure one day you'll figure out that you can jump in that thing, and then not on people!  :-P

Tomorrow is another work day for daddy and I, so you'll have Mimi Day!  Save some kisses and smiles for me!  Also, please sleep a little better for daddy and I.  :-P

Sleep tight little one!

I love you very much!  :-)


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle .... well, once again you woke up early crying!  It was a little after midnight.  I held you on my chest and laid back in bed.  You fell back asleep on me and I put you back in your bed around 12:45am.  :-P

You ended up sleeping pretty good after that.  Your first bottle was around 8am with some rice cereal.  Then, you had a large poopy diaper!

We did a quick run to the bank today for a deposit.  It was really hot outside, so we stayed in the car and did the drive through .... I usually get out to stretch my legs, but not today!  :-)

Once we got back, you took a little nap and then played with toys and did tummy time.  You took a little nap during tummy time, and I actually left you on your belly for a small time since your head was to the left.  ;-)

We did a lot of cooking this afternoon .... I guess we were just in the mood.  We baked some chicken with some pasta sauce and veggies to go with some noodles .... then, we cooked some turkey meat for some tacos tonight!

I didn't feel well this evening .... my sinuses are really acting up on me and I'm afraid I may have an infection.  :-(  Daddy played with you a lot.

We had a huge rainstorm this evening with thunder and lightning .... our power flickered and briefly went out 3 times!  

Guess what you did today .... you ate applesauce for the first time!  Woo hoo!  Just like the other foods, you gobbled it all down!  Gigi and Grandpa Jim said that when I was a baby, I ate a lot of applesauce, but I don't really like it much now.  :-P

Well, tomorrow I head back to work .... remember Penny is off this week?  Tomorrow is Gigi Day!  I know you all will have fun!  Save some kisses and smiles for me!

Please sleep a little better tonight!  :-)

I love you very much!  :-)


Monday, July 19, 2010

9 Month Check Up

Dearest Joshua David~

Ok little one .... what did I tell you yesterday?  Again, you woke up at 12:45am this morning!  What's wrong?  Didn't I tell you to sleep better, and aren't you suppose to listen to your mommy?  :-P  I pray this is just a momentary phase for you!  

Plus, we had your 9 month well check-up appointment at the pediatrician's office this morning.  You slept in the car, but I unfortunately had to be wide awake to drive.  :-P  Dr. Medero was excited to see you again!  You haven't been there since your 6 month check-up.  She was proud of you because you're growing so well!  Here are your stats:

Weight:  17 lbs 4 ozs
Length:  27.5 in
Head Circumference:  43.4 cm

You're catching up on the milestones and skills of similar babies in the fields of verbal, fine motor, personal, social, etc.  You're a little behind in gross motor skills (no rolling and still assisted with sitting), but you're showing improvement!  We can continue to stay with the stage 1 and stage 2 foods (the cereals and pureed fruits and veggies), and we can start you on a sippy cup of water.  :-)  Dr. Medero did comment on the flat spot on your head, so we really need to try to get you to go to the left with sleeping, and keep you off your back when playing so your head rounds out.  :-)  Your next appointment will be your 1 year check up, and you'll get some shots and blood work.  Wow!  I can't believe we're already talking about your 1 year appointment!  ;-)

Eliza came over again today!  You did well with her and you sat unassisted for 13 whole seconds!  Woo hoo!  You pivoted on your belly to the right really well following a toy around.  You're improving to the left, but not as active.  Again, she said you have the sweetest laugh.  :-)  You tolerated your exercises more today, but we need to keep working.  Eliza mentioned how well you explore toys.  She was comparing your normal developmental characteristics to other patients that she has.  She said that sometimes you take the normal development for granted when you work with so many children with disabilities.  We are so blessed that you have normal development and are growing so well!  

You took a nap this afternoon after a bottle (I think you were tired from the physical therapy).  I held you while you napped.  :-)  Oh, I also gave you a nice bath today.  I'm going to try to wash your scalp  more to help remove that cradle cap that you still have (Dr. Medero also mentioned that at your appointment). 

