Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day Spa

Dearest Joshua David~

We woke up to snow again today! It got warmer today, so some melted, but there's still a good amount left of the roads, cars, sidewalks, and houses.

Grandpa Jim and Gigi came over for lunch. Since they don't live that far, they hopped in Grandpa Jim's truck and braved the snow on the ground (though by then the roads weren't that bad). They both held you while you were sleeping.

Today daddy and I did some laundry for you and us. We washed all your dirty outfits, linens, and towels. Now everything is fresh for you. :-)

Well, little man, today was the last day of pumping for me. I wanted to finish up the month to give you some extra milk. But, now with work starting, it's getting harder to keep on a pumping schedule and feeding schedule for you (and still get some rest/sleep!). Plus, I would always feel bad whenever I put you down to pump when I could be holding and playing with you. I have some mixed emotions about this, so this will take some time to get through. This will be hard for mommy. But, have no fear! I've been working really hard for you, and have been pumping milk for three and a half months .... so, I have built up a pretty good supply for you during this time .... we have 266 containers of milk in the garage freezer and fridge freezer! The garage freezer has nothing but milk in there for you! So, by combining that with your formula bottle a day (which may go to two a day in the next week), we can make this milk last a good amount of time for you! :-)

I gave you a bath today, and daddy clipped your nails. Your toe nails were getting long, so he tried to clip at least the big toe. We told you that you were at a "day spa" since you were getting your hair and nails done (or at least getting your hair washed!). ;-)

We'll see what the roads are like tomorrow. Maybe things will clear up more.

Sleep tight little fellow!

I love you so much! :-)


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Dearest Joshua David~

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland! This morning, we woke up to lots of snow on the ground! How exciting! It doesn't snow that often here in North Carolina, so when it does snow, it's a pretty big deal.

Daddy and I walked you all around the house so that you could see all the snow. There was snow covering the back deck, the yard, the roads, and all over daddy's car!

We took it real easy today. Of course, with all the snow, we were trapped in the house, but since you and I don't leave the house too often that wasn't a big deal. Daddy went to the grocery store thursday evening, so we were prepared for all this.

You slept a lot during the morning. Daddy and I watched some television and drank some hot chocolate. :-)

You started your nightly fussiness later in the evening, and it didn't last as long as other nights. You appeared to be a little constipated, because it took you a long time to have a good diaper. :-P At one point, you acted hungry so we warmed a bottle. Once we started to feed you, you didn't want any! Little man, don't you know that once you start drinking from a bottle we only have an hour until the bottle is no good anymore (due to bacteria build up)? You were really pushing that entire hour to take that bottle. After about an hour, you were out, and there was about 20ml left of milk. Oh well, you still took 80ml overall, so it wasn't a complete loss.

I don't know how long this snow will last, but we're enjoying it! When you get bigger, we'll bundle up in coats and make a snowman. I'll also show you how to make snow angels as well. When your Uncle James and I were little, we used to sled down the hills in the subdivision. :-) In college, we had a big snow storm so my friends and I took trays from the cafeteria and went sledding!

Ok little man .... sleep tight!

I love you so very much! :-)


Friday, January 29, 2010

Fifteen Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little thing! Today you are 15 weeks old! :-)

Today it was just you and me! Daddy left for work in the morning, and while you slept, I tinkered around the house. I paid some bills (yuck!) and did some dishes.

With the new ottoman downstairs, daddy and I have been trying to figure out a way to move some furniture around to make things easier. I moved a little end table from upstairs to downstairs, next to the ottoman, so that we have a place to put things. Now, when I give you a bottle downstairs, I have a place to put the bottle while burping you (instead of trying to balance it between my legs). ;-)

I held you a lot today, since I was gone yesterday and wasn't able to hold you as much. This afternoon, you had a nice nap for about 2 hours while I was holding you! I gave you a bottle around 2pm, and a little after 3pm you fell asleep on my chest as I watched a little television. When daddy got home, that's where he found us!

This evening you were fussy again! I took a little video of you being fussy so you can see yourself years from now.

This evening we had snow! This is your first big snow fall! We kept holding you up to the window so you could see it. It's suppose to continue snowing through the evening, so tomorrow morning we may have a lot of snow on the ground!

Sleep tight little man and dream of snow!

I love you very much!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Off To Work We Go

Dearest Joshua David~

Well, this day has finally come .... my first day back to work and your first day home with a babysitter. :-( I prepared all your bottles this morning, and daddy changed and fed you before he left for work.

