Monday, April 30, 2012

25.2 lbs

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Grace, you did pretty good last night.  You noodled into our bed around 5am, but Joshua had woken up prior to then and daddy had to put him back to bed.  :-P

We had a little bit of playtime together this morning before heading to Joshua's feeding team appointment at Rex with Krista.  You ate well for her today .... which is good since you didn't eat a good breakfast.  :-P  Here's what you ate:

3.5 oz sweet potato/apricot mix
4 oz applesauce
1 mozz cheese stick
1 chicken nugget

Krista gave us a 'calorie counter' to fill out this week and to bring to your next appointment.  Basically, I have to write down everything that you eat and try to estimate the calories.  If I don't know the calories the nutritionist will try to guess.  Krista weighed you prior to the appointment and you were 25.2 lbs.  You're slowly gaining weight.  I can't even image weighing only 25 lbs!  ;-)  Oh, you peed while standing on the scale little man .... I was embarrassed! 

You both fell asleep in the car and stayed sleeping once home.  Once you two woke up (I had to nudge you since Joshua had another appointment), I quickly fed Grace and then we headed to speech therapy with Kim for Joshua's 2:30pm appointment.

You did well today .... you initiated some words by yourself, though mainly need prompting.  I told Kim how Krista was impressed at Joshua when he turned and said 'bye bye' this morning.  ;-)  Kim was so happy for you! 

We were home by 3:30pm and had snack time.  By 4pm we were upstairs playing until daddy got home for dinner at 5:30pm.  This evening we all relaxed.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Late Nap

Dearest Blessings~

You two both woke up in the middle of the night .... I don't remember at what times.  Daddy put Joshua back to bed and Grace noodled into our bed next to me. 

Joshua, you were very difficult today .... you wouldn't eat or drink anything for breakfast.  You're eating has been so frustrating lately.  I hope your eating improves little man.

Everyone got their nails trimmed this morning.  Grace, you fought it a little but Joshua was cooperative.  However, he freaks out with his toes!  Yikes!  :-P

I took photos of you all playing this morning.  I have been slack at keeping up with the photos.  You two need to remind me and encourage me.  ;-)

As you two played, we had some art time with crayons and then played with the blocks.

You two ate pretty well for daddy for lunch.  After you two ate, we went to Target for groceries and were back by mid afternoon.  Grace, you fell asleep in the car on the way there, but woke up in the store once daddy got you and Joshua a cookie.  ;-)  Joshua, you had fun pushing the cart again.  :-)

Joshua, you fought your nap today but eventually fell asleep at 5pm.  You didn't nap long and woke up by 5:45pm.  We all had and then a lot of downstairs playtime.  You two had fun climbing all over daddy! 

You both had baths this evening.  We put you both in the tub together and you behaved yourselves.  Joshua likes to splash a lot, but he did pretty good with Grace next to him.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, April 28, 2012

14 Months

Dearest Miracles~

Today Grace turns 14 months old!  Whoa!  You're really getting up there little lady!  I mean, soon you'll be driving!  ;-)

Both of you two woke up around 2am this morning.  Grace, you noodled into our bed with me and daddy put Joshua back to bed in his room.  :-P  Perhaps we can do a little better with sleeping tomorrow?  :-P

Once everyone was up and moving for the day, we all packed up and headed to the mall by mid morning.  We wanted to stretch our legs and get out of the house.  It was a colder and overcast day, so walking around the mall kept us warm yet out of the house.  ;-)  You two rode in the wagon.  While we were there, we had some lunch at the mall.  You two had a little chicken nugget meal.  :-)

Afterward, we headed to Lowe's .... a home improvement store.  We got some things for the house like primer for the ceiling stains and downstairs bathroom.  We also needed new air filters. 

We were back home by 2:30pm.  We did some laundry .... Joshua, your diaper leaked last night so I did all the sheets and pillow cases.  Good thing we have a water proof covering over the actual mattress .... best investment!  ;-)

We relaxed some in the bonus room as you two played.  Then, daddy made some chocolate chip cookies.  Joshua, you never really napped so you got fussy.  :-P

But, Joshua, you did well with your puréed sweet potatoes .... you ate almost 2 containers .... wow!

This evening we played and did more laundry .... I think the laundry is never ending!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Licking Play Doh

Dearest 'Spud' and 'Peanut'~

Little lady, you woke up crying at 3am or 4am .... I can't remember the exact time.  :-P  You had crawled out of your toddlerbed and into Joshua's bed.  When I came into the room, you were sitting next to Joshua crying.  I guess you were looking for daddy or myself.  Of course, Joshua woke up too since you were so loud.  I ended up putting you into our bed and you noodled back to sleep.

Uncle James came over a little before 10am to play with you all.  You two did some art time with him with crayons and Joshua worked on his sounds and words.  Then, we all had some play doh time.  Grace, you like to lick the play doh though.  So, we have to keep an eye on you! 

Joshua, you didn't eat well for lunch today.  I gave you your yogurt but you wouldn't eat your solid foods.  So frustrating. 

We all played downstairs after lunch.  Then, Uncle James did story time for you all and Grace went down for a nap.  Joshua fought it, but eventually went down.  I ran a quick errand and came back to find you both napping!  Grace, you woke up when I walked in the room, so I rocked you back to sleep and then laid down next to you both.

Grandpa Jim came over after woke so we all visited until daddy got home.  Grandpa Jim and Uncle James stayed until dinner time.  Then, once they left, Aunt Katie came over to see you both.  She read and played with you all.  :-)  Uncle Brennan was out of town, but I'm sure you all will see him soon too.  :-)

This evening we all relaxed and then got ready for bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainy But Relaxing

Dearest Blessings~

Ugh .... we didn't sleep well last night.  :-P  We had loud thunderstorms with lightning at around 2am and 3am.  Grace, you woke and noodled into our bed.  Joshua, you, on the other hand, slept through the whole thing.  :-P  My goodness little man! 

