Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yellow Jersey

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my little precious one!  :-)

After doing your laundry, I decided to try you in the new onesie that Mimi and Grandpa Mike brought back from France .... it's a "Tour de France" yellow onesie, like the yellow jersey that the stage winners get to wear.  It's a size "12 month" so I didn't think it would fit you, but you fit in there just fine.  I think European sizes might be a little different because you actually fit it perfectly!  So, we had fun today pretending you were in the race and taking the lead to win!  :-)

Guess what .... we saw finches fly up to our feeder today!  We weren't able to get a picture because they're so fast!  But, we looked at them from the windows!  :-)

You took a little nap in the morning.  I held you because you were so cute in my arms!  :-)

You and I made dinner today.  We prepared everything in the afternoon, and then cooked it all right before daddy got home.  We made chicken, veggies, and couscous!  Yummm!  :-)

You took a very tiny nap this afternoon .... about 30 minutes .... during a bottle that I was giving you.  I held you and told you how much I love you!  :-)

Daddy and Uncle Brennan had a soccer game this evening, so Uncle Brennan came over to visit with you before they left for the game (the soccer fields aren't far from our house).  While you all were visiting, I took a shower and folded the laundry.  You and I stayed here because it's still too hot in the evenings for you.  It's been in the 90's everyday.  I'll be glad when things cool off.  

This evening you and I played on the bed with your toys.  You also did a lot of tummy time.  You did something really cute .... at one point, I put you on your back to see if you'd roll .... you were playing with your pillow soccer ball and it drifted out of reach (slightly) to the right .... you twisted and reached to the right but couldn't get it .... you then stopped twisting and then clapped your hands .... you then tried twisting and reaching to the left but still couldn't get it .... you again stopped twisting and then clapped your hands!  :-P  If you'd only roll it would have been so easy for you to get the soccer ball.  ;-)  Oh well!  

Tomorrow is another work day for me, so Penny will be here to play with you.  Continue to save those precious smiles and kisses for me!

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!  :-)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Second Scan

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my sweet, little boy!  You slept in this morning!  Well, actually, you woke up as daddy was leaving for work, and after daddy picked you up he put you on me to play .... to rubbed your face on my chest and then fell back asleep!  You continued to sleep on me for a little over an hour.  I eventually had to move you when my back started to hurt.  Once I moved you off me and onto the bed you woke up.  :-P

After getting ready, we headed over to Level Four Pediatrics in Cary.  Remember going over there about two weeks ago?  They took a scan of your head shape because of the plagiocephaly.  They wanted to see if your head was remodeling on its own correctly, or if a helmet would be indicated for correction.  Well, you had your second scan today and you showed minimal improvement in correction.  So, after talking to the doctors there (and with daddy) we decided it would be best for you if we had you fitted for a helmet.  They're going to use the measurements from today's visit to have the helmet fabricated (we ordered one in light blue).  We'll need to go back within two weeks to have the helmet placed.  You'll have to wear the helmet all the time for a few months, so I'm sure you'll have to get use to it, but in the long run it will benefit you.  Daddy and I only want what's best for you our little Joshua!  We love you very much!  :-) 

Eliza came with us to the appointment so that afterward we could do your physical therapy.  We drove to White Plains Church (around the corner), where Eliza did therapy for the kids there years ago.  We used one of their nap rooms and you showed Eliza how you're sitting and tummy time has progressed.  You still haven't really rolled again, so we need to continue to work on that.  But, she was really impressed with your sitting!  And, how you can get up into "four point crawling" position .... on your belly, you push up to extend your arms and get up onto your knees!  You did really well with the crawling and scooting!  She didn't see you last week, so she was surprised to see you do all this!  Good job Joshua!  We're so proud of you!  :-)  You sure are getting more mobile!

This afternoon we both relaxed from being out all day.  We got home around 2pm and both of us needed to eat.  :-P  So, I changed you and gave you a bottle and then quickly ate some leftovers.  You then played with all your toys and did a lot of tummy time.  I did some laundry.  
When daddy got home, he played the guitar for you as I took a shower.  Daddy's really good at the guitar, but I'm sure you know that by now since you've listened to him play.  ;-)

Oh, you tried something new today .... oranges!  I gave you a banana/orange fruit mix, and as usual, you gobbled it up!  

Daddy didn't have soccer tonight .... his game is tomorrow night.  So, we all played on the bed and then watched some more Fraggle Rock.  :-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you very much!  :-)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little fellow!  This morning we all got ready and headed to church to see Gigi play again!  She played percussion in the Praise Team.  She saw us in the back and sat with us during the service.  Grandpa Jim came and met us after the service (we got separated so he was sitting near the front).  They both played with you between services.  Gigi played at the 9:15am and 11am services.  We saw her at the 9:15am, and then waiting until after she played at the 11am to take her out to lunch.  :-) 

After lunch, we headed over to Gigi's house.  You were due for a change and bottle.  I gave you some bananas, and Gigi gave you a bottle.  Daddy and I packed more things into the car that we had left there.  Slowly by surely we're getting the rest of our stuff out of her house.  :-P  I wonder how long we'll still be moving things.  Ha!  :-P  You ended up taking a nap on Gigi after your bottle.  Grandpa Jim had gone running, but he was able to play with you once he got back and before we left. 

We got back to the house later in the afternoon.  Mimi had given you some more clothes yesterday, so we did your laundry, vacuumed the downstairs, and paid bills.  Ew!  We also went through your dresser and filled up a whole bin of clothes that don't fit you anymore!  We're putting all smaller clothes aside to save for peanut.  :-)

You did a lot of playing and tummy time when we got home.  We have to watch you more because you're really able to scoot around better too.  ;-)  You eventually fell asleep after a late bottle and you fell asleep with your head to the left!  Woo hoo!  :-)

Tomorrow's a big day.  We're heading back to Level Four Pediatrics for a second head scan and afterward, you have your physical therapy.  Get some extra sleep tonight!