You have the cutest giggle, and it's so precious when you get tired and rub your eyes!  You end up rubbing your entire face .... eyes, nose, mouth .... all at once!  :-)

Ok little man .... let's try this again .... please sleep a little better tonight!  :-)  Daddy and I will appreciate it greatly!

I love you very much!  :-)


Sunday, July 18, 2010

12:50am AND 2:20am??

Dearest Joshua David~

Ok little man .... we can't make this a habit!  You woke up at 12:50am for a bottle .... eventually fell back asleep .... and then woke up all restless and crying at 2:20am!  Daddy picked you up and you fell asleep on him.  This really made for a long rest of the day.  :-P

After the three of us got some sleep, you ate some oatmeal for breakfast.  You did well with it and then played with your toys and did tummy time (we let your food digest before tummy time though).  Then, you had a long morning nap.  I held you the entire time while on the couch and even took a little nap myself while you were curled up on my chest.  You surprised daddy and I with the length of the nap that you took.  While I held you, daddy cleaned and organized the study more.  I cleaned the kitchen before you fell asleep.  

After lunch, we tried to organize the garage more.  Uncle Brennan and his friend, Michael, came over to talk to daddy about starting a business.  Gigi and Grandpa Jim came over to bring more things from their house and pick up some laundry.  Both played with you and Gigi fed you.  Gigi also helped me the garage while Grandpa Jim did some yard work for us.  I'll pick up our laundry on wednesday when I pick you up from Gigi's house.  Penny is on vacation this week with her sisters, so wednesday is Gigi Day and thursday is Mimi Day.  

Daddy made a wonderful dinner tonight of burgers and veggies.  I fed you rice cereal while daddy cooked, and you ended up taking a little nap while daddy and I ate.  

This evening, you played with your toys on the bed and did more tummy time as daddy and I organized our room, closest, and the linens.  Now, you can walk in the room and not trip on things!  Woo hoo!

Ok little Joshua .... I'm getting sleepy and I hope you sleep better tonight!  Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, July 17, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little one!  Guess what we had special today .... daddy made pancakes for breakfast!  Yummy!  We haven't had pancakes in a while, and both felt like having some.  So, daddy made some pancakes while I gave you oatmeal!  You were better with your oatmeal today (you were fussy before).  

This morning you had a little nap.  Then, Grandpa Mike came over to help power wash the house.  Daddy clipped back the bushes and trees to make our yard look nice.  :-)  We'll have to get a lawn mower pretty soon .... we're still saving up for that.  :-P

It started to thunderstorm at lunch, so the yard work was put to a halt after a few hours.  It continued to rain off and on afterward through the evening.  We really need the rain.  The grass was beginning to turn yellow in some spots.  

We had an interesting afternoon .... we had some unusual door-to-door sales people come by to sell us a home security system.  The house already has one, but it's not activated yet.  After the conversation, we started to get suspicious, and daddy found some articles online to show that it might be a scam.  So, we didn't sign up for anything and will research companies further.  :-P

Daddy bolted down the bookshelf in the study downstairs.  Now, just because it's bolted doesn't mean it's now safe for you to climb!  Understand?!  I still want you to stay off of it!  :-P

Oh, you've been able to do this for a while, but I forgot to tell you .... you figured out how to spin the ball in your froggy toy!  It's so cute to what you play with it and see you spin it around and around.  When you first saw that toy (Penny gave it to you as a gift) you cried!  Now, it's one of your favorites!  

You do a new thing now .... when I put you on your belly and you play .... you sometimes scoot yourself backwards!  It takes you a while, but slowly and surely you move yourself backwards off your play blanket!  I wonder if you'll start to crawl backwards too.  :-)

You were very talkative today .... you had a lot to say little man .... lots of babbling .... too bad we don't know what you were trying to say!  ;-)

Oh, you finished the rest of your squash with no reactions!  When we go back to the grocery store, I'll pick up the next phase of food for you .... next on the list is applesauce!  

Sleep tight little Joshua!

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, July 16, 2010

Thirty Nine Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Today you are thirty nine weeks old .... and .... you are nine months old!  I can't believe nine months ago today we were in Wake Med Hospital and you were born!  The memory of it all is still so fresh that it feels like just the other day!  

