Monday, February 28, 2011

Two Miracles From God

Dearest Miracles from God~

"For it is by GRACE you have been saved, through faith- and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God"
Ephesians 2:8 (NIV)

Grace Elizabeth Watson
Born 10:46am
7 lbs 7 ozs
20 inches

Happy Birthday Grace Elizabeth .... you are our newest, precious gift from God!  :-)  I can't tell you how excited daddy, Joshua, and I are to have you in our lives!  Daddy and I are blessed to have you and Joshua!

Our day started out pretty early today .... the day of your birth.  I got up at 6am to take a shower.  I couldn't have anything to eat or drink since midnight, so I was pretty hungry.  :-P  Once I showered, I curled up next to Joshua, since he had noodled into our bed.  Then, daddy got ready.  Penny was here by 7:30am and we all said our 'good byes' .... I kissed you, Joshua, and said 'I Love You' several times.  I cried a little as I left you but I knew daddy, Mimi, Gigi, and Penny would take care of you over the next few days.  

Daddy and I were at the hospital by 8:20am and met Gigi there.  I checked in and they drew blood for my pre-operative work.  Then, we headed to the 4th floor .... Labor and Delivery .... to help enter Grace into the world.  Joshua, you lived on this floor of Wake Medical Hospital for 8.5 weeks!  :-P

The triage nurse immediately put me in a gown and had daddy put scrubs on.  Then, they hooked Grace up to the fetal monitors.  I was having contractions a few minutes apart, but they weren't severe enough for me to really feel them!  

Gigi had to wait in the waiting room as they took daddy and I back to triage. But, Mimi and Uncle Brennan were soon there to keep her company.

The nurse started an IV on me and then the anesthesiology team came in to talk to me about the epidural.  I was so nervous!  With Joshua, I was put under general anesthesia because my platelet count was too low.  I could have bled out spinal fluid with an epidural.  :-P 

Once they were ready for me in the operating room, they took me back for the anesthesia.  Daddy had to wait until they were ready to perform the C section to go back.  But, once I was in the OR, everything ran like clockwork .... nurses were everywhere organizing instruments .... three different 'teams' were there working together .... OB, pediatrics, anesthesiology .... you could tell this wasn't their first time!  ;-)

Then came the epidural.  They washed my back three times with something cold.  Then, they placed a paper dressing over my back to keep things sterile.  Finally came the pressure and pinch .... ouch!  I had to bend my lower back out and one of the nurses comforted me since I was nervous.  :-P  I felt a warm and tingling feeling in my toes.  It worked pretty fast and they immediately placed me on my back.  Once they checked I was good and numb, daddy was brought back.  A blue shield was placed so that daddy and I couldn't see Dr. Mckenzie perform the actual surgery.  Daddy sat near my head and held my hand.  :-)

It's a strange sensation to be 'paralyzed' from the nipple line down. I felt pressure and movements, but no sharpness or pain.  At one point, there was a quick push and pressure .... Dr. Mckenzie said, 'We're about to have a baby real soon' .... then then daddy and I heard Grace's precious cry!  You cried a lot which was joyous to hear .... you have some good, strong, healthy lungs!  Dr. McKenzie lifted you over the blue sheet for daddy and I to see .... we couldn't help cry tears of joy at seeing and hearing you for the first time, my precious Grace!  

They quickly cleaned and weighed you and daddy got to hold you for the first time!  I wished you 'Happy Birthday' and told you that 'I Love You' and got to touch your little face.  

And, just like that, Grace Elizabeth entered the world .... our second miracle and gift from God .... on February 28th, 2011 .... at 10:46am .... 7 lbs 7 ozs .... 20 inches .... 13 3/4 cm head diameter .... 40 weeks and 1 day gestation .... by Dr. McKenzie .... as healthy as can be!  :-)

As a side note, little Grace .... you were truly born a Tar Heel .... our 'Labor and Delivery' nurse's name was Jordan and today is also Dean Smith's 80th birthday!!  ;-)

Daddy continued to hold my hand as they took you to the nursery.  They did your length and ran other tests on you there.  As they continued to 'put me back together' with stitches and 12 staples, daddy was able to go into the waiting room and update Gigi, Mimi, and Uncle Brennan.  They got to see you in the nursery!  :-)

I stayed in a recovery room for about an hour before they took me to my real room in maternity.  They kept me on a liquid diet for the rest of the day, but I eventually got nauseous and couldn't keep things down.  :-P  I continued to get sick from about 2pm to 6pm.  Yuck!  

Over the course of the evening, Grandpa Jim, Uncle James, Uncle Brennan, Aunt Katie, Gigi, and Mimi all got to meet Grace.  They visited with you, kissed you, and held you!  Gigi stayed the night with me as daddy went back to stay with Joshua and help Mimi.  Joshua, you got to play with Mimi and Uncle Brennan back at the house, since daddy's soccer game was canceled (it stormed).  Daddy and Mimi played with you all night in the bonus room.  You also got a nice bath this evening .... because you apparently got yogurt in your hair at dinner!  Then, you fell asleep next to daddy as he read. 

Gigi was such a hug help!  I can't reiterate enough how much of a blessing Gigi was tonight.  She's the most caring and loving woman on the planet and I pray I can be half the mother she is!  She will always be there for you two!

I continued to have IV fluids and a catheter all night, so I was limited on my movements.  :-P  But, the nurse did have me walking (a little) this evening to help with my recovery.  :-)

Grace, you and I are still bonding with nursing.  We have the nurses help us when we can, but I think we're doing pretty well so far.  I'm hoping we can keep it up as long as possible so you can have the same 'liquid gold' that your brother had.  It's rich in nutrients, so drink up!  ;-)

I can't tell you both how blessed we are to have you both!  Daddy and I love each of you dearly!

Sleep tight you two!

I love you both very much .... forever and ever!  :-)


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Due Date

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today's the day .... today is our official 'due date' for Peanut.  We are 40 weeks gestation .... 10 weeks longer than we made it with you.  If nothing happens today, then we have a C section scheduled for tomorrow for Peanut to enter the world! 

I had a rough night.  I didn't feel well so I was up and down all night feeling nauseous and drinking water.  :-P  My stomach continued to feel weird all day, but I never got 'sick' thank goodness.  :-P

We were pretty lazy this morning and just watched cartoons with you in the bonus room after breakfast.  Our goal was to spend as much time with you as possible and to just relax since our lives will become more hectic starting tomorrow.  After we got ready for the day, Grandpa Jim, Gigi, and Uncle James came over for lunch and to visit with you.  Uncle James made you something .... when he was little, he had a blue dinosaur coat hanger in his room that said 'James' on it.  He took his name off it and glued blocks on it so it says 'Joshua' now!  It's so cute!  We'll have to get daddy to hang it up for you!  ;-)

We showed them our new double stroller, and we all went for a walk up to the park.  Today was a beautiful day!  It was in the 70's and there were lots of kids outside playing.  Gigi and I sat together on a bench once we got to the park.  Daddy, Uncle James, and Grandpa Jim took you for a longer walk to the greenway and then put you on the swings.  