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  

This morning, daddy mowed the lawn while you and I played in the bonus room.  You showed me all your toys and did a lot of tummy time.  We also organized a few things while we were up there.  

After showers and getting ready, we were all over at Mimi's house by lunch time.  Mimi offered to watch you so daddy and I could run some errands and see a movie.  We haven't seen a movie since before you were born.  :-P  Mimi played with you and gave you another container of apples with cherries.  :-)  

Daddy and I went out for lunch, and then saw the movie Toy Story 3 .... which is why daddy wanted to watch Toy Story 2 last night (so he could remember what happened).  :-)  It was good, but I missed you while we were out.  The movie was about these little toys that go on an adventure while the people aren't looking.  There were lots of children in the movie, so I thought of you a lot.  But, you had a good time with Mimi and Grandpa Mike.  

Uncle Brennan was there when we got back.  He was helping Grandpa Mike with a computer virus.   You were playing out in the screened porch area. We all got to visit for almost 2 hours until we had to leave.  We met Aunt Katie at a Thai restaurant and celebrated Grandpa Mike's birthday!  Remember, he was out of town last weekend (which was his birthday).


You fell asleep in the car on the ride home.  You had a busy day, so I don't blame you.  You played on the bed this evening and did more tummy time.  You are really getting better at pushing yourself up on your hands and knees when on your belly.  Right now you're just scooting a little.  But, I'm sure you'll be crawling around pretty soon.  

Tomorrow, we get to see Gigi play in church again!  

Sleep tight little one!

I love you my Joshua!  :-)


Friday, August 27, 2010

Forty Five Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious man!  Today you are forty five weeks old!  Whoa!  The clock's ticking until your first birthday!  Are you getting exciting?  :-)

After a morning bottle, you and I made a quick trip to the grocery store.  We were running low on a few supplies, so we ran out while it was still cool outside.  :-)  The check out lady said that you were "a flirt" because you kept smiling and clapping your hands at everyone.  ;-)  You are so cute!  :-)

You had a little nap after lunch and I held you the entire time.  You slept on my chest and even snored a little.  :-P  You had a little runny nose this afternoon, but again no fever.  We did our sitting practice after you woke up.  You're getting better!  You still wobble back and forth, but you're able to sit by yourself for a good amount of time before falling backwards.  

I played you some songs on the mandolin this afternoon.  You stared at me and even clapped once or twice!  You're the best audience!  Thanks buddy!  

Your afternoon snack was apples and cherries!  This was the first time you've had cherries .... and it's the first time you've had a combination fruit mixture!  You gobbled the entire container!  Way to go man!  

Afterward, I gave you a nice bath!  You were fussy during bath time though.  Was the water too warm, or did you just not want a bath?  Hopefully, you'll have more fun next time.  :-)

Daddy and I got some good news today .... mommy got accepted for loan repayment for working in a community health center!  They just started to accept people who work half time, and since I dropped my hours (so I could stay home with you), I couldn't apply until now.  Daddy and Grandpa Jim have been helping me fax these forms to them these past few months and I just got the letter today that I was accepted!  What a blessing this will be for our family!  We can start saving more money each month, and it will certainly help since little peanut is on the way.  Daddy and I have been praying for this .... and our prayers have been answered!  God is good!  :-)

This evening, we watched the movie Toy Story 2 together as a family!  Daddy has it on DVD, so we watched it on his laptop on the bed.  You took a little nap during it, but then woke up at the end.  :-P  

Tomorrow is saturday!  Yippie!  That means daddy has off and we all can play together!  Woo hoo!

Sleep tight little precious!  :-)

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, August 26, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello our little miracle!  

Well, you did something today that you haven't done in a few weeks .... you woke up at 3:30am crying!  We took your temperature and you had no fever.  Daddy rocked you for a little bit, and you fell asleep in his arms.  But, once he put you down, you started to cry and scream again.  :-(  I don't know what time you actually fell back asleep.  We were so exhausted when we woke back up to get ready for work.  You were just waking up for Penny when she got here.  

Today was another long day at work.  I got home late, again, but daddy had dinner ready for us.  :-)  I had a huge headache all day, but didn't take a lot so I wouldn't hurt peanut.  We watched you play as daddy and I ate dinner together.  Then, we had some ice cream for fun.  :-)

You sound a little better today, and Penny said you did a lot of sleeping today.  Perhaps your body is finally getting rid of that cold?  You two also walked up to the park again today.  :-)  

This evening you did tummy time for us and played with your toys in the bed.  I brought you home a little orange toothbrush so we can start brushing those teeth of yours!  We need to brush them to keep them clean!  :-)

Daddy put another episode of Fraggle Rock on and you were so alert watching it.  You must like muppets.  ;-)  I still wasn't feeling well with the headache .... I actually started to doze while the two of you finished watching the show.  Daddy then fed you dinner and put you to bed.  :-)

I hope you sleep better tonight.  :-)  Sleep tight little precious!

I love you forever and ever!  :-)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Soccer Ball Fun

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my little man! 

You and Penny had a fun time today.  Here's what you all did:

9am:  sleeping
10:15am:  walk to the park
10:45am:  offered water in sippy cup .... you took a couple of swallows
12:30pm:  sleeping .... went to sleep in your crib by yourself
1:30-3:30pm:  sleeping

I got home late this evening (around 7:30pm).  Daddy had dinner made when I got home!  What a blessing daddy is to us!  :-)  Then, you gave me some kisses and smiles!  What a blessing you are to daddy and I!  :-)

I took a shower and daddy played the guitar for you in the bonus room.  After my shower, I got to play with you on the bed with your toys.  You also showed off your tummy time.  :-)  You're still congested, but happy and have no fever.  I hope you feel better soon. 