It was really hard for mommy to leave you today. We had some time alone together this morning before Penny got here. You were sleeping, so I just whispered to you while you rested. I told you that I didn't want to go, but that I loved you very much and would come back home as soon as I could. You stirred a little, but kept sleeping. I gave you a little kiss on your nose.

I have to admit I cried a little in the car as I drove off this morning. But, daddy, Gigi, and our friend Stephanie, all sent me phone messages that we both would be ok today. :-) I asked daddy to call Penny at lunch to check on you, and you two were doing well. You had just finished a bottle and were sleeping.

Once I got home, daddy was already there and had changed you. I gave you a bottle and then played with you. We're suppose to get some heavy winter weather tomorrow night, so daddy ran to the grocery store this evening. While he was gone, I curled up in the bed with you and rocked you. You fell asleep on my chest again and I took a picture with my phone. :-) Once daddy got home, he curled up in the bed with us .... it was the best part of my day!!

Sleep tight little man!

I love you so very much! :-)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cleaning and More

Dearest Joshua David~

Today was a busy day for me! I tried to prepare the house for tomorrow, when Penny will come over to watch you as I go back to work.

I straightened the downstairs and tried to organize things. I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the living room. I did some laundry and made my lunch for tomorrow to save time in the morning. I plan on preparing your bottles tomorrow morning fresh so that you'll be ready to go. Also, I stocked up your changing table so you have plenty of diapers and wipes. Daddy took all the trash out when he came home from work and helped me with last minute things to prepare.

I made an emergency phone list for Penny. That way, if something happens, she could also call one of your grandparents or the Pediatrician. I'm sure you all will be fine, but it's better to be safe!

Guess what? Daddy and I ordered an ottoman for the downstairs to go in front of the couch. It's nice and soft with no sharp corners, like the table that's there. The table is actually your (Great) Uncle Laurence's. He made it when he was in high school. Gigi said she could put it in her house. This way, when you start to become more mobile, you won't hurt yourself on the corners of the table. The ottoman's cozy, and we've already played on it. :-)

I held you for a long time today. I figured out a trick to get you to fall asleep. It doesn't work all the time though! But, tonight, when you were getting fussy, I placed you on my chest and put the pacifier in your mouth. You usually calm down with the pacifier (not always), but once you drop it you cry again. So, with you on your belly, I positioned you in a way that it was hard for you to lose the pacifier. Plus, I could keep your head to the left to help your neck muscles. You eventually calmed down and then slept on me for 2 hours! I felt bad because after a few hours I had to move and stretch, but I didn't want to wake you! Oh well. ;-)

You're a sweet boy and I don't want to leave you tomorrow.

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ice Cream Drip

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!

Well, after your all night cry fest yesterday, we didn't get to bed until early this morning. So, you and I took a nap today! You slept pretty well! I did a few chores after I napped and continued to let you sleep.

You still appear to be taking your one formula bottle well. I usually give it to you around mid-day (when I'm the most awake!) so that I can keep an eye on you for any reactions. So far so good. You're still taking 0.5ml of Poly-Vi-Sol with Iron each day (multivitamin). I put that in one of your bottles, and so far, you haven't had any problems with that either. :-)

We danced some today. I was trying to make you sleepy, but instead you became more alert! ;-)

After dinner today, daddy and I had some ice cream for dessert (you couldn't have any). I was holding you and accidentally dropped a bit on your head. It was a very small amount, but daddy and I couldn't stop laughing, so daddy took a picture! Ha! Sorry little guy! It made for a humorous situation. :-)

I hope you sleep better tonight!

I love you very much! :-)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Case of the Mondays

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!

Today started out pretty plain, but then it ended with a bang! Let me explain ....

The morning was pretty typical. A bottle and diaper change here and there. You napped a little. I cleaned a few things and tried to rest when you were resting. Even the cat was lazy (though that's not too unusual as cats go!).

Once daddy came home, it was still pretty typical .... you sat in your chair with daddy watching you and cooking. I ran upstairs and took a shower. But then, after dinner, starting around 8pm .... you started your longest crying performance to date! It was quite a feat! Daddy walked with you. I tried the pacifier. We swayed with you. We tried your chair. We gave you a bottle. Finally, at around 1am, you began to really doze! Whew! Hope we don't have too many of those nights again!

Penny came back over this afternoon. We showed her where things are in the house so that thursday will run smoothly for you two. She's very excited to watch you!

I'm in the book of Exodus for my daily Bible reading. I'm getting closer and closer to the stories about Joshua. I've already read about the battle between Joshua and Amalek. Joshua won, with the Lord's help, and Israel prevailed. :-) Joshua was a strong man of God, and you will be too! The Lord's already looked after you so far, and daddy and I have faith that He'll continue to protect and be with you. ;-)

Try to sleep better little fellow!

