Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Day

Dearest Blessings~

We were all up early this morning.  Today was such a beautiful, cooler day!  We all got ready for the day and then headed out to church! 

We went to Holy Cross and saw Grandpa Jim.  Fr. Gibson was happy to see you all too.  You all played in the nursery for most of the service and then came out after the sermon for a blessing during communion.  Everything thought you two were so cute!  ;-)

Afterward, we headed over to Mimi's house and also saw Grandpa Mike.  We visited on the back deck and then headed to a restaurant for some lunch.  Oh my, you two kept eating Grandpa Mike's chips at lunch and not your own meals!  :-P

Once everyone was fed, we headed to Target for some groceries for the week.  You two each ate a cookie while there.  In fact, Joshua, you ate 2 cookies at Mimi's, 2 cookies at the restaurant, and 1 at Target!  :-P  Are you full of cookies yet? 

We got home around 3:30pm and tried to get everyone down for a nap.  You two fought it so it was a very late nap day.  I had lots of baby biscuit kicks are you all slept.  I wonder if she'll be a soccer player?  Or a rockette dancer?  ;-)  Grace, you were cranky once you woke from your nap. 

You two had fun once awake though.  We put you two in the wagon and took advantage of the beautiful evening.  We walked for 50 minutes around the neighborhood before sunset. 

Everyone had a small dinner once home and then we headed upstairs.  Daddy played the guitar for you all and then you all started to 'play' it.  It was so cute!  I took some photos of you all playing together.  Then, you all colored and we read some books. 

So, how did we do with our Family Goals this month?  Pretty good!  Let's see:

Goal - church twice a month .... accomplished (made it 3 times)
Goal - daily Bible reading .... accomplished
Goal - family outing once per quarter .... accomplished 2 outings!
Goal - date night once per quarter .... accomplished
Goal - photography practice 3 times a week (mommy) .... accomplished 66.6% (slipped on that one)
Goal - guitar/banjo practice 3 times a week (daddy) .... accomplished 100%
Goal - read a book a month (daddy) .... accomplished
Goal - exercise 3 times a week (mommy) .... accomplished 91.67%
Goal - exercise 4 times a week (daddy) .... accomplished 100% and he lost another 3 pounds this month!

Thanks for encouraging us!  We all make a great team!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, September 29, 2012


Dearest Angels~

I was up at 7am this morning and everyone else was still asleep.  It was still dark outside from raining so I thought it was earlier.  It ended up being a cooler rainy day.

Once we were all up for the day and had our snack time, we headed out for a family outing!  We headed to a kid's museum and activity center downtown called Marbles.  We've never been there before.  Today was their 5 year anniversary, so they had free admission.  I thought it would be nice to go since it was a rainy day .... of course, so did the rest of the city!  Whoa was it crowded! 

You all had so much fun though!  They had so many different activity centers there and difference rooms depending on how old you were.  There were toys everywhere!  We probably saw about half the stuff there since it was crowded and Grace got a little cranky.  At one point she didn't want to hold our hands and we didn't want to lose her!  :-P  I took photos of you all playing in the toddler room before we headed to another area. 

Right outside, there was an Irish festival going on.  The rain let up a little, so we got to walk around and hear live music!  Then, we went to Big Ed's for lunch.  Joshua, you were so impressive!  You ate everything in front of you!  Daddy got a sausage omelet and I got a bacon omelet.  You ate bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, biscuits, and applesauce.  Grace, you ate ok .... but you impressed us too since you self fed yourself a little bowl of applesauce with minimal mess!  ;-)

As we were leaving, we met a singer sitting next to us who was singing with the symphony tonight!  He sang a little song for you two and put your names in it!  How cool!  

We came home after and Grace fell asleep in the car.  She woke once we were back home.  We played a little in the bonus room and then Joshua went down for a nap.  Aunt Katie came by to visit right when he was falling asleep.  So, Grace got to play with her.  You two did some coloring, played with some stickers, and Aunt Katie read to you, little lady.  Joshua, you woke once she was leaving. 

Afterward, we watched a little of the UNC football game.  We won by .... uh .... a lot!  The final score was 66-0 which was a school scoring record!

You two helped us cook a nice dinner!  Daddy grilled some steaks and we made rice and veggies (onions, apple pieces, peas, carrots, and corn) inside on the stove.  Yummy!

We folded lots of laundry this evening.  You two had some more art time with crayons.  We had some more biscuit kicks too!  We backed up the laptop and then you all had a nice bath before bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!  


Friday, September 28, 2012

Lunch At Gigi's

Dearest Blessings~

You two slept in this morning and didn't wake until a little before 8am!  I went into the bonus room and read until you all were up!  Wow!

Once you two were changed, we went downstairs for some breakfast together.  We didn't see our deer friends outside.  Maybe they had already eaten?  We went back upstairs to finish getting ready for the day after eating.  As you two played, I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike.  Joshua, you played your games on the tablet and then you two chased each other with balls.  I only had to get off the bike once since Joshua had a poopy diaper.  :-P

You two ate a great snack by mid morning.  Joshua, you had 3/4 cup of applesauce and then 1.5 cheese sticks.  Grace, you had a fruit puree pouch and then 2 cheese sticks!  Whoa! 

Once you two were full, we made a quick trip to Target.  We needed milk for the house and you two needed desitin and neosporin.  We also picked up a card for some friends who just had a baby girl!  How wonderful! 

Gigi called us while we were shopping.  She took off from work today for a morning doctor's appointment and was back home.  So, we went straight to her house for lunch.  We got to eat with her and Uncle James.  You two rocked lunch .... she had chicken, fries, and pepperonis.  You all have been eating a lot today to far!

You all played afterward.  Uncle James went through some flash cards with Joshua and then you all 'played' Gigi's piano.  ;-)  You also played with blocks and had Uncle James build a robot.  Grace, you put on Gigi's shoes and tried to 'walk' around in them.  :-)

I put some neosporin on Grace's leg from when she fell.  I know it was on wednesday, but it's still pretty scrapped up and I don't want it to scar.  Plus, I've been putting desitin on her all day .... you had a red rash on you since yesterday so it's hard to change your diaper without you being in a little pain.  Poor thing.

Grace was napping by 2pm.  Joshua fought it longer but eventually fell asleep.  You all got to play and visit a little more once awake.  You all saw Grandpa Jim when he got home from work.  We then loaded up once daddy called us from work and got home around 5:45pm.  He was already cooking some dinner for everyone!  You all ate fairly well .... we had eggs, bacon, and toast.  Yummm!  ;-)

This evening we played in the bonus room.  I took some photos of you all trying to practice with a flash.  Daddy played the guitar.  We had more baby biscuit kicks too!  It started to thunderstorm as we were getting ready for bed.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Outdoor Fun

Dearest Precious Gifts~

This morning you two were up and playing as daddy and I were getting ready for work.  So, we all got kisses and hugs this morning before heading out.  And, we saw lots of deer in our backyard .... there were at least 4 of them!  