Today we relaxed since we didn't have any appointments.  :-)  Yippie!  I had a coupon for a free Chick-Fil-A sandwich this morning, so we drove over and picked it up.  I didn't feel like eating it, so we stopped at Grandpa Jim's office on the way back home.  We visited with him and gave him the fresh, warm sandwich.  ;-)

We were back home by mid morning and had some playtime.  It got really dark outside by lunch time.  Then, it started to rain and thunder again.  I guess no walk to the park for us.  :-P

After lunch, we went upstairs for more playtime.  It stopped raining, but it was getting close to nap time.  I worked on sounds and words with Joshua.  Neither of you fought me and were both napping by 2pm. 

We had more playtime in the bonus room when you two woke.  Once daddy got home, we had some dinner.  Daddy fed you two as I took a shower.  Then, we relaxed until bedtime.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pullen Park

Dearest Miracles~

This is the first time I've slept in on a Wednesday in a long time!  Today and tomorrow I'm off from work to watch you two .... woo hoo!  Vacation!

I got a message from daddy.  He got back in town around 1:40am this morning since they drove all night and didn't stop.  He stayed at Mimi's house so they could return the rental car later today.  We're all glad he got back safely!  :-)

We had block play time and drawing time this morning with Uncle James.  Then, by mid morning, we headed over to Pullen Park for some fun.  It's not far from Gigi's house and they just reopened it this past fall.  Pullen Park has been around for a while .... Uncle James and I used to go there when we were little. 

It was a colder and overcast morning, but still surprisingly crowded!  We watched the train go around the park and then went to see the carousel.  The carousel is 100 years old and they just repainted and restored it.  You two didn't want to go on it, but we watched it go around and around.  I think in another year you two will want to ride it.  :-)  Then, we walked all around the play ground.

We headed to Cameron Village for lunch and ate at a 2 story Chick-Fil-A!  So cool!  You two got special place mats and stickers!  Grace, you ate half a nugget meal by yourself!  ;-)

We got back to our house around 2pm.  Daddy was there and gave you both hugs and kisses!  You all missed each other!  Daddy had been gone for almost a week!  We all played and relaxed this afternoon as daddy told us stories of New York. 

We made a quick trip to Target after dinner for a few groceries.  There were no cookies out, but Joshua still had fun pushing the cart with daddy.  Grace fell asleep in the car so I held her the whole time as she napped. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother-Daughter-Son Day

Dearest Angels~

We all slept better last night.  But, we didn't have a lot of playtime this morning.  Once people were ready for the day, we headed to Joshua's speech therapy appointment a little after 9am.  

First, we stopped by the house.  We checked the mail and then rolled the garbage and recycling to the curb.  Joshua, you did well with Kim this morning.  You initiated some words on your own and made more sounds. 

Afterward, I decided to have a mother-daughter-son day out.  :-)  So, we headed to Shane's Rib Shack for some lunch.  I think this was the first time we've eaten out as just the three of us.  You two did pretty well .... you all ate french fries and mac and cheese.  You didn't eat much of the chicken, so we had leftovers. 

Then, we walked around the mall.  Well, you two 'rolled' since I put you in the wagon and pushed you around.  ;-)  We stopped and even got some cookies to share while at the mall.  It was a windy but beautiful day.  Once we were done with the cookies, we headed back to Gigi's house.  Joshua, you napped once we got there .... you fell asleep around 1:30pm.  Grace, you on the other hand, fought and fought me with nap time!  I rocked you and every time I thought you were sleeping you'd twist around and start crying!  You finally went down at 2:30pm. 

After naps, Gigi and Grandpa Jim came home from work.  We had playtime and then dinner.  Grandpa Jim took you all on a walk after dinner with Uncle James. 

Oh, Grace, I know where you get your hair twirling from .... Gigi does it too!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Practing Words

Dearest Blessings~

The three of us slept in the bonus room of Gigi's house.  Grandpa Jim and Gigi went to work this morning, but Uncle James stayed to play with you two. 

Uncle James worked with Joshua on his sounds and words this morning during playtime.  Joshua, you're showing improvement and you like working with Uncle James.  You all also played with blocks together and drew.

We went to the house after lunch.  I picked up a few things and checked the mail.  Then we headed to Joshua's speech therapy appointment with Kim.  You did well little man.  You initiated the word 'bye' by yourself as we were leaving.  I usually have to prompt you.  :-)  She gave us some more flash cards to work on.

We were back at Gigi's by 4pm.  We put 'Harry Potter' on (a movie) as we played in the living room.  Joshua, you never napped today.  Grace, you took a tiny nap in the car.  :-P

Joshua, you did more practicing with Uncle James with your sounds and words.  After dinner, Uncle James and Joshua put on a 'puppet show' for Grace.  ;-)  Grandpa Jim did story time before bed. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Headed To Gigi's

Dearest Miracles~

We woke to rain this morning.  What a switch from the weather we enjoyed yesterday!  Today was a cold and rainy day .... the temperature dropped 20 degrees since yesterday.  Doesn't look like a park day today.  :-P

Gigi and Grandpa Jim made pancakes and sausage for breakfast this morning.  You two didn't eat much of it though.  But, guess what we saw outside .... our first hummingbird!  Gigi saw it outside and we all got to see it at the feeder and then it flew to the trees. 

I didn't feel well this morning, so when Grace went down for a nap (Grandpa Jim rocked you to sleep), I curled up next to her.  Joshua played with Uncle James. 

After lunch you two had lots of play time.  I did some laundry and then you two fought your naps!  Gigi and Uncle James helped me get you two down for naps. 

After naps, we went to Gigi's house.  I decided to stay over there with you two for the next few nights since daddy will be gone until wednesday.  That way you all can play with them after work the next few days.  Joshua, you went over your sounds and words with Uncle James.

Oh, our friends Stephanie and Kevin had their baby!  They had a baby boy this evening!  We're so happy for them .... they're going to be great parents!  :-)

You both did well for dinner.  Afterward, we watched some Bugs Bunny 'Looney Tunes' cartoons and then played. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Park Fun

Dearest Blessings~

Everyone slept well last night.  Grace, you hardly stirred.  Joshua stayed with Grandpa Jim all night.  Gigi was in the master bedroom and Uncle James stayed in the front bedroom on an air bed.