I love you very much!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Open House

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweet thing!

Today was a really busy day for daddy and me. We had so many visitors all day that we felt like we were having an open house! :-)

This morning, daddy and I went to church with grandpa Jim. While we were out, Gigi stayed and played with you. Everyone at church asked about you! Your hospital picture is still hanging up on the bulletin board and you've been in everyone's prayers. We told them all that you were still growing strong and remaining healthy! Once you get bigger, we can take you to church with us so that everyone can finally meet you. :-)

After church, we came back here and ate lunch with grandpa Jim and Gigi. Once lunch was over, we fed and changed you. Then, your Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came by to watch you as daddy and I ran an errand. Aunt Katie brought you some more books, and read one to you while she was here. :-)

About two hours later, your grandpa Mike and Mimi came over for dinner. They both got to hold you as well. Busy busy day! :-)

Well little man, this thursday will be my first day back to work since you've been home from the hospital. I don't want to leave you and I don't like thinking about it. :-( So, I'm going to try to extend the amount of milk we have to make it last longer. Right now, I'm still pumping every few hours to make sure you have enough to eat, but once work starts it'll be difficult. So, today you had your first ever full bottle of formula. I wanted to make sure you didn't have any reactions to it, which you didn't. Each day, I'll give you one bottle that's formula, and the rest will be mommy's milk. After a while, I'll increase to two bottles. That way, we can make sure you get a little bit of milk for a longer period of time. But don't worry, right now we have enough milk in the fridge freezer and garage freezer to last you for a very long time! Mommy has been working hard for you! :-)

This evening you were quite fussy. I ended up playing with you upstairs for a while after daddy went to bed. You eventually fell asleep pretty late. :-P

Sleep tight precious!

I love you very much! :-)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trip Down The Road

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweetie! How are you today? :-)

Today was a pretty relaxing day, especially in the morning. All three of us took a nap to catch up on some sleep. At one point, even the cat came by to nap with us. ;-) Then, daddy made a brunch for us (you stuck with mommy's milk) and we continued to take it easy.

We finished your laundry, so now you have all clean clothes, linens, and towels.

You had another visitor today. Daddy's friend, Matt, came by and visited for a little over an hour. He and daddy went to graduate school together at Yale, and now Matt has moved to North Carolina. We all caught up while I gave you a bottle. Then, you napped. :-)

Afterward, you took a trip down the road (about 2 miles) to Gigi's house and Grandpa Jim's. You stayed there for about an hour and a half while daddy and I grabbed a dinner and went to the grocery store.

This evening, we all played together again. You and I fell asleep, while daddy watched some television.

Pretty calm day overall. It's good to have one of those every once in a while. ;-)

Sleep tight!

I love you!


Friday, January 22, 2010

Fourteen Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man! Today you are 14 weeks old! Yippie! :-)

Daddy had off today, so today was "Family Friday" and we all spent the day together. Daddy clipped your nails and I gave you a bath. Then, you were all clean!

We took you to the pediatrician's office today. You were due for your January Synagis shot. This is a monthly shot for babies to protect their lungs from respiratory diseases. They weighed you while we were there and the pediatrician did an examination. Everything went well and you weigh 8 lbs 4 ozs! So, according to the pediatrician's scale, you've gained 2 lbs 4 ozs since you've been home from the hospital (a little over a month). Wow! You're growing so well and daddy and I are so proud of you! :-)

You did something for the first time today .... you gave your first BIG smile .... grinning from cheek to cheek! Daddy was holding you and I kissed you .... then you SMILED so big!! :-)

Later in the day, daddy and I played with you on the bed again. You smiled some more and cooed.

Sleep tight precious angel!

I love you very much!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chilly Weather

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!

Brrrrrr! Today was a chilly and rainy day. You and I stayed inside all day to keep warm. :-)

Guess who came to visit you and I today? Your new babysitter, Penny! She's going to watch you two days a week while I go back to work. Then, I'll be able to watch you for 5 days a week. I start back to work in one week. I don't want to leave you, but you'll be in good hands!

This evening we played on the bed again. Daddy and I watched some television and tickled you. We did some of our exercises to strengthen your neck muscles. You're doing really well! I can already see a difference because you're holding your head to the left more often than you did before.

Tomorrow daddy has off from work so we'll have the whole day together again as a family! I know you're excited!

Sleep tight little fellow!

I love you!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little sweet thing!

