Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  What a busy day!  

I got an email from the CSS (Central Showing Service) that an agent wanted to show our townhouse.  Since we haven't gotten the deposit yet from Julie, the property management group told us to keep the reservation.  So, we packed up the cat this morning, and daddy took him to Gigi's before work!  When Penny came this morning, I told her there would be a potential showing at 10:30am .... then, while I was at work .... I got a phone call from the CSS (at 10:25am) that the agent canceled!  :-P  Grrrr!

You and Penny had fun though.  You took a little nap for her, played on the floor, did tummy time, and did some music time.  

Gigi came after work and watched you for about 1.5 hours.  I went to her house after work and picked up the cat.  :-P   Daddy met (Great) Uncle Laurence and the seller, Stan, at the new house.  He saw the irrigation, security, and HVAC systems.  Daddy said that Stan had a lot of boxes filled, so it looks like things are proceeding towards still closing on friday.  :-)

This evening, you played with your toys and did more tummy time.  Daddy and I packed more things around the townhouse so we'll be able to start moving this weekend.  

Tomorrow I head to work again.  Keep saving kisses and smiles for me!

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have Tenant

Joshua David~

Hello precious!  How are you?  :-)

You took a morning nap today.  Then, you played with your toys and did some tummy time.  :-)  You did well eating your rice cereal and oatmeal .... but you got a lot on your face so I gave you a nice nap after lunch.  :-)

This afternoon, daddy left work a little early and met us at the townhouse.  We all drove together to church to meet Fr. Gibson about your baptism this sunday!  We went through the service and discussed different aspects of the ceremony.  Fr. Gibson also baptized your daddy, and he performed the marriage ceremony for daddy and I!  He's really excited about baptizing you this sunday .... as are daddy and I.  :-)

After church, we headed over to Mimi's so we could drop off daddy's car to get fixed.  We don't know how long they'll keep it, so we're still borrowing Mimi's Explorer.  We ate dinner with Mimi and Grandpa Mike before heading back home.

We got some good news today!  We have a tenant!  Someone wants to rent the townhouse and move in as soon as possible!  We told them the earliest we could start to move out would be July 3rd (since we close on the new house on the 2nd), so our tenant (Julie and her son) will move in on July 6th (Gigi's birthday!).  That will give us enough time to move everything out, repair anything, get the carpets stretched and cleaned, and do a final walk through.  Whew!  What a load off our minds that the townhouse will be rented!  From what we know, Julie is a nurse relocating from DC and has a 6.5 year old son.  

Also, I spoke to (Great) Uncle Laurence today.  Daddy is going to meet him at the new house after work tomorrow to get a demonstration of the irrigation system, security system, and to check that the HVAC system was serviced.  Gigi will come here after work to relieve Penny and look after you until I get home.  On thursday, the seller has a moving company scheduled, and on friday we'll have our final walk through/inspection and then close that afternoon at 2pm!  Wow!  We have a lot on our plate .... but we're excited.  I'll be glad when all the moving is done and we get settled in the new place!  :-)

I head to work tomorrow, so Penny will be here.  Gigi will be here too!  Save a kiss for me!

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Showings

Dearest Joshua David~

Today we had a busy day!  In the morning, I cleaned the townhouse, packed you all up, packed the cat, and we went to Gigi's.  We had two showings of the townhouse today for potential tenants wanting to rent from us!  Woo hoo!  The first showing was at 12:30pm and the second showing was at 4pm.  I'll talk about those a little later.

We ran to the bank to make a deposit in the morning, and then stayed at Gigi's.  I had Eliza meet us at Gigi's for your physical therapy appointment scheduled for 11am.  Your sitting balance is coming along nicely, but you weren't as cooperative today with turning your head to the left and with your exercises.  You were fussy and not as tolerant.  You were like that with me earlier too.  Hopefully, you'll grow out of that and be more cooperative with your exercises.  We're hoping to move next weekend, so we may not have your physical therapy appointment next week.  We'll see.

So, after Eliza left, it was around 12:30pm, which was the first showing the townhouse.  We stayed at Gigi's and ate lunch.  After you had a bottle, we went back to the townhouse, straightened more things, and then went back to Gigi's since there was another showing at 4pm!  Gigi got home early from work, so once the second showing was over, she watched you as I brought the cat back to the townhouse.  It took me 25 minutes to get that cat back in the carrier!  Geez!  

You had a big diaper at Gigi's so I had to change your outfit.  I put you into a onesie that says "Everything is better at Grandma's."  Haha!  :-)

So, getting back to the townhouse story .... the second showing was at 4pm .... we got a call at 4:40pm that someone wanted to go through the rental screening and move in on July 1st!  Wow!  We don't close on the new house until friday, July 2nd!  So, we told them to see if the tenant could move in the 4th or later.  So, that's still pending and we potentially have a tenant!  How exciting!  Looks like things are falling into place for the townhouse and the new house.  What a blessing!

This evening you did more tummy time and played with toys.  Daddy and I packed boxes around the townhouse.

We have another big day tomorrow!  

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

99 Degrees

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cute boy!  Look how much you've grown!

We went to church this morning and saw Grandpa Jim.  You were awake and talkative during the service, but then fell asleep on him afterward!  Ha!  We spoke to Fr. Gibson, and we're going to meet with him tuesday afternoon to talk about the baptism service.  He's really excited, and so are daddy and I.

From church, we met up with Grandpa Mike and Uncle Brennan.  We ate lunch with them and then we picked up the Explorer to borrow while daddy's car is in the shop.  We won't be able to get the car into the shop until early in the week, and we don't know how long they'll need to keep it.  It needs a new clutch, wheel bearings, brakes .... and probably something else that I'm forgetting.  :-P

It was so HOT today .... it reached 99 degrees!  We were going to go for a walk, but then realized how hot it was.  :-P  So, we stayed inside and played.  :-)

This afternoon, you did some tummy time and played with toys.  We watched more World Cup soccer games with daddy, even though the US is out.  The referees have been really bad this year!  I hope in four years the US will go farther.  :-)

This evening, we played some more and you did even more tummy time.  :-)  Daddy and I worked out and took turns watching and playing with you.  Oh, you ate 10 tablespoons of solids again today!  Plus, more carrots!  By the way, everyone at church said that you were so big!  We are so blessed little Joshua!  