You all had fun with Penny.  You all went to the park in the morning and had more outdoor play in the afternoon.  I can't blame you .... it was a beautiful day!  You also did well for Quinn today.  She came at a different time (which Penny and I knew about) so it threw off your nap schedule little man.  I was home at 6:45pm and daddy had made dinner .... chicken and fries!  Yummy!  ;-)

This evening we playing in the bonus room.  Grace, you drew with some crayons.  Joshua, you've been taking over the tablet recently to play 'games' on it.  You play a soccer game, a bird game, and a drawing game. 

My feet were hurting from work, so I was glad to sit down.  We also had lots of baby biscuit kicks.  Grace, you still follow me to bed and won't go into your toddlerbed at night.  Penny claims you nap in it though.  I can't get you to nap in it either.  You've claimed our bed as your bed .... I think you're now accustomed to being my little roommate at night. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

29 Weeks

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

You two were awake and playing this morning as we were getting ready for work.  So, we all got kisses and hugs before work.  :-)

You all had art and craft time with Penny today.  You collected leaves from a walk today and then labeled the colors!  You also decorated the windows with posters.  She also gave you two some puzzles from a recent trip she took. 

Grace, you took a little tumble on the front porch steps today.  Your right leg is scrapped up.  Poor little thing! 

I got home at 6:30pm.  You all gave me hugs and kisses when I got home!  Grace, you got off your chair and came running to me for a kiss and hug!  It was so cute!

Today we're 29 weeks gestation with baby biscuit.  So far so good!  Please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy!  This evening as we relaxed, I felt a lot more biscuit kicks.  You two need to help us think of a name!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Three Appointments

Dearest Angels~

Brrrrr .... what a chilly morning!  The deer don't seem to mind though since we saw them in the backyard again!  ;-)  We got ready early today.  I put Joshua in a 3T sized shirt since it had a truck on it and was long sleeve.  It was too big, but he liked it so I left it on him.  :-)

Joshua, you had two appointments this morning at Rex.  The first was at 10am with the Pulmonary team and follow up on your sleep study.  The second appointment was at 11am (easier to make them back to back) with the GI team. 

We had a bit of a rocky start since the pulmonary MD was running late.  We got there right in the nick of time at 9:55am and were called back around 10:10am.  The nurse took your blood pressure, temperature, height, weight (27.5 pounds) and your oxygen levels.  We were all in the exam room at 10:15am.  We didn't see the MD until .... ummm .... 11am!  Ugh!  Good thing I had brought you two some snacks!  Grace, you ate two purée fruit punches and Joshua ate his applesauce.  Of course, I neglected to bring anything for myself.  :-P

The MD had your results from the sleep study.  Everything came back normal except you had higher than normal carbon dioxide levels.  The higher levels are typically seen in patients who either had an obstruction in the airway, or who have asthma.  You have no evidence of an obstruction, so you're showing signs of being asthmatic.  Which, also is typical for premature children.  The MD wants to keep you on the Flovent inhaler until the Spring time to get you through the flu season and then recheck you in about 6 months.  We may be able to wean you off of the inhaler by then.  You also had your flu shot while there in your right leg.  I had to hold you for the nurse but then I hugged and hugged you gave you kisses!

The GI team came right in after since our appointments were crossing over.  Your weight since last time didn't decrease, but you didn't show signs of increasing either.  And, since you grew in height a little, your BMI actually went down.  You were in the 25th percentile, and now you're in the 10th-25th percentile.  So, she's keeping your medications the same and we're going to increase your calories a bit with an extra packet of 'instant breakfast' mix in your milk.  They want to check you again in a few months too so we can try to coordinate that with the pulmonary appointment.  We see Krista next week for another feeding appointment as well.

We were home for lunch late.  Grace was so whiny since she was tired.  You both ate well though and I managed to clean out the fridge a little for Penny tomorrow and make my lunches for work this week as you two played.

Once upstairs, you two picked out the same two books from yesterday for story time.  It took you all a while to fall asleep since you wanted to fight it.  But, you were snoozing by 2:30pm.  I had to wake you both at 4pm to get ready for speech therapy with Quinn at 4:30pm!  You did great with Quinn.  We worked on two sheets of words and she gave us more signs to work with.  Diane, from the preschool team, came to observe you.  She thought you worked so hard and did great too!  ;-)

You all had snack time after with cheese and apple pieces as I baked a pizza.  Grace, you ate a quarter of the pizza!  Joshua, you ate to slices of cheese toast!

Once daddy got home, we made a quick trip to the store for milk and apples so you all wouldn't run out with Penny.  Grace, you were full from all the pizza, but Joshua ate two cookies.  You all pushed a small shopping cart around .... it was so cute!  :-)  Once home, we relaxed briefly upstairs before bedtime. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Weather

Dearest Gifts~

Joshua, you really slept in this morning!  I guess that's what happens when you don't nap the day before!  I almost woke you on purpose .... Grace and I were already playing around.  :-P

Grace, you did the cutest thing this morning .... you fed your stuffed animal pig Cheerios at breakfast.  So precious!  I use to feed my stuffed animals when I was younger too!  ;-)

After breakfast, I did 40 minutes on the exercise bike as you two played.  Then, we quickly got ready to make it to speech therapy with Kim.  Little man, you did well!  She's starting to push you to make 3 word sentences by yourself.  You're imitating her right now, but it'll come.  You've started to make a few 2 word sentences by yourself .... more milk .... help please .... I'm so proud of you!  :-)  We'll continue to work on that at home. 

I'm surprised at how Grace still has a stuffy/crusty nose and Joshua has bounced back quicker.  It's usually the opposite when you two get sick. 

We were home from speech therapy by lunch and you both ate well.  I made some chicken with fries and you all had some apple pieces.  Then, you two helped me clean the kitchen. 

Today was such a beautiful day .... it was in the 70's!  We had story time after lunch and you each picked out a book.  Then, it was nap time.  We cooked dinner after and saw deer in our backyard!  They must be enjoying the cooler weather too!  ;-)  We made a meat casserole. As it was baking, we played with blocks downstairs.  I made a tunnel and robot with Joshua.  Then, I took some photos of you all playing.  Daddy was home at 6:30pm and we all had dinner together.  Grace, you sure liked the casserole!  Wow!  It's still hard to figure out what you all will or will not eat .... so I try to experiment.  This evening we all relaxed in the playroom.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Dearest Angels~

You all slept in a little which was nice.  I was still awake early, but stayed in bed to relax.  :-)  Grace, you woke up with a crusty nose.  :-P

This morning we did more chores around the house.  We ran more laundry and worked on your clothes more.  We have 0-6 months out for biscuit and we have 6-18 months bagged.  The other sizes are sorted through your dresser.  We still need to find room for these bags of clothes, so I guess we'll have to work on closets too.  :-P  We also organized the blankets stored on the changing table. 

