Friday, September 30, 2011

Second Flu Shot

Dearest Miracles~

I had to nurse Grace to sleep last night.  We tried to let her play and go to bed on her own, but she cried and cried.  Joshua fell asleep and stayed sleeping all night in the toddler bed.  I'm going to convert that bed back into the crib this weekend, so I hope your transition into a 'big boy' bed goes smoothly.

Grace, you didn't wake up until after 7am!  Daddy changed you (you had another morning poopy diaper) and then I nursed you.  We didn't have a lot of time this morning to play since Grace had an early morning pediatrician appointment.  She got her second dose of the flu shot.  They have to break up the dose into two installments one month apart when people are little.  I gave you some tylenol one hour prior to the appointment.  Last time you cried that evening and got warm.  I don't want you to get a low grade fever again.  I'll give you another dose of tylenol this evening as well.  The nurse said you might have more of a reaction this time, so I'm hoping two tylenol doses with help.
Once we were back home we straightened somethings around the house.  I swept and vacuumed the kitchen.  Then, I vacuumed the living room.  We got a new booster seat for Joshua to sit in at the kitchen table.  Grace can sit in Joshua's old one (which is still pretty new) since it has a tray and Joshua can sit in the new turtle one.  :-)  I put you two up at the table for lunch today.  Joshua squealed when he saw Grace in his old seat, but he's going to have to learn to share.  Joshua, you ate some gold fish and some cheerios.  Grace, you had a little bit of sweet potatoes.  I didn't want to test you on a new fruit since you just had a shot.  I didn't want you to have a reaction to something new.

You two helped me organize the play room some and put away some laundry this afternoon.  I read a Dr. Seuss book to Joshua 'If I Can the Circus' and Grace crawled all around and played.

Joshua will now collect toys off the play room floor and put them on the couch out of reach of Grace.  It's kind of funny, but I try not to laugh so as not to encourage the behavior.  ;-)  I continually put the toys back down and then he yells at me or takes them back away from Grace.  Most of the time, he'll take a toy from Grace and then hand it to daddy or myself.  So, it's ok for us to play with it but not Grace?  Funny how a toddler's mind works.

Joshua, you took a late nap.  It was 3:30pm when you went down.  I nursed and read to Grace.  As Joshua napped, I made dinner.  We had bacon, eggs, toast, and veggies.  :-)  Grace, you had some more sweet potatoes.

It thunder stormed this evening.  We watched the lightening through the windows.  We're still debating what to do with the wall between the living room and the study.  We're still thinking to open it, we're just indecisive on how much to open.  :-P

Joshua gave daddy and Grace a kiss as we were playing in the living room after dinner.  How cute!  We put lotion on the both of you two and then I gave Grace her second tylenol dose.  So far she hasn't complained.  :-)

Grace fell asleep early and she stayed sleeping when I put her down.  I anticipate her waking up in the night since it was so early.  We'll see.  Oh, Joshua, you're not whining in your toddler bed anymore.  You go right in it and fall asleep after a bedtime story.  Hopefully, you'll like your 'big boy' bed too.

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bad Second Dose

Dearest Angels~

Last night was a first .... Joshua fell asleep in his toddler bed with no fuss and Grace fell asleep in her bassinet with no fuss!  Both of you two stayed sleeping all night!  This was the first time Grace put herself to sleep by herself!  Wow little lady!  :-)

I changed and nursed Grace at 6:40am.  Grace, you woke up and immediately had a poopy diaper! :-P

Penny said Joshua ate better for her today.  He had cheerios, hotdog, cheese, and gold fish for lunch.  He refused the applesauce.  You all also had fun at the park today.

Today was the first day we tried Joshua on two doses of prevacid.  Penny helped us with the morning dose.  I had to hold Joshua's head and mouth, daddy held his arms, and Penny tried to put it in his mouth dissolved in some liquid.  It wasn't a fun experience for anyone.  :-P  But, the worst one was the evening one.  After we struggled to give Joshua the night dose he went into the kitchen and threw up!  Daddy gave him a bath.  Poor little man!  

Once people were cleaned up, we all relaxed in the playroom this evening.  Grace, you do a full hands and knee crawl .... not that army crawl that most babies do with just their arms.  You are so strong for your age!

I hope tomorrow goes better for Joshua and the medication.  I guess we'll try putting it in a sippy cup again.  Grace, you get your second flu shot so I hope you do ok as well.
Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Seven Months

Dearest Gifts~

Today Grace turns seven months old!  Wow!  You sure are getting old little lady!  ;-)
There was a loud thunderstorm early this morning.  It woke me up, but you all stayed sleeping .... from what I could tell. 
Joshua slept in his toddler bed all night and didn't fight falling asleep either!  But, he was really tired last night so he probably didn't have much fight in him.  ;-)  Grace slept in her bassinet all night.  I changed and woke her at 6:30am so I could nurse her before going to work.

I had to go to work today, but Penny came to watch Grace as daddy took Joshua to his feeding team appointment at the Children's Hospital at UNC.  He saw a nurse first and she took some measurements of him.  Joshua, you weigh around 22 and a quarter pounds. 

The gastrointestinal specialist was Dr. Kim.  You all appeared to like her and daddy said she was nice.  She's putting Joshua on prevacid 15mg twice a day (a reflux medication).  She might also put him on a decongestant.  The side effect is weight gain and she wants to take advantage of that side effect for his case.  Dr. Kim said that she typically sees food aversion from preemies because of the feeding tube from the NICU.  Preemies tend to associate 'eating' with pain because of this.  Also, reflux is common with preemies as well.  She wants to hold off on the barium swallow test and radiograph because that would involve potentially strapping him to chair, forcing him to drink the stuff, and possible sedation.  That would just cause more aversion to things near his mouth.  So, we're going to take it slowly and see if the reflux medication will help.  We have to be better at giving it to you .... it's so incredibly hard to get you to take the medication, and now we have to give it you twice a day.  I pray this helps.  Dr. Kim will call us in the next week or so to set up the next visit which can then be in Raleigh on a day that I can take you.

You two got me some gifts today .... well, daddy picked them up as he was running errands this afternoon while Penny watched you two.  He got me a mirror for my car so I can see you all rear facing and a CD that I wanted.  How nice!  :-)  He also picked up milk and bread for the house.
We all played before bed this evening.  Oh, everyone that I talk to say that Grace is pretty impressive for pulling up and standing at 7 months!  You go little lady!  ;-)

This is the first evening that Grace has fallen asleep on her own and not used me as a pacifier before bedtime to fall asleep.  You're growing up little lady .... and, you seem to be growing up too fast! 
Tomorrow is another work day.  I'll come home as fast as I can!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pasta And Chips

Dearest Miracles~

Hummm .... so someone woke up crying from her bassinet at 4:40am this morning.  I'm looking at you Grace!  ;-P  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you back to sleep.  Joshua continued to sleep in his toddler bed.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  :-P

Joshua did well at appointments today.  He got messy with Mary Beth during the occupational therapy appointment.  She used shaving cream and lotion to see if he would touch them against a mirror.  He was hesitant at first, but then he touched them by himself!  He even helped make smiley faces in the shaving cream with her!  She also put him on the balance ball.  For Kim, Joshua ate applesauce and crackers!  He's going to UNC tomorrow to see the GI specialist, so I hope he eats better soon.