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!  :-)


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ten Tablespoons

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Today you had a big day!  :-)

First, you started out with a little nap on the bed.  Daddy worked out downstairs, so I took you upstairs and played on the bed.  You fell asleep, so I started reading.  Once you woke up, we played some more.  Gigi called while we were on the bed.  I put the phone on speaker and you kept reaching and grabbing for the phone.  :-)  Gigi's picture shows up on the phone when she calls, so I'm wondering if you thought Gigi was in the phone?  Ha!  You kept touching it and staring at it whenever she would say something.  :-)

Daddy and I weighed you today .... you're 16.1 lbs!  You're getting so big and we're so proud of you!  :-) 

We watched the US soccer team play again today during the World Cup.  We played Ghana.  Ghana scored early in the game, but later we scored off a penalty kick.  The game when into extra minutes since it was tied 1-1 after 90 minutes.  There were two 15 minute halves, and Ghana, again, scored early.  We ended up losing the game, so the US is out of the World Cup, but it was an exciting game to watch.  Will you play soccer when you're older?  You kicked in my belly, but I guess all babies do.  ;-)

You've gotten very talkative recently.  You're getting very close to saying "dada" though I keep saying "mama" around you.  ;-)

Guess what you did today .... besides eating more carrots .... you ate 10 tablespoons of solid foods!  Whoa!  You ate 4 tablespoons of barley .... 3 tablespoons of oatmeal .... and 3 tablespoons of rice cereal.  No wonder you weigh so much!  :-)

This afternoon Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over to see you.  They both held and played with you.  Afterward, we went to the grocery store and got you some more carrots .... since you gobbled up the rest of the jar today.  

We've started to box things up around the townhouse to prepare for our move.  The cat keeps jumping in the boxes though.  :-P

This evening you played with your toys and did more tummy time.  The other day daddy saw me giving you lots of kisses .... he asked you how many times a day you got kissed .... it's unmeasurable!  You are so loved little Joshua!

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Thirty Six Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little squirt!  Today you are thirty six weeks old!  Are you counting down the weeks until your birthday by now?  ;-)

Well, just as we thought, the seller's agent called this morning and wanted a delay on the closing.  We weren't surprised based on all the things that have gone on the past day or so.  The closing has been reschedule for next friday.  Daddy still had the day off though, so we had Family Friday.  :-)

You tried veggies for the first time today!  You ate half a jar (a little over an ounce) of carrots!  You gobbled them too.  Of course, they also turned your mouth and bib orange!  ;-)  I washed you off afterward.  Once we're settled in the new house, we can cook and make veggies together.  

We got our new flyers for the townhouse today and we're officially "for rent."  Hopefully we'll get some nibbles soon and we won't have to worry about the townhouse.  

We all went to Target today to pick up a few things, and then we dropped off daddy's car.  It needed to be inspected and have an oil change .... we got some bad news about his car though .... it needs some new things like a clutch, brakes, and wheel bearings .... yikes!  That will cost a pretty penny.  So, now we have house and car issues!  When it rains .... it pours!  But, we'll get through it all.  Just seeing your smiling face makes it all better!  :-)

We cleaned a little this afternoon.  I vacuumed the townhouse as you and daddy played.  You played with your toys and did tummy time.  We also watched more of the World Cup.  The US advanced and we'll play tomorrow!  Woohoo!  

You held your bottle for a little bit by yourself today .... then fell asleep while holding it!  Daddy took a little video and picture.  :-)

We ate dinner with Grandpa Mike this evening.  We drove daddy's car over to his house so he could take a look at it.  Since it was getting later in the day, we went out to eat Mexican food .... you played around in the car seat. 

This evening we played some more.  You did more tummy time.  I played and make noises with your belly .... you kept giggling over and over again!  It was so sweet!  Daddy took a little video! 

Continue to be precious for daddy and I!  

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!  :-)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

House Confusion

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little on!  Thank you for sleeping better last night!  You didn't need a bottle until 7am this morning!  Whoa!

Today was an interesting day for daddy and I.  You know how we're suppose to close on the new house tomorrow?  Well, the seller apparently doesn't have his head on straight .... he still hasn't moved out yet!  His agent called (Great) Uncle Laurence and asked if the seller could rent back to us, and if we could continue with closing tomorrow.  Well, of course daddy and I wouldn't sign anything to purchase the house if the seller is still in there!  So, daddy was on the phone all day with (Great) Uncle Laurence, Frank (our attorney .... mommy and daddy went to school with him!), and the bank trying to figure all this out.  I was with patients all day, but my phone kept ringing with people leaving me messages and emailing me!  Frank and (Great) Uncle Laurence obviously were on our side .... don't sign anything!  So, we have a feeling our closing will be delayed and won't happen tomorrow!  

Also, while I was at work, the CSS (Central Showing Service) kept calling because an agent wanted to see the townhouse .... but they called at 1:30pm (while I was in a staff meeting) wanting to see the townhouse at 1:45pm!  Come on!  You and Penny were at the townhouse .... so daddy asked if the agent could push the time to 6pm.  The CSS never called us back to confirm.  In the meantime, I called your Gigi to come to the townhouse to help daddy after work in case an agent showed.  No one did. 

When I got home, Gigi was playing with you and daddy was washing bottles.  So, Gigi went back home to eat dinner and daddy and I were about to make something when the doorbell rang.  It was an agent saying she had an appointment to see the place from 6pm-7pm .... it was 6:45pm and no one confirmed with us!  Whoa .... I can't wait until all this townhouse and house stuff is over with!  :-P

On a lighter note, you and Penny had fun today!  You took a little nap, had some tummy time, and some floor time.  

In the evening, you, daddy, and I went to Target and Home Depot.  We needed to get some steel braided hoses for the washing machine.  We want to switch them out with the rubber ones so that it won't leak for the new tenant who ends up renting this place.  :-)

Well, tomorrow daddy has off, so we have "Family Friday!"  I hope it's a little calmer than today!  

Sleep tight little one!