You had a few more visitors today! Our friends Stephanie and Kevin came over to see you this afternoon while they were in town. Stephanie and mommy went to college together and were in a Bible Study together at UNC. :-) Stephanie got to hold you as we all talked and caught up. :-)

We danced more today. I put some music on while my laptop was open. Then, I held you and we danced around the room for a little bit. You eventually fell sleep. :-)

You sure like your pacifier. :-) I took a few pictures of you playing with it, but you kept dropping it. Daddy and I had to keep putting it back in your mouth. :-P

You scared me a little today. All day long you never had a good poopy diaper! I kept waiting and waiting and almost thought something was wrong with you. Then, around 8pm this evening you had a nice poop! Whew! I was so proud of you! Then, you had another one about an hour later. After those two, I even had to change your outfit. ;-)

I played my mandolin more for you. I was just picking around doing some finger exercises, but you sat there very alert. I wonder if you'll play any instruments when you're bigger. I bet you will! I'll teach you to read music, though I only know the treble clef. ;-) You know who would be a good teacher .... your Gigi! She was a music teacher for years and has natural talent on the piano. :-) We also have some instruments here that you can mess with if you like.

Daddy and I watched another UNC basketball game this evening as you were going in and out of sleepiness. We lost and didn't play very well. Oh well .... guess we'll wait for the next game!

Sleep well little man!

I love you!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little fellow! Daddy and I tried to get a picture of you with the cat, but the cat didn't want to stay still long enough. :-P

Today was your follow up visit with SICC (Special Infant Care Clinic). This is a part of the child development team at Wake Med that watched you while you were in the ICN for your first 8.5 weeks of life. They did some measurements: today you are 7 lbs 13 ozs and 20 3/4 inches long! :-) Woohoo! You're such a big boy! You're on track for gaining an ounce a day! At this rate, you'll be 8 pounds by the end of the week. :-)

The neonatologist was really pleased with your weight gain and development! Plus, you were very alert during the exam. She listened to you (heart/lungs) and checked your reflexes, just like how the pediatrician does.

She noticed that you were developing a flat area on the right side of your head, which daddy and I were expecting because you always turn your head to that one side. She showed me some exercises to do with you to have you turn your head to the left more. It will also help your neck muscles since the one side is getting tighter. She also showed me some things to do for "tummy time" to get your neck stronger to hold your head. She was impressed at how much you could already do at only "3 and a half" weeks!

We talked about how you sound congested at times (that snorty sound). She said it had to do with the smaller nasal passageways and you would eventually grow out of it once you get bigger. It's typical for preemies.

She recommended to continue to limit your travel (besides to doctor's offices) to our house and your grandparents' houses. No busy or public places until about the end of March/early April because of the flu season. However, she said that on days like yesterday (where it was beautiful outside!) we can go ahead and take you for walks. :-) You have another follow up visit with them in March.

After the appointment, we went home and you were pretty active the rest of the day. Daddy had a soccer meeting after work and didn't come home until 10pm. We were tired when he got home! While daddy was gone, Gigi came over to give you the 8pm bottle so I could rest a little. She brought our friend Lois to meet you! You have so many friends!

Try to sleep a little tonight!

I'm so glad the doctor's visit went well and feel so blessed to have a healthy Joshua! :-)

I love you so much!


Monday, January 18, 2010

More Friends

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little sweetie!

Today was a big day for you .... you got to meet more friends! Daddy and I met up with some of my co-workers and showed you off. :-) They all said you were cute and two of them held you. One friend, Hilsy, knows spanish and she spoke to you a little in it. We'll have to get her over more often to teach you more so that you'll become fluent. ;-)

Daddy had off today since it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (State Holiday). He went to get a hair cut, so he dropped us off at gigi's to play for about an hour and a half.

Boy were you alert last night! You weren't fussy, you were just awake and wanting to play. Daddy and I put you on the bed between us and played with you for a while. Then, we put your pacifier in and you had fun with that! You were so active, and it was getting so late, that daddy and I were falling asleep as you were sucking on the pacifier! But, then you got hungry and we had to feed you. After the bottle you fell asleep for about 5 hours! Go Joshua! :-)

Tomorrow is a big day. We have an appointment with the Special Infant Care Clinic (SICC). It's a part of Wake Med and the Intensive Care Nursery (where you lived for the first 8.5 weeks of life). They'll be checking your development and growth. The appointment is at 8:15am tomorrow, so we need to be on our toes to get you ready and there on time! ;-)

Sleep well little man!