When we got back home, I did a quick pump and then changed everyone's outfits and diapers.  I nursed Grace before the third contractor came over to look at our wall.  This guy really went over the floor plans of our house and gave us some options.  He's going to email me with some estimates so daddy and I can decide what to do.  Joshua had a poopy diaper as he was here, so I changed him really fast as the contractor was taking measurements of the wall.  :-P

Joshua, you still won't share.  Every time you push Grace or take a toy you get a pop on your bottom.  I hope you learn to share soon.  

Grace can pull up on things to stand now!  You don't know how to get back down by yourself though.  :-P  You either fall or Joshua pushes you (you're usually standing next to a toy that he wants).  Oh, I weighed you today.  Well, I weighed myself and then you and I together to minus the difference.  You're about 15.5 pounds now.

Joshua, you ate about three fourths of a string cheese this afternoon!  Wow!  Oh, I keep saying 'mama' over and over to you two!  I pray that one of you all says it soon!  ;-)

This afternoon we went to Gigi's house.  We had dinner there since daddy went to a soccer game after work.  He didn't get home until almost 9:20pm.  Joshua ate well for Gigi!  She gave him pasta ABC's and potato chips.  Grace, you had a little bit of applesauce.  Grandpa Jim helped feed you.  Uncle James and I played on Gigi's bongos and congas and laughed as Joshua danced around!  It was too cute!  After dinner we watched an episode of 'He-Man' and 'She-Ra'.  Grace, you screamed on the drive home.  :-P  You clearly didn't want to leave.

Grace, your left eye is still teary.  I hope it clears up soon. 

Before daddy got home, I laid down next to Joshua and told him stories.  Grace was playing and Joshua was rubbing his eyes and getting tired.  I also told him about going to the doctor tomorrow.  I said a little prayer for him.  Daddy will take him and Penny will be here to watch Grace.  I'll rush home as soon as I can!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both so very much!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Not Sharing

Dearest Blessings~

Grace, you slept in your bassinet and Joshua, you slept in your toddler bed all night!  I didn't nurse Grace until 7:20am.  And, Joshua was still sleeping when I was nursing her.  Wow!  

Grace, I say bassinet 'loosely' .... it's really a 'pack and play' that you're sleeping in.  We need to convert the toddler bed back into a crib.  You're too big for the pack and play and Joshua can move into a real bed with side rails now.  We'll probably switch you two this week.  I hope Joshua continues to sleep well once we put him into a 'big boy' bed.  I put the bed rails together that we bought yesterday.  You two were playing this afternoon so I took that time to set up that bed. 

Joshua, you did well with Kim this morning.  We used our flash cards and you're getting the hang of them.  Have I told you what program we're doing?  It's called PECS .... Picture Exchange Communication System.  You hand us the picture of the item that you want.  The second person helps prompt you.  :-)

We were home by lunch.  We all went upstairs to the playroom and I put a CD on for some music.  I folded some laundry as Grace crawled around.  Joshua, you walked around the room holding a toy phone and 'talked' into it.  It was so adorable!

Joshua, you had a late nap.  I nursed Grace and then held her and read as she dozed.  Daddy was home late from work this evening, so we had dinner late.  Grace, you were uncooperative with your sweet potatoes.  :-P

Joshua, you were cute tonight.  You were playing with a stuffed animal whale.  You were moving it all around in the air and making noises that it was swimming.  You're definitely making more noises and babbling more.  :-)

We're still in the process of teaching people to share .... and by 'people' I just mean Joshua.  You still push Grace off toys if she pulls up, or takes toys away that she's playing with.  You got popped on the bottom this evening for pushing.  You need to learn to share little man! 

Everyone ended up crying this evening before bed.  I had to nurse Grace in order to calm her.  :-P

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Grace, you slept in your bassinet all night.  Daddy changed you and I nursed you at 6:45am.  Joshua, you slept in your toddler bed.  Daddy stayed next to you until you fell asleep.

We tried oatmeal again this morning, and you were uncooperative little lady.  :-P  So, we'll try again later.  I know you'll eventually get the hang of solid foods.  You took the bottle after awhile, so I know you'll get this too.  

This morning we ran you all's sheets and Joshua's pillow case.  His diaper leaked overnight, so we had to clean them up.  :-P  And, I got two pumps in for mommy milk for Grace on wednesday. 

Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James came over after lunch.  We celebrated Grandpa Jim's birthday since it was last wednesday.  We got him a book and he liked it.  I signed it from the two of you.  :-)  We had some ice cream cake while they were here.  Grandpa Jim rocked Joshua to sleep for a nap.  Gigi and I tried to give Grace a formula bottle, but she refused.  So, I ended up nursing her while Joshua napped.

Once people left, we played downstairs and daddy made some steaks for dinner on the grill.  You all helped me make a potato side.  Everything was good, though Joshua didn't try it.  :-P

Since we ate dinner a little early, we ran out to 'Babies R Us' afterward.  It was a quick trip .... we picked up some bed rails for the front bedroom.  We're going to try to transition Joshua to a big boy bed with rails so we can convert the toddler bed back into a crib for Grace to use.

We all relaxed in the playroom this evening.  Daddy worked on our home budget so we can figure out if we can attempt these projects downstairs.  We have one more person coming over on tuesday to take a look at things and to give us an estimate.  Once we have that, daddy and I will sit down and see what we want to do.  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Park And Football

Dearest Angels~

Grace, you slept in your bassinet all night!  I changed and nursed you at 7:30am.  Wow!  And, that's when Joshua woke from his toddler bed.  He slept in there all night, but daddy had to sleep next to him on some cushions on the floor.  His back was hurting today. 

I tried Grace on some oatmeal this morning.  She wasn't too successful.  :-P  She's getting more adventurous with crawling though.  But, she keeps bumping herself and her head on things. 

A second contractor came to look at our wall this morning.  This guy was more knowledgeable than the one yesterday.  He gave us several options to think about and an estimate on how much things would cost.  Daddy and I are going to think about it this weekend and go over our home budget to see if we can tackle both projects right now .... opening the wall and placing hardwoods down.  

UNC had another football game today.  The game was at noon, so we had it on as well were straightening things and playing.  UNC lost, but it was a close game against Georgia Tech.

I took Joshua outside during halftime.  We walked around the cul-de-sac and up the neighboring street.  Grace was napping on daddy and I wanted to stretch my legs.  Joshua helped me check the mail too.  Then, we sat on the front porch swing and rocked back and forth.  When Grace woke up, she and daddy met us on the swing.

I rocked Joshua to sleep and then held him for about an hour this afternoon.  He started to cry when I put him in his toddler bed.  He fell back asleep when daddy went in there to calm him.

Daddy vacuumed out our dryer vent since it was clogged.  I played with Grace.  I love your cute little gummy smile!  It's so adorable!  :-)

We made some potato puff casserole for dinner.  I put some sausage in it this time.  I tried Grace on some sweet potato this evening and she was very uncooperative.  :-P

This evening we walked to the park.  Our neighborhood was showing a movie in the park (they set up a big screen out there).  They were showing the movie 'Gnomeo and Juliet' which we haven't seen.  We saw the very beginning of the movie, but Joshua wanted to walk around so we went over to the swings and jungle gym.  We stayed for about 30 minutes to get some fresh air.  But, then we headed home because it was already 8pm.  We relaxed in the playroom before bed.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Friday, September 23, 2011


Dearest Miracles~

Grace, you didn't wake up until 6am this morning!  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you.  Once Joshua was awake, we all went downstairs.  I steam sterilized the pump pieces and ran the dishes.  Joshua, you would not eat any cheerios for breakfast.  You drank some milk though.