I love you very much!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Your good sleeping streak is now over .... you woke up at 2am this morning needing a bottle and attention.  Oh well .... it was good while it lasted!  You like to wake up at odd times when both daddy and I have to go to work.  :-P

You and Penny had more fun today.  Here's what you all did:

8am-9:30am:  floor play and tummy time
9:30am:  sleeping
10:30am:  music, floor time, and sitting practice
1:15pm:  sleeping
1:45pm:  floor time
2:15pm:  sleeping
3pm-4:30pm:  floor time and "talking up a storm!"  :-)

We've noticed that you're becoming more verbal .... still no words, but you're getting there.  Also, you're still rolling to your side, but you haven't completely rolled over yet. 

Daddy made dinner tonight, and it was all done when I got home from work!  It was good too!  He made dinner early because he had to leave for a soccer game.  So, you and I got to play this evening. 

This evening was hectic though .... the CSS (Central Showing Service) called us at 7:45pm saying that an agent wanted to see the townhouse at 7:45pm!  I was like, "What?!"  I started to clean everywhere and finish your bottle.  Then, I called them back to see if the time could be pushed to 8:30pm (since they gave us NO notice!).  However, the agent ended up canceling the viewing.  Wow!  And, to add to all the chaos, you were squealing so loudly.  You squealed (loud and high pitched squeal) for about an hour!  Then, you threw up on me.  :-P  Oh well .... we've both had better evenings.  :-)

I hope you sleep better tonight.  Tomorrow, you will be with Penny again!  Perhaps the next time she comes we'll be in the new house?  We'll see!

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Missing Cat

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  Thanks for sleeping well last night!  I could get use to that!  ;-)

Today you ate another 9 tablespoons of solid foods again .... 3 tablespoons of barley .... 3 tablespoons of oatmeal .... and 3 tablespoons of rice cereal!  :-)  You are getting so big!

This morning, we finished cleaning the house for Glen.  When he came over, he took photos of all the rooms in the townhouse.  I carried you around so we wouldn't be in the way.  We're still scheduled to be "for rent" this coming friday .... and to close on the new house the same day!  How exciting!  If all goes well, we'll be moving over the weekend .... which will be nice since we'll have more space, but uncomfortable since it's been so hot!  :-P

After Glen left, we made a quick trip to the post office to mail some baby gifts to friends.  We have one friend expecting in DC, and one friend who just had a baby in Puerto Rico.  Both friends went to UNC, so we got them some UNC baby clothes from when we were in Chapel Hill on Father's Day.  I think they'll like it.  :-)

We played with toys today and did more tummy time.  This was after we searched for Punker, the cat, for hours .... he hid from us after Glen left, and I couldn't find him anywhere!  It scared me so much, that I walked all around the townhouse and called your daddy thinking he got out!  Then, after a few hours, he came wondering down the stairs and ate some food!  I was like, "Hey!  Where were you?!"  Oh well .... at least he's safe!  :-)

You took a nap this afternoon for one and a half hours!  Whoa!  I held you in my arms the entire time!  And, once you fell asleep, I placed your head to the left and you stayed there.  :-) 

This evening, we met Mimi, Grandpa Mike, Uncle Brennan, Aunt Katie, and (Great) Uncle Ned for a Father's Day dinner.  We got Grandpa Mike a knit NC State shirt (where he went to college).  We wrapped in to Carolina blue paper to throw him off the scent.  ;-)  He liked the shirt and I know it will look nice on him. 

Tomorrow I head back to work and Penny will be here.  Have fun with her, but continue to save smiles and kisses for daddy and I! 

Sleep tight!

I love you so very much!  :-)


Monday, June 21, 2010

Lots of Solids

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Welcome to Summer!  This is the first day of summer .... and your first summer ever!  :-)  It's been really hot recently, so it sure has felt like summer for a while.  :-P

Thank you for sleeping through the night!  The extra sleep was greatly appreciated!  :-)

Your physical therapy appointment went well today.  Eliza noted that you have "beautiful pivoting" on your belly going to the right.  You go to the left as well, but it takes you longer.  You continued to be very tolerant during the appointment, and you smiled a lot.  She also stated that you getting pretty good at sitting .... it's not perfect, and you still need assistance .... but there's much improvement.  Eliza also said that you had the "sweetest giggles" which daddy and I already knew.  :-)  Oh, you did do one thing during the appointment .... at one point, after being on your belly for a while, you threw up on the blanket.  But, after a quick cleaning, you were fine for the rest of the appointment.  

Guess what you did today .... you took 9 tablespoons of solid foods today!  I'm so proud of you!  You ate 3 tablespoons of barley .... three tablespoons of oatmeal .... and three tablespoons of rice cereal!  Whoa!  We made a quick trip to the grocery store today, and while there, I picked up a little jar of carrots so we can start you on veggies soon!  Good job!  

This evening, you got to meet two more people .... our property management group.  Since the townhouse has not sold, and we're scheduled to close on the new house this coming friday, we're going to turn the townhouse into a rental property.  It just doesn't seem like the best time to sell in this economy.  We're planning on making the townhouse "for rent" active this friday.  So, cross your fingers that things will work out.  I know they will, since things happen for a reason.  We just continue to put our housing situation in God's hands.  :-)

Tomorrow Glen, the property management owner, will come back and take photos of the townhouse, so this evening, daddy and I cleaned the place.  I'll do some last minute things in the morning.  You played with your toys and did tummy time.  :-)

Sleep tight little one .... we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow!

I love you!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Well .... you still don't want me to sleep, huh?  :-P  After going to bed at midnight last night/this morning, you woke me up at 2:30am needing a bottle.  Daddy went to bed early and ended up sleeping through your crying.  By the time daddy woke up (after sleeping for 8.5 hrs), you and I had gone through 3 bottles!  Hummm .... maybe you can wake up daddy next time, ok?  :-)

This morning we gave daddy his gift.  Today is Father's Day, so you and I got daddy a cover for his Nook, the electronic reader that he got for his birthday (do they still have those by the time you're reading this?).  He can download books onto it, and then take it anywhere to read without having to carry around heavy books.  Pretty neat.  He's been wanting a cover for a while, so he was happy to open it.  :-)  We didn't have any wrapping paper that didn't say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Birthday," so we were creative with your wrapping job .... we used shopping bags and made a label from cardboard.  Daddy liked it.  :-)

We went to Chapel Hill for lunch.  We met up with Grandpa Jim, Gigi, and Uncle James.  We all went out to eat and walked around the campus.  Once we got to Uncle James's apartment, though,  you had a huge poopy diaper, and I ended up changing your whole outfit!  Daddy had you dressed up in a UNC outfit since we were in Chapel Hill.  So, I changed you and put you into something that said "Daddy's Sport" since it was Father's Day.  :-)  We got Grandpa Jim a gift card to "Inside Out Sports," a triathlon store in Cary.