For breakfast, Grandpa Jim got us some biscuits!  Joshua then watched cartoons with Uncle James as Grace played.  ;-)

As you two were distracted this morning, I was able to get some much needed chores done.  I cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the stairs (I can't even tell you the last time I had time to vacuum the staircase!).  While I had everything out, I also vacuumed the baseboards upstairs in all the rooms.  Grandpa Jim swept outside the front porch and the back deck.  I also cleaned the toilets.  :-P

Afterward, Grandpa Jim and Uncle James took you both on a walk to the farmers market up the road at the shops near our house.  It was mid morning at that point, so Gigi and I made pizzas for lunch and you all brought back a cookie from the market.  :-)  Gigi changed you both after lunch and then 10 minutes later you both pooped!  Oh my!

We headed to the park after lunch.  You two went on the swings (Grandpa Jim and Uncle James pushed you) and on the merry-go-round.  And, you two had lots of sandbox play time!  In fact, we had to sweep and vacuum the downstairs afterward because of all the sand you two brought in the house!  :-P  It started to rain as we were walking home, but it quickly stopped. 

Grandpa Jim read stories for naptime.  Grace fought it, again.  Gigi rocked and rocked her and she cried and cried.  But, she eventually napped next to Joshua.  Grandpa Jim and I picked up some groceries while you two napped.  When I got back, I was able to talk to daddy on the phone.  You two were still napping, but I passed on the message that he misses and loves you both.  :-)

We had some chinese food for dinner and then had more playtime.  Everyone had fun watching and playing with you all.  Gigi gave you both nice baths this evening.  Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James, stayed the night too.  
Sleep tight you two!
I love you both so much!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Lots Of Visitors

Dearest Gifts~

I didn't sleep well last night little people.  Joshua, you woke at 11:30pm last night.  So, I put you back to sleep and fell asleep next to you.  Grace, you woke up at 2am and kept whining.  I ended up putting you in the same little bed Joshua and I were sleeping in.  :-P  Daddy left around 6am this morning.  He met up with Mimi and Uncle Brennan to drive up to New York.  He same in to kiss you both before he left.  I was awake, but you two were still sleeping. 

We had playtime this morning with some music on and art time with crayons.  Grace took a nap on me late in the morning as Joshua played.  It was nice to just rest.  :-)

Gigi and Uncle James were here by lunch time and fed you two.  I ran a quick errand as you two were content with them.  When I got back home, Joshua was napping.  Grace, you fought your nap and never slept.  :-P

After naptime, we all played and visited.  You all had fun with blocks and had more art time with Uncle James. 

We had snack time late in the afternoon.  Grace, you had your yogurt.  Joshua, you had some apple/sweet potato mixture.  Then, we all played downstairs until Grandpa Jim came over.  Uncle James gave Grace a puppet show with some stuffed animals.  ;-)

You two love to play follow the leader.  Usually Joshua follows Grace and she looks behind her to see if he's following!  Uncle James will join and then follow both of you.  :-)

We cleaned the kitchen after dinner and then Gigi gave you all a bath.  Uncle James put on the movie 'The Dark Crystal' .... we use to watch that all the time when we were little.  Grace, you got fussy since you never napped. :-P  So, I laid down with you in Joshua's bed.  Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James stayed with Joshua in the playroom and finished the movie.  Joshua, you ended up falling asleep next to Grandpa Jim in the play room.  Grace, you were sleeping at 8:15pm and I continued to stay with you. 

I got a message at 8:30pm that daddy made it safely to New York.  I was glad they had a safe trip.  They picked up (Great) Aunt Allyson on the way.  We said a prayer for their trip before they left.  

Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James stayed the night with us.  I'm sure we'll have fun together tomorrow.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Dearest Miracles~

Grace .... I was so surprised!  You slept all night despite going to bed early last night.  Wow!  Joshua, you on the other hand, came wondering into our room around midnight or 1am.  Daddy ended up putting you back to bed. 

This evening was busy!  Daddy is driving up to New York tomorrow with Uncle Brennan, Mimi, and (Great) Aunt Allyson to go through (Great) Uncle Ned's estate.  So, while he and Uncle Brennan were picking up the rental car, Grandpa Jim, Gigi, and Uncle James came over to relieve Penny.  I found you all playing when I got home from work.

Oh, and you all apparently had a lot of fun with Penny .... she put little temporary tattoos on you two with hearts!  ;-)

I got home by 6:45pm.  I brought dinner for everyone ..... chicken nuggets and french fries.  You two ate a lot!  :-)  Daddy got home with the rental car at 7:20pm.  We all got to visit before people had to go home.

Since daddy will be gone until next week, and Penny is on a cruise next week, I ended up taking next week off from work .... so, I'm now on vacation for about 12 days!  Woo hoo!  We're going to miss daddy for a week though.  He's leaving around 6am tomorrow morning, so you all had to give him kisses this evening.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Red Bottom

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Grace, you started crying at 3am this morning.  I could have sworn I heard a little 'bump' right before ....  so I don't know if you 'fell' out of your toddler bed.  :-P  You noodled into our bed.  Joshua, you wondered in at 5am.  Everyone was in our bed when our work alarms were going off this morning!  Good thing we have a king size bed to fit all four of us!  ;-)

I got to kiss you both and play with you all before going to work.  You two had fun with Penny.  You all had some art time, music time, and story time.  :-)

Grace, you ended up with a diaper rash this evening and you were in some pain!  You kept screaming as we changed you and then we coated your bottom with some desitin.  Poor little thing.  

We ended up resting and playing this evening.  Grace, you ended up falling asleep really early since you were so fussy with your red bottom.  I wonder what time you'll wake up in the middle of the night since you went to bed so early.  :-P

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Dearest Angels~

Little man .... this is becoming a habit .... you woke at 2am again this morning!  This time daddy put you back to bed and fell asleep next to you. 

We didn't have a lot of playtime this morning.  Joshua had his evaluation with the Child Development Agency at 9am.  It was at our house, so we at least didn't have to go anywhere.  ;-)  This evaluation was very similar to the 'Bailey Test' that you did at the Special Infact Care Clinic when you were a 'corrected' year and a half.  There were three people .... Anna (our patient coordinator), and Greg and Jennifer (the evaluators).  They tested different aspects .... fine motor, gross motor, cognitive reasoning, verbal skills (both expressive and understanding), and others.