By mid morning Grace was napping in her swing.  Joshua ate some goldfish crackers and then drank a boost.  UNC called me to set up Joshua's second appointment with the feeding team.  They only see 'new patients' on wednesdays and since Joshua hasn't seen the GI specialist yet, he's considered 'new.'  So, daddy will take him on the 28th at 10am.  I'll be at work.  Penny will be here though to watch Grace and to help daddy out. 

Joshua, you did something cute this morning .... you put a little toy on Grace's head like a hat and then smiled and giggled.  Grace giggled too until it slid off her head.  It was so cute.  ;-)

Grace, you had two huge poops today that ended with outfit changes each time.  I let you play in diaper after second the second time and then tried giving you some sweet potatoes.  You're messy when you eat anyway, so I figured I would put a new outfit on you once you finished eating.  :-P

We had two people come to our house today.  We had someone come out to look at our dryer.  We thought the sensor wasn't working, but in fact our vents are clogged.  We'll work on vacuuming them out this weekend so things don't get backed up (could be a fire hazard).

The second guy was a contractor.  We want to see what our options are with the wall between the living room and study.  If we're going to tear out the carpet in those rooms and place floors, we wanted to see if the wall could be opened as well.  He took some measurements and gave me an estimate.  Another guy is going to take a look tomorrow too for a second opinion.

Once they left, I vacuumed the living room and kitchen.  I also swept the kitchen and vacuumed the play room.  Then, we had some music time and play time.  I had a CD going and I 'wrestled' with Joshua on the floor.  :-)

It rained all day today.  Everyone ended up napping this afternoon together.  I held Grace as she napped since it was right after I had nursed her.  Oh, Grace, you're beginning to rub your eyes and face to show that you're tired.  It's so adorable!  I remember when Joshua started to do that.  :-)

Daddy was home early this afternoon.  He was home by 5pm.  :-)  We made a pizza for dinner.  Joshua ate an entire piece of string cheese and a few pieces of pizza!

We made a quick trip to Target this evening for groceries.  We'll be busy tomorrow and won't have time to go out.  I'm sorry little man, there were no cookies out for you.  Perhaps next time.  Grace, you cried on the entire drive home.  Good thing we don't live far.  You were fine once you were out of your car seat and being held.  :-P

Everyone fought sleep and cried this evening.  Fun times!  :-P  I was trying to get Grace to learn how to fall asleep on her own.  You still use me as a pacifier to go to bed.  Joshua, you cried in your toddler bed until daddy sat down next to you.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling Better

Dearest Miracles~

I don't know what time in the morning I woke and put Grace back in her bassinet.  I'm guessing it was around 3am or 4am.  :-P  I changed your diaper, little lady, and then nursed you at 6:30am.  It was so hard to get up this morning when my work alarm went off.  I was yawning all day at work!  

Everyone asked about you all to see how you were doing.  People appeared to be on the mend though.  You two were more playful and you all had fun with Penny.  Penny gave Grace some oatmeal this morning, but she got most of it on her outfit.  :-P

Daddy made dinner this evening.  He made eggs, bacon, and some toast.  Yummy! 

Joshua, you pushed Grace twice this evening!  She was sitting and trying to pull up on things to play.  You went up to her and pushed her down both times.  You need to learn to share!  We had to separate you both a few times.  :-P

You did do something precious this evening though .... and it made my day!  Daddy said to Joshua, 'Give mommy a kiss' .... he walked right up to me and gave me a kiss on my lips!  Oh my!  My heart melted!  I kissed and hugged him all over!

Tomorrow's going to be a rainy day, so we'll probably stay in and relax.  I'm so glad you all are feeling better!
Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birthday And First Cold

Dearest Blessings~

Today is Grandpa Jim's birthday!  I didn't get a chance to call him at the office while I was at work.  So, I called home when I was leaving work.  Gigi picked up but Grandpa Jim wasn't there.  He was out running.  So, I sent him an email.  We'll probably see him over the weekend to celebrate.

This was a very long morning.  We were up at 2:15am.  Grace was crying and very warm.  She felt like a little fireball.  And, she was congested.  This is her first cold!  We gave her some more tylenol and she just kept crying and crying.  Daddy changed her and then I held her.

At 4am there was more crying.  I nursed Grace.  She was still warm.  I said a little prayer for you both and your health.  I hate that you all are sick and not feeling well.

I nursed Grace again right after getting ready for work.  I was so tired!  Grace, we took your temperature and you were 98 degrees.  You felt warmer to me though.

Daddy was home with you all since Penny was still out of town.  She'll be back tomorrow.  Here's what you all did today together:

8am - Joshua wet
8:30am - Joshua ate some cheerios and sippy cup
8:35am - Joshua had a projectile vomit!  Daddy took his temperature (97.1 degrees)
8:40am - Joshua back to eating some cherrios
9:50am - Grace took 3 oz mommy milk
10am-10:30am - Grace napped on daddy (then was changed since wet)
10:30am - Joshua with poopy diaper (slight rash noticed)
10:40am - Joshua ate some string cheese
10:50am - Grace ate some sweet potatoes (didn't eat a lot)
11am - Grace with poopy diaper
11:20am - Grace drank 1.5 oz mommy milk
12pm - Joshua ate some hotdog and goldfish crackers
12:10pm - Grace had more tylenol
12:30pm-1:30pm - Grace napped on daddy
1:30pm - Joshua and Grace wet
1:35pm - Joshua ate some goldfish crackers and milk .... Grace drank 5.5 oz mommy milk
2:30pm - Grace had poopy diaper
2:45pm-3:15pm - Grace napped in swing
3pm-4pm - Joshua napped
5pm - Joshua wet
5pm-5:45pm - Grace napped
5:10pm - Joshua took another sippy cup
5:55pm - Grace took 3 oz mommy milk
6:05pm - Joshua ate some hotdog and cheerios

Grace, you're beginning to pull up on furniture and to crawl on your hands and knees.  You all had music and play time today.  Mimi came over to visit you all.  Daddy cleaned out Joshua's water table on the screened in porch and swept.  And .... Joshua .... you signed for daddy 'More Goldfish Crackers Please' .... whoa!  Way to go little man!

I got my flu shot at work today so my left arm was sore when I got home.  :-P  Daddy made some steaks for dinner.  It was so good!  :-)

We relaxed in the play room this evening.  There were some heavy storms outside as we were going to bed.  We gave Grace another round of tylenol before bed.  She woke up at 11:20pm crying.  Daddy changed her and then I nursed her.  I held you the rest of the night!  

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you so much!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyone Sick

Dearest Gifts~

Grace, you slept all night in your bassinet!  I woke in pain and leaking through my shirt.  :-P  Daddy changed you and I nursed you at 6:30am.  Joshua, you stayed in our bed all night since you were sick.  You woke up all during the night congested.  Poor little man.

Everyone ended up waking up late this morning.  I let you two sleep longer since Joshua wasn't feeling well.  But, that means we were rushing to get everyone ready for Joshua's appointments.  Joshua was still sneezy with a runny nose, but I took him to see Mary Beth and Kim since he was more playful than yesterday.

But, once we were leaving, Grace started to sneeze.  Then, I noticed she had a little runny nose.  I wasn't sure if her nose was runny because she had just sneezed, or if she was coming down with something.  So, I continued to take you both out.