It was hot today!  We didn't stay outside too long because of the heat.  Daddy and I worked out this afternoon, and took turns with you with your exercises as well.  You also did your tummy time and played with your toys.  

Daddy gave you a bath today.  You needed one after that big diaper.  :-P  You did really well with your barley and rice cereal today.  You didn't struggle very much, and both times you finished your bowl (3 tablespoons each time) pretty quickly.  Maybe tomorrow I'll give you all three: barley, oatmeal, and rice cereal.  You certainly are growing right before our eyes!  

Try to sleep a little better tonight!

I love you!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Out of Town Visitor

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Well, you managed to sleep a little better last night.  You didn't need another bottle until 6:45am this morning!  Wow!  Good job .... and thanks for the extra sleep!  :-)

You, again, did very well with your oatmeal and barley!  Maybe we should go ahead and try you on some veggies?  :-)

This morning daddy and I did a lot of cleaning!  We vacuumed the entire townhouse and daddy also vacuumed out his car.  We cleaned the cat litter box, changed the air filters (upstairs and downstairs), and cleaned the kitchen.  You helped by playing with your toys and doing tummy time.  ;-)

We all watched more World Cup soccer.  People are still talking about that horrible call the referee made yesterday during the USA game.  We just need to come out stronger next time.

After we all had a quick lunch, we headed over to Mimi's house.  Your (Great) Uncle Ned is in town, so we got to visit with him, Mimi, and Grandpa Mike.  You fell asleep on Mimi.  :-)  They're getting part of the deck screened in, so we got to see what's been done so far.  It's really looking good!  In a few weeks, we'll be able to sit out there in the shade!  ;-)

You and I wrapped daddy's Father's Day gift.  We didn't have any real paper, so we used shopping bags.  :-P  Daddy doesn't seem to mind.  We put it in the living room for him to open tomorrow.  I think he'll like it.  :-)

We organized some papers for the new house, and for the townhouse.  It's looking like we'll have to rent this place once we move.  It just isn't a good time to sell, unfortunately.  On monday, we're meeting with a property manager to discuss options to rent the townhouse.  So, we'll see what happens.  Everything happens for a reason, and daddy and I keep putting it God's hands.  :-)

We all played together this evening.  You did your exercises and tummy time.  Daddy fell asleep early tonight, so you ended up falling asleep in my arms after a late bottle.  I held you for a while, and then finally went to bed at midnight.  Let's see how well you sleep tonight.  :-P

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, June 18, 2010

Thirty Five Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little angel!  Today you are thirty five weeks old!  Woo hoo!  I bet you're counting down the weeks until your first birthday!  ;-)

Today was a pretty relaxing day .... oh wait, besides the fact that you woke up at 2:49am needing a bottle and needing to be held.  :-P  Your daddy slept through the entire ordeal, so you and I had to take a little cat nap in the early afternoon.

You and I watched the USA team play again during the World Cup.  We played Slovenia, the smallest country competing this year.  The US is the biggest, so this was a battle of the largest verse the smallest. We were down 2:0 at the half.  But, we came back to score 2 goals in the second half!  Then, with a few minutes left, we scored again, but the referee did not allow it because of a "foul" which no one else on the planet saw!  So, we ended up with a tie, though the whole country, and others, believe we should have won.  That referee has been talked about all day on the television, and I bet his call will be talked about for years to come.  We really need to win our next game.  Go USA!  :-)

You did really well with your barley and your oatmeal today!  Good job!  You ate them all with hardly a fuss!

We did some of your exercises today, play time, and tummy time today.  Daddy came home early from work, so we got to spend the late afternoon and evening together.  :-)  We ran some errands this evening.  We needed to get some cat food and some ink for the printer.  :-)

I hope you sleep better tonight.  I'm getting tired!  :-P

I love you very much!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Power Outage

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  You did better sleeping last night.  You went to bed at a decent time, and didn't need another bottle until 6:20am this morning!  Thanks for the extra sleep!  :-)

You and Penny had fun today, as usual.  Here's what you all did:

8:30am:  Floor time and tummy time.  You practiced sitting.  Penny made a note that you can sit 30-45 seconds.  You can correct yourself from side to side, but not from falling backwards.  :-P
10:45am:  cat nap
11:45am:  Floor time and danced to music.  Penny said that your favorite is the twist!  ;-)
1:15pm:  cat nap
1:45pm:  Floor time and sitting practice.  You were very talkative today and you're making a wider range of sounds.

At around 3:30pm, Mimi came over to watch you.  She brought over a "Johnny Jump Up" since you like to bounce around so much.  You played in it for a while and appear to like it.  :-)

This evening, daddy clipped your nails.  They were getting long again, and when they get long, they get sharp too!  :-P  We also did a few loads of laundry .... one being yours.  We also emptied your diaper container, and daddy took it out to the garbage since they come tomorrow.

I had an interesting day at work .... the power went out at 3:30pm!  So, since we need power to perform dentistry, we had to cancel patients.  The phone then went dead as well.  :-P  We walked outside and noticed a tree had fallen on a power line.  The power didn't come back on until around 4:45pm (ish), but the computers were still down, so we couldn't open the patients' charts.  So, I got to come home early to see you!  Woo hoo!  I love when I get to come home and see you!  It's the best part of my day!  :-)

Tomorrow we get to spend the day together.  Also, USA plays again during the World Cup, so we'll be watching!  :-)

Sleep tight little one!