It was good to talk to Gigi this afternoon.  She reassured me of things and gave me comfort since I'm still nervous about tomorrow and scared.  She's going to meet daddy and I at the hospital tomorrow morning and she'll stay with me tomorrow evening as daddy and Mimi stay with you.  

After the park, Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came by to see you as Uncle James, Gigi, and Grandpa Jim were leaving.  They played with you for a while, but then left once you were getting tired.  You still hadn't napped today.  I picked you up and rocked with you.  You immediately fell asleep on me!  

I held you for a while and didn't want to let you go.  Peanut moved around while you were sleeping and you eventually scooted around so that your head was resting on my belly on top of her!  I'm going to miss your little naps together .... your head on my belly and Peanut kicking around.  I'm also going to miss Peanut's little kicks and movements!  But, I'm also excited about this new adventure that daddy and I are about to go on with you all.  

Daddy and I rested on the couch in the bonus room with the windows open as you slept.  It was a quiet and sweet moment of silence as you napped.  We talked about tomorrow and how thankful we are to have you and Peanut in our lives.  Daddy and I are so blessed!  Daddy prayed for the doctors and nurses at dinner tonight .... I'm sure things will go well, but extra prayers are always appreciated.  ;-)  Cousin Stephanie and (Great) Aunt Beth called this evening to let us know that they were praying as well.  

This evening we played in the bonus room and relaxed as we watched UNC play basketball.  We gave you a nice bath since it's been almost a week.  We had to wait several days before we could put you in the tub after your surgery.  You're still a little bruised, but you're doing really well!  I'm so proud of you!

I called Penny, and she was more than willing to come over and watch you tomorrow morning as daddy and I head to the hospital.  She's going to come over around 7:30am and daddy and I will leave shortly after.  You'll see daddy and Mimi later than day, but I won't be home tomorrow once I leave.  I know you'll be fine, but it's still hard for me to think about.  I wish I could take you with me .... but at the same time, I'll have little Peanut there to welcome into the world and spend time with.  :-)  Daddy reassured me that he would bring you to the hospital at some point so I could see you .... and for you to meet Peanut!  Also, we can take you to see the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) nurses at the hospital!  They'd be so surprised to see you now!  

I love you and Peanut so much .... and I pray things go smoothly tomorrow .... I pray that Peanut is healthy and I pray that the Lord takes away my anxiety and apprehension ....

"Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."  
Joshua 1:9  (NIV)

Sleep tight little miracle .... I can't wait to have two little miracles tomorrow!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lots Of Walking

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  We're getting closer and closer .... tomorrow we'll be 40 weeks gestation with Peanut .... our due date!  How exciting!!  Are you getting anxious to meet your little sister?  :-)

This morning daddy and I did some chores around the house as you played.  We vacuumed and organized the study, kitchen, and living room.  We're trying to get things half way decent before we head to the hospital.  That way, whoever is here to watch you, won't be in a dirty house.  :-P  At this point, it looks like daddy and Mimi will be here monday evening to take care of you.  Daddy will show Mimi your bedtime routine and she'll stay in the guest room.  I hope you sleep well that night.  :-P  Gigi will stay with me and Peanut in the hospital that first night.  Penny will come over monday morning to watch you during the day until Mimi comes to relieve her.  

I hate that I have to leave you.  I've been getting really sad and emotional recently thinking about it.  Did you know that you and I have been together every day since the day you were born?  There hasn't been a single day where we didn't see each other .... or that I didn't touch you .... or say 'I Love You' to you .... I'm going to be so sad monday morning when daddy takes me to the hospital and I won't see you for a while.  I'll probably cry in the car.  Daddy said that he promises to bring you to the hospital at least one day while I'm there so I can see you and for you to meet your little sister!  You won't be able to stay with me over night, but you'll be able to visit.  :-)

After we got ready for the day, and the chores were done, we packed you up and headed over to the mall.  I don't know the next time we'll 'get out' for a while after Peanut comes, so we decided to stretch our legs since the weather was nice.  It was cooler outside, but we still had the windows open upstairs.  

The mall was so crowded!  We couldn't even find a place to sit for lunch!  Wow!  We walked all around though (some times walking can encourage labor too) and spent some time in a few stores.  We ended up not getting anything, but it was nice to just be out.

We ended up leaving the mall and going to a pasta place for lunch.  You took down your sippy cup of formula and then some juice.  You also ate some yogurt and snacks.  The pasta place was next to a book store that's going out of business, so we popped in to see if anything interested us.  As soon as we walked in, we saw Grandpa Jim and Uncle James doing the same thing!  How funny!  Grandpa Jim held your hand and you two walked all around the store together!  :-)

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Target and then we went and met a family selling a double jogging stroller.  They have two girls, one 8 and one 5, and they don't want to sit in strollers anymore.  So, we went over there and checked it out.  It was in good condition, the mom had just cleaned it, and everything worked.  So, we bought it to use for you and Peanut.  :-)  Peanut will need to be a little bigger before getting into it, but by late spring and early summer time, when the weather is really nice, we'll be able to take you both out and enjoy the weather.  :-)

We had a little time to rest when we got home before Mimi and Grandpa Mike came over.  Mimi bought a car seat for her car and we needed to adjust it to fit you.  Daddy and I adjusted all the straps and then he and Grandpa Mike went out and brought sandwiches back for dinner.  After you played with them for a bit, we went back upstairs and relaxed the rest of the evening.  Daddy put Looney Tunes cartoons on and I put my feet up.  While you all were watching some cartoons, I reorganized my hospital bag with last minute things and then read in bed for a few minutes.  You fell asleep next to daddy with the cartoons on, so it didn't take long for daddy bring you in the bedroom all curled up and snoring.  :-P

Tomorrow we'll probably rest and enjoy our last full day together as a family before heading to the hospital.  I want to spend as much time with you as possible before I leave!  

Sleep tight little one!

I love you so much!  :-)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Seventy One Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Today you are seventy one weeks old .... you are really getting up there!  I mean, you'll be a year and half before we know it!  ;-)

Today we got up pretty early.  I had an early appointment with the OB, so Mimi came by to watch you as I headed over there.  I actually misunderstood Dr. Rush when I saw her this past monday.  She offered to separate the cells and membrane at the top of the uterus on monday, but apparently she could only do that if we had any dilating.  She offered before checking, and when we didn't have any dilation, she spoke to the nurse and then we discussed the issue of scheduling for a C section.  