I love you! :-)


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Dearest Joshua David~

Today was a lazy, rainy sunday. We woke up to rain today and it stayed rainy for pretty much the entire day. At one point, we had some thunder and lightning. I don't think you've seen lightning, or heard thunder, since you've been home. I know it stormed a few times while you were in the hospital, but you weren't always near a window to see it all. Today, you got to see, and hear, everything.

Daddy and I did a lot of cleaning this morning. We pretty much cleaned the whole downstairs, focusing on the kitchen. You were taking a good, sound nap, so we tried to get everything done while you were sleeping.

Your mimi and grandpa Mike came over this afternoon. They brought over some extra diapers and wipes for you! Now, we're set for a while! :-) Also, they brought over a gift from a friend. We got two books and a new outfit for you. The outfit is for your first Valentine's Day, so you have a month to grow into it. ;-)

We passed on some of your things to mimi while she was here. We gave her some extra supplies (outfits, blankets, bottles, etc) so that you'll be able to travel to her house as well. Soon, both sets of grandparents will be all equipped to have you as a visitor!

Try to get some sleep little man!

I love you very much! :-)


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three Months

Dearest Joshua David~

Happy Birthday! Today you are three months old! :-) You're such an old man! ;-)

Last night you were awake for hours. I kept waking up next to you, so we both had no sleep. You were very snorty when sleeping, so I kept moving you to see if you would breathe better in different positions. You tend to sleep well if someone is holding you, or if you're in the papasan chair. By 4:20am, I placed you in the chair and you drifted for about 2 hours until you got hungry again.

Daddy had to go into work this morning, so Gigi came by around 9am to help me since I was so tired. She finished preparing her house for you with diapers, wipes, clothes, bassinet, blankets, pacifiers, bottles, etc! So, all we had to do was move you and some milk! Gigi only lives about 2 miles from us, so it's an easy drive. She watched you for about 1.5 hours as I took a shower, did your laundry, and rested (a small amount). Then daddy came to meet us around lunch time.

Gigi and grandpa Jim set up your mobile at their house. It's a UNC mobile with little rams! It plays Carolina fight songs. :-)

This was the first time you stayed at someone's house! It was hard for mommy to let you go. You stayed at Gigi's through dinner time! Daddy and I ran errands while you were there. This was the first time daddy and I have been out together since you've been home. We were back by early afternoon and stayed to eat dinner with Gigi and grandpa Jim. Grandpa Jim grilled out. It was good. You're still on your milk diet though. :-)

Gigi's neighbor came over to see you. She said you were so cute! She has a little puppy that's about as big as you. ;-)

Afterward, we came back here. Daddy and I watched some television and you drifted to sleep.

Sweet dreams for a sweet boy!

I love you!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Thirteen Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man! Today you are thirteen weeks old! Plus, you have officially been home from the hospital for one month! We took you home on December 15th and now it's January 15th! :-)

Today started out exciting .... you decided to pee everywhere when I changed you early in the morning, but I was too quick for you! You missed me! :-) Instead, you wet the washcloth that I put on you! After cleaning you and putting you in a new outfit, we were set for the rest of the day. :-)

I did another guess weight on you. I weighed myself first. Then, I changed you and weighed myself again holding you. You were wearing nothing but a clean diaper. The scale said that I had gained 7.5 pounds! Since it's just an estimate, I'm guessing you're between 7 and 7.5 pounds. When I was born, I was 7 lbs 9 ozs! You're almost to the weight that I was as a newborn! ;-)

This evening I gave you a bath. You were really calm during it and didn't really try to squirm. I put all your clothes and linens aside so that I can wash them all tomorrow.

You did something funny this afternoon. As I was eating lunch, you were sleeping, but you squirmed in such a way that your head was kinked. It didn't look too comfortable, but you kept on sleeping soundly. I started to laugh at your position. :-) You squirmed a little after awhile, and when you did, I repositioned you.

Your nails have gotten sharp again. You cut yourself this evening, so daddy clipped your nails. Afterward, you danced with daddy and I. :-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you! :-)


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Belly Button

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweet thing!

Today was a good day for you. You did a lot of resting .... which means I did too. ;-) I took a little video of you waking up after a nap. But, as soon as I finished taking the video, you actually fell back asleep.

I never really thought about this before .... but when I was changing you today, I stopped to notice and think about a bond that the two of us share .... your belly button. I know this sounds corny and weird to think about, but for weeks and weeks this was the link between you and me. This bond, of when you were in my belly, is only between us and no one else. You and I will always share this connection, and your belly button is a reminder. Of course, my belly button links me to my mommy .... but yours will always be linked to me. You are a precious little miracle from God. :-)

When daddy came home, we played on the bed again. You've been staying awake at night to about midnight. Then, it takes you a while to fall asleep.