You two had a good snack time.  Joshua, you had applesauce and crackers.  Grace, you had yogurt and crackers.  Then, we went for a family walk.  We went down the greenway behind the house for a change.  You two were in the wagon and Grace started to doze off briefly.  We walked for 55 minutes and then we were home for lunch.   

Grandpa Jim, Gigi, and Uncle James came over this afternoon around 3pm.  We celebrated Grandpa Jim's birthday.  He did a half ironman triathlon race this morning and came in first in his age group.  Grace, you got to wear his medal.  You two gave him our homemade card that you all colored and the shirt that we got him.  We got a St. Louis Cardinals baseball shirt for him.  He loved it!  We also had birthday cupcakes!  Joshua, you were excited to see Uncle James.  I took some photos of you all.  :-)

It was dinner by the time people left, so you two helped daddy and I cook a healthy meal.  Daddy grilled steak and we made rice and veggies on the stove .... onion, carrots, corn, peas, and spinach.  Joshua, you still call peas 'beans', but as long as you're eating them I don't mind.  ;-)

After dinner we completely cleaned the playroom.  We vacuumed it and reorganized it, though you two tend to 'disappear' whenever the vacuum cleaner is on.  :-P  Then, we relaxed and I felt more biscuit kicks.  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Day Of Autumn

Dearest Blessings~

Today is the first day of fall!  Woo hoo!  I love this weather!  It's so pretty outside and it's getting cooler.  :-)

I made you two some bacon and eggs for breakfast.  But, you two didn't eat much.  It was worth a shot.  We saved your plates to try later. 
Daddy and I paid bills and relaxed as you two played downstairs.  We started to strip all the beds and pillowcases in the house.  You two are still congested but we need to start sterilizing the house again.

Then, we ran to Target for a grocery run.  You both ate two cookies.  It wasn't very crowded today.  Grace fell asleep on the way home and continued to nap once home.  Daddy made hotdogs for you two for lunch. 

We did lots of chores after lunch:
-Vacuumed entire downstairs
-Continued doing laundry: ran things on 'sterilize' mode so it took twice as long
-Vacuumed all three bedrooms
-Swept entire upstairs
-Continued to go through all the stored clothes: we organized 0-6 months for biscuit and continued to pack up sizes you all don't fit into

You two were hungry at 2:30pm, but then you still didn't eat much.  Ugh!  How come you all aren't eating anymore?  Joshua ended up napping by 3:30pm.  Grace, you fought it and didn't nap.  You played as daddy and I put on the UNC football game .... we won!  :-)

We made a good dinner of pasta and meat sauce.  But, surprise, you all didn't eat.  :-P  So, we went for a family walk around the neighborhood.  You two were in the wagon.  We walked for 50 minutes.  Grace, you fell asleep briefly.  Joshua liked to watch the moon.  We were home by 7pm and you two are some apple pieces once home. 

Grace, you can reach the door handles to open them .... you push the doors to close them.  :-P

We relaxed in the playroom this evening. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Good OB Appointment

Dearest Miracles~

Today is Grandpa Jim's birthday!  Woo hoo!  He turns 58 years old.  We'll celebrate more this weekend.  

We were up early this morning.  You all were changed and downstairs by 7am.  I had an early morning baby biscuit appointment at the OB office at 8:15am.  Uncle James came over to watch you two.  Grace, you got to show off the fact that Joshua has taught you the word 'mine'.  :-P

Our baby biscuit appointment went well!  They drew my blood to do a glucose test and check my iron count.  I'll get the results of those later.  We're a little over 28 weeks gestation.  Baby biscuit's heart rate was 140.  My weight is 160.1 pounds, which is two pounds up from our last appointment.  So, we're averaging a pound a week which is what they want though I don't like being this heavy.  :-P  My blood pressure was 110/60.  There was no protein detected in my urine.  So far so good!  No signs of pre-eclampsia or other things.  And, I was home by 8:40am.  :-)

We had snack time once I was home.  Joshua, you ate 3/4 cup applesauce.  Grace, you ate an entire cheese stick.  You two continued to play with Uncle James and then we packed up and walked around the mall. 

While there, we ate lunch together.  You two rocked lunch!  You split an 8 piece nugget meal and only left one nugget!  In fact, you all ate more chicken than fries!  Woo hoo! 

We went to Gigi's house afterward.  Joshua, you played on Gigi's piano while Uncle James played on the drums.  Grace, you played with the flash cards and blocks.  You both were playful today though Grace had more of a runny nose.  Oh, and Joshua checked on Uncle James's fish and snail.  ;-) 

You were both napping by 2:30pm.  Once awake, we visited with Uncle James, Gigi, and Grandpa Jim.  We wished Grandpa Jim a happy birthday! 

We were home later and had dinner with daddy.  Then, we relaxed upstairs in the playroom.  Grace, you were still congested this evening and bedtime. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lingering Illness

Dearest Gifts~

Joshua, you slept better last night.  And, you didn't throw up!  Woo hoo!  Grace, you were congested and coughing.  Daddy and I both woke up congested with sore throats.  Ugh.  It may take a while for all of this sickness to leave our house. 

Everyone was up as daddy and I were getting ready this morning.  So, we all had kisses before work!  We didn't really have anything in the house that I could take for a cold, but luckily, when I got to work, the other dentist had some cough drops.  :-)

Joshua, you did well with Quinn today for speech therapy.  You all worked on the sheet of words she gave us last week.  She'll probably give us a new sheet next week.  I'm so impressed at how far you've come!  

I got home at 6:40pm.  Daddy had dinner for us though you two had already eaten.  You both felt better with Penny today.  You're not as congested, but still sneezing and coughing.  You two gave a lot of kisses and hugs when we got home!  That's always the best part of my work day!  ;-)

We all played and relaxed this evening in the bonus room.  You all both had some more tylenol before bed.  Grace, I kept a rag near the bed since your nose was still runny.  I hope you two feel better soon!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Dearest Precious Angels~

Joshua, you poor little man!  You threw up a little in bed at 12:20am.  Daddy and I changed the sheets and pillowcases.  And, you got more Tylenol.  I hope you feel better soon man.  It started to rain pretty hard then, but Grace continued to sleep as the three of us tried to get back to sleep.

Guess what .... the leaves are starting to change.  Everything is so pretty now!