Well, I saw Dr. McKenzie this morning, and he checked one more time before we headed into the weekend.  My vitals were good (122/80 ish) and there was no protein in the urine.  Peanut's heart rate was good as well.  It was in the 140's.  The uterine height was right on target, but we had no dilating.  My cervix is still 'high and closed' so we couldn't do the procedure.  So, we still have the C section planned for monday morning if we don't go into labor this weekend.

I'm guessing, little man, that my body is thinking this is my first pregnancy since you had to be removed so early.  Peanut's in position, but they're still hesitant about inducing since that increases the risk of a uterine rupture due to a past C section.  The only other option is if I pushed them to let me wait one more week past full term to see if we go into labor.  There's no medical reason to prolong the pregnancy after 40 weeks, and we're almost at 40 weeks now with no dilating (we'll be 40 weeks on sunday .... our due date).  So, the OB's think it wise to move forward with the C section.  

Obviously I have mixed feelings towards that.  The good news is that I know what to expect with a C section .... the bad news is that I know what the expect with a C section!  Ha!  I know the recovery is going to be hard since all my muscles will be cut, and there are lots of risks involved with a 'major surgery.'  But, we also need to do what's best for Peanut.  There's always a possibility that we go into labor and then something happens to her .... she's out of position, the cord gets stuck, she goes into distress .... and then we end up with a C section anyway.  

I've been reading some things online about C sections, and I know some women feel bad about having to go through it, verses being able to have a child 'naturally.'  Some women feel disappointed afterward.  I asked daddy if he would be disappointed, or saddened, if it gets to monday and we wind up in another C section.  He said that all he wants is a healthy Peanut, Joshua, and mommy!  So, that made me feel better!  We're just going to put everything into God' hands and pray that things go smoothly with the birth of your little sister!  :-)

After the appointment, I came back here and you and Mimi were upstairs in the bonus room.  I cleaned some things around the house and organized while you two watched some television.  Then, we ate an early lunch.  We went to a little Italian place around the corner.  You ate some of my chicken and about 2.5 french fries.  ;-)  You also ate some of your foods too and took some formula.  

You and I relaxed after lunch.  I was a little tired, so we rested in the bonus room.  I sat with you as you played with your toys on the floor.  Then, after awhile, you began to rub your eyes.  I picked you up and rocked with you.  Before I knew it, you were fast asleep on my shoulder.  ;-)  I held you for a little bit, and then I placed you on a pillow to nap.   I told you how much I love you and Peanut.  I did a few things on the computer .... I wanted to make sure bills were paid for next week .... and then I rested next to you.  I even closed my eyes for a bit and napped too!  ;-)

Once daddy got home, we all had some leftovers and then we played some more.  We ran two loads of laundry and took the dressing off your incision site from the hernia.  They drew a smiley face on the dressing and even wrote 'Great Job Joshua' on there since you were such a big boy!  You're a little black and blue and we still have you on motrin for now to help with inflammation.  You don't appear to have any abnormal swelling and you still have no fever.  So, overall, you appear to be doing really well!  :-)

I felt Peanut kick and move a lot this evening!  I tried to take a little video of my belly .... but every time I tried, she stopped moving.  :-P

This weekend, daddy and I are going to do some last minute errands.  We're going to pick up a used double stroller from another family so that when the weather gets nice, and Peanut gets bigger, we can take you both out for walks.  :-)  The weather was beautiful today, despite the fact that it was raining earlier.  It warmed it later in the day and you and I ended up having the windows open in the bonus room.  :-)

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you so much!  :-)


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  How are you feeling today?  You appear to be feeling just fine!  You've been eating and drinking normally the past two days.  And, you've had some poopy diapers (the hospital wanted us to check to make sure everything was working ok).  ;-)  Also, you haven't had any fevers.  :-)  Yippie!  You don't like it when we place your antibiotic ointment on you (we have to pull some skin down there), but that's to be expected.  

You still have some swelling around your incision, but it hasn't increased.  If the swelling increases, then we'd have to call the doctor.  So far, you appear to be healing just fine.  :-)

You're still on the anti-inflammatory medication.  We haven't given you the really hard stuff since tuesday. 

Also, you stayed asleep, by yourself in your own bed, until 3am this morning!  That' one more hour than the night before!  ;-)  Keep it up little man!

You were awake this morning before I left for work.  I kissed you as you played and told you that I would be home as soon as I could .... it's my last day!  :-)  Unfortunately, 'as soon as I could' ended up being close to 7:40pm this evening!  Everyone knew it was my last day, so I had people from different parts of the building come up to me to give me a hug and wish me luck over the weekend and monday.  Everyone is so excited that Peanut is coming and we even got one more gift from a coworker .... a little outfit and a pink photo book.  :-)  But, once everyone left, I still had about 10 progress notes to write and I needed to clear off the charts on my desk.  So, I stayed late to get that all done .... and now we're free to welcome Peanut into the world!  I am 'officially' on maternity leave!  ;-)  With you, I had to split my maternity leave.  Three weeks after my C-section, I worked 5 hours each morning, and then took 5 hours of maternity leave to go to the hospital to see you.  Once you were discharged from the hospital, I took the rest of my leave.  :-)

Daddy and I have noticed that you can 'walk' on your knees some.  When you're sitting on your knees, you sometimes scoot around like you want to walk.  Eliza asked me the other week if you had started to do that, but at the time I had never seen you try.  Also, you're beginning to let go of things and stand more .... though you still don't know you're doing it.  You're usually distracted my a toy or the television.  And, you've started trying to pull yourself up on your back legs to stand from a crawling position.  Wow!  I bet any day now you'll just start walking all around!  ;-)

I was so incredibly tired when I got home from work this evening.  I felt like I hadn't sat all day .... which, of course I had .... my feet and legs were just exhausted.  I relaxed with you and daddy in the play room this evening and put my feet up.  At one point you crawled over and played with my toes.  :-P

I felt a lot of kicks and movement from Peanut this evening.  I think it's so cool when we 'see' her moving around .... you can actually watch my belly and skin move as she shifts around!  

Tomorrow I have my last OB visit .... we'll be 39 weeks and 5 days gestation!  We'll see what happens and if we'll go into labor for a VBAC.  If not, little Peanut is coming on monday!  

Sleep tight little angel!

I love you!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Active And Playful

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  You slept in your bed until 2am this morning.  You woke up and started crying, so daddy picked you up and then you fell right to sleep at you curled next to us.  I didn't mind you sleeping there though, after all you went through yesterday.  I gave you some pain reliever before you went to bed last night, but I'm sure you're still sore.  You slept pretty well once you were next to us.

You were awake when I left for work this morning.  I kissed you .... several times .... while you played.  

I got home late since I was trying to get things done before maternity leave starts.  I still have some charts 'open' and notes to write, but I was just too tired to stay at work.  :-P  I'll just try my best to finish everything so I'm not gone all day tomorrow.  I miss you so much when I'm at work.  