You were such a pill with your rice cereal at breakfast this morning!  I don't know if you've ever been this difficult!  It was a real struggle to get you to eat!  At one point, I even yelled, "Joshua!" and you looked and stared at me!  Hummm, do you know and recognize your own name?  I'm sorry I yelled .... you eventually ate all 4 tablespoons of it.  

After breakfast, you took a little nap.  I emptied your diaper container.  Ew and Phew!  

Gigi and (Great) Uncle David came over at lunch to see you and the house.  They brought over sandwiches and we all got to visit for about an hour.  :-)

This afternoon, we just relaxed together and you played with toys and did your tummy time.  We also did your neck exercises.  Then, we met daddy and Gigi at "Babies R Us" to look at some things for you.  I walked around with you in the carrier.  You were very talkative at first, and then you fell asleep!

We went home for dinner and you had your squash and oatmeal.  Daddy fed you this time and you were cooperative.  What's up with that?  :-P

After dinner, you, daddy, and I took a trip to Target for groceries.  Again, I walked around with you in the carrier, but this time you cried and wailed!  I eventually walked you outside while daddy finished the shopping.  We watched the lightning in the distance and listened to the thunder.  It was getting breezy like a storm was getting closer and you started to fall asleep.  Once you fell asleep, I walked back in the store with you and we found daddy.  :-)

This evening, you played on the bed with toys until bed time.  You slept well last night .... please continue the sleeping for us!

Sleep tight little one!

I love you!  :-)


Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Walk At New Place

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Thank you for sleeping through the night!  Daddy and I got some much needed sleep from being awake with you the night before!  :-)

I got to give you some rice cereal and formula before I left for work today.  :-)  Also, I gave you tons of kisses before leaving!  ;-)  I still miss you each day I have to leave you!  And, I try to get home as fast as I can to see you and daddy!  :-)

You and Penny had more fun today.  Here's what you all did:

8:30am:  Sleeping
9:30am:  Floor time and Johnny Jump Up
12pm:  Walk outside
12:45pm:  Sleeping
2pm:  Fussy and crying (Joshua .... what was that all about?)
3:30pm:  Floor time

You took another 8 oz bottle from Penny today.  I tell you, you are going to eat us out of house and home at this rate!  Ha!  I'm so happy you're growing up strong and healthy!  What a blessing!

I got trapped in a meeting at work this afternoon, so I got home a little later than usual.  Your Mimi, Grandpa Mike, Uncle Brennan, and Aunt Katie were all here and daddy had cooked some dinner.  :-)  I loved seeing your smiles and giving you kisses after work today!  It made the long day just drift away!

Your Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie left pretty soon after I got there, but your Mimi and Grandpa Mike stayed and went for a walk with us!  Mimi pushed you in the stroller, and you did well in it sitting by yourself!  Before, you sat in the car seat that was placed in the stroller.  It was a little breezy and cooler out as we walked, so it felt good!  As we were walking, we saw another 9 month old in a carrier held by her daddy!  She lives a few streets down from us.  Oh, this was our first walk in the new house!  It's been so hot recently that we haven't been able to get out, but it felt nice tonight!  :-)

This evening, you played in the bed with your toys and did some tummy time.   Daddy did some reading and I was on the laptop. You fell asleep playing and actually fell asleep with your head to the left!  Whoa!  God job little man!  However, once we moved you back into your bed, you turned your head to the right.  Oh well!  At least we see some improvement with your head movement!  

Tomorrow daddy has to go back to work, but I'll be here all day to play with you!  In fact, I've been with you each day since you were born (and before then!) .... daddy and I are blessed to have you!  :-)

Sleep tight little angel!

I love you forever and ever!  :-)


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Boy, did you have a long day!

You woke up bright and early at 1:23am crying for a bottle!  This was the first time in a while that you woke up in the middle of the night like that .... and, of course, it was on a day where both daddy and I had to go to work!  :-P  In fact, once you fell back asleep (I think it was around 2am), you stayed sleeping until Penny got here!  Usually I give you an early morning bottle and some solid food (oatmeal or rice cereal) before she gets here.  But, since you were awake during the night, you were still sleeping when I left for work.  So, I gave you a kiss while you were sleeping before I left.