Today we're 28 weeks gestation with baby biscuit.  We had more kicks today!  Our next appointment is friday morning, so please continue to pray for a healthy pregnancy!

Joshua guess what .... you sat on the potty for a few minutes with Penny today.  :-)

Daddy got home early at 4:20pm.  We were worried about you two since you all were sick, so I texted Penny during the day to see how you all were.  I didn't get home until 6:15pm.  You two were both playful with Penny, but congested, coughing, and sneezing.  

This evening, we did some laundry.  I wanted to wash the things from last night when Joshua got sick.  Then, we watched a little Dora. 

You two gave each other hugs this evening .... it was so cute! 

Grace, this evening you got a bath.  Joshua, you didn't want one, surprisingly.  Then everyone got some Tylenol and Vicks before bed. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Everyone Sick

Dearest Blessings~

Everyone was sick today.  You both woke up congested and sneezy.  No one slept.  You were both awake at 6am.  Ugh!  Even daddy and I woke up with sore throats.  :-P

So, everyone got Tylenol at breakfast.  I was continually wiping your noses every few minutes.  

No one had a fever, so we made the trip to speech therapy for a 9:30am appointment with Kim.  I rescheduled for today since Joshua had his preschool meeting yesterday morning.  We stayed inthe rest of the day though so everyone could rest.

Little man, you did well for Kim.  We're trying to start on two word phrases spontaneously so we want to add 'please' onto the end of things.

We were home before lunch but ate because everyone was hungry anyway.  You all ate well.  You each had a hotdog and then some goldfish crackers.  It ended up raining off and on this afternoon, and some times it came down hard.  

We relaxed upstairs afterward.  You all watched one Dora episode and you two slowed down enough to rest during it.  Then, I put you two down for a nap.  Joshua fought nap time more even though he appeared to be more sick than Grace.  You were both congested but Grace's nose was not as runny.  You were both napping by 1:30pm.  It really stormed at 3pm and woke everyone up.

You two went back down and Grace ended up napping longer than Joshua again.  I had to wake her so that we would be downstairs and relaxing by 4pm before Quinn got here.  

Little man, you did well with Quinn despite your cold.  We went through two sheets of words.  She gave us some more signs to work on.   Grace, you ended up eating a lot of apple pieces during the appointment. 

As you two played afterward, I cooked a pizza for dinner.  Grace, you ate well, but Joshua didn't.  Daddy was home at 6:30pm.  Joshua, you ate a little more and then completely threw up!  Yuck!  Daddy threw you both on the bath and then you all watched a Dora episode.  You two appeared to feel better afterward.  

Everyone got more Tylenol and Vicks tonight.  Unfortunately, Joshua ended up throwing up again as we were getting ready for bed.  Poor thing.  You have no fever, but we gave you some medicine.  I hope you two are better in the morning.  I hate when you all are sick! 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Monday, September 17, 2012


Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Grace, you were congested, sneezing, and warm all night.  I gave you some more Tylenol at 2am.  Joshua, you came into our bed at that time too.

We were up and at 'em early this morning.  Joshua had another preschool evaluation at 9:30 in Cary.  You met with the speech therapist to determine the next steps in the process.  You've shown so much improvement since the last evaluation, but you still have a long way to go.  The evaluation took about an hour.  The next step will be a home visit where they will observe you with Quinn during one of our speech therapy appointments.

Grace, you and I played in the waiting room.  You were so sneezy and congested, but playful at the same time.  I followed you around with a rag to wipe your nose.  There were no other kids or adults there, so we had the place to ourselves.  :-)

We were home for lunch and you both ate well.  You two almost finished your plates.

After, we relaxed upstairs and watched two Dora episodes.  It was the only way I could get you two to sit still so that Grace could rest.  Little lady, you needed to lay down so that you would feel better.  I took some photos of you both as you two watched Dora.  Then, you all went down for naps at 2pm.

I finished reading my third photo lesson.  I still have a DVD to watch and things to listen to though.  So far, everything as been so interesting.  I've learned a lot, but it will take lots of praactice to do some of the things that they discuss in the lessons. 

Grace, for the first time, you took a longer nap than Joshua.  You were still napping at 4:30pm as Joshua was playing all around.  I didn't disturb you since you've been sick and needed the rest.

Daddy came home shorty after since the computer system was down at work.  Coming home early is always fun!  We had leftovers for dinner though Joshua didn't eat much.  :-P

We all played upstairs afterward with crayons and blocks.  You all helped daddy figure out a computer problem for me.  Then we watched one Dora episode.  Joshua, you were hungry afterward at 8pm .... surprise!  So, we went downstairs and you both had some crackers.  You all ran around and daddy got a video.  Grace even said some words in the video .... yippie!

Grace, you had some Tylenol and Vicks for before bed.  I hope you feel better soon!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Dearest Blessings~

Grace, you poor little thing.  You were congested all night.  I gave you some Tylenol in the morning.  I was sick too around 1am and had insomnia.  I don't think any of us slept much.  :-P

Despite the rough sleeping last night and this morning, we made it to church early!  We saw Grandpa Jim and Gigi.  Uncle James was sick, so Joshua was disappointed.  :-P  Gigi played in the Praise Team.  Then, we all sat together for the sermon.  You two drew during the sermon.  Joshua, you ate a whole container of crackers and then spit them out.  Yuck.  :-P

We were home by 11am.  Daddy made hotdogs for you all.  Neither of you two really ate.  So, we put your plates in the fridge and will try again later.  

Today was a cooler day and it rained all day.  It was the first time we've all been in pants and long sleeve shirts in a while!  Grace, you continued to have a runny nose all day, so I continued to give you Tylenol. 

We ran to Khols after lunch.  Daddy and I got some fall clothes for Joshua .... Grace, you still have a lot of long sleeve shirts/pants that are 18 months.  We'll continue to box up and organize clothes over the next few months before baby biscuit gets here.  Joshua, we got you 7 tops, 3 pairs of pants, and 2 pajama sets.  :-)  That should get you started.  ;-)

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Harris Teeter for milk.  I laid down with Grace once home since her nose was red.  Joshua was hungry and ate with daddy downstairs .... good thing we save those plates from lunch.  Grace, you were pitiful and congested.  You could barely rest with your runny nose, poor thing. 

I went through more clothes for baby biscuit.  We have a lot of newborn clothes from the two of you!