I hear you breathe a lot when you sleep .... like little, tiny snores. I remember weeks ago, after you were born, you needed help to breathe! I would smile at your little cries because it meant your lungs were working! Almost thirteen weeks have passed, and you remain healthy! What a blessing!

Sleep tight little man!

I love you! :-)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Concert and Game

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweet little thing!

Today you slept pretty well in the morning. While you slept, I did my laundry and daddy’s laundry and the dishes. I’ll do your laundry later.

I worked on your photos more. I have them almost all organized. It was amazing to look back at all the photos from the hospital from when you were barely 2 lbs! God is so good! You are alive and healthy because of Him. Did you know that daddy and I say a prayer for you everyday? We pray for your health and that you continue to grow strong for the Lord. :-)

I played the mandolin for you more today. This time, I played some songs for you. You played with your pacifier as I played. You are my best audience! You appear to like whatever I play, even if the notes are wrong. I guess you don’t mind me being rusty! :-)

Your uncle Brennan came over this afternoon before daddy came home. He and daddy were going to a concert tonight …. Zappa plays Zappa. You and I stayed here and watched the Carolina basketball game. We didn’t play very well and lost the game. You fell asleep during the second half. You were sleeping when uncle Brennan and daddy came home.

Sleep tight little guy …. tomorrow’s another big day!

I love you!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nap Time

Dearest Joshua David~

Well, after your all night stunt yesterday of crying fits you must have worn yourself out. You finally fell asleep after midnight and I didn't have to wake up to feed you until 5am! Then, you slept another 4 hours! Whew!

The rest of the day consisted of me holding and rocking you. I talked to you and we danced for a bit.

Once daddy got home, we played with you again and you watched a show with us on the computer. You like being curled up between us on the bed as we talk and give you the pacifier. You began to get fussy again late at night though.

We have a routine going on for your bottles. Every time you get hungry, you have to give me kisses before the bottle. Then, while I'm feeding you, I continue to give you kisses. This makes the bottles between 2am-4am a little bit more enjoyable. :-)

I had to clean you up and put you in a new outfit earlier .... you decided to pee on the last one.

Speaking of outfits .... you got some cute ones in the mail today from our friends Karyn and Steve in Virginia. Karyn went to college with mommy. Their daughter is Charlotte .... she'll probably be a year ahead of you once you all head to UNC for college! ;-)

I've started to organize your photos better on the computer. We have so many, so I've been labeling and dating them. You helped me with a few, but then fell asleep.

Tomorrow's another big day!

I love you very much!


Monday, January 11, 2010

New Instrument

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious! Today we had a relaxing morning, but then you kicked it up a notch for the evening, keeping daddy and I awake! :-P

In the morning, we look a short nap together. Then, I did some more laundry as you continued to sleep.

Later, I decided it was my turn to play you something .... so, I tuned my mandolin and played some chords for you! I'm certainly out of practice since I haven't had time to play much .... but you enjoyed it. I picked around some .... I didn't play a full song, just goofed around on it so you could see and hear it. Soon after you got hungry and I had to feed you, so I'll have to play a song for you later. :-)

We danced some more today. We tend to dance more in the afternoons/early evening.

You really like to kick your legs up and try to stand when I feed or hold you. Plus, you're getting better at moving, turning, and trying to pull your head up on your own. You must be getting stronger each day! Yippie! :-)

In the evening, we played on the bed with daddy. You kept wanting your pacifier, so we would help you whenever you spit it out and was looking for it. The three of us curled up on the bed and watched a show on the computer. You were in and out of sleep during the show, but afterward you were wide awake for hours!

Tomorrow's another big day so rest up!

I love you very much!


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweet thing! How are you? :-)

Your grandpa Jim and gigi came over for lunch today! They both got to hold and rock with you. You fell asleep in both their arms. :-)

Daddy and I spent a lot of time today organizing and cleaning the upstairs. We made your nursery more functional so that we can spend more time in there having fun. :-) You have so much stuff that we had to clean out the whole room! It's still not perfect, but it's cleaner and more organized. And, you appear to like it.

Tonight was another Carolina basketball game. You stayed awake for the first half and sat in your papasan chair. :-) During the second half, you got hungry, so I fed you and then you fell asleep. Don't worry .... we won the game!

Overall, it was pretty relaxing .... and it was fun to spend the day together as a family. Rest up for tomorrow!