Joshua did well at this appointments!  He was a little sluggish from the cold, but was still active with both Mary Beth and Kim.  We practiced using his flash cards with Kim.  He's getting the hang of it and handed us the picture of the object that he wanted.  :-)  We need to keep practicing at home.

We were home for lunch and then I nursed Grace.  We had just a little bit of time before American Hardwood came over to take some measurements.  We're getting an estimate to see how much it would cost to have floors put down in the living room and study and rip out the carpet, since it's ruined from the cat.  The guy was really nice and you two behaved for him.  He's going to type up an itemized estimate for us by tomorrow.  He was here for about thirty minutes, took some measurements, and answered all our questions.

Mimi and Leigh came over right after.  They were in the neighborhood working and came over to give Joshua a balloon and for Leigh to meet Grace.  :-)  I ended up taking the balloon away later in the day because you two kept getting caught in the ribbon.  Balloons are not good gifts for toddlers and babies.  :-P  

I nursed Grace to sleep right after and then rocked Joshua to sleep.  I enjoyed holding him in the rocking chair.  It reminded me of when I was pregnant with Grace and would rock Joshua.  I just sat there and held him and cherished the moment.  He didn't fall asleep until 4:30pm.

We saw deer in the backyard after dinner.  Daddy gave Grace some sweet potatoes.  She did well!  Maybe you're getting more use to the spoon?

You two got to see Uncle Brennan this evening before he and daddy went to play a soccer game.  It was just the three of us this evening after they left.  Joshua was crabby from only having a thirty minute nap and from not feeling well.  I did his flash cards and then he fought me with this brush exercises.  He hit me right in the face.  :-P  Grace, your nose became more runny as the evening went on.  Joshua, you were still congested too with a runny nose this evening.  I ended up having two rags with me .... you each had one for your noses.

You two had new diapers, new outfits, teeth brushed, and story read by 9pm.  I nursed Grace as Joshua fell asleep next to me.  I didn't think that was so bad for being by myself and putting you two to bed alone.  Daddy wasn't home until almost 10pm.  By that point, Grace was back awake crying and crying.  She was now congested, warm, and couldn't fall asleep.  We gave her some tylenol and then she used me as a pacifier to eventually fall asleep.

I hope you two feel better soon.  Penny is gone tomorrow, but daddy will be here for another Daddy Day.  

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Dearest Blessings~

Hummm .... sick people everywhere!  By 1am we were giving Joshua tylenol and rubbing vicks on his chest so he could breathe better.  He was so congested!  Poor little man!  Runny nose, sneezing, couldn't breath.  We felt so bad for him.  He stayed in our bed between us as he tried to sleep.

By 4am Grace was up.  Daddy changed her ad then I nursed her.  We were so tired!  It was hard to keep our eyes open!  I ended up holding you, little lady, for the rest of the night so I could get some sleep.

When Joshua woke back up, I gave him some more tylenol.  You wanted to play but you were sneezy with a runny nose and obviously congested.  How do you tell a toddler that he needs to rest and lie down to get better?  :-P

We had some music time downstairs in morning.  I nursed Grace and Joshua took a sippy cup.  I left a message earlier in the day (before offices were even open) to cancel Joshua's appointment with Kim.  I felt it better for him to try to get better than to pack everyone up for his speech therapy appointment.  If he feels better tomorrow, then we'll see Mary Beth and Kim then.

You all helped me with a few activities this morning.  We baked some potatoes, Grace ate more sweet potatoes, I brushed Joshua's teeth, we did some laundry, and then we ran the dishes.

I read and rocked Joshua as Grace played in her swing.  Joshua looked and acted tired but didn't fall asleep.  So, we went back downstairs for some more music and play time.  I had to keep a towel with me all day to continually wipe Joshua's nose.  :-P

By 1pm everyone had a cleaned diaper and new outfit on .... there was snot everywhere .... Joshua and I had it on our shirts so I just decided to change everyone.  Also, I gave Joshua his third dose of tylenol.  By 1:30pm, everyone was napping.  Joshua didn't nap very well since he was congested.  He woke up periodically since he couldn't breathe .... poor little thing!

At 3pm Grace was crawling all around and was everywhere in the play room.  I was holding a sick little Joshua on the couch.  He was warm and still trying to sleep but couldn't.  :-(

We had more music and play time downstairs this afternoon.  You two are playing with each other more!  It's so cute to watch!  I sat on the couch and just observed you two for a long time and your interactions together!  Grace is always trying to follow or copy Joshua.  And, Joshua looks for Grace!  Every once in a while he hands her a toy, but he's still learning how to share.

We had leftovers for dinner and everyone got a bath once back upstairs.  We ended up giving Joshua one more round of tylenol before bed and I cut Grace's nails.  We attempted Joshua's nails, but he wasn't cooperative.

Daddy read to us before bed.  I hope you all sleep better tonight!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Water Please

Dearest Angels~

Today is our cousin Christopher's birthday!  We sent him a text message and he responded.  I haven't seen Chris in a few years.  In fact, he still hasn't met Joshua, let alone Grace.  Hopefully we'll be able to see him soon.  He's cousin Stephanie's brother .... (Great) Aunt Beth's son.  :-)

So, I fell asleep while holding Grace last night after nursing her.  I was so tired!  I woke up at 12:15am and put her back in her bassinet.  Grace, you woke up an hour later crying.  I picked you up and you fell asleep on me.  I held you all night.  You woke up again at 6:50am crying.  I changed you quickly and then I nursed you.  Joshua, you noodled into our bed last night.  We were too tired to move you.  Grace, you stayed awake after I nursed you, so I played with you in the bonus room until the boys got up.

I did a quick pump this morning as Grace napped on daddy.  Then, I watched you two as daddy mowed the lawn.  Grace, you tried some more sweet potatoes, but I'm not sure how much you actually ate.  Oh, Grace, your eyes are still blue!  I guess you and Joshua will have blue eyes!  How cute!

We saw Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James this afternoon.  They came over to visit and Grandpa Jim brought everyone some gifts from his Ironman race in Wisconsin.  You all got some shirts and onesies .... you'll have to grow into them though.  ;-)  Daddy and I got some shirts and mugs too.  Grandpa Jim rocked Joshua to sleep for a nap.  Then, I caught up with Gigi as the other boys went upstairs to watch some television.  Joshua napped with us downstairs and I nursed Grace to sleep.

I made some hamburgers and daddy grilled them with some hotdogs for Joshua.  You all helped me make some veggies on the stove inside. 

Joshua, you correctly said in sign language 'more water please' to daddy at dinner!  I was so impressed and proud of you!  Good job little man! 

We made a quick trip to Harris Teeter for some groceries after dinner.  Joshua, you ate 2 cookies!  I got a quick pump in when we got home.

Joshua, you sounded congested as the evening went on and started to have runny nose.  I hope you're not coming down with something.  

Sleep tight you two!

I love you very much!  :-)


Saturday, September 17, 2011


Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Grace, I put you back in your bassinet around 5am.  You stayed sleeping but rolled around.  I didn't nurse you until 8am!  I had a small pain, but had no leaking.  I must be adjusting to your sleeping?

Joshua, you slept in your toddler bed but daddy had to sleep next to you on cushions on the floor.  Daddy's back was hurting when he woke up.  :-P

We did some chores this morning.  Daddy put the lawn mower together.  I vacuumed the living room after daddy dusted the ceiling fan.  I swept and vacuumed the kitchen.  We also cleaned the kitchen.