When I got home, you were playing and happy!  I bet no one would even be able to tell you had surgery yesterday!  Penny and daddy said you did really well today.  Penny gave you two doses of your pain medication (just the anti-inflammatory, not the heavy stuff) and you were fine all day.  I'll probably just stick to the anti-inflammatory as well since you don't appear to need anything stronger.  

Gigi and our friend, Stephanie, both called me to check on you.  I gave them your update and they were happy to hear you were doing well!  Also, DOOK called to check on you.  Everyone at work wanted to hear about yesterday and they were so glad to hear you were feeling better.  Now, that you're taken care of, everyone has turned their attention to Peanut and myself wondering 'when's the baby coming?'  :-P

Daddy and I got you ready for bed, and once I took my shower, we all curled up in our pajamas for the UNC basketball game.  It didn't start until 9pm!  Ugh!  I hate those late games!  :-P  You fell asleep, but daddy and I managed to stay awake to see us win against State.  It was a struggle though .... we were both exhausted!  ;-)

Guess what tomorrow is .... my last day at work for several weeks!  Since we have a C-section scheduled for monday, whether we go into labor over the weekend or not, you'll have a little sister by lunch time that day!  So, after work tomorrow, I'll officially be on maternity leave!  I'm scared and excited at the same time.  :-)  You'll help us out with Peanut though, right?  ;-)

Have fun with Penny tomorrow as I head to work.  I can't wait to see your smiling face in the morning!

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today's the day .... you have your surgery at 8:45am this morning.  You couldn't have any solid foods after midnight, and you could only have clear liquids from midnight to 5:15am.  So, we woke you at 5am and gave you 4 ounces of white grape juice.   I tried giving you some water too, but you didn't want any. You stayed awake for a little bit afterward, but then went back to sleep. 

We left the house at 6:25am and made it to DOOK by 7:10am.  We needed to be there by 7:15am, so we were right on time.  :-)  Daddy checked us in and then you played in the stroller as we waited to be brought back into the pre-operative area.  They called us back before 8am.  

Everyone had on blue scrubs and looked like smurfs.  ;-)  Everyone thought you were cute and you smiled at all the nurses and doctors.  We saw Dr. Ross and met the anesthesiologist.  Daddy and I had to put you in a little tiger gown with just your diaper on.   We thought it funny that DOOK had you in a Clemson gown.  :-P  They gave us socks to put on you, but they were too big.  :-P  So, I took them.  ;-)  Also, you kept taking off your hair net.

You were weighed and you're now 9.1 kg!  That's just over 20 lbs!  Woo hoo!  Way to go little man!  Of course, you still had your pajamas on and a wet diaper .... but I'm going to take it! 

You're surgery ended up starting around 9am.  You wouldn't go back with the nurse by yourself, so I had to go back to the OR with you.  I had to wear a big white gown (I looked like a big marshmallow!), hair net, and mask .... and then I carried you into the OR and placed you in the table.  Daddy took the stroller and our belongings into the waiting room.  I had to hold your hands and try to calm you as they put you under.  This was really, really hard for me!  I hated to see you cry so much!  And, once you were put under, your breathing sounded different.  The nurse said I could kiss you .... so I picked up your little hand, which I was holding, and gave you a sweet kiss.  I started to cry, but the nurses were very understanding and then walked me back out into the waiting room where daddy was.  I had to call Gigi once that was over to give her the update and she calmed me over the phone that everything would be fine.  Some times you just need your mommy there, even me!  :-)

I got a little worried because stressful situations can cause women to go into labor!  Everywhere I went nurses asked me when I was due.  As soon as I said 'sunday' they would all look at me and say things like 'well, good thing you're in a hospital' or 'have a seat' or just simply 'Sunday?! Oh my!'  :-P

Daddy and I then had to play the waiting game.  We didn't get to see Dr. Ross again until 11am.  She came out and discussed the surgery with us.  It appears that you had a hernia this whole time which was causing the undescended right man berry!  Poor little man!  She corrected the hernia and then everything went into place.  :-)  Since you had a hernia, it never would have self corrected, and it likely would have gotten worse.  So, it was a good thing you had the surgery done, though it was scary for daddy and I. 

We got to see you in recovery.  I held you for about 30 minutes and rocked you as you slept and  eventually woke up.  Daddy and I gave you some juice as you woke up, and we were discharged a little after 12pm.  I sat in the backseat with you as daddy drove home.  You held my finger as you slept.  I didn't want you to let go.  :-)

Gigi and Uncle James met us back at the house by 1pm.  Daddy and I were so hungry!  They brought over some lunch for us.  Daddy filled your prescriptions for pain relievers and you continued to rest and nap on Gigi.  Gigi helped me change your diaper and put your antibiotic ointment on.  Gigi and Uncle James left around 4pm and daddy left to get a haircut.  You and I got to be alone for about 40 minutes together and rested in the bonus room.  You took a whole 8 ounces of pedialyte and started to become more active by 5pm.  :-)

By 5pm daddy was back home and Mimi was here.  She cooked dinner for us and Grandpa Mike, Uncle Brennan, and Aunt Katie came over to see you.  You gradually became more and more active as the evening went on.  You ate a few things, but you mostly drank a lot.  You never spiked a fever (the hospital told us to watch for that) and we gave you a few doses of your pain medications during the afternoon and evening.

By 8pm we were alone and daddy and I got to snuggle with you.  We told you that we love you (several times) and I felt Peanut kick a lot.   Daddy got to feel Peanut kick too!  She was telling you that she loves you too and that she's proud of you for being so brave today!  You eventually fell asleep next to us as we relaxed in the bonus room.  We all tried to be in bed early since we were exhausted.  :-P

Tomorrow I head to work again, but daddy will be here in the morning with Penny.  You know Penny is a retired pediatric nurse, right?  I don't remember if I ever told you that.  Anyway, daddy will show her your antibiotic ointment and will be here to help her for a while.  Then, he'll go into the office for a little bit.  I don't think you'll have any problems since you were so active this evening and playing around, but we still said a little prayer for you tonight.  My work offered to let me skip tomorrow, but I wanted to save that extra day for maternity leave for you and Peanut.  These are my last two days of work and then I'll be off! 

I love you so much little man and I'm so happy that your surgery went well.  It was scary for daddy and I, but at least you're healthier now.  Daddy and I love you and Peanut so much, and we'd do anything to keep you all healthy!

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!


Monday, February 21, 2011

On The Phone All Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  Well, I feel like I have been on the phone all day!  :-P

First, I had an OB appointment with Peanut at 9:30am.  So, after we got up and ate breakfast together, Mimi came over to watch you.  I headed over to the MD office and saw Dr. Rush.  I had the 'normal' swelling and higher blood pressure associated with being 39 weeks and 1 day gestation.  My weight was 155.2 (yikes!).  ;-)  Peanut's heart rate was good (142).  She checked on our dilating situation and my cervix is still 'high and closed'.  She offered to remove the cells around the membrane at the top of the cervix.  When this is done, women generally go into labor within 24-48 hours.  However, you have a surgery tomorrow at DOOK, so I didn't want to go into labor with you in a different hospital!  Plus, daddy won't be able to be there for the birth of Peanut!  So, I didn't have Dr. Rush do the procedure today.  