You two helped us cook a nice and healthy dinner.  We made chicken, carrots, peas, corn, onion, garlic, and rice.  Joshua ate well!  He fed himself from his own bowl.  He even ate a pea and then said 'Yum!'  Ha!  We told Gigi afterward since she doesn't like peas.  ;-)

You two 'facetimed' with Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James after dinner.  Joshua wanted to check on Uncle James since he was sick.  And, he wanted to see the fish and snail.  :-)

Grace, you had three doses of Tylenol today.  Daddy put Vicks on your chest and belly this evening.  I hope you feel better tomorrow!  I hate when you two aren't feeling well.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Family Outing

Dearest Miracles~

Good morning you two!  I want to share with you all what we learned from our devotional this morning.  It said:

"We can live joyfully in the present when we know the future is secure.  As Christian parents, we can approach the trials of life with calm assurance because we know nothing on this earth can keep us from an eternity with God.  Our faith is revealed in the way we respond to everyday events.  Sometimes we forget the end result for those who trust in the Lord.  We will live and reign with Him and for Him.  The future is assured." 

So, as you two experience disappointments in life, keep in mind this message of hope from the Lord!  And, daddy and I will always be there to help you all.  We love you so much! 

Everyone ended up in our bed at some point in the evening.  We were up around 7:30am.  After breakfast we all relaxed downstairs. 

Once we got ready for the day, we headed out for some family fun!  We first made a quick stop back at AC Moore and picked up a photo mat for my photograph.  I'll frame everything to see how it looks later.  We have about 2 weeks and then the photograph will be due for the contest.  :-)

Then we headed to 'Sparkcon' downtown.  It's an art festival and we saw lots of people doing sidewalk chalk drawings in the streets!  We also saw a skateboard demonstration, clothing/fashion booths, kids crafts .... there were lots of things going on.  We also did a lot of walking!  Several blocks were cut off from traffic for the event.

We ended up eating lunch downtown at a BBQ place called The Pit.  You two ate fairly well considering you also had some crackers earlier for snacks.  Grace, you tried ketchup on a french fry and got it all over your shirt.  :-P

On the way home, we made a quick trip to Target.  Joshua, you slept the whole time and daddy carried you.  Grace, you woke once I put you in the cart but were cooperative.  My back was aching too much to keep carrying you, so I had to put you down.  You both continued napping once home around 2pm.  So we all rested and relaxed!

Once awake, we took a family walk with you two in the wagon.  We walked around 2 miles.  We had such beautiful weather today, but I was tired after all the walking earlier in the day too.  ;-)

We were home for dinner and everyone just had leftovers.  You all played with blocks afterward and daddy and I baked some brownies for everyone.  Oh, and I didn't burn myself this time!  Ha!  You both ate some brownies.   ;-)

You all watched some Dora this evening.  Daddy worked on the budget.  I pulled out some newborn clothes for biscuit and framed my photo for the contest.  It looks pretty good, so we'll see what the judges think next month.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Snacks

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Everyone was up early before 7am this morning.  We all had cheerios at breakfast together and then played a little downstairs.  Joshua saw deer in the backyard and said 'deer' clear as day!  ;-)

Once upstairs, I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike as you two played.  You two really ate your snacks afterward!  I was impressed!  Joshua, you had 3/4 cup applesauce and 1.5 cheese sticks.  Grace, you ate a fruit purée pouch and 2 cheese sticks!  Whoa!

Joshua, you like to walk around and count to 10!  It's so cute!  :-)

We made a quick trip to AC Moore for a secret mission .... well, not really secret.  I was looking for a photo mat for a picture I took of Grace.  I've been trying to clean it up on the computer to enter into the state fair photography contest.  This store had more selection here than Michael's so I got confused!  Ugh!  I needed another set of eyes good with colors, so daddy will help us over the weekend.  ;-)

We were home for lunch but you two didn't eat much.  Did you two eat too much at snack time?

I took you two upstairs and we watched a Dora episode since you all were good and I took a quick shower. You two never moved nor noticed I was gone.  Really?  ;-)

We spoke to Grandpa Jim after to catch up on the phone.  Joshua did some counting.  Then, you both were napping by 2pm.

Once awake Joshua was hungry so we cooked dinner.  You two helped make eggs, toast, and bacon.  Grace, you ate all your bacon, cheese, and toast.  You didn't want the eggs.  Joshua, you ate all your bacon, cheese toast, and two helpings of eggs!  Both had chocolate teddy graham crackers after as a reward!  Daddy was home right when we were finishing.  :-)

Daddy and I started to purge you all's dresser this evening.  This is the chore of the weekend .... to update your clothes and potentially go shopping for things you all may need for the fall.  It looks like Grace has enough fall 18 month clothes, but Joshua's pile is skimpy.  :-P  I guess we'll go shopping over the weekend.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sleepy Heads

Dearest Angels~

You three didn't wake up until 7am this morning!  I had to leave for work shortly after!  My oh my little sleepy heads!  ;-)

You all had another Daddy Day again while I was at work.  Mimi came over early and took you all to the library for story time.  Then, you all got another three pairs of shoes, because you all don't already have enough.  :-P  You all have at least 12 pairs of shoes now.  We're going to have to reorganize everything to make them all fit in the shoe bin. 

Joshua, you did well with Quinn this afternoon.  You all went through three sheets of words.  Grace, it took you a while to get into the appointment because you were napping once she came over.  We always have you participate too since you're speech is also delayed.  We'll continue to work on the same words/sounds for next week too.  :-)

Daddy made dinner, though you all didn't eat much.  You all had run out of milk this evening, so we made a quick trip to Harris Teeter for some after dinner.  

We had more baby biscuit kicks this evening.  You all watched a Dora episode before bed and Grace sat against me as biscuit was kicking.  Ha!  Your sister was kicking you!  You know, you use to kick Joshua, when he was smaller and would fall asleep on me!   ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Drawing Deer

Dearest Precious Gifts~

Today we're 27 weeks gestation with baby biscuit!  Woo hoo!  I felt lots of kicks today while at work, especially during lunch.  She must have been hungry too.  ;-)

Penny is gone this week, so today you all had a Daddy Day!  You both said 'bye bye' to me this morning as I was leaving for work.  Even Grace!  Wow!  I'm so proud of your words!  I gave you two lots of kisses!

Today was kind of a rougher daddy day.  Joshua, you never napped and didn't eat well.  You all did see some deer in the backyard and Joshua tried to draw it!  So cute!  Daddy put on lots of Dora for you two to distract you all so he could get some things done for work.  I'm sure you all didn't mind.  

I picked up dinner on the way home for everyone.  You two gave me hugs and kisses when I got home .... that's always the best part of my day! 

This evening we relaxed in the playroom.  I hope you all eat a little better tomorrow.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day Of Remembrance

Dearest Blessings~

Today is a day of remembrance .... 11 years ago today, 4 planes were hijacked in an act of terrorism.  Almost 3000 people lost their lives that day to a senseless act of hatred.  I was in college and all classes were cancelled.  Our lives stood still as we watched President Bush and all the other news and media coverage going on.  It's surreal to think that one day you all will read about this event in your history books.  We wore our NY shirts today and had a moment of silence at 8:46am .... the time the first Twin Tower was hit. 