I love you!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Eight Months

Dearest Joshua David~

Guess what .... today you are eight months old!  I can't believe that eight months ago today daddy and I were in Wake Med and I was having an emergency C-section.  It all turned out well, but boy was it scary at the time.  Daddy and I didn't know what was going to happen .... or if you would be ok.  But, look at you now .... getting big and strong everyday!  We love you so much!  

You woke up very early this morning!  Daddy and I were up at 3:45am this morning giving you a bottle and trying to get you back to sleep.  You're beginning to make this more of a habit .... waking up at weird times in the morning hungry .... especially on days when daddy and I both have to go into work.  We're hoping you grow out of this phase soon.  :-)

You were still napping when Penny got here this morning.  And, I almost fell back asleep too because I curled up on the bed to watch you sleep before I left for work.  :-P  This is what you and Penny did:

9am:  cat nap
10am:  floor time, tummy time, and outdoor time on the deck
1pm:  sleeping
2pm:  floor time and tummy time

Penny said you felt a little warm at one point during the day.  I took your temperature when I got home, and you were a normal 97.3 degrees.  So, maybe you were working something out of your system.  

Daddy cooked dinner this evening.  Then, you had a bottle after dinner.  You ended up falling asleep and taking a little nap on me after the bottle.  

This evening, you played with your toys and did tummy time.  You took another little nap while taking a bottle late in the evening.  I put you down on the bed next to daddy, took a shower, came out, and you were still sleeping.  :-P  Then, I changed your diaper and you peed everywhere!  Oh well!

Tomorrow I head back to work again.  Penny is leaving a little early and Mimi is coming to watch you.  Save a smile and kiss for me!

Try to sleep a little better tonight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Large Poop & Throw Up

Dearest Joshua David~

So .... today you didn't do too well with taking your barley.  :-P  It not only was a struggle, but you ended up only eating half your bowl.  I had to throw out the rest.  Oh well.  Maybe next time.  

After your breakfast, you and I did a very quick grocery run to Kroger.  We only needed to pick up a few things, so we were back home in no time.  :-)

You took a little nap after lunch.  While you napped, I cooked and then worked out a little.  I cooked some veggies so I could put them in a salad for my work lunches.  You woke up as I was working out, but you just played with your toys and watched me.  :-)

Then, you and I did your exercises for your neck .... you didn't think I would workout and then not you!  ;-)  You did pretty well with me in holding your neck to the left.  I also had you do some tummy time to help strengthen your muscles.  

You threw up today.  It wasn't too bad, and overall, you don't throw up that often.  This was enough that I had to change your outfit though!  Also, you had a huge poopy diaper!  I don't even know how many wipes I had to use on you to get you all clean again!  

You took another little nap this afternoon.  I held you the whole time and we curled up on the couch.  I watched some World Cup soccer as you started to snore against me.  It was so cute!  I love holding you!

When daddy got home, we all played together and you did your tummy time for him as well.  It's been too hot recently to go for walks.  I don't know when we'll be able to go out again.  :-P

Tomorrow I head to work and Penny will be here.  Continue to save your smiles and kisses for me!

Sleep tight little precious!  

I love you very much!  :-)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Mild Case

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  You sure like waking up early these days.  I wonder why .... you used to sleep through the night better, but now you wake up early a few times a week.  :-P  This morning, you had a bottle at 1:20am!

Once we got moving later in the morning, you and I did your neck exercises and tummy time.  You also did really well with your barley, but you were a tad messy!  ;-)  You took a little nap after the barley, but once you woke up, I gave you a nice bath and cleaned your face!  :-)

Eliza came over and you had a good physical therapy appointment.  Since you're just a mild case of torticollis, you'll only need short term therapy.  You tend to keep your weight to the right and stretching out with your left hand to grab things (when on your belly).  I wonder if that means you'll be left handed?  Hummm ....

Eliza said that you were her "easiest and most content baby" .... way to go!  You have good sitting balance.  Also, you've mastered your head control to the left "passively" and we're seeing improvement "actively."  Yippie!  :-)

When daddy got home, we all went to the store to walk around and pick up a few groceries .... mainly we needed diapers and wipes for you!  We bought them in bulk, so you shouldn't run out anytime soon!  ;-)  I carried you around in the carrier and you kept grabbing and pulling on my shirt.

This evening, you played with daddy on the bed and showed him your tummy time.  We're both very proud of you and love you very much!  We're so thankful for you in our lives!

Tomorrow's another big day!

Sleep tight little one!

I love you!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Talking

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little angel!  You sure are getting more talkative these days!  You make the cutest noises when trying to talk, and your laugh is priceless!  I love you so much!

This morning, you, daddy, and I went to church and saw Gigi play in the Praise Team!  She played percussion, and I held you during the songs.  You started to get verbal right when the sermon was starting, so Gigi gave you a little bottle and you calmed down.  :-)  After church, we all went out to eat and had lunch together at the mall.  

Daddy and I stayed at the mall to pick up gifts for your grandpa's, so Gigi took you back to her house to watch you as we ran into different stores.  When we got back to Gigi's house, you were sleeping on her after taking a bottle.  :-)

Today was a really HOT day!  And, I have a feeling the rest of the week will be hot as well.  :-P  So, no outside walks any time soon.  But, this evening, it rained and stormed!  Maybe that will help cool off the weather for tomorrow?  We'll see.  

We all watched more soccer today.  While the games were going on, you played with toys and did tummy time.  We also did your exercises.  

Daddy cooked us dinner tonight, and it was really good!  I vacuumed the townhouse and emptied your diaper container.  Phew!  ;-)

Tomorrow, daddy heads back to work, and you have your physical therapy appointment with Eliza.  I hope she sees improvement too .... you've been working hard with all your tummy time and exercises!  

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  Today we had a pretty relaxing day as a family.  You woke up at 5am wanting a bottle, which is pretty early for a saturday when daddy and I both thought we would sleep in.  :-P  Daddy volunteered at a soccer tournament, so he stayed awake (he needed to be there at 7am).  After your bottle, you and I took a little nap.