Joshua, you scored average or just slightly above on everything except expressive language (which wasn't a surprise) and gross motor .... because you don't jump from a flat surface.  I signed you up for the program so we can receive their benefits and recommendations going forward.  And, I scheduled a hearing test for you in May.  You don't appear to have a hearing problem, but it's generally done with speech therapy patients. 

Everyone said you two were adorable!  They gave me a lot of information .... I felt a little overwhelmed with information since I was also trying to distract Grace.  ;-)  We didn't finish until 11:15am and Joshua had an 11:30am appointment with Kim!  So, I felt stupid calling, but I changed your appointment to 3pm after everyone left.  :-P

We had some lunch after.  Joshua ate 4 oz apple/sweet potato mix and Grace ate 4 oz yogurt/apple mix.  Afterward, Grace fought her nap again but she was snoring by 1pm.  Joshua laid next to me and her and rested .... he was sleeping by 1:15pm.  :-)  I woke you both to leave for Joshua's appointment with Kim.  I hate waking you all from a nap.  :-P  You did well using your sounds a words today during play with Kim.  :-)

We were home by 4pm.  You two helped me unload and reload the dishwasher and then played downstairs.  Daddy was home by 5pm.  We had some dinner together and then had some playtime.

After dinner Gigi came over.  We were helping her sell one of her keyboards.  She came over to hook it up and we all got a free concert!  ;-)  Joshua got to play the keyboard with her.  :-)  The buyer came over and was nice.  We successfully sold the keyboard and made Gigi a pretty penny!  ;-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Poop

Dearest Gifts~

At 2am this morning Joshua came wondering into our room.  I put him back in his bed and ended up sleeping with you two all night. 

Once people were ready for the day, we did some chores around the house.  Well, you two pretty much just played as I did the chores.  :-P  I ran the dishes, folded some laundry, and then ran all the bed sheets and pillow cases. 

We made a quick trip to Target before Joshua's speech therapy appointment with Kim.  I got some more bananas for Grace and some more apple/sweet potato mix for Joshua.   :-)

Grace and I played in the waiting room during Joshua's speech therapy.  Joshua, you did well with your sounds and words with Kim.  I've noticed that you're becoming more confident with certain people around.  Overall you're still pretty shy with words .... but you open up for certain people.  :-) 

You both ate a good lunch for me!  Joshua, you ate a whole yogurt with apple container plus hotdog and chicken pieces.  Grace, you ate a whole plum and banana mix plus hotdog and chicken pieces.

I ended up changing everyone's diapers so you all would be fresh for nap time after lunch.  But, 10 minutes later you both pooped!  That was a quick poop!  Ugh!  :-P  

I read you all three stories for naptime: the stories of Jonah, Moses, and David.  Grace, you really fought your nap.  I ended up singing to you and Joshua sang with me the 'ABC' song!  It was so cute!  He was trying to calm his little sister.  :-)  Once Grace fell asleep, Joshua soon followed. 

Once people were awake, we went to Gigi's for dinner.  Daddy had a meeting after work.  You all also got to see Grandpa Jim, Uncle James, and Lois.  You all played with blocks (you both also helped put them away when done), had drawing time, and lots of play time.  Grace, you showed everyone where your tummy, nose, and hair are!  You both gave everyone kisses!  And, Joshua said 'bye bye' and waved with no prompting as we were leaving .... definitely showing more confidence!

We were home by 8pm.  I cut everyone's nails.  I had everyone in fresh diapers, pajamas, and teeth brushed before daddy got home. 

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!  


Sunday, April 15, 2012

First Sentence

Dearest Gifts~

Grace, once I left your room you woke up and cried from your toddler bed.  So, since you never fell asleep, and I was feeling sick, I just put you in bed with me all night.  Joshua slept all night and wandered into our room around 7am this morning. 

Once everyone was fed and ready for the day, we did some chores.  You two helped us clean the downstairs and the kitchen.  We ran the dishes.  Then, we swept and vacuumed the downstairs.  Also, we did a few loads of laundry.

You all had art time with crayons with me this morning as daddy mowed the lawn.  Then, we all had some lunch together.  Grace, you were so funny .... daddy went to get a banana to eat and you ended up eating over half of it!  Ha!  Plus, you had your other foods too!  Joshua, you however did not eat well .... again.  Hummm.  I wonder what's going on with your eating .... you were eating better prior.  :-P

Joshua, you did make me smile at lunch though .... we were all just sitting there eating and all of a sudden you said 'I love mommy' all by yourself and with no prompting!  Woo hoo!  Yea .... your first real sentence!  I love you too buddy!  That made my day!  I've been waiting for you to say that all my yourself!  :-)

Today was such a beautiful day!  We went for a walk after lunch and daddy went with us.  We went to the belltower again .... another 5 miles!  Go us!  We showed daddy the belltower and actually realized it's just a 'clocktower' and not an actual belltower.  Oh well.  It looks like a belltower, so we'll keep calling it that.  ;-)

We were home by 2:30pm.  Everyone got snacks and drinks.  Grandpa Jim came by to visit after since he was running some errands.  Then, we had some art and play time together.  As you were playing little man, you said 'I love mommy' and 'I love daddy' by himself!  Awww!  I gave you lots of kisses!  Grace can say 'mama' and 'dada' so she got kisses too!  ;-)

I made a veggie quiche for dinner.  Joshua, you ate some and 7oz of an apple/sweet potato mix .... wow!  This was much better than your eating this morning!  Since everyone did so well eating dinner, we made some chocolate chip cookies as you all played downstairs.  I also cooked some hotdogs for you all during the week .... Grace almost ate all the ones daddy grilled on friday! 

Everyone got baths this evening.  We saw that you all got sunburn on our walk.  I'll see how you all look tomorrow .... we may skip our walk if you're still red.  It's suppose to be hot tomorrow so we'll play it by ear.  Oh, Grace .... you gave a little 'toot' while in the tub!  You giggled and smiled afterward!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tractor Ride

Dearest Miracles~

Today is Great Grandpa's birthday!  Woo hoo!  To help him celebrate, we decided to head to Asheboro to see him and Great Grandma.  :-)

Joshua, I fell asleep next to you last night.  I ended up sleeping with you two as your third roommate.  Ha! 