Today is also a day of remembrance of Nana .... your Great Grandmother on Gigi's side (Gigi's mom), passed away June of 2001 and today would have been her 77th birthday.  Every 9/11 we remember her and her memory.  I know she looks down at you all everyday from Heaven and is so proud of you both! 

We were up early this morning.  Joshua had a 9am feeding appointment with Krista at Rex.  Little man, you ate your cheese toast, asparagus, carrots, eggs, and yogurt!  Wow!  And, I was so happy because I had cooked it all, minus the yogurt.  ;-)  We can now move to monthly appointments now.  I'm so proud of you!  Grace, you ate two purée pouches there too!  :-)  Krista was impressed that you knew your colors!  She said your speech as improved greatly!

Afterward, we made two quick trips to Michael's and Lifeway.  We were on a secret mission to find something, but they didn't have what I was looking for.  Oh well.  We'll try somewhere else.  

We were home by 11am and played downstairs with some music on.  You both ate well for lunch too.  Once you two ate, we went upstairs.  I did 40 minutes on the exercise bike.  Grace, you were napping by 1:35pm.  Joshua, you fought it a little, but you eventually went down around 2pm.

Quinn had a cancellation today so she came earlier at 3:30pm.  I had to wake you two at 3pm!  You did well for Quinn.  You all went through all the words we've been working on.  You got a new sheet of words to practice.  Quinn was impressed at your counting!

Afterward we worked on dinner.  Joshua said his ABC's to the letter 'L' with no prompting and without looking!  Whoa!  We made pizza and roasted veggies.  You both ate well .... minus the veggies.  You gobbled the pizza!  :-P

We watched some Dora this evening.  Then you two had a bath.  Grace, you like to pull your pants/shorts up by yourself.  You can't do it completely, but it's still cute.  ;-)

Joshua, you sure like Gigi and Uncle James .... you ask for them each day!  Also, you must like the color blue.  Every night you want the ladybug night light to shine blue (verses purple or green).  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun Day

Dearest Angels~

Well, we were up and out of bed at 7:30am, though you both were up several times during the night/morning.  :-P  I was happy that you all both ate cereal at breakfast!  Joshua, you're getting better at solid foods in the morning.  :-)  Grace, you put up a tiny fuss this morning because you didn't want to put a shirt on.  Oh my!

Once you all were done eating, we went upstairs.  You all played and I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike.  Joshua, you had a nice snack afterward and ate all your applesauce.  Grace, you refused snack time.  :-P

After snack time, we got ready and then headed out to speech therapy to see Kim.  Little man, you did well!  We're still braking up some two syllable words, but you're showing a lot of improvement.  In fact, Kim was impressed by your counting.  You went to 11 for her!  As you were in the back, Grace and I played in the waiting room.  There was a lady there who was impressed with Grace taking her shoes off and putting them back on again all by herself.  ;-)

We were home by lunch.  You both ate well .... you even ate a little of the ground turkey meat with rice from last night.  We all played downstairs afterward.  By 2pm, we went upstairs for story time.  I read you all two books and then you all were napping by 2:45pm.

I read and then Grace noodled next to me on the couch since she woke early.  ;-)  Once Joshua woke, we made pancakes and bacon for dinner.  You both finished your plates though we had to bribe Joshua a little.  :-P  You all played with blocks afterward.

This evening, we went upstairs and played.  You two like the tablet.  You all played Angry Birds (which Joshua calls 'birds'), a soccer game (which Joshua calls 'ball'), and Talking Tom.   ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family Nap

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Good morning you two.  Daddy made pancakes for breakfast!  Yummy!  You two each ate half a pancake and some bacon!  Then, you all played downstairs while we cleaned.  Joshua, you also worked on your ABC's.  :-)

Once we got ready, we did a family walk together.  Today was a beautiful day with wonderful weather!  We walked close to 2.5 miles and you all were in the wagon! 

When we got back, we made a quick trip to Target.  You each ate two cookies.  We also saw some friends while there.  We were back for lunch and made a pizza.  You two both ate well.  :-)

Afterward, we played upstairs.  You two helped clean the playroom and we also did some laundry.  We ran the sheets and pillowcases.  Everyone was napping by 2pm.  In fact, we had a family nap!  ;-)

You two helped us cook dinner.  We made some ground turkey meat with rice.  You two mostly ate hotdog and cheese toast, though you didn't eat much!  Daddy then made his lunches for the week. 

We all played upstairs afterward.  Daddy played some banjo and I took some photos of you all.  You two were so cute and funny playing with the 'Talking Tom' game on the tablet.  It's a cat that mimics what you say.  You both tried to yell at it and the cat kept yelling back!  Daddy took a video!  ;-)

You two had a bath at 8pm. By 8:30pm, you both wanted dinner.  Ugh.  So, we went back downstairs and you both finished your hotdogs.  You were finally in bed by 9:20pm, though Grace was in ours.  :-P

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fun Lunch

Dearest Angels~

Joshua, I'm so proud of you!  You did well during the night.  You didn't mess with any of your electrodes, so they didn't have to come in during the night to adjust anything.  I was up about every two hours.  It's hard for me to sleep in an unfamiliar place, plus I was checking on you.  You and I curled up together in the full bed all night.  :-)

They came in and woke you at 6am and took all the electrodes off.  They needed at least 6 hours of data collection and you gave them more than 6 hours.  ;-)  So, we were in the cafeteria by 6:45am with breakfast and milk.  I'm so proud of you!  Not only did you sleep well for your appointment, but you also ate your bacon, potatoes, and eggs at breakfast.  :-)  We'll have the results from the sleep study in a few weeks.

We were on the road heading home by 7:30am and got home by 8:30am.  Grace and daddy had just woken up.  :-P  There were many hugs and kisses all around when we got home.  This was the longest time you two have been separated!  Grace, you had curled up with daddy all night.  :-)

You two both had baths by mid morning.  We tried to get all the glue out of Joshua's hair from the electrodes.  I think it will take a few more baths to get everything out. 

Since Joshua did so well with his appointment, we decided to have a fun lunch.  We went to a pizza place for a buffet.  Daddy and I laughed because for kids, they charged your age time 70 cents.  So, Grace, you cost us a whole $0.70 and Joshua, you were a whopping $1.40!  Ha!  You both did well with a new place/foods.  You both tried something new, but you mostly liked the cookies at the end. 

Afterward, we made a trip to Costco.  We stocked up on meats for the next month and some fun crackers for you all.  You two each ate another cookie while there.  :-P

You both fell asleep on the drive home.  You continued to nap once home and I read as daddy mowed the lawn.  I eventually fell asleep next to you both though.  ;-)

Once you two woke, we played upstairs and watched UNC football.  We lost.  Pooh.