After you woke up, I increased your barley to 2 tablespoons .... you took it all with no problems!  You also had no reactions during the day, so, I think it's safe to say that you have no food allergies to single grain rice cereal, single grain oatmeal, and single grain barley.  Next stop .... veggies!  But, we have some time for that.  ;-)

This morning and afternoon we also did tummy time and played with toys.  You have your physical therapy appointment this monday, and you've been working really hard to show Eliza how much you've improved!  I'm so proud of you!  :-)

You took a little nap after your barley, so I watched more World Cup soccer games while we waited for daddy to come home.  Then, this afternoon, after daddy got back home, we watched USA play against England.  England was favored to win, but we ended up with a tie: 1-1.  It was exciting to watch!  USA plays again next friday, so in the meantime, we'll watch the other countries play.  I wonder if you'll want to play soccer when you're older?  I played in middle school and high school.  I also played some intramural games in college.  Your daddy and Uncle Brennan grew up playing soccer, and still plays in some adult recreational leagues.  :-)

This evening, we met up with Grandpa Mike for dinner.  This was your first time in a Chinese restaurant.  You didn't have anything, but you kept smiling at Grandpa Mike as he played with your toes.  :-)

After dinner, we went shopping, but we didn't get anything.  We're still looking for things for Father's Day (it's next week!).  We'll go out tomorrow though.

This evening we did more exercises .... you with your tummy time and neck .... daddy and I with out Wii Fit!  We added you and Punker (the cat) on the Wii Fit.  Now, all 4 of us have little computer images of ourselves.  You and Punker don't do the workouts, but it weighs you if daddy and I pick you up.  The Wii had you as 15.5 pounds, which is what we were guessing.  :-)

Sleep tight little man!

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, June 11, 2010

Thirty Four Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Today you are thirty four weeks old!  Woo hoo!  And, everyday you continue to be such a blessing to daddy and I!

I see daddy wrote you a letter yesterday!  How cute!  I'm glad you all had such fun together yesterday.  You have such a good daddy!  :-)

Today you and I did some traveling.  I had to run to Chapel Hill to pick up some things for Continuing Education so I can renew my dental license.  You, obviously, went with me.  :-)

When we got back, I tried you on barley for the first time.  You started with just 1 tablespoon.  I watched you throughout the day, and you appeared to have no reaction to it.  Yippie!  Tomorrow, we'll increase you to 2 tablespoons.  You also had your oatmeal today (3 tablespoons).

You and I watched the first game of the 2010 World Cup!  It was against Mexico and South Africa.  The two teams tied, but South Africa scored first, which was exciting to see since the World Cup is being played in Africa this year.  We also watched parts of the second game (also ended in a tie).  We texted your daddy (do people still text when you read this?) to let him know what the scores were.  He listened to the games on the computer.

When daddy got home, we went shopping as a family.  We looked for things for both grandfathers for Father's Day.  We have some ideas, but we didn't get anything yet.

This evening, you played with toys as daddy and I worked out on the Wii.  Both of us have lost a little bit of weight!  Go us!

You're definitely getting better with your tummy time.  I can see improvement in your strength.  :-)

Tomorrow, daddy is volunteering in the morning at a soccer tournament.  Later in the day, USA plays in the World Cup!

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!  :-)


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daddy's Helper

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  Today you spent the day with daddy!  How fun!  

The day started early though .... you woke up and needed a bottle around 2:30am this morning and then at 3am.  :-P  So, you definitely had an early start.  You and daddy were still sleeping when I left for work this morning. 

Daddy said you two had fun!  You guys did some tummy time and played together.  I got a bad report on your oatmeal though .... you apparently didn't want to eat it!  Oh well.  Maybe tomorrow you'll be better.  

When I got home, I got to hold and kiss you!  The three of us made a quick trip to the grocery store.  I walked around with you in the carrier.  You fell asleep as daddy and I walked around the store.  

This evening, you played on the bed with your toys and did some tummy time.  :-)

Tomorrow, the World Cup starts, so you and I can watch the soccer games while daddy's at work.  ;-)  

Sleep tight precious!

I love you!  :-)



Hey little guy~

As a special treat in celebration of your "day with daddy," you get a second letter today.  After mommy left for work this morning we really didn't sleep in that much longer, as I was up and changing you shortly after 8am.  However, since I usually get up at 6am for work, I enjoyed the opportunity to sleep in for a bit.  Now, had you just slept through the entire night, it would have really been a treat!

Like mommy mentioned, you did not want to eat the oatmeal I prepared for you this morning.  Maybe it was too lumpy for you, but I like my oatmeal lumpy and figured you would too!  Anyway, it was a shame to see all that delicious looking oatmeal, 4 tablespoons worth, have to go to waste - even the cat turned his nose up at it (makes me wonder what is wrong with my oatmeal?!).  You did take all your formula though, so you were content and ready for tummy time.  I have to say you are doing really well with your tummy time; you hold your head up really well and are doing great with your range of motion.

By mid-morning we were downstairs playing - you were in the floor with your various toys giggling away while I did some exercises on the Wii Fit.  When I turned off the Wii after doing some Yoga to stretch my back (my back has been injured many times in the past playing soccer), I noticed that ESPN2 was doing a 24 hour countdown to the World Cup!  Oh my! I ... errrr we were so excited!  See, the World Cup only comes around every four years and is the biggest sporting event in the World.  Entire countries literally shut down for an entire month when the best 32 soccer teams in the World take to the pitch.  In America though, we're usually pretty indifferent.  Your Uncle Brennan and I grew up playing soccer; so, we always anticipate the World Cup.  In fact, the only reason your Grandpa Watson even got cable television was so we could watch the World Cup in 1990!  After a few minutes of watching the soccer analysis you were fast asleep on my shoulder - you are a true American.  Oh well, you'll come around!!

Later in the afternoon, I decided that we should try a second round with the oatmeal.  This time I made it a bit on the runnier side.  You were initially not that interested, which was a bit frustrating - particularly since you so often clean your bowl for mommy.  However, you eventually calmed down and ate the better part of the bowl.  I guess you like your oatmeal on the runnier side - you must get that from your mommy.

Anyway, getting to spend the whole day with you was such a blessing.  I was so happy that I was able to get the day off from work and got to spend so much quality time with you - you are such an amazing little guy! Hopefully we'll get another "daddy day" soon!  