Daddy made pancakes for breakfast this morning!  Yummy!  Joshua, you ate half a pancake.  Grace, little lady .... you ate at least half a pancake plus 4 oz of yogurt and some strawberry/banana mixture!  Whoa!  ;-)

Little man, you bit Grace on the hand again this morning!  Oh my she screamed  You got another pop on your bottom (you cried) and I made you give Grace a kiss to say you're sorry.  One of these days she's going to bite you back so you'd better learn to stopping biting now!  

We were in Asheboro for lunch.  Grandpa Jim and Uncle James were also there.   You all had lots of fun visiting and playing.  We even got some birthday cake!  It was good to see Great Grandpa on his birthday!  He took us all on a tractor side around the neighborhood.  Joshua, you weren't scared on the tractor, so I'm sure you would have been fine on the carnival rides too.  ;-)

Grace, you showed everyone how you know where your belly and hair are.  Everyone was impressed!  What a smart little lady!  :-)  

We ended up leaving around 3pm so that you all could take a nap in the car.  We were home by 5pm and had some leftovers for dinner.  Grace, you ate well today.  Joshua, you didn't.  :-P

We went to Target this evening for some groceries.  Then, we rested before bedtime once we were back home.  Grace got really fussy this evening .... crying and screaming.  I laid down with her until she fell asleep.  Joshua, you worked on your sounds with daddy.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Miles

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Hummm .... just when I thought you two were getting better with your sleeping.  :-P  Grace, you woke up at 2am and Joshua woke up around 4am.  :-P  Oh my!

Joshua, you were a little uncooperative with your breakfast applesauce this morning, but I still managed to get you to eat some.  Grace, you had some strawberry/banana mix.  You both also had goldfish crackers.  :-P

Once breakfast was over, I tried to clean the kitchen as you two played.  We ran the dishes and vacuumed the downstairs.  Then, we had some art time, play time, and music time!  I took photos of you two playing around in the bonus room.

We went downstairs to play by late morning .... you two had lots of crayon time.  By 11:30am, Anna Kearny came over.  She's our new patient coordinator with the Child Development Agency.  We talked for about an hour and she played with you two to get to know you all.  On tuesday, Joshua's going to be evaluated to see where he is on different skill sets.  The CDA will help us with Joshua's speech therapy and what we should do as far as preschool programs when he's a little older.  It sounds promising and I'm excited to see how Joshua benefits from all this.  You two really liked her!  ;-)

Right after, we had some lunch .... Joshua, you finished your yogurt.  :-)

Today was such a gorgeous day!  So, by 2pm the three of us were outside taking a nice walk!  We did our bell tower route of 5 miles.  And, we set a record .... it only took us 1.5 hours!  Ha!  Usually it takes me closer to 1 hour and 45 minutes to walk it while pushing you two (I walk pretty casually so you all can nap).  Everyone had water sippy cups and fell asleep in the stroller.  Joshua, you continued to nap once we were back home.  Grace was awake and playful. 

Grace, as Joshua napped, you correctly pointed to your hair, belly, and nose for me when asked!  And, you lifted your shirt up to show your belly!  It was really cute!  ;-)

Mimi and Grandpa Mike came over for dinner again.  We grilled burgers and had a cake to celebrate Mimi's birthday.  

Tomorrow is Great Grandpa's birthday, so we're heading to Asheboro to see him.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dearest Angels~

Grace, you woke up and noodled into our bed around 5am this morning.  Joshua was still sleeping.  Little man, you've been sleeping a lot better recently.  Good job!  In fact, you were still sleeping when I left for work this morning!  I gave you kisses before I left though as you were snoring.  Grace, you were awake and playing, but I still gave you kisses too!  ;-)

Penny's sister did well with her eye surgery.  Mimi relieved her a little early so she could go to the hospital to check on her though.  Prior to that, Mimi took Joshua to get his hair cut with Pam.  She 'corrected' what daddy and I tried to trim.  Needless to say, it looks a lot better.  I wonder how she did that!  :-P

I got home around 6:45pm this evening to your smiling faces!  Both Mimi and Grandpa Mike were there with a pizza.  They ate dinner with us and daddy.  Then we played this evening until bed time.  

Tomorrow I get to spend the entire day with you two!  Woo hoo!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Daddy Took Off

Dearest Blessings~

Grace, you woke at 5am and noodled into our bed.  Once you were in there, you were pretty content.  Joshua, you were still sleeping in your bed all by yourself.  You've gotten better at sleeping as of late.  In the past, one of us had to sleep next to you pretty much all night.  Now, you're sleeping all night without getting up.  Way to go little man!

I got to kiss you both before leaving for work!  I love doing that in the morning .... it keeps me going all day knowing that I get to come home to you two and kiss you both again!  ;-)

Penny's sister had eye surgery today, so she took the day off to be with her.  Daddy then took the day off to be with you two!  You all had fun together!

Daddy took some photos and videos I you two today.  Daddy emailed them to me at work and they put a huge smile on my face!  They were so cute!  Joshua was talking and even gave Grace a kiss in one video!  And, daddy got Joshua to say 'I love mommy' again .... I'm going to count that as your first sentence!  Ha!  ;-)

This evening we all played together.  Tomorrow Penny will be here and I know she missed you two today.  I'll come home as fast as I can!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Another Bite

Dearest Angels~

Today is Mimi's 60th birthday!  Since everyone was at work today, we'll get together at the end of the week to celebrate.  Daddy called her though to wish her a happy birthday.

Grace, you slept until 6:20am this morning.  Then you noodled into bed with me as daddy got ready for work. 

Joshua, I forgot to tell you that Krista has you back on the decongestant and Prevacid medications.  I tried to get you to take them via a dropper in the mouth this morning verses putting them in a sippy cup (since you take your tylenol that way with no fighting .... I just squirt it in your mouth).  It did not go well!  You spit everything out and I ended up needing to change your shirt afterward.

But, at least your appointments went well this morning.  The big news is that you were discharged from occupational therapy today!  Woo hoo!  Mary Beth was impressed with the progress that you scored well on your evaluations last week.  I'm so proud of you man!  We still have some things to work on but can be done at home .... most is oral sensory which goes with your feeding.  And, we need to continue to practice jumping.  You also did well with Kim.  Today you two focused on the 't' sound.  