For dinner, we cooked eggs, toast, bacon, and cheese.  Neither of you two ate well.  I guess you were full from all the cookies at lunch.  :-P  We played with blocks downstairs afterward. 

Joshua knows his ABC's!  We have the letters on a window downstairs and you'll say them if we point to the letters!  We're so proud of you! 

This evening it thundered and rained.  We relaxed in the playroom. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Sleep Study

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Well, we were all up early with a baby biscuit appointment at the OB office.  Uncle James came over to watch you two as I ran out.  The office is only 5 minutes from our house, so I wasn't gone long.  The appointment was at 8:15am and I was back home at 8:35am.  

Everything went well.  My blood pressure was under control at 112/70.  There was no trace of protein in my urine and baby biscuit's heart rate was 150.  :-)  I've gained 20 pounds so far (I'm at 158.2 lbs .... whoa!) so I'm on my way for a 30 pound healthy pregnancy.  Also, our uterine height is 26cm, which is consistent with the number of weeks gestation we currently are.  So far so good!  :-)

You two had fun while I was gone.  There were deer in the backyard this morning.  You all played with blocks and Joshua had an ABC lesson with Uncle James.  He also counted to 10.  You two read stories together with Uncle James when I got home.  And Grace, you said 'apple' for me! 

Once we were done playing downstairs, we headed upstairs for some more fun.  I put a CD on for some music and you all did puzzles together. 

We all picked up some lunch and ate at Gigi's house with Uncle James.  Then, you all did some flash cards, more puzzles, and some drawing.  Before I knew it, you two were playing Gigi's piano!  

We got back home by 2:30pm.  Grace, you napped while Joshua played.  I ended up taking you both upstairs for naps, but then Grace woke up.  Joshua, you continued to fight a nap.  I couldn't get you two back down until 4pm! 

Once daddy got home, Joshua and I headed to UNC for his sleep study appointment.  Grace, you stayed with daddy at the house.  Little man, since you were premature, they wanted to check your breathing and lungs during this study.  This is also why you've been on the inhaler for the past month and a half.  You and I stayed at UNC overnight. 

Once we parked in the parking deck, I turned to you and said 'ok remember where we parked' .... you smiled at me, little man and then said 'Uncle James.'  ;-)  Well, at least you smiled!  ;-)

Your appointment was at 6:30pm.  We got to the patient registration area right at 6:27pm.  Your room looked like a little, tiny hotel room.  ;-)  There was a full size bed, a pull out chair, a television, and bathroom.  We both fit on the bed, so we didn't have to use the pull out chair.  We saw at least two other girls having a sleep study too in other rooms.

I brought you a little dinner, so you ate on the bed as the nurse spoke to us.  At 7:30pm, he came back in and put around 25 electrodes on your body .... it took over an hour and you were not happy!  You kept saying 'all done' and I had to keep wiping your little tears and nose (though there was nothing that was hurting you .... you just didn't know what was going on).  There were electrodes on your head, back, arms, legs, and face.  The last thing that was placed was a nasal cannula.  It was over around 8:45pm.  You calmed down in my arms and then I put a soccer game on the tablet for you to play.  We watched two Dora episodes and then we drifted to sleep.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, September 6, 2012


Dearest Miracles~

Somehow, everyone ended up in our bed last night .... so daddy and I got minimal sleep.  You two aren't that big, but for some reason you all sure can take up a whole lot of king size bed space!

Grace, you apparently tumbled off the once daddy and I were getting ready for work.  Ugh!  You now have a bruise on your left cheek.  :-P

Since you two were awake so early, we all got hugs and kisses before work.  Yippie!  :-)

I got home a little later .... around 7pm.  There was a big storm before I left, but luckily I didn't have to drive in it much.

Grace, you weren't feeling well this evening and cried while daddy was home watching you two.  You felt warm and were fussy when I got home too.  I gave you some tylenol. 

Joshua, you tumbled off the ottoman this evening and hit your head!  My oh my.  You got grumpy.  Grace was feeling better by then.  :-P

We had more baby biscuit kicks this evening.  We have our next appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully everything will be fine.  Keep praying for a healthy pregnancy. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Hiding Shoes

Dearest Blessings~

Joshua, you slept all night in your own bed!  Whoa!  Way to go little man!  Grace, you, on the other hand, slept all night in our bed.  :-P

We saw deer in the backyard this morning!  They were so pretty!  Then, we all had hugs and kisses before leaving for work.  

We're 26 weeks gestation with baby biscuit today.  I'm feeling more kicks too.  Friday is our next appointment with the OB.  :-)

You all had fun with Penny today.  You all went to the park and had art time inside.  Grace, you hid Penny's shoes this afternoon so it took everyone a while to find them so she could go back home.  Ha!  

I got home at 6:30pm.  Daddy had a meeting after work this evening, so Grandpa Jim and Uncle James came over to watch you all until I got there.  You two were both busying playing when I got home and didn't even notice me in the kitchen.  I had to chase you all down to get a kiss!  :-P

We all visited for a little bit before Uncle James and Grandpa Jim had to go.  You all played with blocks, cars, and trains.  You also worked on your words.  Grace, you said 'bubble' and 'bye' to them!  I was home so I got to hear you say them!  I was so proud!  Way to go!  

Once everyone left, we went upstairs and watched some Dora.  My feet were hurting, so I propped them up to relax.  Daddy was home around 8:15pm. 

Grace, you will now automatically just follow me into bed, lay down on my pillow, and pull the covers up.  Oh my!  My little roommate!  ;-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hiding Planes

Dearest Angels~

You two woke up as daddy was leaving for work.  Luckily, you two calmed down once he left and slept a little longer since I was still tired from last night.  Little man you were still awake close to 11pm last night.  My oh my!

You two surprised me this morning .... you both ate a lot of Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast!  I mean, several plates worth! 

As you two ate, I cooked hotdogs for the week and prepared/started the crock pot for dinner.  We're making a simple pot roast with potato, apple, spinach, corn, peas, green beans, and carrots!

Once we were done downstairs, we headed up and I did 45 minutes on the exercise bike .... though I had to get off once to separate you two.  :-P  Then, we did some laundry.  We also had some tickle and giggle time together on the floor!  ;-)

You all ate well for lunch.  You both ate an entire hotdog, cheese, and some crackers.  I noticed that you two were running out of milk.  I don't want you all to run out while Penny's here, so we made a quick trip to Target for some milk and orange juice.  You both each ate a cookie while there.

We were back home a little after 2pm.  I read some story books to you all and then you were napping by 3pm.  I read and then rested as you two napped. 