Penny brought you some more toys.  She brought you little toy letters and shapes in different colors.  That way you can learn your colors, alphabet, and shapes all at once.  ;-)

This evening, you played with your pillow soccer ball on the bed a lot!  You kept giggling and laughing with it.  Daddy kept tapping you on your belly with it, and you would reach up and try to grab it.  It was so cute!  You always make me laugh!  :-)

Tomorrow's another work day, so have fun with Penny .... but continue to save those smiles and kisses for me! 

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!  :-)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mimi Afternoon

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!

Today we had a pretty relaxing morning.  You and I played on the bed with your toys.  You did a lot of tummy time and continue to get better at getting up on your knees .... but no crawling forward yet.  You took a little nap after one of your bottles.  But, soon woke up alert and ready to play again.  :-)

Mimi called this morning and offered to watch you since she hasn't seen you in so long!  So, around lunch time, you helped packed your little diaper bag and Mimi came over to pick you up.  :-)  You spent a few hours at Mimi's playing.  She also fed you the last container of pears!  You apparently gobbled them down.  ;-)  And, you took a nap. 

I stayed here and did four loads of laundry!  I also rested a little since I'm still feeling congested.  :-P  When daddy got home from work, we met you, Mimi, and Grandpa Mike for dinner!  You sat by yourself in the restaurant high chair (you were a tad wobbly but you did well!).  Of course, you kept dropping your toy so Mimi and I had to keep picking it up for you.  :-P

You were only gone a few hours, but I missed you a lot this afternoon! I missed you every time I walked by one of your toys and you weren't there.  :-P  Daddy and I love you so much little Joshua!

This evening, you showed daddy your tummy time.  We agree that you're getting stronger each day.  It won't be long until you're running circles around us!  ;-)

Tomorrow I head back to work, so Penny will be here to watch and take care of you!  I know the two of you will have fun!  Save a kiss and smile for me .... actually, save more than one!  ;-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you!  :-)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Chompers

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my little man!  :-)

This morning was filled with playtime!  :-)  You played with toys and did tummy time in the bonus room while I did some laundry, ran your bottles, did the dishes, and played with you.  You're really getting stronger and I'm sure you'll be crawling and running around this place soon.  Daddy and I went ahead and plugged up all the outlets in the bonus room yesterday to keep you safe.  

I washed all the sheets and pillowcases.  Since we've all been a little sick and congested recently, I wanted to clean everything, since I'm sure we've sneezed all over the bed.  I did your laundry earlier.  You're still congested with a runny nose, but no fever.  It doesn't seem to phase you too much, except I know it's hard for you to breathe when sleeping.  I hope you feel better soon.  Daddy wasn't feeling well this morning when he left for work.  He was also congested. 

You took a little nap before lunch, but then woke up right hen I was about to eat.  :-P  Your timing is perfect!  So, you played and watched me eat some pasta.  :-)

After lunch, I took you over to my work so my coworkers could see your new teeth!  They were all excited about your new little chompers.  They all held you and admired teeth #O and #P.  :-)  

We got back home around 3pm and relaxed this afternoon.  You had a big 8 ounce bottle and then continued playing!  We had a little rain here.  Daddy said it was pouring down hard at his office and he got soaked on his way home.  You and I made a pizza for dinner to help make daddy feel better.  :-)

Daddy had a soccer game tonight, so he had to leave 2 hours after he got home since the fields for this game are further.  I wasn't feeling that well, so you and I stayed on the bed .... two little congested people curled up in the sheets.  :-P  Once daddy got to his game though, he called and said the game was canceled because the lights wouldn't turn on.  So, daddy had to drive all the way back home.  But, that was ok with us since he then got to help take care of you this evening since I still wasn't feeling well.  Daddy gave you a bottle and you fell asleep on him.  :-)

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you very much!  :-)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fraggle Rock

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little angel.  :-)

This morning we got up, ate breakfast, got ready and saw Grandpa Jim and Gigi at church.  Gigi was playing in the Praise Team (percussion) so we got to listen and see her perform.  After the music, we had communion.  Daddy held you during that, but you were in a playful mood.  Once the sermon started, Gigi walked around with you and eventually you two went into a different room (since you were giggling and laughing so much).  :-) 

We went out to eat lunch after church.  By then you were getting tired, so you took a little nap as we all ate.  :-P  You're such a precious boy!  :-)

The rest of the day, you, daddy, and I relaxed around the house.  Daddy and I unpacked some more things and organized different areas.  You did a lot of playing with your toys and a lot of tummy time.  We spent the majority of the time in the big bonus room.  You're really able to stretch out with your toys there.  :-)

After a bottle, you took a longer nap on daddy.  You two rested on the couch while I made dinner for daddy and I.  You woke up right when we were able to eat.  :-)

We put a DVD on the laptop this evening.  When daddy and I were growing up, there was a show on television called Fraggle Rock.  It involved muppets going off on little adventures.  :-)  We put a few shows of Fraggle Rock on for you to see.  You appeared to like it and watched along with daddy and I on the bed until it was bedtime.  :-)

Daddy got an email late in the evening that Grandpa Mike and Mimi were back in town and safe.  We'll see them once they get settled to hear all about their France trip.  :-)

Sleep tight my little Joshua!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pears And Paris

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  You slept better last night!  You're still congested today, but still no fever.  

Today is your Grandpa Mike's birthday!  :-)  He and Mimi are still in France, though they will be flying back tomorrow.  I believe they get into Raleigh really late tomorrow evening.  They sent us this photo of the Eiffel Tower today!  Daddy sent him a quick "Happy Birthday" email from all of us.  I'm sure once everyone is adjusted to the right time zone, we'll go celebrate and we can give him the gift we got. 