We were home for lunch.  Joshua, you ate an entire yogurt with strawberry and banana for me.  Grace, you ate some Gerber foods.  As you two played downstairs, I made my veggie lunches for the week.  I cooked a potato, apple, carrots, corn, broccoli, onion, and spinach mixture.  Yummy!

Afterward, we made a very quick errand around the corner .... I put you two in the wagon and wheeled you in and out of where I needed to go.  I'll tell you more about that once I get more information about that errand. 

We were back home a little after 2pm.  I had you two both napping in the play room by 2:45pm.  I did some things on the computer as you two slept.

Daddy had another soccer game after work today, so after you two woke from naps we headed over to Gigi's house for dinner.  You two split a container of turkey, cheese, crackers, and a cookie.  Then you all played with the blocks and did some drawings.  You two got to play with Gigi, Grandpa Jim, Uncle James, and Lois. 

Grace, you were so funny .... you kept eating chocolate Cheerios at one point.  And, for the rest of the evening you smelled like chocolate!  Ha!  You two both gave everyone kisses!  And, I got Joshua to say 'I love Gigi' and 'I love papa' (for Grandpa Jim).  ;-) 

We were home by 8:15pm.  I had you two in fresh diapers, pajamas, and teeth brushed by 8:35pm.  I then went to brush my own teeth and heard Grace scream!  I came back and into you all's bedroom to see her crying and Joshua playing.  There was no blood but poor little Grace was wailing.  It took me a moment to see what had happened .... there was a big bite mark on her hand!  Joshua, you got a pop on your bottom (so then you were also crying).  Then, I had you kiss Grace to tell her you were sorry.  You really need to learn not to bite people.  By 8:50pm I had you two laying in bed.  Joshua, you were snoring by 9:10pm.  Grace, you weren't that far behind .... not bad for being by myself.  ;-) I took a shower once you both were fast asleep.  Daddy was home by 10pm.

Tomorrow's another work day, but I'll come home as fast as I can!  Penny will be gone (she'll be with her sister who's having eye surgery), so you all will have a Daddy Day.  :-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Lunch Out

Dearest Angels~

Joshua, you never fell asleep last night in your bed, so I laid down next to you and you played with my hair.  At some point in the evening we both fell asleep.  Grace, you woke up across from us in your toddler bed at 6:40am. 

We didn't have a lot of play time this morning.  We had to leave the house around 8:15am to make it to Joshua's Rex feeding team appointment with Krista.  You did pretty well for us today.  Little man, you ate 4oz of applesauce and tried a new plum/banana mix.  You also had some cherrios. 

Afterwards, we made a quick trip to the Post Office for daddy.  Then, we were off to speech therapy with Kim.  I played my recording of Joshua talking last night for her.  She was so excited!  Too cute!  :-)

We went to Gigi's for lunch since she was off today.  She made pancakes, but you two didn't eat much. I brought food with us too, but you all were too excited and stimulated.  Uncle James was there too so you all had some play time with the blocks, puzzles, and art time.  Gigi got you all some little drawing pads that use magnets to draw.  Joshua loves it.  Grace, you're still trying to figure it out.  ;-)

Grace fought a nap.  I ended up rocking her to sleep and then holding her.  Joshua laid down on a mat with Uncle James and eventually fell asleep on a pillow.  We were home in time for dinner with daddy. Then, we had some play time.  

Grace got a nice bath this evening since she didn't get one last night.  Joshua had one, but he cried and cried until he got another one this evening too!  Wow!  You must really like bath time!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Dearest Blessings~

Happy Easter!!  Today is the day we celebrate Jesus and the miracle of the Resurrection!  Thank you, Jesus, for eternal life!  Thank you for covering my sins with Your blood!  God is so good!

Grace, you slept in until 5:30am this morning.  Wow!  That was pretty impressive.  You noodled into our bed at that point, but it was still pretty late for you.  Joshua, you slept all night in your bed all by yourself!  I'm sure all the fun and excitement of yesterday wore you all out!  ;-)

We cut you all's nails this morning .... it's amazing how fast your nails grow!  :-P

Once everyone was ready, we headed over to Holy Cross for Easter Sunday church service.  We saw Grandpa Jim there and Fr. Gibson was so excited to see you both!  In fact, lots of people were so glad to see you all!  You all walked around during the sermon, though for the most part, you both behaved yourselves during the service.  You two figured out how to work the water fountain!  Joshua kept laughing as the water spouted!  Oh, you all wandered into Fr. Gibson's office and Grace took a book off the shelf.  :-P

Afterwards, we had lunch at Mimi's house.  We also saw Grandpa Mike, Aunt Katie, and Uncle Brennan.  You all got another Easter basket and did another egg hunt.  And, you two got to play with a bubble machine outside.  :-)

We were home by 3pm and Joshua continued to nap once home.  Grace, you woke up once we got home and we were unsuccessful in getting you to nap again.  So, we played and did some laundry.  We also talked to Great Grandma on the phone and wished her a Happy Easter.  I tried to get Grace to say something but she just played.  Then, we 'face timed' with Gigi.  She was sick, but we wished her a Happy Easter as well. 

Oh, guess what .... I have no more pain from weaning.  Grace, you are officially weaned.  I'll continue to thaw a mommy milk snappy about every other day to mix with your milk until we're out.  I think we have about a dozen still in the freezer.  You're still not drinking a ton of milk .... you mostly like water.  But, you're not dehydrated and have regular wet diapers, so I'm not too worried.

Oh my goodness .... I tried to cut Joshua's hair this evening since it was over his eyes and ears .... ugh!  I didn't do so hot!  Thankfully daddy helped and trimmed more when Joshua was in the bathtub!  ;-)

Joshua, daddy got you to say some precious things this evening while practicing your words.  You said:
'I love mama/mommy!'
'I love daddy!'
'I love baby!'  (for Grace)

It was so precious!!  I LOVE it!  You repeated each word one at a time after daddy!  I recorded you saying 'uh oh!' and 'I love mommy!'  I played it over and over this evening!  I will always cherish it!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, April 7, 2012


Dearest Miracles~

Little man, you woke up at 1am this morning.  I put you back to sleep and then fell asleep next to you.  When I woke back up to use the restroom, it was 7:40am!  Joshua, you were still sleeping next to me and Grace was still across from us in her toddler bed!  Whoa! 