Grace, you tried some more oatmeal this morning.  You got it all over your face.  :-P  We played downstairs after lunch.  We had the radio on and I nursed Grace.

Joshua fought a nap all day.  I rocked him to sleep as he drank some milk.  He finally fell asleep around 4pm, after being cranky for a while.  We had the UNC football game on as Joshua napped.  I nursed Grace.  We won!  We played Virginia .... the first conference game of the season.

Daddy made from scratch pumpkin gnocchi for dinner!  It was a lot of work but so good!  Joshua, you spit it out and didn't even try it.  :-P

Grace, this evening you tried sweet potatoes.  You did fairly well.  You still got it all over yourself, so we just have to keep trying and practicing.

We all relaxed in play room this evening.  Joshua did the most adorable thing this evening.  He sat behind me and played with my hair as I sat there with Grace.  He walked around to the front .... went right up to me .... and gave me a kiss right on the lips!  It made my day!  I hugged and kissed him all over!  It was so priceless!  I hope for many more kisses in the future! 

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Family Friday

Dearest Blessings~

Today was Family Friday!  Daddy took off so we got to the spend the whole day together!  What fun!  :-)

Grace, you slept in your bassinet until 7am this morning!  Wow!  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you.  Joshua, you slept in your toddler bed but daddy had to sleep next to you all night.

Our oatmeal breakfast was not as successful this morning as in the past, little lady.  You fought it and it went everywhere.  Joshua, you ate some cheerios though!  :-)  While you two were playing with daddy, I steam sterilized the pump pieces and straightened a little of the kitchen.  Then, we all got ready for the day.

We went to a consignment sale late in the morning.  The 'Kids EveryWear Exchange' was going on this weekend and we wanted to look into a few things.  I want to get a toddler bed for Joshua and convert his back into a crib for Grace to use.  Also, we're looking into getting a little kid size table and chair set for you all to use.  There were a few other things on the list, but we ended up not getting anything.  Lots of things were picked over when we got there, but it was nice to stretch our legs and get out of the house.

We ate lunch at the Q-Shack, a BBQ place near one of the malls.  We've all been there before (daddy and I love BBQ).  ;-) Joshua, you ate some mac and cheese, fries, and hush puppies.  Grace, you slept the entire time.  After we left, we made a quick stop at Lowes to look at lawn movers.  We've been borrowing Grandpa Mike's and it hasn't been working very well recently.  :-P  Daddy wanted to research different brands more, so we went home.  Plus, I needed to feed Grace and Joshua was getting grumpy.

Joshua took a little nap on the drive home.  Once home I nursed Grace and then Aunt Katie and Betsy came over to visit.  Grace, this was your first time meeting Aunt Katie's mommy!  She brought both of you two a toy.  Grace, your toy is a 'Indestructible book - chew proof - rip proof - nontoxic - machine washable' .... I've never seen something like it!  You love chewing on it but we have to continually tell Joshua not to take it from you.  He's still learning how to 'share' toys.  Joshua, you got some stacking toys .... they're rectangles and diamonds .... and they're soft so you can't hurt other people with them (since you still throw things!).

After everyone was fed, changed, and content, we headed back out.  We went to Home Depot and daddy ended up getting a lawn mower there.  Then, we made a quick trip to Target and got some groceries.  We ran into Uncle Brennan there picking up food for his cats!  Joshua, they didn't have any cookies out, so you didn't get one.  Maybe next time.  :-)

Everyone was cranky in car driving home.  In fact, Joshua had a public tantrum in every store we went into today .... you were very crabby.  Is it your age or did you just not want to be out today?

Joshua had a great dinner!  He had some hotdog, cereal, chicken, and brownie pieces.  Yippie! Afterward, we watched part of an 'X-Men' movie in the playroom.  It was cooler today (in the 60's), so everyone wore warmer pajamas to bed since it was only going to get cooler overnight. 

Grace, you woke up at 11:40pm from your bassinet .... one hour after I had put you down.  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you back to sleep.  I continued to hold you through the night. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

One More Discharge

Dearest Angels~

Today was another Daddy Day for you two!  How fun!  Today was busier than yesterday though since Joshua had an appointment.

Grace, you slept again in your bassinet all night.  I ended up waking you when my work alarm went off by changing your diaper.  That way I could nurse you before I left for work.  I ended up nursing Grace back to sleep and put her back into the bassinet.  Joshua was still sound asleep when I was getting ready to leave, so I kissed you two as you both were sleeping before I left for work.  :-)

Here's what you two did today with daddy:

7:30am - Joshua wet
7:45am - Joshua ate some cheerios and gold fish crackers
8:25am - Grace had a poopy diaper which lead to a new outfit   :-P
9:40am - Grace had 4.5 oz of mommy milk
10:10am - Joshua wet
11:10am - Joshua drank some pediasure and ate some more gold fish crackers
11:50am - Joshua had a poopy diaper
1:30pm - Grace wet
1:45pm - Joshua drank a few ounces of milk
1:55pm - Grace drank 4 oz mommy milk
2:15pm - Joshua had a poopy diaper
3:45pm - Joshua had some more milk
3:45pm-4:15pm - Grace napped
4:30pm - Joshua ate some hotdog and Grace was wet
4:50pm - Grace drank 4 oz mommy milk
5:20pm - Joshua wet
6:10pm - Joshua ate some hotdog and gold fish crackers but also threw a lot everywhere!

Here are the activities you all did today:

-music time and stacked blocks
-Joshua played with a spatula
-10:15am - everyone in the car
-11:05am - everyone in waiting room for Joshua's appointment
-11:30am - weigh and height check ....  32.7 inches and 23.4 lbs (they weighed you with your diaper and clothes on and you had just drank a pediasure right before!)
-saw Dr. Ross at 12:15pm .... everything looks good from the surgery .... Joshua got discharged!  He doesn't need to see the pediatric urologist anymore.  :-)  Woo hoo!
-1:30pm - everyone back home .... you two had a short nap in the car on the ride home

Joshua was humming/singing this evening to one of his toys as we were all relaxing in the bonus room.  I enjoyed listening to him.  It was so precious!

It stormed this evening and throughout the night.  It'll be cold tomorrow and through the weekend because of the storm.  It will be a nice break from the hot weather we've been having.  :-)

Tomorrow daddy has off so we're having a Family Friday!  Woo hoo!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!  :-)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Dearest Gifts~

Today was another Daddy Day together for you three!  I hate that I had to go to work and miss all the fun, but you all enjoyed the time together.  :-)

Grace, you slept in your bassinet all night, even when I put you down last night.  You rolled to your side to sleep.  It was so cute.  My work alarm went off at 6am and you were still sleeping!  I was in some pain so I quickly changed you and then nursed you back to sleep.  :-)  Joshua, you slept in your toddler bed but woke up at 11pm last night.  You went back to sleep after daddy laid next to you.