Guess what .... you tried pears for the first time today!  You almost gobbled down an entire 3 ounce container.  ;-)  So far, you haven't had any food allergies .... you stay healthy!  

By late morning, we were at Gigi's house.  Daddy and I dropped off my car to get inspected and the oil changed.  It passed inspection (yippie!), but I do need to get something fixed.  :-P  While the car was in the shop, daddy and I put some things aside to take back to our house.  We also loaded two bookshelves into Grandpa Jim's truck to take back.  You played with Gigi and Grandpa Jim.  We all ate lunch there and visited for a while until it was time to pick up the car.  You actually fell asleep on Grandpa Jim for about 2 hours.  :-P

Once we got home, we unpacked more things and daddy and Grandpa Jim brought the bookshelves into the bonus room.  

We had a pretty relaxing evening straightening things.  Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over after dinner.  Aunt Katie went shopping this weekend and got you a lot of toys!  One toy was a pillow soccer ball.  You like to roll that around and played with that the rest of the evening.  :-)  You showed them how you can get up onto your knees!  

This evening, daddy clipped your nails and then you fell asleep on me after a bottle.  I held you for a little bit before putting you in your bed.  You continued sleeping even after I put you down (a lot of times you wake back up and fuss a while before falling back to sleep). 

Sleep tight little one!

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, August 20, 2010

Forty Four Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today you are forty four weeks old!  You're getting pretty old little fellow!  You'll be the big 1 pretty soon!  ;-)

Guess what today is .... another Family Friday!  Woo hoo!  That means daddy had off from work and we all got to spend the day together as a family.  :-)

Our family day didn't have the greatest start though .... you didn't sleep well at all last night.  Daddy and I were up at all hours with your poor, little congested self.  You woke up coughing and sneezing and not able to breathe very well.  You didn't cry, but you couldn't sleep and weren't feeling well.  We took you out of your bed and rocked you.  We held you in different positions to see if you would be able to sleep better one way more than another.  You felt warm to me, so I took your temperature around 3:30am.  You didn't have a fever, but daddy and I still stayed up with you.  

The rest of the day, we were all pretty tired and just tried to relax.  I had another doctor's appointment this morning at 8am, so I got up earlier than you and daddy to get ready.  I thought you and daddy would want to stay and rest, but you two eventually woke up and went with me to the doctor.  

Remember four weeks ago when I went to the doctor (you and daddy stayed at the house) and that evening we made chocolate chip cookies?  Well,  the cookies were made as a celebration.  You see little precious, there will soon be another little miracle from God in our house .... and you will be a big brother!  

Yes little man, mommy is pregnant, and today I am 13 weeks and 2 days along.  :-)  At our next appointment (September 20th), we'll see if you'll be blessed with a little brother or little sister.  Daddy and I don't mind either way .... we're just praying for continued health over "peanut" (what we're calling baby #2 for now).  Peanut has a strong heartbeat (165).  The doctors are watching me closer this time, but there's still a chance I could develop pre-eclampsia with HELLP (like what happened with you).  So, daddy and I are preparing for another potential sweet preemie, like yourself, but we're praying peanut makes it a little longer in my belly, ideally full term!  Peanut is due late February, so keep praying with daddy and I!  :-)

After my appointment .... by the way, you ended up staying in the waiting room with daddy drinking a bottle and then clapping at the other patients as they walked through the door! .... we went out for a brunch.  We had an appointment to see Frank again (our lawyer friend that daddy and I went to school with).  He's helping us with estate planning so you and peanut will be taken care of if something were to happen to us.  So, we headed over there, signed the forms, and now it's official .... one day, when daddy and I are gone .... this vast kingdom of ours will be yours and peanut's (and possibly any other little miracles that come along).  ;-)  By the way, we don't have much!  Ha!  :-)

Afterward, we came back home and we all took a nap (I slept longer than you and daddy .... daddy ended up playing with you, feeding you bananas, and playing the banjo for you as I rested).  

You were still congested this afternoon, so I took your temperature again around 6pm.  You still have no fever, but I gave you a small dropper of tylenol.  Then, daddy and I gave you a nice bath so you would feel better.  

We relaxed all evening and watched a little concert DVD as you ate oatmeal for dinner and eventually fell asleep.  I hope you sleep better tonight and feel better tomorrow.  Everyday daddy and I pray for your health and peanut's health.  

Sleep tight little fellow!

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, August 19, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  :-)  Your day started out pretty fun, but by the evening you weren't feeling well.  :-(  Let me explain ....

You and Penny had a fun day together.  I was able to give you a big bottle before Penny got here and spend some time with you.  Here's what you two did today:

8:15am:  sleeping
10am:  walk outside .... short (raining) .... floor time, sitting practice, and you turned over!
11:30am:  walked to the park again .... rained again!
1pm:  floor time .... you were up on your hands in knees rocking .... I'm sure you'll figure out crawling soon
3pm:  sleeping

When I got home, you had a really stinky diaper that I changed.  Ew!  :-P 

We noticed that you can crawl up onto your knees, but you're not quite crawling forward yet.   But, you're getting really close!  How exciting!  :-)

Penny made a note that you sounded a little congested .... with some coughing, sneezing, and runny noise.  You didn't feel warm, so she wasn't worried.

As we ate dinner, we noticed your nose was really getting runny.  And, you sounded more and more congested as the night went on.  We gave you some infant tylenol and took your temperature.  It was normal (97.6 degrees) so you didn't have a fever.  But, you definitely have your first cold.  :-(  I hope you feel better soon.  I don't like the fact that you're sick.  :-(  Maybe you can rest tonight and feel better. 

Sleep tight little precious and get well!  Daddy and I want you to be healthy!