So, here's what we have planned now (this is after several phone calls between the OB and the surgical nurses at Wake Medical Hospital .... where our delivery will take place):  

Friday Feb 25th:  I have an appointment at 8:45am with the OB.  Dr. Mckenzie will separate the cells at the top of the cervix to see if we'll go into spontaneous labor 24-48 hours afterward.   If so, we can attempt a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) over the weekend. This does not mean that we'll 'avoid' having a C-section.  We could go into labor and end up needing a C-section anyway based on different circumstances (dilating, position of baby, etc). If we don't go into labor over the weekend, then we have an appointment on monday scheduled ....

Monday Feb 28th:  I'll be 40 weeks and 1 day gestation!  I have a 'planned C-section' scheduled at Wake Med for 10:30am.  I would need to be there at 8:30am and would see Dr. Mckenzie for a RLTCS (repeat low transverse C-section) if we do not go into labor over the weekend.

Of course, we could always go into labor before friday.   :-P   If we're able to do a successful VBAC, then I would have an easier recovery then having a C-section (major surgery).  However, there are risks involved either way, so we just need to see what's best for Peanut and myself.  Keep praying little man that everything runs smoothly!  I have to admit, now that we're in our last week, I'm getting more apprehensive .... but I know you and daddy will be there for Peanut and myself.  :-)

DOOK also called me so daddy and I have all the information for your appointment for tomorrow.  Your surgery is scheduled for 8:45am.  We need to be at the hospital at 7:15am.  You can eat and drink normally until midnight tonight.  Starting at midnight, you can only have clear liquids until 5:15am.  After 5:15am, you can't have anything to eat or drink.  :-P  Ugh!  I don't know how well that will work out.  Daddy and I may have to wake you up in the middle of the night to get some fluids in you.  I have a feeling that we're all going to be very tired tomorrow!  

Anyway, when I got home from the OB appointment, you and Mimi were playing in the bonus room.  I went to do a load of laundry and .... the next thing I know, the two of you are asleep on the couch again!  :-P  So, I did chores around the house while the two of you slept!  

Mimi stayed until around 2:40pm, and then Eliza came at 3:30pm (she had to change our normal appointment time).  You had some nice neck rotations and then we worked on standing and walking.  You took a few steps again by yourself and stood for a few seconds when distracted by toys.  You got really fussy at the end of the appointment and rubbed your eyes.  Eliza left around 4:30pm and I took you upstairs thinking you were tired and wanted a nap.  Nope, you kept playing until daddy got home around 5:30pm.  Little man, you and I had less than 2 hours together all day! 

We were both very happy to see daddy though!  I told him about all our impending appointments while we made dinner.  We started to put things aside and prepare for tomorrow morning.  We've been trying to keep you hydrated all day to prepare for tomorrow, and you drank 5 ounces of formula and 11 ounces of whole milk at dinner and through the evening!  Whoa!  ;-)

We gave you a nice bath this evening.  Once you have your surgery, you won't be able to have a bath for a few days. 

The three of us relaxed in the bonus room this evening .... well, we 'relaxed' as much as possible .... I'm still worried about your surgery, just because they have to put you under general anesthesia .... so I know I won't sleep well tonight.  But, daddy and I have been praying about it and we know it's in God's hands.

Get some sleep tonight little miracle!  Daddy and I will be there with you all day!  We love you so much!!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Shower

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  How are you?  :-)

Guess what we saw this morning .... we saw deer in our backyard!  There were two and they were further away, but we still got to see them and they were pretty.  :-)

After we all ate breakfast together, I quickly swept and vacuumed the downstairs.  You spilled a lot of crackers and cheerios on the floor, and, of course, I had stepped on them.  :-P  So, I cleaned everything up before we headed upstairs.  

We relaxed and played upstairs this morning because we knew we had a busy rest of the day.  You, me, and daddy met up with our friends for lunch around the corner at the Nantucket Grill.  You've been there before a few times.

We saw Mimi, Gigi, Aunt Katie, Stephanie, Sherrill, Alicia, and Trina.  They all came together to celebrate Peanut and gave her some gifts.  Don't worry .... you had a gift too .... Gigi brought over a Valentine's Day gift for you filled with the cereal puffs that you like.  :-)

Peanut got clothes, blankets, towels, wipes, diapers, toys .... it was amazing!  Our friends are so generous and we're blessed to have them in our lives.  Then, after we opened gifts and ate, everyone came back to our house for cake!  You gave everyone a tour of the house and they all loved your play room over the garage!  

Grandpa Jim and Uncle James came over around 2:30pm (just in time for cake!) and also visited with you.  Once people started leaving, Gigi and Uncle James watched you as Grandpa Jim helped daddy and I pick up a mattress and box spring for the front bedroom (we needed his truck).  It didn't take long since we had done our research yesterday and knew where to go and what size we needed.  Grandpa Jim and Uncle James helped daddy bring the bed frame upstairs with the mattress and box spring.  Then, once they all left, daddy and I finished the bedroom.  I had washed all the sheets before, so it didn't take long to put the bed together.  The bedroom looks nice and now we're all ready for company!  ;-)  

This evening, I took all the tags off Peanut's new clothes and did a load of laundry with your clothes in there too.  Daddy and I straightened some things around the house, and then we rested!  We had been active all day so I was happy to sit down!  ;-)

Tomorrow will be another busy day .... I have an OB appointment with Peanut and you have physical therapy.  Mimi will watch you as I head to the OB visit.  I don't know what they'll say tomorrow, or if they'll want to schedule me for a 'planned C-section' or not.  Also, I have to call DOOK after 2pm tomorrow to get information on your surgery for tuesday.  We're anticipating an early appointment time .... we just don't know how early.  :-P

Sleep tight and get some rest!

I love you!  


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fresh Fruit

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello man!  You slept pretty well last night, despite the fact that you noodled into our bed.  :-P  You know, one day you're going to have to sleep in your own little bed.  But, we think it's cute when you sleep on your belly and curl your legs underneath you .... you look like a little frog.  ;-)

This morning, we ate breakfast together, and then we did a few quick chores around the house.  I swept and vacuumed the downstairs.  I'm trying to keep up with that since you like to crawl all around the house.  ;-)

One nice treat that we had with breakfast was fresh fruit!  My coworker sent an "Edible Arrangement" to our house yesterday .... it was a 'flower' arrangement of fruits in a big mug.  We saved the leftover fruit and washed the mug.  I love the mug!  It's so big .... think of the hot chocolate we can have with that!  ;-)

Tomorrow we're going to be 39 weeks gestation with Peanut!  One week until her due date!  Since we don't know what's going to happen in the next week, we're trying to get our house ready these last few days.  That means getting the front bedroom prepared as a guest room in case we need help and someone wants to stay over.  We have everything ready, except a mattress and box spring for the bed.  We looked at a few today while out shopping, and Grandpa Jim is going to come over tomorrow afternoon with his truck to help us pick one up.