Here's what you and Penny did today:

8:15am:  Woke up!
8:30am:  Big appetite!  You took 8 oz of formula!  Whoa!
9:15am:  Johnny Jump Up time and floor time
10:15am:  Sleeping
11:30am:  Floor time, sitting practice, and practiced going to the left to get toys
1pm:  Outside
2pm:  Sleeping

You ate a lot today .... 34 oz of formula!  Hummm .... you must be a growing boy!  

When I came home, I gave you some oatmeal and squash.  This was the first time you've had squash and you gobbled them down!  After the squash and oatmeal, you had a little bottle and then took a little nap for about 30 minutes.  :-)

Daddy and I continued to clean and organize things around the house this evening, but we were still tired from being up so early.  :-P  So, we all fell asleep on the bed together!  You were playing with toys and then fell asleep .... daddy and I were reading and then fell asleep!  Daddy and I didn't sleep long though .... we still changed you and put you back in your bed before it got too late.  :-)  

Tomorrow Penny will be here again!  Save some more kisses and smiles for me .... oh, and please sleep through the night tonight as well!  :-)

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!  :-)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Whoa!  You slept a long time last night!  You didn't take your morning bottle until after 8am today!  You really slept in little cutie!

Guess what .... we saw deer behind the house this morning!  There was a mommy deer and a baby deer with little spots on his back!  They were so cute!  They were right behind the deck, and I think they were eating some of the plants.  :-P  They were pretty and we just stared at them as the bigger one looked at us.  Then, they casually walked away into the woods and we couldn't find them again.  I hope they'll come back out at some point so daddy can see them.  Behind the house is nature area that won't be developed since it's a part of the Greenway System.  So, you never know .... we may have more than just deer back there! 

You took a long nap this morning.  I held you the entire time and looked at some older photos of you on my phone from when you were less than 5 lbs!  

The internet man came today.  We were in the middle of a bottle, but you stopped and smiled at him.  Then, you had a stinky diaper, so I had to go change you while he worked downstairs with the modem.  

Once the internet man left, we went online and watched one show .... So You Think You Can Dance!  I like that show, and you sat and watched it with me.  :-)

You finished your sweet potatoes today!  That means you'll try squash tomorrow!  

You had a little afternoon nap today, and you've been a little hungrier than normal today.  Perhaps you're going through a growth spurt?

This evening you played on the bed more and did some tummy time.  Tomorrow, I have to head back to work so Penny will be here.  Save a smile and kiss for me!  I still miss you every time I leave for work!

Sleep tight little man!

I love you so very much!  :-)


Monday, July 12, 2010

Nap Time?

Dearest Joshua David~

This morning I woke up to the sound of your rattle!  We don't leave toys in your bed, but this one must have slipped in by accident.  I thought you were kicking around in your sleep and hitting the rattle, so I got up to move it so that you won't wake up.  But, when I leaned in and looked at you .... you were wide awake smiling at me with a firm grip on that rattle!  

You are more sweet potatoes today.  At this rate, you'll finish them tomorrow and then we will be able to move on to squash.  

You had your physical therapy appointment today.  Eliza came over and said your sitting is improving.  You definitely tolerated your exercises more today than the past weeks.  When on your belly, you can easily pivot to the right to follow a toy that you want.  You're not that mobile trying to go to the left, but both of us can see improvement.  

You played with your feet a lot today!  It was so cute!  At one point, I picked up the camera to take a photo .... you saw me pick it up and you slowly let go of one foot .... I hide the camera a little and you went back to playing with your feet .... then I snapped a shot!  Ha!  :-)

We did a really quick bank run this afternoon to make a deposit.  It was hot out, so I didn't want you out there for long.  When we got home, we walked around the house on the yard just to stretch our legs.  We still haven't seen the deer that Penny saw, but I'm sure they'll come back out again.

You had several larger poopy diapers today!  Phew!  