I love you!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bluegrass Lesson

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie pie!  How are you today?  :-)

Well, daddy and I both had to head to work today, so you got to spend the day with Penny.  Here's what you all did:

8:15am:  floor time
9am:  walk to the park
10:30am:  sleeping
1:30pm:  floor time and sitting practice
2:45pm:  sleeping

You were just waking up when Penny got here.  I was upstairs changing your diaper and outfit and she went ahead and made your bottle.  :-) 

After work, you did a lot of playing with your toys and tummy time.  It really started to thunderstorm while we were eating dinner.  The cat ran away for a little (I have no idea where he was hiding), but once the storm ended, he came back down and joined the rest of us.  :-P

Daddy put some pictures up in the upstairs hallway.  He hung photo's from our wedding!  Now, when people walk down the hall, they can see one of the happiest days of our lives (another one being the day you were born!).  :-)  While upstairs, we all played in the bonus room.  You were already on the floor with your toys, so daddy picked up his banjo and I picked up my mandolin and we gave you a little bluegrass lesson.  :-P  We just played chords together, but it was better than nothing considering we both want to practice more.  And, you're the perfect audience since you don't care what notes we hit.  ;-)  Daddy is a lot better than I am, so I really need to practice to play along.  You can help me, ok?  :-)

Tomorrow we head back to work again, so you'll get to play with Penny all day.  Continue to save some hugs and kisses for me.  :-)

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lunch Date

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Well, I see that daddy already told you the outcome of his game last night.  When he got home, it was after 11pm, and you were already sleeping away.  I was awake, but in bed drifting in and out.  Yes, daddy won his game last night .... but his jersey still smelled.  :-P  We did a few loads of laundry today and went ahead and cleaned his uniform.  :-)

This morning was relaxing.  Daddy helped with giving you a bottle before he left for work.  Then, you and I played on the bed with all your toys.  You did a lot of tummy time and eventually took a little 30-40 minute nap.  I took a nap with you since I didn't sleep very well last night.  Once you woke, I changed you and gave you another bottle.  Then, we packed your diaper bag and drove downtown.  :-)

We met daddy for lunch today.  :-)  We met him at his office and then walked a few blocks to a coffee shop called "The Morning Times" where Casey works (Aunt Katie's brother's girlfriend).  She still hadn't met you yet but has heard many things about you.  You smiled in the stroller while she played with your feet.  :-)

We ate lunch at a cafe not far from there.  Everywhere we tried to go was crowded, so it took us a while to find a place to sit.  After we ate, you and I went back home.  

You fell asleep in the car going home, but once we got there, you woke back up.  After another bottle, you played some more in your crib while I ran a load of laundry and cleaned your bathroom.  I cleaned the toilet, floor, sinks, drawers, and under the sinks.  Then, you started to get really fussy.  I just fed you .... why were you so fussy?  Whoa buddy .... you had a HUGE stinky diaper!  Phew!  Glad we got that figured out!  Then, you were hungry again!  So, I stopped the cleaning chore and gave you another bottle downstairs.  

We stayed downstairs and played until daddy got home.  You showed him your tummy time and how you can scoot off your blanket backwards.  :-P  Oh, you're getting pretty good at pivoting right and left on your belly.

We made a quick trip to Target tonight to get you some more formula.  I didn't want you to run out while Penny was here, though I'm sure you would have had enough for another day.  Better to be safe.  

This evening, you played with daddy and I on the bed more and did tummy time.  It's so cute when you stick your bottom straight up in the air while you're on your belly!  :-) 

Well, tomorrow I go back to work.  Penny will be here so I'm sure you two will have loads of fun.  Save a smile and kiss for me .... or two or three!  :-)

Sleep tight!

I love you more than you'll ever know!  :-)


Monday, August 16, 2010

Ten Months

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  Happy 10 months!  You have two months left until you turn the big 1!  ;-)  

Today was a pretty relaxing day.  You woke relatively early, though daddy and I were already up (daddy was getting ready for work and I had to use the restroom).  :-P  After a little breakfast, you and I played on the bed for a while.  You did tummy time and then fell asleep.  :-P  I ran your bottles as you napped and caught up on some things around here.  

Once you woke, I changed you and we ran to the grocery store for a few items.  It didn't take long, and I knew you would need a bottle shortly after.  You took a pretty big bottle once we got home, and then played while I ate lunch.

Eliza got to see you today.  I updated her on our appointment with Level Four Pediatrics and the Special Infant Care Clinic.  I also showed her your head scan from last friday.  She has off next week, so you won't have physical therapy next monday.  So, we have two weeks to really work hard together before she sees you again.  You did well with your pivoting and sitting.  She worked with your on your rolling, but you still didn't roll today.  :-P  Also, you were really fussy with your neck exercises and turning your head to the left.  We'll have to continue to work on that together.  :-)

Your second tooth is really coming in now.  Tooth #P is in, and I could feel tooth #O this whole time, but now you can really see it cut through the gingiva.  :-)  Maybe I can bring you into the office next week so my coworkers can see your pearly whites!  ;-)

You took a nice nap after your physical therapy appointment.  My sinuses are still bothering me, so .... I actually took a little nap with you.  :-P  I was glad you took a little nap at that time because I was getting tired of blowing my nose.  :-P

Once daddy got home, we all ate dinner and you finished an entire container of peaches (about 3.5 ounces) all by yourself!  Good job man!  I guess tomorrow you can finish your other container of bananas.  Daddy cleaned your bottle and hung some pictures in the bathroom as I gave you a nice bath.  :-)  You have fuzzy hair again from the bath!  Ha!