Here's what you all did today while I was at work:

7am - Joshua wet
7:15am-7:45am - Grace sleeping
7:15am - Joshua ate some cheerios and applesauce
7:35am - Joshua took some pediasure
7:50am - Joshua ate some cookie and cheerios
9:05am - Grace had a poopy diaper and needed a new outfit.  :-P
9:30am - Joshua got his teeth brushed
9:40am-10:30am - Grace napping
10:35am - Joshua wet
10:40am-11am - Joshua had some milk and lots of cheerios
10:45am-11:15am - Grace took 1 oz of formula and 4 oz of mommy milk
12:05pm - Grace wet
1pm - Joshua ate half a hotdog!
1:25pm - Joshua had a poopy diaper and needed new outfit  :-P
1:40pm-3:45pm - Grace sleeping (part of that in her swing)
1:45pm-4:35pm - Joshua napped and did not put up a fight!  Whoa!
3:45pm Grace wet and drank 4.5 oz mommy milk
4:45pm - Joshua wet
4:50pm-5:05pm - Joshua ate some goldfish and drank some pediasure
5:45pm - Grace pooped
6pm - Grace drank 3.5 oz mommy milk

Here are the activities that you all did together:

-music time
-9:40am-10:40am - walked in the neighborhood.  You all went to the shopping center, park, and then back again.  Daddy noted a cute observation of the day .... Joshua now hums to himself and was spot on (with inflections) to the melody of the ABC song!  Ha!  How cute!
-updated home budget
-backed up computer
-made pumpkin pancakes from scratch for dinner

I gave Grace a bottle when home, since there was a mix up on the milk.  This was the first time I've given you a bottle in months!  I couldn't even remember the last time I gave you a bottle.  I was impressed that you can hold the bottle by yourself.  Good job little lady!  :-)

Daddy ran out to the grocery store late this evening since we had no milk and he needed gas in his car.  He's going to take you all to Joshua's follow up appointment with Dr. Ross (the pediatric urologist that did his hernia surgery in february) tomorrow.  She wanted to see him several months after the surgery to make sure things are still healing.  We haven't noticed any problems, so hopefully he'll be discharged from her tomorrow.  I packed the diaper bag this evening for tomorrow. 

Joshua, you imitated a 'laugh' noise this evening from a toy!  Wow!  Imitating more things is a great sigh for speech therapy!  And, you ate really well for daddy today!  I was impressed.  I hope that continues!

Everyone was in bed late this evening.  It was 10pm and I was still nursing and Joshua was still in our bed.  Everyone was sleeping by 10:20pm.  We were too tired to move Joshua so I curled up next to him as he slept.  I cherished that little precious moment.  Grace, you stayed sleeping in your bassinet!  :-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Applesauce And Bananas

Dearest Miracles~

Grace, you slept in your bassinet all night again!  Woo hoo!  I didn't nurse you until 6:50am!  I was in a little pain again, but I think my body may be adjusting some to your sleeping pattern?  We'll have to see.  Joshua, you fell asleep and slept in your toddler bed, but daddy had to sleep next to you all night.

Joshua, you ate some cheerios with me for breakfast.  Then, we all played downstairs this morning before getting ready for Joshua's appointment.  Joshua, I think you're learning your colors.  You correctly pointed to red, blue, green, and yellow for me when I asked you.  You're such a smart man!

After our downstairs playtime, we went upstairs for some fun.  I did Joshua's brush exercises, joint compressions, and chewy tube work.  We went through your flash cards twice and then we did some ball exercises.

I played a little bit of mandolin for you two.  I used the acoustic and played the song 'Red Haired Boy' for you both.  Then I strummed some chords.  :-)

We got to Joshua's appointment early since I wasn't sure about parking at the hospital.  We saw a lady named Krista and she really knew her stuff.  I liked her.  It was a full two hours and we were all tired when we left. 

Krista watched Joshua go through a 'normal feeding' with me.  I brought applesauce, hotdog pieces, gold fish crackers, and cookies with me.  In typical Joshua fashion, he didn't eat much and put up a fight with the spoon and applesauce.  Krista wants to bring us back in for the whole 'feeding team' to take a look at Joshua.  She thinks it may still be a GI or reflux issue.  There's a GI specialist and nutritionist on the feeding team.  She also thinks Joshua should be on a food stimulant.   Also, since you snore, she also wants someone on the team to check your adenoids.  She saw no gross motor skills that were 'lacking' that would hinder feeding .... you have good truck rotation and twists.  I told her you spent a year with Eliza working on physical therapy.  :-)  She measured you and you're 83cm long and 22.8 pounds.  She's going to call us for our second appointment.

After the appointment I ended up nursing Grace in the car before leaving.  We went to Gigi's house and got to visit with her, Grandpa Jim, Uncle James, and Lois.  We had dinner there.  Joshua, you had some hotdog and chicken.  Grace, you had a bottle from Gigi.

Uncle James and Joshua ended up watching half the movie 'Ponyo' together .... we've seen it before.  Grace, you tried a little taste of applesauce and bananas this evening with Gigi and myself!  You made a funny face and didn't eat much.  We didn't 'push' it though since we're still trying you on oatmeal.  We need to give you more cereal and oatmeal for often though.  You need to start tasting and eating more fruits and veggies too.

You two were so cute playing all around for everyone.  People were impressed at your sitting little lady!  Good job!  

We got home late.  It was around 8pm.  I put some music on in the living room as I got some things ready for tomorrow.  Daddy will be here with you all tomorrow and thursday since Penny is gone.  Joshua, you danced to some music as the radio was on.  It was so cute!

Daddy had a late soccer meeting and got home after 9pm.  He helped get everyone ready for bed. 

Tomorrow I head to work, but I know you all will have so much fun with daddy!  He's so excited about having another Daddy Day too!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Pops On The Bottom

Dearest Blessings~

Grace, you slept in your bassinet all night long!  I put you down on your belly and you stayed sleeping.  I know you're suppose to go down on your back, but you roll over now and wake up if placed on your back.  I checked on you throughout the night and you kept on sleeping.  Daddy's work alarm went off this morning and you were still sleeping.  So, he gently woke you by changing your diaper.  Then, I nursed you.  I was happy to nurse you since I was in a little pain.  :-P

Joshua, you ate part of a cookie this morning and then threw it.  I cooked more hotdogs this morning for the rest of the week, so I hope you eat those.

We all played in the morning before getting ready for Joshua's speech therapy appointment with Kim.  We organized some things around the nursery and hall bathroom.  I had a CD going with some music playing in the background.  :-)  Oh, and we saw three deer in the backyard this morning!

Joshua, you did well for Kim today!  We used the picture cards and you liked them!  You had to hand her, or me, the card with the picture of the object that you wanted.  You're such a smart kid!  You're still learning to distinguish between two cards on which one you want.  She gave me some more cards to use at the house.  We have to really buckle down and use them so that you can better communicate with us when you want something.

Also, you like to open and close all the doors around the house.  :-P  You must have gotten taller because you weren't able to reach the handles prior. 

My stomach was very painful after lunch today and Joshua would not listen to me nor follow directions.  It was very frustrating.  I had to take some medication for my stomach and the last thing I needed was someone having little tantrums.  :-P

Joshua, you fought a nap this afternoon.  I tried rocking you and singing to you.  You kept hitting and screaming.  I didn't think my singing was that bad, but perhaps I was wrong.  :-P  I ended up rocking you to sleep as you drank some milk.  It was 3:30pm.

Daddy grilled some chicken and corn for dinner.  It was good!  Then, we all played.  Grace, you tried some oatmeal this evening.  You didn't eat much though.  You're still learning how to move your tongue around to chew and take food in.

Joshua, I have to admit you tried my patience today.  You threw so many toys and food today that I got tired of it.  I had to pop your bottom several times.  I'm sorry, but I hope you learn it's not nice to throw toys at people.