I love you very much!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bath Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little thing! Today was a bath day! Daddy and I cleaned you all up and put you in a new outfit. In fact, we cleaned everything of yours .... a whole load of laundry and changed all your linens. :-)

You have a new little bassinet/pack-and-play downstairs. The one you had before we were borrowing from our cousin, Charlie. It's suppose to stay at gigi's house for when you visit. We switched everything all around, and I helped gigi start to set up a room for you at her house. So far, your stuff is in my old bedroom from when I was a little girl. :-)

Besides gigi, your uncle Brennan and aunt Katie came over to see you. They both held you, and your aunt Katie got you a Dr. Seuss book with a stuffed animal!

I forgot to tell you yesterday, daddy did a better job on your nails so they're not as sharp. We haven't had to put mittens back on your hands.

We noticed that you say "coo" sometimes after you sneeze, especially if you have a string of sneezes! It's so cute. You'll say, "Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Coo!" :-) Then we say, "Bless you!"

You're such a precious angel!

I love you very much!


Friday, January 8, 2010

Twelve Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little thing! Today you are twelve weeks old! Yippie! Daddy had off today, so we got to spend the day together as a family again!

Daddy and I cleaned the house. Daddy vacuumed the downstairs and I did the dishes. We wanted to make sure everything was all clean for you. Then, we all watched a bluegrass movie together for lunch. :-) Later, for dinner, your grandpa Mike and mimi came over to see you. They brought over a rocking chair for us to use!

When daddy changed you this morning, you decided to pee everywhere! So, daddy got to change you and put you in a new outfit .... a Yale onesie. This would be a good time for me to explain to you what daddy and I do for a living. :-)

Daddy and I both went to UNC for college. But, we studied different things. Daddy majored in business and I double majored in chemistry and biology. Your daddy went to graduate school at Yale for his MBA. He works for the State working on budgets. I went to Dental School at UNC and became a dentist. :-) So, you have Yale and UNC in your wardrobe, though the clothing is definitely shewed to the UNC side, since that was our undergraduate degrees. Plus, that's where we fell in love and where daddy proposed! One day, we'll take you to the campus and show you where daddy proposed .... on the steps of the South Building. :-)

I did a quick way to get an estimate on your weight today. I weighed myself, then changed you, and then weighed myself again holding you. You were wearing a diaper and a onesie, but it said I gained seven pounds. So, I'm guessing you're between 6.5 and 7 lbs. :-)

Oh, one more thing .... since daddy was home, I ran an errand for about an hour today while you and daddy bonded .... this was the first time daddy has been alone with you, and the first time I've left you since the hospital! I got back as soon as I could .... I missed you!

Rest up little man!

I love you!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Mittens Are On

Dearest Joshua David~

So in an attempt to help you not scratch your face any longer, I placed little mittens on your hands! They lasted a little bit, and then you wiggled out of them because they were loose on you. I think next time I'll try socks.

Since you had a long, fussy evening last night (stayed awake for over 6 hours with crying fits), you and I both had to take naps this morning. Once you finally calmed down, around 9:30pm last night, you slept until 2am this morning! Whoa! I think that's the longest you've gone! Now, if we could only extend that a few more hours daddy and I would be very happy!

As I was changing and feeding you this morning at around 5am, I asked you if you were going to help change and feed me when I'm old and gray. You did your little half smile and then peed. :-)

You had a nice nap for a full 2 hours this afternoon as I was holding you. Sometimes you squirm a little, but this time you were in a deep sleep and I listened to you breathing and gave you kisses. It reminded me of when you were still in the hospital, and I would come see you and hold you for hours at a time. You would fall asleep in my arms then. I'm so grateful you're healthy and home now!

Tomorrow daddy has off, so we'll be home as a family again! I know you can't wait!

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Christmas is officially over. The 12 days ended yesterday, and today marks the beginning of the next church season .... Epiphany. :-)

Today was a busy day! We took a small nap together between one of your morning feedings, but then we were active the rest of the day. I finished your laundry, and then did a load of ours. We took out all the trash in the house, including your filled diaper container! Ew! Then, we did the dishes.

You became fussy earlier than usual today. You woke for a 3pm feeding, and then stayed awake until after 9:30pm this evening! Daddy and I both tried to calm you, but you went in and out of crying fits. I danced with you before daddy got home, and daddy walked around and paced with you.

Your nails have gotten sharp! I tried to trim them with a little baby clipper, but I accidentally hit a little of your thumb. Sorry! Your fingers are so small it was hard to see! So, then daddy held you as I tried to smooth them with an emery board. Again, it only helped a little. We also noticed that you've been scratching your face, so I'm going to have to put little mittens on your hands. :-P

Your grandpa Jim got to see you briefly today. He was dropping off some food that he got daddy and I.