We walked around the mall and Target.  The mall was the stretch our legs.  I don't know the next time we'll get out with Peanut coming, so we took advantage of the beautiful day.  We picked up some quick groceries at Target.  

We got back a little after 1pm and you had fallen asleep in the car.  You continued sleeping as daddy put things away.  I opened the windows upstairs in the bonus room to let the fresh air in (I had to wipe and vacuum the window sills since they were dirty).  Once you woke up, the room was nice a cool for you to play in.  Uncle Brennan came over and played with you too.  You showed him your cellphone toy and you giggled next to him on the couch.  It was really cute and daddy tried to take a video of you giggling.  :-)

We watched the UNC basketball game together.  Uncle Brennan left during halftime and you ended up eating a lot of cheerios and crackers during the second half.  You also drank water from my water bottle.  We ate dinner after the game and you had a sippy cup of formula.  :-)

Tomorrow we have a special brunch planned.  My friends from college are coming into town to have a little baby shower for Peanut.  We're meeting them at 11:30am at the Nantucket Grill near our house.  They'll probably come over and see our new house afterward, so we'd better make sure it's nice and clean.  ;-)  You'll remember our friends .... Stephanie, Sherrill, Alicia .... Emily can't make it, but I'm sure we'll be able to catch up with her soon.

This evening we continued to play.  I walked around the bonus room with you several times while you practiced walking with your push toy.  You're getting better and even made a few 'turns' on your own!  Usually you just go in a straight line and bump into things.  ;-)  Also, you've begun pulling yourself up using walls and not just the couch and ottoman.  I wonder when you'll figure out you can walk?  :-P

There was a basketball 'All Star' show on tonight with slam dunks and 3 point contests.  We watched that for a while, but you eventually fell asleep.  We changed you .... you woke up a little .... but then fell back asleep in the bedroom.  I went to bed too as daddy stayed up and watched the rest of the contests.  :-)

Sleep tight little angel!

I love you!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Seventy Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little precious!  You are now seventy years old!  Oh wait, did I say years?  I mean weeks.  Oops!  You're seventy weeks old!  ;-)

Today you and I got to hang out.  I tried to do some things on the laptop, but you kept trying to hit the laptop with your toys, so I didn't get much done.  :-P  So, we ended up playing in the bonus room this morning and watching 'I Love Lucy.'  You didn't eat much of a breakfast.  You ate cheerios, but then got fussy with other foods.  So, I gave you a bottle so you'd have something.  :-P

You ate a pretty good lunch though!  You ate a container of granola, some yogurt, and crackers.  We learned that you like saltine crackers (I have the salt-less ones) and you're getting better at chewing your food.  Way to go man!

Mimi came over after lunch and brought some frozen foods for us.  She ordered a lot of meals for when Peanut comes.  That will certainly be helpful!  When we brought you home from the hospital, people came over and brought us food.  We were so busy taking care of you that those meals were a blessing!  We have an extra freezer in our garage, so we put all the meals out there.  Then, Mimi took us out for lunch.  You had already eaten, but the two of us had something small around the corner.  :-)

You fell asleep in the car one our way back home.  Mimi carried you into the house and sat on the couch and held you as you snored.  I did some dishes, organized some things, and then came back into the living room.  The next thing I knew, you and Mimi were both asleep!  Then, I saw the cat sleeping on the top of the couch .... I was the last one standing!  

I went upstairs and did some things on the laptop, and then did some reading.  Did I tell you that the Nook that daddy ordered me came yesterday (the ereader)?  Well, I charged it yesterday and then registered it today.  I downloaded the Bible on it and then noodled around on the user guide/manual.  I figured out how to put my own photos on it.  So, my wallpaper is a picture of daddy and I getting married.  And my screensaver has photos of you, me, and daddy.  :-)

You and Mimi woke up after about 2 hours.  ;-)  Mimi left and you and I played for a while until daddy called letting us know he was leaving work.  We headed downstairs and I started to give you some dinner.  You ate pretty well at dinner too, so maybe you just weren't that hungry at breakfast.  Daddy made breakfast food for dinner, and you ended up eating some of my eggs.  ;-)

We got the parts in the mail to fix the dishwasher door.  Daddy fixed it after dinner and it's good as new!  Then, we gave you a nice bath this evening.  You spilled some orange juice at dinner, so I wanted to wash your face and your sticky little hands.  ;-)

We relaxed in the bonus room this evening. I felt a lot of Peanut kicks and movements.  :-) Tomorrow we'll have the whole day together as a family!  There's another UNC game tomorrow afternoon and we're favored to win.  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hospital Appointment

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today, you had 'Daddy Day' since daddy took the day off to take you to the doctor's office.  We've known since december that you would have an appointment today for pre-operative tests and then have your surgery on tuesday.  So, daddy took off both days since we weren't sure if I would be able to make it to the appointments.  

You two had to be at DOOK Hospital at 9:15am, so daddy left our house shortly after I did to pick up Mimi on the way.  I helped pack your diaper bag this morning with extra clothes, sippy cups, snacks, food, bottles .... whatever I could think of.  I didn't know if the doctor would be running on time, so I wanted to make sure you had everything just in case. You ended up eating breakfast with Mimi at her house.  

Daddy made sure to leave plenty of time for you all to get to DOOK, as he always manages to get lost when he has to drive in Durham.  Since Mimi had recently had surgery at DOOK, she helped him navigate to the hospital parking lot.  However, after hunting for a parking spot, getting you into your stroller, and finding the hospital entrance, the man at the information desk by the door kindly informed your daddy and Mimi that they were in the completely wrong building!  He pointed out a nearby window to another building several blocks away and said "you'll want to drive over to that building instead."  Why does every building at DOOK have to look the same?  :-P  So, back to the car you all went and a few minutes later you were again hunting for a parking space in another garage.  Mimi and daddy then followed the signs to the Children's hospital and went up to the third floor.  However, they quickly realized something still wasn't right and, after speaking to another information desk person, they were again informed they were in the wrong hospital!  How many hospitals does DOOK need?  Soon you all were hurrying down  a long hallway, taking a left, taking another left, taking a right, and then going down another long hallway.  The dull hospital walls suddenly lit up with color and cartoon characters ... finally, you all had found the Children's hospital.  Good thing daddy left some time, as you all were checking in with the nurse promptly at 9:15!