Once daddy got home, we all had dinner together.  My stomach didn't feel too well (I actually got a little sick while you two were napping), so I only had a little bit of the crock pot meal.  You all continued to play downstairs with daddy as I took a quick shower.  You all played with blocks.

We all watched some Dora this evening and then Joshua wanted something to eat at 8:20pm!  Grace found a little toy plane and carried it with her downstairs.  Once we were downstairs, Joshua grabbed the plane from Grace's hands and hid it under the couch so she couldn't play with it.  She cried.  Joshua, you didn't get your crackers until you gave the plane back.  Obviously you two are still learning to share. 

You two were late to bed again from the late night snack.  We weren't even back upstairs until after 9:10pm.  Grace, you won't even crawl into your own bed anymore.  You go right next to me in my bed.  :-P

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Happy Labor Day!  This is an American federal holiday that occurs on the first monday of September each year.  Daddy had off from work!  Woo hoo!

Grace, you fell asleep next to me in bed again last night.  I'm not sure how to get you into your own bed again.  Hummmm.

Guess what .... everyone had some cereal with breakfast this morning!  Yippie!  Joshua, I like how you're eating more solid food in the morning.  After breakfast, we played downstairs with the blocks.  You all made more tunnels for the trains.  :-)

We got ready by mid morning and headed over to Mimi's and Grandpa Mike's for lunch.  We also saw Uncle Brennan (Aunt Katie was working).  Joshua, you ate well (with daddy's help).  Grace, you didn't eat much at all.  :-P

We tried to go to the mall afterward to stretch our legs.  We drove around for a parking space but it was too crowded.  So, we drove home instead.  Grace, you fell asleep in the van and continued to nap once home.  Joshua played and then napped later.  I actually fell asleep with Grace.  :-P

You two helped cook a good dinner!  We cut up steak, onion, garlic, carrots, corn, and spinach.  Then, we sautéed it all with stir fry sauce and rice ..... yummm!  I also had spinach salad to be healthy.  You two didn't eat much of your chicken for dinner though.  :-P

Afterward, we all helped clean the downstairs.  We straightened the kitchen and vacuumed everywhere.  Then, we played downstairs.  It started to rain this evening with thunder and lightning. 

We came upstairs and watched Dora once we were done.  At 8:45pm, we started to get you two ready for bed and you both wanted something to eat!  Ugh!  So, you both were eating dinner at 9pm!  You two weren't in bed until 9:40pm.  Let's eat dinner at dinner time for now on ok?  That was so frustrating for daddy and I. 

Grace, you noodled next to me in bed again .... my little roommate.  It was 10:30pm and Joshua was still awake.  He ended up in our bed too .... daddy and I were too exhausted to move either of you.  :-P

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Lunch Company

Dearest Blessings~

Yuck!  I felt so sick last night!  I was very hot once I got in bed so I put the ceiling fan up .... I think I froze daddy.  :-P  By 1am I was in and out of the bathroom nauseous.  By 1:30am I came back to bed and found Grace curled up on my pillow.  Really?  I found some space that she had left me to sleep.  A few hours later, Joshua came in.  Daddy sat up to see him and Grace quickly noodled over to his pillow!  For being so small you take up a lot of king size bed space.  :-P   Daddy took Joshua back to his bed and laid down next to him.  I continued to lay next to Grace but was still feeling sick.  By 5am I was up again with a headache.  It was not a great night.  :-P

Despite the rough morning, we manged to make it to church!  We saw Gigi, Uncle James, and Grandpa Jim.  Gigi played in the Praise Team (percussion and keyboards).  There was a really cool stand up bass player next to her.  We all liked him.  :-)  Grace, you got a little crabby so Grandpa Jim and I walked around with you and missed the sermon.  Joshua, you sat with Uncle James and had fun drawing on the bulletin. 

Everyone had lunch at our house afterward.  Joshua played with blocks with Uncle James.  And, you both had art time with crayons.  It started to thunder and rain while you all were playing.

We all watched an episode of Dora.  Then, Uncle James read to you two for nap time.  Joshua, you fell asleep around 2:40pm.  Grace, you stayed awake and then wanted crackers.  :-P  Grace, you finally went down around 4pm with daddy holding you.  Then, we all napped!  ;-)

We made some chicken and pasta for dinner.  Neither of you ate your dinner.  :-P  Hummmm.  We played with blocks downstairs afterward.  Joshua made some tunnels and trains.  Joshua, your block trains are so cute .... you put two little blocks together to make a 'train.'  Grace, you made boots and 'talked' like you were trying to explain them.  Maybe you'll be a fashion designer when you're bigger.  ;-)

I had more baby biscuit kicks this evening as you all played.  We're thinking of more names for her.  Are you all getting excited?

Joshua, you can count to 10 now!  You can count to 5 by yourself now and can count to 10 if we put our fingers up.  I'm so proud of you!  :-)

This evening, we relaxed in the playroom.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Date Night

Dearest Gifts~

Ahhhh .... everyone slept in to 7:30am this morning.  Of course, everyone also managed to crawl into our bed at some point in the night.  :-P

You two fought over a book this morning .... I guess sharing is still a new concept in this house.

Joshua, you're starting to answer yes/no questions, though it's not always clear if you fully understand them.  For example, if one were to ask you, 'Joshua, it's late .... do you want to go to bed?' you would likely answer 'no' which I believe since you like to fight naps and bedtime.  However, if one were to ask you, 'Joshua, do you have a sister?' you would also answer 'no' which we all know to be false .... in fact, you're about to have two so you'd better get use to it!  ;-)

At snack time Joshua did really well.  He ate his applesauce!  Grace, you on the other hand, refused everything.  However, once we went to Target for groceries, you sure ate the cookies!  You both had two cookies while there.  Grace, you fell asleep in the van on the drive home and stayed napping once home. 

Today was the first day of football season.  UNC played Elon.  We watched some of it as Grace napped and Joshua played.  We won .... errr, we 'crushed' Elon .... 62-0.  ;-)

We made chicken nuggets and fries for lunch.  Grace, you slept through lunch even though we tried to wake you.  We ran some laundry and then you woke at 1:30pm.  You ate 'lunch' at 1:50pm.  :-P

Joshua, if you make a poopy diaper you will now say 'dirty' and point to your bottom.  You won't sit on the potty yet but that's a start.

Oh, and little man, you never napped!  You were hyper and grumpy by 3:40pm but won't go down. 

Mimi and Grandpa Mike came over around 5:15pm.  Daddy and I went out for a 'date night' while you all played.  We went to Raleighwood and had dinner and saw the movie 'The Avengers.'  Our last date night was back in March.  You all had dinner at Andy's Burgers, played some Dora games, and you both had a bath.  Daddy and I were home around 8:30pm.  We got everyone ready for bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!