Grace, your eye is still slightly teary every now and then.  But, it looks a lot better.  Oh, Daddy got Joshua into saying 'uh oh' .... it's sooo cute!!  ;-)

We made a quick trip to a rug store this morning.  We're still looking for something for the study since the floors have been put down.  We have a rug in the living room already.  

For lunch, we had a treat .... we stopped at a Chick-fil-A and got nuggets and french fries.  Yummy!  Then, we headed to Durham for a carnival since the fair was in town!  :-)

We got to see cousin Stephanie, cousin Charlie, cousin Madelynn (she's only three months old!), cousin Dean, Gigi, (Great) Aunt Beth, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James.  Joshua, you were too scared to ride on any of the rides, but daddy rode on a few with Charlie.  :-)  Grace, you had fun riding in the wagon.  We got to see Stephanie's new RV .... it was huge!  I can't imagine driving something like that!  :-P

From there, we forced a nap in the car at 4pm.  We were home by 5pm and you two had some dinner.  Then, we headed to (Great) Uncle Laurence's house for some family fun and an Easter celebration at 6pm.  Saw got to see everyone who was at the carnival, plus (Great) Uncle David, Kevin, cousin Erik, cousin Mia, (Great) Uncle Laurence, and (Great) Aunt Marti.  Packed house!  ;-)

There was so much food there!  You two loved running all around with Charlie, Erik, and Mia!  You had so much fun with the other kids!  Then, we all went downstairs for the Easter Egg Hunt!   You all got to fill your own bags with eggs.  And, you two both got Easter baskets filled with toys!  What a fun and exciting day! 

We got back home just in time for bed time.  We had you all in bed by 9:15pm .... you two were wore out!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Dearest Blessings~

Today is Good Friday.  This is the day that Jesus, our Lord and Savior, was crucified on the cross to save us from sin.  He rose again in three days .... Easter Sunday!  :-)  To quote a friend:

Thank you, dear Lord, for willingly surrendering yourself to death on a cross--for although I know I am not deserving of your sacrifice for me and for all of humanity, what you did for all people for all time reminds me of the incredible love you have for me, how valued I am, and that death does not have the final say. This is the "good" in Good Friday, praise be to God.

Grace, you didn't wake up from your toddler bed until 7am this morning!  Whoa!  I checked on you in the middle of the night.  You made some noises here and there, but you never woke up.  Both of you two were playing by 7:30am. 

Daddy worked from home this morning.  As he was downstairs, you two helped me burn a music CD for Gigi upstairs, check my bag project (I added a little bit more glue), and had some art time.

By mid morning we were having snack time.  I made you all some baked mozzarella cheese sticks.  Then, we swept the floor downstairs.  It was a rainy morning, but it cleared up by lunch time.

Once we got back upstairs, we 'face timed' with Gigi on the phone.  You two showed her your blocks.  Joshua, you said 'Gigi' to her!  Aw!  :-)

Oh, Joshua, I caught you putting food down our air vent .... I wonder how long you've been doing that!  :-P

Joshua, you didn't eat much for us today.  When we went to Target for groceries after lunch, you ate 4 cookies .... probably because you didn't eat breakfast or lunch for us!  :-P

Guess what .... we sold something online for Gigi today!  Woo hoo!  We've got a little business going on!  Ha! This afternoon, I took you all on a walk.  We went to the bell tower and back home .... 5 miles!  It was such a nice day!  Daddy continued to work at the house as we walked.  We got home a little after 5pm, so daddy had tacos ready when we got home.  Grace, you signed 'more' at dinner!

After dinner, we went for another walk with daddy.  This time, we went to the shops and back .... about a 2 mile walk.  Wow .... 7 miles total today!  Go us! 

Joshua, you worked on your sounds more.  It's so cute when you say 'mama' 'mommy' and 'uh oh'.   :-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

New Toothbrushes

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Joshua .... wow!  You slept in your bed all night with no help from anyone!  You didn't get up one time!  Good job little man!  Grace, you noodled into our bed.  But, once you got in there, you were content the rest of the evening.  So, we all had a good night's sleep!  Yippie!  :-)

You all had fun with Penny today.  She wrote down a funny little story .... 'Joshua did the cutest pretend play this morning.  He took the pillows from the couch and arranged then with much care.  Then, he put his stuffed animal to bed!  So cute to watch him 'work' so diligently!'  Aww!  Good job little man!

You two also decorated some eggs for Easter with Penny.  They were in the kitchen with a Happy Easter sign next to them!  So cute!

Work was pretty slow today.  I'm guessing it's because of the holiday.  Tomorrow is Good Friday and sunday is Easter, so I imagine people are out of town.  

I brought you two home new toothbrushes.  Joshua, I brought you a little blue one. Grace, I brought you a little pink one.  The pink ones are hard to find, but I managed to fine one in the office to give to you!  I was home by 6:30pm.  :-)

This evening Joshua did some art time with markers.  I was impressed because he tried to trace his own hand by himself!  Wow!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Play With Hair

Dearest Angels~

Grace, you had a crying fit this morning!  You just didn't want to settle down after you woke up in the middle of the night.  You finally fell asleep in our bed. 

I noticed that Grace likes to play with her hair to calm herself.  It's so cute!  I wonder if you'll twirl your hair with your fingers when your older.  Some people do that as a habit.  :-)

I got to kiss and play with both of you before work!  How fun!

You two did some fun sticker art time with Penny today.  Your artwork was in the kitchen when I got home from work.  :-)  It was such a beautiful day today .... I'm glad you all were able to play outside too!  :-)

I was so sore tonight .... I've actually been leaking through my shirt the last two evenings since we stopped nursing little lady.  I had to hand express some milk to alleviate pressure this evening.  I'm sure you would have nursed, but I didn't want to go 'backwards' in our weaning progression.  This pain should go down soon .... I hope!   :-P

Joshua, you did really well with your 'words' this evening with daddy.  It's so precious to hear your little voice!  Praise the Lord!  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Eating

Dearest Gifts~

We had an early morning today .... Joshua, your first appointment was at 9am with Mary Beth.  She wanted to do an occupational therapy re-evaluation to see if you could be discharged.  So, we needed to be there 30 minutes earlier than usual to give her more time.  You also had speech therapy with Kim at 10am, and then a 2pm feeding team appointment with Krista at Rex.  Whew!  