Love you buddy,


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Off To Gigi's House

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello precious!  Sounds like you had fun today.  :-)

Daddy and I headed to work this morning.  Since Penny is out of town with Mimi, I packed you up and took you over to Gigi's house for the day.  I put you in a cute outfit that says, "Grandma loves me" for fun!  Gigi liked it.  :-)  I brought you to Gigi's early so I could go ahead and give you a morning bottle.  I held and kissed you, and then headed to work.  You were playing with Gigi when I left.

When I came home from work, you were were sleeping on Grandpa Jim.  Looks like you slept there for about an hour.  Gigi said you all played together, had music time, did some tummy time, played with your toys, danced together, and you took a little nap.  :-)

I packed you up and we met daddy back at the townhouse.  You showed daddy and I how well you're doing with your tummy time.  :-)

You're still rolling to your side, but you haven't gone completely to your belly yet.  So, we're still waiting.  ;-)

You played with toys on the bed with daddy and I before falling asleep.  Tomorrow, I head back to work, but daddy will be here with you all day!  I know you all will have fun and daddy is excited to spend the day with you.  :-)  This will be your second "Daddy Day."  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Afternoon Nap

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  You and I had a fun and relaxing day today.  :-)

This morning you took a little nap.  I wrote a thank you card for Gigi's coworker who gave us all the clothes for you that her son has now grown out of.  We'll see Gigi tomorrow, so I went ahead and wrote and card today so that she can bring it to work with her.  

We ordered daddy his Father's Day gift.  I think he'll like it.  This weekend we'll pick up some things for your two Grandpas also.  :-)

We did everyone's laundry today .... mine, daddy's, and yours!  :-)  I waited to do your laundry until after you had your oatmeal and rice cereal (since you always make a mess with those).  Speaking of rice cereal .... today was the biggest struggle to date!  You did well with the oatmeal in the morning (you ate 3 tablespoons) but you fought me the entire time when eating the rice cereal!  You eventually ate 4 tablespoons of it .... but we were both tired after that!  And, today was your first day eating 7 tablespoons of solid foods!  Woo hoo!  :-)

This afternoon you took another nap.  This time you slept for about 1 hour .... and I held you the entire time!  It reminded me of when you were still in the hospital and I would hold you for several hours, while you were all bundled up in your blankets.  You were so tiny and fragile then, and I always looked forward to holding you during those hours.  You've gotten so big since then, and daddy and I are so thankful for that!  We thank God for you and your health everyday!  :-)

Before daddy got home, we prepared dinner.  We went ahead and roasted some potatoes with veggies as a side, and then prepared some ground turkey to make burgers.  :-)  Once daddy got home, we all went for a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood, and then ate dinner together.  :-)

This evening I gave you a nice bath.  :-)  Then, you played on the bed, like you normally do, with your toys.  We also did tummy time together.  

Tomorrow I head back to work.  Penny is out of town this week with Mimi, so tomorrow you get to spend the day with Gigi!  Thursday, you get Daddy Day!  I know you're excited!  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you very much!  :-)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Almost Rolled

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello precious angel!  Today was an exciting day .... or at least we had an exciting morning!

It started out pretty uneventful.  When you got up, I gave you a bottle and three tablespoons of oatmeal.  Then, while you were playing, I randomly checked my email and saw that an agent wanted to show our townhouse this morning!  Whoa!  So, we went into hyper-drive and got this place clean before we had to leave!  We were in a hurry!  I vacuumed, emptied your diaper container, packed up your bassinet, placed clean white towels in all the bathrooms, cleaned the bathrooms, made the bed, cleaned and swept the kitchen, moved the cat litter box, put the flag on the deck and wreath on the front door, placed the flyers out, and febreezed the entire place!  Then, I packed you and the cat all up and we headed to Gigi's house.  :-P  Gigi wasn't there, but we stayed there for about 2 hours until the showing was over.  You had a bottle and fell asleep on me for a little bit.  Hopefully, the people who wanted to see the townhouse will also want to buy it.  :-)

This afternoon we did your neck exercises, played with toys, and did tummy time.  You didn't have your physical therapy appointment today, so we made our own together.  :-)

You got the hiccups three times today.  It was so cute!  :-P

Guess what .... you almost rolled today!  It was SO close! You were on your back and kicked your left leg up and you twisted and rolled to your side .... but then fell on your back again.  You didn't make it to your belly, but I took a little video of you doing it.  I'm sure you'll be rolling soon then!  

When daddy got home, we all went for a walk together.  We walked for 50 minutes around the neighborhood.  :-)

This evening, we did more exercises, tummy time, and toy time.  You almost rolled for daddy too.  You got even closer this evening.  You just needed to lift your left leg up slightly!  Oh well!  

We'll see what tomorrow has in store for us!  

Sleep tight little one!  

I love you so very much!  :-)


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Church Adventure

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  How are you?  :-)

This morning we headed to church and saw Fr. Gibson.  He's the pastor that married daddy and I, and he baptized daddy before our wedding.  :-)  We spoke to him after the service, and set up a date for you to have your baptism.  :-)  He was so excited to see you!  As were all the other members of church.  You are scheduled to be baptized on Sunday, July 4th!  Woo hoo!  Hopefully, if everything goes well with the new house, we can have people over afterward for a cookout.  :-)

You were awake and alert for the entire service.  You started talking at one point, so we took you out and took turns holding you during the service.  You ended up taking a 6 ounce bottle during the whole service!  ;-)

After church, we saw Mimi and Grandpa Mike for lunch.  You took a bottle with Mimi and ended up falling asleep on her.  :-)

From there, we headed to Target for some groceries.  You were still sleeping from your last bottle, so you didn't even know we had stopped in for some shopping.  :-P 

Once home, we did some neck exercises, played with toys, and did some tummy time.  Daddy and I worked out too.  We're trying our best to encourage each other to get in shape.  :-)

This evening, you ended up falling asleep on daddy after a bottle.  How cute!  Eliza has a conference tomorrow, so you won't have your physical therapy appointment.  So, tomorrow we'll have to do our own.  

Sleep tight my little Joshua!