This evening daddy had a late soccer game (started at 9:45pm), so you two played on the bed together before he had to leave.  We'll have to see if the weather cools off in the next few months.  Maybe we can catch an earlier game (the earliest game is at 8:15pm) later in the season.  Your Uncle Brennan is also on the team.  Will you play soccer when you're older?  You know, I played soccer in middle and high school too.  :-)  I was a midfielder because the couch said I was "fast and small."  I played a few intramural games in college, but I haven't played much since then.  When you get bigger, you'll have to kick the ball around the yard with me.  ;-)

We played around the UNC cap that Aunt Katie gave you.  I took a few photos of you wearing it in different directions.  You smiled the most when you were wearing it on the side.  :-P  I put you in a UNC outfit for fun (to go with the hat).

What do you want to do tomorrow?  We'll probably end up washing your daddy's soccer jersey.  Ew!  :-P  If there's anything in particular you want to do, just let me know.  :-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you forever and ever!  :-)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Walk In The Park

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  I didn't have insomnia last night, so we all sleep soundly last night!  You've been really good with your sleeping recently!  Good job my little Joshua!  :-)

This morning, you had a pretty big bottle, and then daddy and I had pancakes for breakfast.  :-)  It was still cooler this morning, so we took you for a walk to the park near our house.  You played in the swing for a little bit and you wore your elmo hat to keep the sun off.  ;-)  After the swings, we walked around the subdivision for a little bit before walking back home.  :-)  

You fell asleep in the stroller as we walked back.  So, once we got home, I took you out to let you continue sleeping.  Daddy clipped some hedges and cleaned the master shower.  I put some things away downstairs and cleaned the downstairs bathroom and toilet.  You woke up right when I was finishing.  :-)  

Shortly after, Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over to visit with you.  They're still checking on Mimi's cats while she's away, so while they were out they stopped by.  Aunt Katie will start fall semester of graduate school in a few weeks.  This past week she had orientation at Chapel Hill (see saw Uncle James while there) and brought you back a gift .... a UNC cap!  It's so cute!  They put it on you and you still have a little room to grow in it.  ;-)  We'll need to take some pictures of you wearing the cap.  :-)

We've noticed that you're beginning to scoot forward just a little every once and a while.  You're better at going backwards, but we can tell you're getting stronger at going forwards.  

Daddy hung a lot more pictures around the house today!  The house is definitely beginning to look a lot better with all the pictures and color up on the walls.  He also hung up my mandolins on the wall!  They're hanging right over his guitars.  :-)

We made pizza for dinner this evening.  While we were eating, you practiced using your sippy cup.  You're still figuring it all out .... and you like to bite the top instead of drinking the water out of it.  :-P  Daddy had to help you with it.  :-)

Oh, you're getting a little better at rubbing your eyes when tired!  You still end up rubbing your whole face .... eyes, nose, mouth .... but every once in a while you just get the eyes and it's so adorable.  :-)  Perhaps you're learning where your eyes are.

Daddy's soccer season starts up tomorrow .... but the first game is at 9:45pm!  That's our bed time.  So, you'll only see daddy for a few hours tomorrow evening.  That means when he gets home from work tomorrow, you need to give him lots of attention before he leaves.  We'll have to see if daddy has any earlier games once the weather gets cooler.  Then, you can see daddy and Uncle Brennan play!  :-)

Sleep tight my little miracle!

I love you very much!  :-)


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harry's Guitar Shop

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Today was a fun filled day.  We all got up and had some breakfast together.  Then, you and I went upstairs and played in the bonus room.  I put some CD's on and we listened to some music through all the speakers that daddy connected.  :-)  Daddy went outside and mowed the lawn.  It didn't take him long though.  Once he took a shower, we organized a few things around the house and then ate a quick lunch (left overs from last night .... yummy!).  

We ran some errands after that .... first we stopped at Lowe's.  There were a few things for the house that we needed.  For example, the hinges on the master bathroom door are rusted and squeak .... so we bought new ones and changed them out this afternoon.  Now, if something has to use the restroom in the middle of the night, the door doesn't squeal and wake everyone.  :-)  We also picked up some other odds and ends to help finish some projects around the house .... steel braided hoses for the washing machine (we don't want to leave the rubber ones on there), air fresheners, a plate holder so we can hang a decorative plate .... you ended up sleeping in the car seat during all of this.  :-P

From there, we took you over to Harry's Guitar Shop.  :-)  Daddy took guitar lessons here when he was smaller, and this is also where I took mandolin lessons and daddy took banjo lessons about a year and a half ago.  Once you came early, my lessons were cut short.  :-P  I haven't played the mandolin much since then, but I'm trying to find the time to get back into it.  Plus, you don't seem to mind when I hit the wrong notes.  ;-)  Daddy got some strings so he can change the ones on his guitar, and we also got hangers so we can mount the mandolins on the wall .... far enough up that your little hands can't quite reach them yet!  ;-)  Once you get bigger, I'll let you play them.  Everyone got to meet you there .... a lot of the employees have heard about you, but it was your first time in the store.  

We made a quick trip to AT&T (do they still exist by the time you read this?) and then Target on the way home.  Once we got home, Grandpa Jim came over to help take away cardboard that has been piling up around here.  He loaded it all in his truck to put in a recycling bin near his office.  He also got to play with you and give you a bottle.  :-)

I had a bad case of insomnia last night, so soon after, I fell asleep on the couch.  You played on the floor and daddy made a delightful dinner .... steak, potatoes, and veggies!  Yummm!  You have a wonderful daddy .... we're so blessed to have him!  :-)

The rest of the evening we all relaxed.  Daddy hung a few pictures on the walls and you continued to play with your toys and do some tummy time.  Oh, you also finished your container of bananas.  :-P

Sleep tight little man!