I, in the meantime, went to work.  I made sure I had all my charts completed and notes written before I left.  Just in case Peanut comes and I didn't make it back to work next week, I wanted to make sure there were no charts still pending.  I was able to get everything done and still make it home at a 'decent' time.  :-P

Once home, daddy filled me in on what went on during the day.  Your surgery is going to be more intense than I thought.  Oh, and your surgery will be in yet another building at DOOK ... one daddy and Mimi did not walk into today, much to their surprise!  We have to be at the hospital 90 minutes before your appointment time, your surgery will take about 90 minutes after that, and then you'll be in a recovery room for about 2 hours.  So, even if things run right on time, we'll be at the hospital for at least 5 hours.  :-P  Plus, we have to keep you hydrated for the surgery, and they gave us a list of things you can and can not have before the surgery.  You'll go home with different prescriptions, and daddy and I will have to monitor you the rest of the day.  The doctor said that you'll likely be groggy all that day and the next.  You may not even feel like yourself until thursday.  :-( 

We won't know what time your appointment is until monday.  On monday, I can call the hospital to see.  I'm hoping it's early since you won't be able to eat a lot before hand.  I also have an OB appointment with Peanut on monday, and we don't know what they're going to say about coming in for a 'planned C-section' at that point.  If they want to put us on the schedule for one, I guess we'll try for something late in the week so we can get through your surgery first.  Next week will be pretty hectic with all this going on, but we'll get through it.  :-)  Mimi and Gigi also have tuesday off in case we need them for anything.  

You and daddy were home by lunch time.  You guys played together in the bonus room and watched the rest of the 'Muppets from Outer Space' movie.  Daddy said you ate a lot of cheerios.  At one point, daddy put music on and he worked on some things for the soccer team.  You just bobbed along to the songs while playing with your toys. :-)

Daddy and I ate a late dinner of leftovers.  I then took shower and daddy played you some songs on the banjo.  After, we watched some television and relaxed in the bonus room.  You eventually feel asleep on a pillow.  :-)

Tomorrow you and I can relax.  Daddy will go to work, but hopefully he can come home early so we can all be together.  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Long Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  How are you?  :-)

I got to see you before I left for work since you were awake early.  You were still waking up, but you were downstairs playing in the living room as daddy was making his lunch.  I got to kiss you before I left.  :-)

You and Penny had a fun time today because the weather was so nice!  You two had story time and music time in the morning.  Then, it was warm enough for you all to sit on the front porch and swing!  You took an afternoon nap for Penny, and then you all walked up to the park and then came back and sat on the front porch swing again.  How fun!  We haven't had weather like this in a while.

You apparently ate a lot of Mimi's cookies today .... about 4!  Hummm .... you're almost out of them, so you'd better start eating some real food next.  :-P

Daddy had a soccer meeting after work today, so Gigi and Uncle James came by to babysit you and to relieve Penny until I got home.  Daddy didn't get home until 8:30pm .... but I didn't do much better since I got home at 7:30pm.  :-P  I stopped on the way home to get dinner for everyone as a 'thank you' for watching you.  I picked up some Chinese food and you ended up eating some of my rice.  :-)  When daddy got home, he finished the rest of the Chinese food.  

We all relaxed upstairs in the bonus room this evening.  Daddy and I were both tired!  Tomorrow I head back to work again, but Penny won't be here to watch you .... instead, you'll have Daddy Day.  Tomorrow is when you see the Pediatric Urologist at DOOK.  She'll examine you again and give us all the information that we will need for your upcoming orchiopexy surgery.  The surgery is scheduled for this coming tuesday (February 22nd).  Mimi will go with daddy to the consultation tomorrow morning since I can't make it.  Mimi and Gigi also took off on tuesday in case we need them for the surgery as well, or in case I end up in the hospital with Peanut!  I hope things go well tomorrow with the doctor.  

Sleep tight little fellow!  :-)

I love you very much!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Picky Picky

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  You were up early this morning.  You ate lots of cheerios for breakfast and then took a full 8 ounce bottle.  After that, you sat in your high chair and watched me prepare everything for the crock pot for dinner.  We made pizza potatoes, so we needed to cook the onions and potatoes first on the stove.  :-)

We made a quick trip to the bank after breakfast to make a deposit.  I went straight through the drive-thru part so we were still in our pajamas!  ;-)  Ha!  It was still early though because the bank had just opened, so no one noticed our attire!  

We played upstairs when we got home and I ran three loads of laundry.  You ended up eating a good size lunch.  You had a container of yogurt, half a container of sweet potatoes, and a sippy cup of formula.  Once you ate all that, you played a little longer until you took a nap.  You fell asleep right on the floor next to your toys!  ;-)  I put you on some pillows with a blanket to make you more comfortable. 

I read next to you (the first time I really sat down today!) and then took a nap as well!  You were still sleeping when I woke up.  I checked on dinner and then continued reading.

Once you were awake, we went downstairs to practice your walking and you stretched your legs by crawling all around.  We both ate dinner with daddy, but you were extremely fussy with dinner!  You ate more cheerios, and then yelled with the beef/veggie mixture.  You also yelled with the oatmeal, but you ate a cookie!  So picky picky!  You did end up having a bottle as well. 

You played with daddy as I took a shower.  Then we all watched the UNC game in the bonus room.  Peanut kicked and moved around as we relaxed and you played.  You and daddy got to feel Peanut move and kick during the game!  Oh, and UNC won!  Woo hoo!  :-)

I printed a photo of you for Penny's frame for Valentine's Day!  I wrapped up the frame and put a little card in there from you.  I showed daddy the picture while standing to the side of the computer.  You know what your daddy said?  He said, "All I see is your belly!"  Well!  Once I moved a little he thought it looked good.  ;-) 

Tomorrow I head to work again, so Penny will be here.  You never know, perhaps this will be my last week working before Peanut arrives!  Save a smile and kiss for me!  

Sleep tight!

I love you very much!  :-)


Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day

Dearest Joshua David~

Happy St. Valentine's Day!  One of my friends (who also had pre-eclampsia with both her boys) stated that "the best valentines are those who call us Mommy."  I think that is so true and precious!  You and Peanut are my Valentines .... and daddy, of course!  ;-)  Daddy and I don't even need anything else but each other and you two! 

Peanut and I went to our OB appointment as you and Mimi played at the house this morning.  We are 38 weeks and 1 day gestation.  My blood pressure was up again.  But, I had no trace of protein in my urine.  Her heart rate was good (150) and my weight was 153.8 lbs.  Whoa!  ;-)  Peanut is still head down and in position, but we continue to have no dilating. The MD said the cervix is still high.  So, it all depends on what happens this week.  If we go into labor this week, then we can try for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean).  If we don't, I have another appointment in one week (we'll be 39 weeks and 1 day).  At that point, we may have to schedule for a planned C-section since they won't induce me due to my previous C-section.  Also, planned C-sections are not done before 39 weeks to make sure the baby's lungs are fully developed.  So, we'll just have to see what happens this week .... this is when we play the 'waiting game.' 