But, little man, you were so congested this morning that you coughed yourself into a 'throw up' fit.  :-P  You threw up in our bedroom this morning all over the floor.  Ugh.  I took your temperature and you had no fever.  I gave you some tylenol and you were playful right after!  So, I still took you to your appointments.  :-P

Mary Beth went over progression and tested your fine motor and gross motor skills.  I also had to fill out an evaluation.  We still have our appointment for next week and she should have your scores and results by then.  Hopefully you'll be discharged soon.  :-)  You did well with Kim too.  She gave us some more flash cards to practice with. You're getting better with your sounds!  :-)

One the way home, we saw a train!  We got caught at the tracks near our house.  It was a short train, but Joshua still enjoyed it!  ;-)

Joshua, you tried a new purée at lunch .... an apple, sweet potato, cinnamon mixture.  You ate about 2 ozs!  Wow!  I'll get more of these over the weekend and see if we can't increase your fruit and veggie intake!  :-)  How exciting!

We had a little bit of playtime after lunch and then we headed to Joshua's feeding team appointment with Krista at Rex.  You two fell asleep in the car on the way there so I felt bad waking you all.  :-P

Joshua, you continued to eat well for us!  You finished the apple/sweet potato mix, had another 3 ozs of yogurt, 5/6 of a hotdog, and 1/4 of a string cheese!  Wow!  Grace, you ate some gold fish crackers.  ;-)

We were home around 3:45pm.  We played until daddy got home.  You two helped me make a potato and veggie mix for my lunches this week for work.  And, you two surprised me .... you two ate some at dinner!  Yippie! 

Daddy played the banjo for you all this evening.  Then we had some art time as we watched a music concert on television.  Everyone got some more Tylenol before bed.

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Frozen Yogurt

Dearest Blessings~

Everyone felt sick this morning.  :-(  Joshua, you were so congested that you threw up a little from coughing so much.  You didn't want to drink anything to help you feel better.  Finally, you took some water.  Grace, you were congested too and you cried all night.  I gave everyone some tylenol this morning.  Daddy and I had clogged ears and sore throats too.  :-P

We made a quick Target run before speech therapy.  We needed wipes and forgot over the weekend.  Oops!  Joshua, you did well with Kim.  You're progressing with sounds.  I'm still waiting to hear you say 'I love mommy!'  ;-)  I clocked our 'bell tower' walk on the drive home.  It's 5 miles each time we walk there and back home.  Go us! 

Joshua, you fell asleep in the car ride home.  I let you nap as I fed Grace lunch.  I asked Grace to give her bear a kiss. She leaned in and bumped her nose to the bear .... like how Joshua gives kisses! It was too cute! :-)

You two had some play time downstairs as I cleaned the kitchen after lunch.  We didn't go upstairs until after 3pm since Joshua woke late from his nap and ate a late lunch.

Grace, you fought a nap!  I rocked you to sleep at 3:30pm.  Then, I continued to hold you as Joshua played so that you would sleep for at least an hour. 

Once you woke, we all had some art time with crayons.  We did some laundry and then you two helped me with a bag project.  I'll go ahead and confess .... I love bags.  :-P  We have a diaper bag that's a good size (and it's UNC on the front) that daddy gave me for my birthday after Joshua was born.  I'm adding D-rings to the bottom so that I can attach straps to wear the bag as a 'backpack' and not just messenger style.  We'll see if my little craft project works.  :-)

Daddy was home early this evening .... around 5pm!  So, after dinner, we all walked up to the shops and got some frozen yogurt!  :-)  We got home as the sun was setting.  We played afterward. 

Grace, you did well with your milk today .... you drank one sippy cup and then all water.  I'm still sore and in some pain from weaning.  I take some pain relievers each day to help.

Everyone got some Vicks and Tylenol before bed.  I hope you all aren't congested tomorrow. 

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day

Dearest Angels~

Happy April Fools Day!  This is the day we play little pranks on people in the name of fun.  ;-)  We didn't play any jokes or pranks on anyone however.  We were a little distracted .... today is the day of Sam's husband's funeral (my coworker). 

You two both had runny noses when you woke up.  But, since you were playful, we left around 9am.  We got to the church around 10:15am.  You all got to see all my coworkers.  I don't think you've seen them all since last June.  They were impressed at how big you two have gotten!  ;-)

The service was at a 'Biker Church' outside.  I've never seen so many motorcycles!  ;-)  Bob and Sam ride motorcycles, so it was nice to see their friends and church.  They had Bob's motorcycle out and his remains were escorted to the church.  We got to sing some good songs .... they were contemporary songs so I knew them.  Oh, Joshua, you got to sit on a motorcycle for about a second.  Then you reached for me!  I think you were a little scared.  ;-)

Daddy and I fed you two during the sermon.  We put you all in the wagon near the car and fed you.  Then, you all played with some flowers outside.  We left around 12:45pm. 

We stopped and had lunch at a Bojangles.  Guess what .... we got double the food since they messed up our order!  Whoa!  Double Bojangles chicken and fries .... what a great day!  Needless to say, we had leftovers.  ;-)

We got home around 3pm and you two helped me sweep and vacuum the downstairs.  It was dirty!  Then, we played in the bonus room for a bit to relax.  Daddy and I were so glad to be out of a car!

You two helped me make a baked spaghetti casserole.  We added corn, carrots, and broccoli .... it was so good!  As it was baking, we played on the front porch.  You two played in the sand box and used the sidewalk chalk.  After dinner, we went for a walk.  It was such a gorgeous day/evening!  Oh, and we have finches at our feeder again! 

Grace, you did great with your milk sippy cup at dinner!  Wow!  Are you getting use to the taste?  You almost drank an entire sippy cup!  It's been 3 days since our last nursing session and you're still doing well.

Oh, the Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood got moved to this coming Friday morning since it was rained out yesterday.  I put it on the calendar in case you all want to go.  

After bath time, you two got ready for bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!