Grace, I cut your nails this evening before bedtime.  Daddy read us stories before you all drifted off to sleep.  Tomorrow Joshua sees the feeding team at Rex Hospital, so I hope everything goes well at that appointment. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  :-)


Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dearest Precious Children~

Today was a day of remembrance .... 10 years ago today our country suffered the largest single day massacre in it's history.  Two planes flew into the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) in New York and one crashed in Pennsylvania .... but was headed for the Pentagon.  Countless people lost their lives from this terrorist attack, which I'm sure you'll read about in your history books.  I was in college at the time.  Classes were cancelled everywhere as we all watched the replay over and over of the Twin Towers crashing down.  It was a sad day for all.  

Grandpa Jim did the Ironman Wisconsin race today and wore his USA jersey for the bike portion.  We tracked his progress all day long on the computer.  He wore number 2720.  :-)

Grace, you woke up crying at 5:50am.  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you.  I ended up holding you all last night and Joshua noodled into our bed.

Joshua, you ate some cheerios with me for breakfast!  I went upstairs to do a quick pump.  You two were playing downstairs and daddy was watching.  Joshua, you ended up throwing your toy grill at Grace!  She didn't cry and no one was hurt, but you got in trouble.  :-P

We went to park after lunch today.  It was hot so we only stayed out there for 30 minutes.  Everyone had red cheeks when we were done!  So, everyone got a bath when we were back home.  You two had such fluffy hair after your baths.

We all watched the first half of the USA vs Ireland rugby game.  Ireland was winning 10-1 at the half.  I don't know the rules, but it was interesting to watch.  I saw a match when I did a dental rotation in Australia.  :-)

We all fell asleep this afternoon for a nap.  I held Grace after nursing her and ended up napping for 1 hour!  Wow!

Today was also a remembrance of something else .... on June 12, 2001 my Nana (Gigi's mommy) passed away after battling colon cancer .... she was the youngest of my grandparents.  I was in college and I loved her very much.  She had been sick for awhile, but it still hurt when she left us to go to Heaven.  On September 11, 2001, she would have turned 67 years old .... it was the first birthday without her.  It was already a painful day for our family, not to mention what else transpired that morning with our country.  

Today marks another birthday without her.  Now, it has been 10 solid years.  It hurts today as much as it hurt 10 years ago.  I thought this pain would go away, but even as I write this the tears fall down my face.  I still miss her and she was on my mind all day today.  She would have loved seeing you two!  Look how precious you two are!  

It was a really sad day for me today.  For some reason, this loss really hurt today .... perhaps it was because of all the additional coverage from 10 years ago of the Twin Towers as well.  I don't know.  All I know is that I wanted to be with my own mother, Gigi, all day today.  I wanted to curl up with her and block out all other distractions.

Grandpa Mike and Mimi came over for dinner.  I didn't want company.  I didn't want to make small talk with other people.  I didn't invite them.  I was hurting inside.  The only person I would have wanted over was Gigi .... no one else.  I stayed upstairs until company was gone.  I did another pump for Grace and then took a shower.  Then, I sat down and wrote this letter. 

I wish I could say I will protect you two from all scary things and that you will never suffer in life.  Unfortunately, pain will find you all in some form at some point in your life.  It will be hard when it comes and I'll try my best to help you two get through it .... but I will be powerless to stop it.  Pain is a natural human emotion that you will need to experience on your own.  Some times the pain and hurt go away quickly .... some times it lingers for years.  I only pray that you won't have to experience it any time soon! 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so very much .... forever and ever!


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sitting Independently And Oatmeal

Dearest Joys~

Joshua, you woke up at 5am from your toddler bed.  You didn't cry though.  You sat up and whimpered.  I heard you so I laid next to you and you calmed down and fell back asleep pretty quickly.  Grace, you slept in your bassinet until 7:15am!  Whoa!  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you.  I was in a lot if pain from not nursing you sooner, but it was nice to have the extra rest.  You had some huge burps when you were done too!  ;-)

Daddy made some eggs, bacon, and toast for breakfast this morning.  Joshua, you didn't want any and only ate gold fish crackers and milk from your sippy cup.

Grace, you have different scratches on your face from various toys.  :-P  Also, your nails grow way too fast and you scratch yourself too!

We made a Target run for groceries this morning.  Joshua ate 2 cookies while there!  Woo hoo!  Grace, you pooped in the carrier as we were walking around.  :-P  I ended up just changing you at home since we didn't see it until you were strapped in your car seat (we don't live far and you weren't complaining).  :-P

Once back, I vacuumed the living room and then swept and vacuumed the kitchen.  Joshua, you poo-poo'ed more food at lunch.  

This afternoon we watched another UNC football game.  We won!  Woo hoo!  During halftime we did Joshua's brush exercises, joint compressions, chewy tube work, and flash cards.  I also read a book to him called 'God's Special Gifts to Me' .... your (Great) Aunt Beth gave it to you.  :-)

Grace, you are officially sitting independently now!  Wow!  You're getting stronger each day and you seem to be hitting 'developmental milestones' pretty fast!  Slow down little lady!  Since you're more mobile and stronger, you two are able to play together more.  I know Joshua likes that!  Oh, you tried oatmeal for the first time this evening.  I started you on 1 tablespoon.  I think you ate half?  ;-)

Joshua, you had a very late nap.  You didn't go down until 3:45pm!  Oh, you need to get better at sharing!  You like to take toys away from Grace that she's using!  Let's all try to get along, ok?

We had some music and playtime downstairs after dinner.  Grace, you fell asleep nursing and then screamed when I placed you down in the bassinet.  We couldn't calm you unless you used me as pacifier.  So, I held you all night.

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you two so much!  :-)


Friday, September 9, 2011

Second Attempt

Dearest Gifts~

Little lady, it was after 1am before I went to sleep this morning.  :-P  You woke up again at 3:15am.  Thankfully daddy changed you.  Then, I nursed you.  You woke up again at 6:40am hungry.  I nursed you some more and then we stayed up waiting for Joshua to wake up from his slumber.  

Joshua didn't finish his sippy cup this morning at breakfast, so I gave him some cheerios.  He ate a few and then wandered off.  I wanted to give him something more since he didn't have much and I spotted the last brownie that daddy had made for the Labor Day cookout .... he ate at least a third of it and would have eaten more if I hadn't eaten some!  So, I know that's not the most healthy breakfast in the world, but at least he ate some thing! 

After breakfast I baked some potatoes and did some laundry.  You two were cute this morning playing together so I tried my second attempt at making a 'time lapse' photography video of you two.  I think I'm getting better, but I'm continuing to learn as I go along.  I took 397 photos of you both playing, but I had to delete a few out .... so I think it was closer to 390 that I ended up using.  I'm trying to convince daddy that we need a wide angle lens.  ;-)

Joshua, you really fought me today with your brush exercises, joint compressions, and chewy tube work.  What's up with that?  I found gold fish cracker crumbs everywhere so I stripped up the blanket on the floor and gave the play room a good vacuuming.  :-P

As Grace napped in her swing, I took Joshua downstairs for some extra play time.  I steam sterilized the pump pieces while I was down there.  I put some music on, but since Joshua likes to take the CD's out of the player, some of the songs skipped.  :-P  Oh, little man, you can definitely open doors now!  You swung open the pantry door as I was busy with the potatoes and walked right in!  Good thing none of our doors have locks on them, except the bathrooms (which are easy to 'unlock' from the other side).

We had lots of music time this afternoon in the playroom.  I actually need to switch out those CD's soon since we hear them a lot.  The player holds 5 CD's, so you two can help me pick some new ones out.  