I love you!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Found Foot

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Thank you for sleeping better last night and this morning.  You woke up for a small bottle at midnight, but then didn't need another one until 7:30am!  Whew!  Daddy and I got some much needed sleep.  :-)

This morning, daddy weighed you.  There was a 15.5 lb difference between his weight alone and when he held you!  Wow!  You'll be 16 lbs before we know it.  :-)

Speaking of increased weight .... I put your bassinet back up because it was too hard to keep bending way over to put you down and lift you up.  The lower level of the pack-in-play (where you sleep) is practically hovering over the floor, so it was hurting my back to lean over the high sides and pick you up.  So, I'll keep you in the higher area until we move into our new house and set up a crib.  :-)

Continuing the subject of weight .... daddy and I worked out this morning.  We took turns doing exercises while the other one held you and watched.  We both worked out for over an hour today!  Go us!  You worked out too because you did your neck exercises/stretches and tummy time.  ;-)

This afternoon, the three of us walked around the mall.  It was so hot today .... and we didn't want you out in that weather.  Instead of walking outside, we decided to go to the mall to walk around the building a few times.  I held you in the baby carrier again.  You fell asleep once we got there, but woke up and looked around later. 

Daddy cooked dinner this evening, and it was good!  He cooked some chicken with veggies and then roasted some butternut squash.  Yummm .... and we have left overs!  ;-)  You and I played and did tummy time and had a bottle. 

This evening, during one of your bottles, you found your left foot!  Your left hand went down and grabbed your left foot and played with your toes.  It was so cute!  I've never seen you play with your feet before, so it was exciting to see you grab those toes! 

Daddy clipped more of your nails today.  A few were getting sharp, and your toes needed clipping. 

Sleep tight little one!

I love you so very much!  :-)


Friday, June 4, 2010

Thirty Three Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Little little precious.  Today you are thirty three weeks old.  You're getting to be an old man!  ;-)  You cease to amaze me on how well you're doing.  :-)

Whoa!  I don't know what came over you this morning .... maybe because you took longer naps yesterday while daddy and I were at work .... but you were up ALL night!  It was like you had your hours confused .... perhaps you're nocturnal?  But, you woke up at 1am and stayed awake until 3:34am!  We gave you three bottles during that time totaling 6.5 ounces of formula to try to calm you!  Daddy and I were both exhausted since we both worked the day before .... and daddy had to go back into work today even after you kept us both up!  :-P  What a night owl! 

After that difficult morning, we did some laundry and I put away all the dishes.  I called the pediatrician's office because you'll be due for your 9 month check up appointment next month!  I can't believe you'll be 9 months old in mid-July.  You're growing so fast right before our eyes.  Do me a favor, stay small a little longer for me .... ok?  ;-)

After our oatmeal breakfast, I gave you a nice bath.  You get pretty messy after  eating oatmeal or rice cereal.  Then, we made a quick trip to the bank.  I stopped and got a hot chocolate for fun.  I needed the extra energy so I could try to keep you up the rest of the day .... we need you to sleep a little better tonight!  :-P

This afternoon we did more exercises, played with toys, and did some tummy time.  I also emptied out your diaper container.  Phew!  

Today you ate the most you've ever eaten .... 6 tablespoons of oatmeal/rice cereal and 33.5 ounces of formula!  Wow!  

This evening, we went out with daddy and did some shopping.  We bought some exercise games to do at home on the Wii machine.  Daddy and I are going to try to get healthier.  We're watching what we eat more.  And, since we're doing it together, daddy and I can encourage each other.  We want to be healthy for you .... the better in shape we are, the better we're able to take care of you.  Plus, we want to be healthy enough to see you grow up to be an old man.  ;-P

I hope you sleep better tonight .... and so does daddy! 

Sleep tight!

I love you forever and ever!  :-)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oatmeal Struggle

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  How are you?  Today I had to go to work, so you spent the day with Penny while daddy and I were gone.  Here's what you all did:

8:15am-10:15am:  sleeping
11:30am:  walk outside
1:30am-2:15pm:  sleeping
3:30pm:  tummy time and floor time

When I got home, I held you because I missed you so much!  :-)  I also gave you your oatmeal this evening, and boy was it a struggle!  :-P  You just weren't into it, so daddy had to help because we were both getting frustrated.  But, we all eventually got it done and you ended up taking four tablespoons of oatmeal.  :-)

After dinner, we played on the bed and did some tummy time.  Eliza can't make this coming monday for our usual appointments, so we're going to work extra hard for the next two weeks by ourselves.  That way, she'll be really impressed the next time she sees you!  I can definitely see improvement.  I'm so proud of you!  :-)

Since you're over 15 pounds now, I lowered your bassinet.  The bad part is, now you're lower to the ground so I have to bend my back more to put you down and pick you up.  :-P  We'll see .... I may have to put the bassinet back up if my back starts to hurt. 

You fell asleep after a bottle this evening, so I put you back in the bassinet with your head to left.  You kept it there and continued sleeping!  :-)  Good job man!

Tomorrow daddy heads to work, so it'll be just you and me during the day.  :-)

Sleep tight little one!

I love you very much!  :-)


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Whoa!  What this a long morning or what?!

You woke up and needed a bottle at 3:10am this morning!  Then, you woke up again and needed another bottle at 4:05am this morning!  Oh my!  I don't know what happened this morning!  You took 6 tablespoons of cereal or oatmeal, plus 27 ounces of formula yesterday .... and you still ended up being fussy ALL night .... plus, daddy and I BOTH had to go to work today.  Ugh!  :-P

You did have fun with Penny today.  Here's what you all did:

8:15am:  sleeping
9:15am:  floor time and tummy time
10:30-11:30am:  sleeping
1:45pm:  floor time and tummy time

When I got home, I held you tight because I missed you!  :-)

Daddy and I gave you some oatmeal this evening.  You were fussy while we gave it to you, but you ended it taking it all in the end.  :-P

Penny got you a little brush, and she used it on you today!  You're hair was too fluffy and cute.  :-)

Tomorrow I head back to work.  Daddy and I hope you sleep better tonight!  :-)  Save some kisses and smiles for me!

Sleep tight!

I love you so very much!  :-)