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, August 13, 2010

Forty Three Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little fellow!  Guess what .... today you are forty three weeks old!  Wow!  You sure are getting older.  Have you given any thought on what you want for your birthday?  Well .... keep thinking .... it's right around the corner.  ;-)

Today is "Friday the 13th" which a lot of people think of as having bad luck.  We had a pretty good day though.  :-)

This morning, you had your appointment at Level Four Pediatrics.  Remember we were referred there from the Special Infant Care Clinic at Wake Med this past tuesday?  We left early so we could run by the bank to make a deposit on the way there.  We got to the building in Cary about 20 minutes early, which was great since you apparently had filled your diaper on the car ride!  So, after a quick change we were all set for the appointment!  By the way, it is really hard to find changing tables in public restrooms!  I never noticed how rare they were before I had you, but now it seems that every time I need one for you, I can never find one.  I usually end up using the way back of the SUV as a changing table/area (which is what we did today!).  :-P

Well, the two ladies that worked with us were really nice.  One had a really cool accent ..... either Irish or Scottish.  :-)  They put a "sock" hat on you and took a few scans of your head for the shape.  Obviously they've seen head shapes that are more severe than yours, but they were concerned about your flat spot (back right) as well.  What we're going to do, is go back in two more weeks and see if you're correcting the shape on your own.  If so, you may not need a helmet .... if not, you'll likely be wearing a helmet for a few months.  So, in the meantime, you and I will continue to work on your tummy time and exercises to see if you'll correct on your own.  Oh, both ladies stated that you were cute and well behaved!  :-)

On the way back to Raleigh (the appointment was in Cary), you fell asleep in the car.  You stayed sleeping when we got back to the house, so I made a lunch and ate while you snoozed.  Once you woke up though, you took a huge bottle .... 8 ounces!  Wow!

We organized a few things around the house and ended up doing four loads of laundry this afternoon.  Oh, then I washed your scalp .... you have such fuzzy hair once it's washed!  :-)  You're babbling more each day .... I keep waiting for you to say "Mama."  :-)  And, you love to clap your hands!  It's so cute!  :-)

Uncle Brennan came over later in the evening and we all went out to eat at Red Bowl (Asian food).  It was good .... but you slept in your stroller the entire time!  :-P

This evening you played more on the bed and did tummy time before falling asleep.  Tomorrow's the weekend, so daddy has off and we can do things as a family!  Yippie!  

Sleep tight little miracle!  

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, August 12, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  I didn't have a great day today because I was away from you for the majority of it!  I left for work around 7:30am and didn't get home until around 8:45pm(ish) because of a late work meeting.  We have quarterly Provider's Meetings at work every three months, where all the doctors from all the Wake Health Services offices get together and discuss things from their departments.  Also, the CEO is there to give us updates on the organization so we can disperse the information back to our sites.  We also had a guest speaker there tonight (from DOOK -- Ahhh!) to discuss medications associated with asthma patients.

Anyway, I was tired when I got home, but you were still awake so I could still play with you for a little before bed time.  :-)  That made my day!

You and Penny had fun today.  You two went to the park and used the swings again.  You took a nap for her.  And, you took a few swallows of water out of a sippy cup!  You're getting better with the sippy cups man!  Good job!  You still can't hold them yet (nor do you hold your bottles), but I can tell you're getting stronger.

After work, you had daddy time until I got home.  You two played together and you showed off your tummy time to daddy.  :-)  Daddy, in his excitement for bananas, went ahead and gave you bananas for the first time today!  Usually, I wait and finish off all the containers of a particular fruit or veggie over a few days so we can rule out any food allergies .... you still have another container of peaches, but your daddy went straight for the bananas since he likes them!  I never told you this before .... but I do not like bananas!  :-P  You daddy loves them.  Ew!  When I was pregnant with you, I had to eat them to help with the night time calf cramps (the doctor told me to increase my potassium).  So, whenever daddy would eat a banana (which felt like every hour!), I would eat a quarter of it.  :-P  Anyway, you ate them all up which proves you and daddy are related!  :-P

Tomorrow we go to Level Four Pediatrics for a consultation concerning your plagiocephaly.  So, get some extra sleep .... I think the appointment will take an hour.

Sleep tight little man!  :-)

I love you!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Elmo Hat

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  We were able to spend some time together this morning before Penny got here.  You took a bottle before 7am, so we were playing downstairs once Penny walked through the door.  :-)

Here's what you two did today:

8:30am:  sleeping
10:15am:  walk to the park
11am:  floor time
1pm:  sleeping in crib - you fell asleep by yourself
2pm:  floor time

Penny bought you something for when you go outside .... it's an elmo hat!  It has extra protection on the sides to help block out the sun.  You wore it today when you two walked up to the play ground/park this morning.  :-)  Also, Penny hung up a finch feeder on our back deck.  She has finch that fly around her house and deck.  She hasn't seen any here yet, but once we put the feeder out, we'll see if any will fly around here too.  ;-)

You finished your container of peaches today.  You still have one more left to finish though.  

When I got home from work today, I gave you a little bottle after dinner and you fell asleep briefly in my arms.  Daddy tried to cut your nails.  We also ate some ice cream while you slept.  :-)

This evening you had a lot of play time and tummy time on the bed.  It's been one week of you sleeping through the night!  Keep it up man!  Daddy and I are so proud of you!  By the way, I always give you a "goodnight" kiss on your forehead once you fall asleep.  I'm sure that's been helping you.  ;-)

Mimi and Grandpa Mike flew to France today.  They'll be gone until around the 22nd.  Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie are watching their cats while they're gone.  I'm sure Mimi was happy to spend some time with you yesterday before they flew out.  :-)

You fell asleep in my arms while I was feeding you barley for dinner tonight.  You were so cute!  You were smiling while you were sleeping and even made a little laugh at one point.  We've started a new thing at night of wiping your little teeth down before you go to bed.  We want to make sure you stay healthy .... and that involves your teeth too!  :-)

Tomorrow I have a meeting after work, so I won't see you for the majority of the day.  :-(  I hate being away from you!  Daddy will be here after work though, so the two of you guys can have some boy time together.  :-)  Save a smile and kiss for me!