You also did a lot of play time, floor time, and tummy time.  You were very active today and didn't take much of a nap at any point.  Just very small cat naps for a few minutes.  I tried to clean and organize the kitchen, but since you were so active, you won't let me.  :-P

You appear to be doing ok with the larger size nipples.  You dibble a little more, but that's fine.  :-)

This evening, we went to ACE Hardware to get some things to bolt the bookshelves to the wall.  Once you become more mobile, I don't want you to use the shelves at ladders!  You fell asleep in the carrier as I walked around the store.  Then, we came home and you played on the bed and showed daddy your tummy time.  :-)

Sleep tight little one!

I love you my little Joshua!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Well, you manged to finish off all your barley today!  Now, we're just down to rice cereal, oatmeal, and your veggies.  :-)

This morning, we cleaned and organized the house more.  You played with your toys, did tummy time, and had a nice bath.  :-)

Afterward, we went to Target to get more supplies .... one of which being new nipples for your bottles.  You are now a size 3!  And, I've already boiled and sterilized them all, so we are good to go!  I didn't sterilize them until the evening, so you won't try them out until tomorrow.  We also picked up more smoke detectors for the house and some disinfecting wipes to clean the rest of the bathrooms.  I've been trying to clean the blinds in the bathroom.  They were so dirty, but now they're looking better.

In the early afternoon, Gigi and Grandpa Jim came over and brought the laundry that they took to clean for us.  We put the cover back on the love seat in the living room.  Now, the room looks almost put together!  ;-)

We swept the mopped the hardwoods while they were here.  Before, the floor was so dirty our feet were turning black.  We moved the tall table that was in the breakfast nook at the townhouse into the "eat in" area off the kitchen.  The seller left some folding tables in the garage, and we cleaned one and put it in the dining room!  We placed a tablecloth over it so it's not so obvious it's just a folding table.  :-)  But, we still need chairs though.

We went back to Mimi's to pick up and finish the rest of the laundry.  While there, we watched the final game of the World Cup against Spain and the Netherlands.  Guess who won .... it was Spain in overtime!  There was about 10 minutes left in overtime when they scored 1-0.  I was hoping the game would go into penalty kicks because that would have been exciting.  I hope the US makes it further in 4 years.  We had a good time this year, but the referees were horrible.  :-P

In the evening, daddy cooked dinner as I helped you finished you container of sweet potatoes!  You gobbled them!  

My coworker, Novelyn, and her sister-in-law, Nicky, came over to take some our boxes that we've already unpacked.  Nicky is starting to pack up her house so we told them to come over if they needed boxes.  They both held you and walked around the house with you as we gave them a tour. 

Well, tomorrow daddy heads back to work, and you have another physical therapy appointment!  Busy busy!  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sweet Potatoes

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  

Well, daddy got his car inspected early this morning and it passed!  Woo hoo!  You and I stayed here and had some barley for breakfast.  :-)  Remember how the car didn't pass the first time because it needed all those repairs?  Well, it cost a fortune, but the car is all fixed and we won't have to worry about that for a while.  :-)

Gigi and Grandpa Jim came over today and helped clean and move some things for us.  They also played with you and held you.  :-)  Gigi took some of our laundry to wash since we still don't have a washer or dryer.  

The remaining dirty clothes we then took over to Mimi's house.  Mimi and Grandpa Mike are out of town, so we checked on their cats, did laundry, and watched the 3rd place game for the World Cup.  Germany won.  Tomorrow is the final game to see who has the best soccer team in the world!  Will it be the Netherlands or Spain?  Hummmm .... neither country has won a World Cup title before, so it will be an exciting game.  :-)

After the game, we left one more load of laundry there to do for tomorrow (when we check on the cats again and watch the final game), and then came back here to clean and unpack more.  I think we're really making head way on unpacking things .... the house is looking more like a home!  ;-)

You continued to play with your toys, do tummy time, and look cute as daddy and I unpacked.  :-)

Guess what you tried today .... you had sweet potatoes for the first time!  Yummmy!  Daddy and I both like sweet potatoes .... I like any potatoes really!  In fact, when I was pregnant with you, I ate a lot of potatoes and we started to call you "Spud" for fun!  Anyway, you gobbled them down (half a container worth).  I had to stop you since we're suppose to start slowly to check for food allergies.  If I hadn't stopped you, you probably would have eaten the whole 3.5 oz!  You must take after your Irish mother .... you like potatoes!  ;-)

Well, tomorrow is another fun filled day so get some rest!