Sleep tight!

I love you! :-)


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bigger Bottles

Dearest Joshua David~

Today was a pretty relaxing day .... for the most part. You became fussy in the evening, which is a little typical for you.

I noticed that you can lift one eyebrow at a time, like I can. I call it your "worried look" because you usually do it when I'm feeding you and you don't think I'm going to give you the rest of the bottle. :-P Don't worry, I always try to give you the whole bottle! :-)

Speaking of bottles, I can tell you're getting bigger and stronger .... you're eating more at each feeding! About a week ago, I would put 75ml-80ml of milk in a bottle and that would satisfy you. Today, you took 7 bottles of 85ml and 1 bottle of 87ml of milk! Whoa! You'll soon be eating us out of house and home! :-)

I also noticed that in certain angles and lighting your hair appears to be a redish-brown color. I wonder if it will stay that way. When I was born, I had black hair! By the time I was one year old, my hair was bright blonde.

We danced some more today, and I sang to you a little. :-)

What do you want to be when you grow up, little fellow? Don't worry, you have plenty of time to think about that, but I wonder some times.

Sleep tight little Joshua!

I love you very much! :-)


Monday, January 4, 2010

Little Ankles

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello sweet little thing! How are you today? :-)

We spent a lot of time today smiling at each other …. or at least I smiled at things you were doing. You like to do little half smiles, especially after you’ve had a full bottle!

I was thinking today about the blessing of life, and how great God is …. creating little babies with perfect little features. For example, this was the first time that I really stopped and noticed your little ankles. I know that sounds strange, but it’s so amazing! My mom gave me something when I was pregnant with you. Only a hand few of people knew that I was pregnant during Mother’s Day of last year, and your gigi was one of them. She gave me a card with song lyrics inside it. The song is entitled “I Am” by Mark Schultz, a Christian artist. One verse has the words:

“I am the One who even knew you

Before your birth .... before you were”

God knew you before you were born, and he created you perfectly, just as you are. Your daddy and I wouldn’t want you any other way!

I told you a story today about a dragon. It wasn’t too creative since I was tired and I was trying to get you to fall asleep! Your uncle James knows lots of stories since he’s a writer. I’ll have to get him to tell you some.

Sleep tight little guy …. tomorrow’s another big day!

I love you! :-)


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Five Visitors

Dearest Joshua David~

Today you had a slew of visitors!

After church, your grandpa Jim and gigi came over and brought us lunch! You, of course, just had milk, but you enjoyed the company. :-) Both held you while here.

Later in the day, your Aunt Katie and Uncle Brennan came over with a new visitor .... your (Great) Aunt Judy (Aunt Katie's Aunt). She got to hold you and even brought you a gift .... a soft duck rattle! :-) They loved watching you with your pacifier!

Your Uncle Brennan and daddy got another game for the Wii. You had fun watching them play it.

Your daddy and I gave you a quick face wipe this morning. You had some "sleepies" near your eyes, and we wanted you to be clean for visitors. :-)

Tomorrow, daddy has to go back to work, so it'll be just us again.

Sleep time little Joshua!

I love you very much! :-)


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Just The Three Of Us

Dearest Joshua David~

Today was the first day, in a long time, that the three of us were home together as a family .... and it was just the three of us for the entire day! :-)

Daddy played you the guitar in the morning after I fed you. You fell asleep after a while. Later, you tried to eat daddy's nose. :-)

You watched some television with daddy, though he said you mostly fell asleep during it. You and I took a nap together in the afternoon. You slept longer than I did!

The day was pretty relaxing. We got you some more pacifiers, since you like them so much. In fact, you started watching "Lord of the Rings" with me while sucking on your pacifier. You looked like you were really paying attention to that movie with that pacifier in your mouth. :-)

Tomorrow you'll have more visitors, so rest up!

I love you! :-)


Friday, January 1, 2010

Eleven Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Happy New Year! Today you are 11 weeks old! Time as been flying by!

Today is your Uncle Brennan's birthday! He and Aunt Katie came over to see you for a few hours today. Your grandpa Jim and gigi came over too. They all got to hold you. We all played Wii games together. I play under a character that we created for you. You and I set a new personal best at bowling! :-)

I gave you a bath today! Woohoo! We're getting better at it. You didn't squirm as much. Afterwards, you fell asleep in the "baby papasan" chair with your pacifier.

We finished all our thank you cards from the holidays this morning! Whew! Again, we signed your name to the cards! One of these days you'll have to learn to write! ;-)

Overall, it was a pretty relaxing day. Sleep tight little guy! :-)

I love you very much! :-)