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  :-)

Today we had an early start .... your SICC (Special Infant Care Clinic) appointment at Wake Med was at 8:15am.  So, I got you ready early, packed the diaper bag, gave you breakfast, and then left the house by 7:30am.  :-)

At the appointment, the doctor was really impressed with your tummy time and sitting.  :-)  You now weigh 17 lbs 11.8 ozs and you're 26.75 inches long!  :-)  They (doctor and physical therapist) could see definite improvement with you turning your head to the left.  They are still concerned with your plagiocephaly (the way that your back right side of the skull is flat .... this distorts your head on the right side if someone looked down on your head from up top).  We have an appointment this friday at a place in Cary for a consultation on possibly putting you in a helmet to correct the shape.  So, we'll see what they say.  

While we were at Wake Med, Mimi came here to let the washing machine delivery guys in.  They took out the broken machine and replaced it with a new one .... and this one works!  Woo hoo!  We did the first load of laundry at the new house when daddy got home so he could see it too!  You watched the machine spin all the clothes around while daddy held you!  :-)

Mimi got to play with you for a little bit once we got home.  She and Grandpa Mike fly out to Paris tomorrow, so we won't see them for about 10 days.  

This afternoon, we took a quick trip to Target for some groceries.  Then, you took a little nap this afternoon.  We cooked dinner before daddy got home.  :-)

You tried peaches for the first time today .... and you gobbled them!  

I gave you a nice bath this evening and your hair got all fuzzy and cute!  ;-)

Oh, when on your tummy, you're starting to push up on your knees now to try to crawl forward.  You haven't actually crawled forward yet, but you're at the beginning stages.  :-)

And .... you fell asleep with your head to the left this evening!  Woo hoo!  :-)

Tomorrow I head back to work, so Penny will be here to watch you.  Save a smile and kiss for me!

Sleep tight little one!

I love you my little Joshua!  :-)


Monday, August 9, 2010

Washer and Dryer

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little fellow!  How are you?  :-)

This morning you took a pretty big bottle .... 7 ounces of formula when you woke up!  Whoa!  Afterward, you took a little nap.  :-P  I ran your bottles and vacuumed the downstairs.  :-)

You were a little mellow during your physical therapy appointment this morning with Eliza.  You surprised us both with your sitting .... you sat by yourself for over 40 seconds!  Wow!  You are really progressing with your sitting!  You didn't roll during this appointment, and you haven't really rolled since last week.  We'll keep working on that.  :-)

After Eliza left, the Sears delivery guys came with our washer and dryer .... but, the washer doesn't work!  It doesn't turn on!  Geez!  We tried different outlets and reset the breakers to make sure it wasn't the outlet.  But, it's definitely the washer!  So, I called the company, and a new washer will be delivered tomorrow morning, and they'll take away this one that doesn't work.  :-P  You have your Special Infant Care Clinic appointment tomorrow morning at 8:15am, so Mimi is coming to the house to let the Sears people in for the new washer.  

I noticed that you're ticklish on the back of your neck .... it's so cute when you giggle!  You'll tuck your head down and laugh if tickled!  :-)

You played with your toys and did tummy time for the rest of the afternoon.  Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over to visit with you for about an hour.  They were at the beach last week so they haven't seen you in a while.  

We made dinner this evening .... chicken, veggies, and couscous .... we used some of the hot sauce in the welcome packet from Falls River (from saturday).  It was good .... and daddy liked it!  :-)

This evening you fell asleep on the bed with your toys and doing tummy time.  Daddy and I woke you up to change you and to give you one last bottle with 4 tablespoons of rice cereal.  You finished your peas today, so you'll get to start something new tomorrow!  :-)

Well, sleep well tonight .... we see the neonatologist and physical therapists at Wake Med tomorrow morning for your Special Infant Care Clinic appointment.  We'll see what they say about your head shape.  

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Roosters, Horses, and Peacocks .... Oh My!

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  What fun we all had yesterday at Alicia's wedding!  :-)

This morning you woke up and played with your toys and did tummy time as daddy and I packed a few things.  We went downstairs to the wonderful smell of a brunch being cooked by Aunt Martha (Kevin's aunt at the Peacock Inn).  She made waffles, bacon, biscuits, a hashbrown casserole, eggs .... yummm .... everything was so good and daddy and I ended up eating way too much!  ;-)  Stephanie, Kevin, and Kevin's dad, aunt, and uncle were all there for brunch.  You played and did tummy time as we ate, but then they all played with you once the meal was over.  :-)  You giggled a lot and liked seeing and meeting all the people.  

The Peacock Inn is located in Newton, NC on a farm.  After we ate, I put you in the carrier and Stephanie and Kevin took us down to see all the animals.  You got to see cows, goats, dogs, a donkey, a mini pony, roosters, horses, and some peacocks!  This was the first time you've seen some of these animals.  :-)  You ended up falling asleep in the carrier, but then you woke up once we were back inside.  Stephanie also gave us a tour of the Inn.  :-)

You played and we visited more.  Then, after another bottle, we hit the road back to Raleigh around 1pm.  We were back home around 3:40(ish)pm and you slept for most of the ride.  

Once home, we changed you and you had a bottle.  You ate some oatmeal and peas.  Then, we all took a quick trip to Target for some wipes (for your little bottom) and more fruits for you to try.  :-)

This evening, we all relaxed from being in a car all day.  You played more and eventually fell asleep on the bed.  Tomorrow, the Sears delivery guys are coming so we'll have our washer and dryer!  Also, Eliza will come over for your physical therapy appointment!  I know she'll be impressed with your tummy time!  Daddy and I are so proud of you!  :-)

Sleep tight my little Joshua!

I love you!