Sleep tight little man! 

I love you my little Joshua!  :-)


Friday, July 9, 2010

Thirty Eight Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Today you are thirty eight weeks old little man!  Time is really flying by.  Later in the month, you go back to the pediatrician for your 9 month check up.  I can't believe you'll be 9 months old on the 16th!  It really doesn't seem that long ago that daddy and I brought you home from the hospital!  

This morning you slept in!  You didn't need a bottle until 8am!  Whoa!  This was the first time in forever that you slept in like that.  And, since daddy had off today, we all got to sleep longer!  Woo hoo!

Today was Family Friday!  We went to drop off daddy's car to get inspected (since everything is fixed now).  But, once we got there, the line was too long and we only had his car so we couldn't drop it off.  So, daddy will try again early tomorrow morning.

We went to drop off the internet modem from the townhouse back to the company since we had to cancel service at that location.  While there, we ordered internet for the new house, but we won't get it until tuesday.  We didn't order cable since we don't watch that much television, and so many shows are online now anyway.  By the way .... by the time you read this letter, will people still watch television?  What kinds of new electronics will be out there?  I'm sure you'll laugh at half the things I say!  Technology changes so fast!  I wouldn't be surprised if the things I talk about are no longer in existence!  :-P

We all ate lunch out at the mall.  Then, we went to Target to pick up some groceries.  :-)

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and unpacking more things around the house.  I'm sure it'll be like this for weeks to come.  :-P  Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over to see you and the house.  Uncle Brennan helped daddy move more of the heavy furniture in from the garage, which was a huge help since I couldn't do it!

You gobbled down your carrots today!  You had 3.5 ozs!  While we were out, we went ahead and got you more veggies.  Next, you'll get to try sweet potatoes and then squash!  

There was a really loud storm late at night!  It woke daddy and I up from a sound sleep.  You appeared to squirm a little, but you didn't wake.  Our neighbor across the cul-de-sac had a tree struck by lightning and it covered their driveway!  No one, and nothing, appeared to be hurt .... except the tree.  :-P

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you so very much!  :-)


Thursday, July 8, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  How are you today?  :-)

You and Penny had a big day.  Here's what you all did:

8am:  sleeping
9am:  floor time and gymnastics
10am:  walk outside -- Penny threw a little stick in the woods behind the house and said she saw two of the prettiest deer she has ever seen!  Wow!  Did you like watching the deer?  :-)
12pm:  sat on the front porch
1:45pm:  Eliza came -- we missed our usual monday appointment since we were busy with the move, so she came today with you and Penny.  Penny said you worked really hard, and then took a nap!  :-)

After work, you had one of the largest poopy diapers I have ever seen!  Daddy picked you up and noticed the smell, so he ended up changing you!  Phew!  :-P

The three of us went to Lowes after work this evening to pick up some things for the house.  We want to replace little things here and there, so we're starting with a few projects and taking it room by room.  

From Lowes, we swung by the townhouse to take the trash to the curve.  They come to empty the cans on friday morning, so we want to make sure things are clean for our tenant, Julie.  Oh, I forgot to tell you .... she got held up with the movers .... she was suppose to move in on tuesday, but instead will be moving in tomorrow.  Also, since we got daddy's car back, you dropped off the extra garage door opener as well.  

You started to get really fussy in the car.  Daddy had to pull over so I could start a bottle for you.  I guess you didn't want to wait until we got home.  :-P

Oh my .... guess what the cat did today .... he jumped from the kitchen counter to the fridge to the top of the cabinets!  He just about scared Penny because she didn't know if he'd be able to get down!  He eventually did, but I think it took him a while to figure out how to get back down.  These cabinets are taller than the ones in the townhouse, so he was right up against the ceiling!

Daddy has off tomorrow .... so it'll be Family Friday!  Yippie!  I know you're excited!  

Sleep tight little man!

I love you!  :-)