I read a 'Poky Little Puppy' book to Joshua since he fought a nap (he actually never took a nap all day!).  Once we were done, Joshua had a poopy diaper, stuck his hands down there, and then picked up the book!  Ew little man!  Needless to say everything got washed!  I feel like I spent all afternoon wiping your hands off!  :-P

Joshua ate some gold fish crackers as an afternoon snack with a boost.  Grace, you are really sitting up more!  Oh, you had some more rice cereal this afternoon.  You did ok .... still missing the mouth though.  :-P 

Daddy did some balance ball exercises with Joshua this evening.  Everyone ended up going to bed early tonight since people didn't take naps .... even Grace didn't nap much.  Grace stayed sleeping in her bassinet when I put her down but rolled to her belly.  :-)

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!  :-)


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Daddy Day

Dearest Miracles~

Today was your first full Daddy Day .... the first day daddy has watched you all with no help!  You three did pretty good together as I was at work!  I missed you all as I was gone, but I was able to leave a little early so I could come home and see you all!

Joshua, you had noodled into our bed last night and stayed there.  We were too tired to move you.  I held Grace until 3:15am.  I put her in her bassinet at that time anticipating her to wake up.  To my surprise, she stayed sleeping!  My work alarm went off a few hours later and she had rolled to her belly to sleep.  I nursed her at 6:20am.

Here's all the fun things you all did together for Daddy Day:

7:30am - breakfast for Joshua
8:30am - brushed Joshua's teeth
9am - poop #1 for Grace
9:45am - poop #1 for Joshua
10:20am - 4 oz bottle of mommy milk for Grace
10:25am - poop #2 for Grace
10:50am - Joshua ate some hotdog
11:50am - Joshua ate some gold fish crackers and drank some sippy cup
1pm - poop #3 for Grace and Joshua was wet
2:30pm - more gold fish crackers for Joshua and milk
2:45pm - 4 oz bottle of mommy milk for Grace
3:40pm-4:20pm - nap .... short nap due to Grace crying
4:05pm - poop #4 for Grace .... this resulted in a new outfit   :-P
4:35pm - Joshua drank a boost and was wet
5:30pm - 4.5 oz bottle of mommy milk for Grace

Here are the activities that you all did today:

-Grace napped on daddy
-watched Scooby Doo and Looney Tunes
-music time
-'fixed' internet .... it was on 'standby' .... did one of you two hit a button?
-walk from 11am-11:45am .... went to the shopping center and back
-fixed my computer (it started acting funny yesterday)
-brush exercises, joint compressions, and flash cards
-cooked dinner

Joshua, you were very crabby this evening.  I guess your nap wasn't as long as it should have been.  Grace, I put lotion on your legs.  Your knees are red from crawling all over the carpet in the play room.  The carpet in there is rough.

Everyone was in a toddler bed or bassinet by 9:45pm.  Grace, you woke up crying at 11:55pm.  Daddy changed you and then I nursed you.  I ended up holding you all night afterward. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you so much!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Dearest Angels~

Everyone woke up at 11pm last night.  Grace, you made it in your bassinet for 40 minutes before waking up crying.  I had to hold you the rest of the night.  :-P  Daddy had to sleep on cushions on the floor near Joshua's toddler bed so he would sleep.  We've had some long nights recently.  

Grace, you woke up again at 5:10am.  I quickly changed you and then nursed you.  I continued to hold you until I had to get ready for work. 

Joshua, you didn't eat well for Penny today.  :-P  She offered you several things, but you refused a lot.  You all did have fun though.  You all had floor time, puzzle time, music time, and walked to the park.  You two met another little boy named Luke while there.

Penny was impressed by Grace's sitting!  She is really getting strong!

Joshua, you did the cutest thing for daddy this evening before I got home from work.  A song came on your play gate and you started to 'sing' to it!  The play gate only plays music (no words to the music), so you were singing/babbling to the music for him!  How precious!  I haven't seen or heard you do this, so I hope you do it for me at some point.  ;-)

Daddy made pancakes for dinner when everyone was home from work.  Then, we all played in the bonus room before bedtime.  Joshua, you love walking around with your ukelele!  ;-)

Guess what tomorrow is .... your first Daddy Day together!  This will be the first time daddy will spend the day with you two with no help!  I hope you all are on your best behavior.  ;-)

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both very much!  :-)


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time Lapse

Dearest Joshua David and Grace Elizabeth~

Daddy slept on the floor all night next to Joshua's toddler bed again.  I held Grace all night but eventually slipped her down slowly next to me and she stayed sleeping.  She woke up crying at 6:30am.  I stayed up as Grace played once I fed her.

Kim was sick today, so Joshua only saw Mary Beth for occupational therapy.  It stormed right before we had to leave and I got scared that I would have to drive in such horrible weather.  It cleared up once we left the garage though.  

Joshua, you did so well today!  I told her how you've gotten braver recently since you run to the 'older' section of the play ground now.  You went onto the trampoline by yourself.  You practiced on the balance ball, swing, and the rice and bean bucket.  You didn't like the lotion on your hands though.

We were home earlier since we usually see Kim afterward.  Joshua, you spit out every hotdog piece I tried to give you and applesauce.  You only ate 'crunchie' crackers and gold fish crackers. 

We had music time this afternoon in the playroom.  I had several CD's going and I did Joshua's brush exercises and joint compressions.  Grace, you crawled all around.  Joshua, you also flipped through some books with me.

I attempted my first 'time lapse' photography video of you two.  I stood near the camera and hit the remote every few seconds to take 85 pictures of you all.  Then, I put them together in a video.  It's only 5 seconds, but it's pretty good at a first attempt.  ;-)

This evening we all played together.  Tomorrow I head back to work, so Penny will be here.  Then, daddy will have you all on thursday!  Woo hoo!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you very much!  :-)


Monday, September 5, 2011


Dearest Miracles~

Daddy slept on cushions on the floor next to Joshua's toddler bed most of the night.  Grace woke at 5:45am.  I had been holding her since she woke up last night.  Daddy moved to the bed as I changed and nursed Grace.  Joshua, you remained sleeping.

Daddy did Joshua's brush exercises and chewy tube work this morning.  I swept the vacuumed the kitchen.  I also got a quick pump in this morning.  Daddy made some brownies for our lunch cookout at Grandpa Mike and Mimi's house.

There were also steaks, a salad, bread, and baked potatoes there.  Yummm!  You all got to visit with Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie.  Joshua, you were so fussy at the table and didn't eat much.  You kept fighting a nap.

Joshua, you eventually napped when we got home.  I nursed Grace and read.  It rained as Joshua slept.  Grace played, rolled all around, and went into her swing as Joshua took a snooze.  :-P

Joshua, you ate cheerios and two cookies this evening .... I was happy you ate even if it was cookies!  We got the cookies at Harris Teeter .... we needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store since no one had any milk!  It really rained as we drove home.

Once home, I got another pump in so Grace would have enough mommy milk for wednesday.  Oh, Joshua, you love to hit the button to open and close the garage door!  And, I think you've figured out how to open the door of the playroom if closed.  You must have gotten taller!

Grace, you tried more rice cereal this evening.  You did a little better, but you're still pretty messy!  ;-)  I cut your nails before bedtime too since they were long again.

This evening you all watched a Looney Tunes movie with daddy as I took a shower and did some things on the computer.  

Tomorrow Joshua has his therapy appointments.  I hope he eats more for Kim!

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both!