After the OB appointment, I went to the grocery store.  We needed cat food and litter for Punker, but I also wanted to make sure we had some extra things at the house just in case we do go into labor.  So, I got you some extra food too, some extra meat for the freezer, and things for lunch this week.  I also got some ingredients for the crock pot for tomorrow.  I've been wanting 'pizza potatoes' for a while, so I got the extra ingredients for that so you and I can make it for dinner tomorrow before the UNC game.  We play Wake Forest tomorrow evening, and since they're at the bottom of the ACC right now, it should be an easy win .... we'll see!

While Mimi was still here, we did your laundry and I did all the dishes downstairs.  The door to the dishwasher snapped a piece again (so you have to be really careful when you open the door since it kind of 'falls' open).  But, daddy ordered some parts for it so it can be fixed soon.  You hardly crawl over there, but when you do, we move you to make sure you're safely away from the door.  :-P

Mimi made cookies for us for Valentine's Day.  She gave daddy and I cookies with frosting, but you had your own container with plain cookies.  You gobbled up a cookie at lunch and at dinner!  Hummm, you won't eat your actual meal, but you'll eat a cookie!  I guess you really are my child!  I love cookies!  I've never been so proud!  ;-)  But, we're seriously going to have to work on the picky eating situation! 

You fell asleep after lunch.  I read and rested next to you as you snored.  Once you woke up, we went downstairs and made dinner for daddy.  We made an easy tortellini dinner.  Daddy liked it! 

Afterward, you and I practiced your walking with the push toy upstairs.  You walked all around the bonus room several times.  Daddy ordered a few things on the computer to prepare for the next soccer season.  Soccer starts in a few weeks for daddy.  Usually the games are late, so we'll have to see if there are any we can go to or not.  It may just be too hectic with you and Peanut to try to make it to an evening game.  We'll see.

You and daddy watched 'Be My Valentine Charlie Brown' as I took a shower.  Then, we all played and relaxed in the bonus room until bed time. 

Tomorrow we need to make a quick trip to the bank, but other than that we'll probably be hanging around the house again.  I don't venture too far these days just in case something happens.  Maybe we can go for a walk if the weather is nice? 

Sleep tight little fellow!

I love you my little Valentine!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

All Gates Up

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  How are you?  :-)

Today we are 38 weeks gestation with Peanut!  Woo hoo!  We have another OB appointment tomorrow morning at 9:45am to check everything.  So far so good.  She continues to pass her kick counts each day and I feel those Braxton Hicks contractions every now and then.  

I didn't sleep that well last night and this morning.  I woke up around 2am to use the restroom and stayed awake for the next hour with insomnia.  Then, I started to feel really warm, so I turned the ceiling fan on.  I felt bad doing that though since I'm sure I froze daddy.  :-P  I think I fell back asleep before 4am.  You and daddy snored right along, so hopefully I didn't bother either of you.  

We had a pretty boring morning.  You didn't want your oatmeal cereal, so you had more cheerios.  You made it up to 16 in a row before you threw one on the floor.  You ate more after that though.  

Daddy and I straightened some things around the house after we all had our breakfast.  Then, Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over.  They had daddy help them with their taxes on the computer.  Once the taxes were done, we all had lunch together.  You showed them how you can walk around the downstairs using your push toy.  I'm pretty confident you can walk on your own, but I don't think you know it yet.  :-P

After lunch, you took a nice nap.  I watched you and read as you slept.  Daddy went outside and spray painted a bed frame that we're going to put in the front bedroom as a guest room (the weather recently has been gorgeous so daddy picked a good day to work outside!).  That way, we'll have an extra place for people to stay in case we need help once Peanut comes.  Eventually, that front bedroom will be yours, but you'll continue to use the back bedroom for a while since Peanut will be in the bassinet at first.  The Academy of Pediatrics recommends for newborns to stay with their parents for the first year to prevent SIDS (you went over a year and are still noodling into our bed!).  So, Peanut will likely be in the bassinet for close to a year while you take the back bedroom with the crib.  That bedroom is closer, so you won't be far from us either. 

Once daddy was done, he came upstairs and found us both laying down.  I took a little nap too and woke up once you woke up.  Grandpa Mike came over shortly after. 

He and daddy worked on the upstairs baby gate.  They drilled some wood to the wall and banister to connect the gate.  Now, we have an upstairs gate and a downstairs gate!  This way you and Peanut will be safer around the stairs.  :-)  As they worked, you crawled all around the bonus room as I picked on the mandolin. 

You were fussy with dinner .... you've become such a picky eater!  I swear all you'll eat now are cheerios, yogurt, and sippy cups of formula, milk, juice, or water.  :-P  

We gave you a nice bath after dinner and put you in your pajamas as we prepared to watch the Grammy's on the television.  The Grammy's is an annual music award show.  You fell asleep and I eventually went to the bedroom with you.  Daddy stayed up to watch the rest of the awards. 

Mimi will be here tomorrow morning to watch you as I head to the OB.  Hopefully we'll continue to have good news.  

Sleep tight little man!

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Personalized Shirt

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  You slept in this morning, even though you still noodled into our bed last night.  :-P  I tossed and turned a lot last night.  I just had a lot on my mind .... thinking of Peanut and what else needs to be done before her arrival.  :-P

You did well at breakfast this morning!  You fed yourself 19 cheerios, using both hands, in a row!  I was hoping for 20, but you ended up throwing the last one.  :-P  Then, you finished off some yogurt before your bottle.  You didn't eat all your cereal, so I guess we'll try again tomorrow morning.

After breakfast, daddy and I did a lot of cleaning.  I swept and vacuumed the downstairs, and daddy vacuumed the stairs.  Then, we played upstairs for a while until it was lunch time.  You ate about one third of your beef and veggie mixture and then a little bit of a baby cracker.  You took some formula with whole milk in a sippy cup before we headed upstairs to watch UNC play at 1pm.  

I put you in a UNC shirt that has your name on the back.  The hygienist that I work with gave you that shirt, but you're just now able to fit into it!  She took it to the 'Shrunken Head' .... a store on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill that your Uncle James use to work at.  When he was still there, she brought the shirt in and he placed your name on the back of the shirt!  So, your uncle did that for you!  :-)

It was another close basketball game, but we managed to win!  We played a better first half and then kind of fell apart during the second.  But, in any event, we'll take the win.  :-)  You got fussy during halftime, so daddy put you in Peanut's swing.  You eventually fell asleep in it.  You woke up briefly, but then fell asleep again on me as I rocked in our rocking chair.

Grandpa Mike came over after the game to help daddy put the baby gate up on the top of the stairs.  However, the wood piece that we bought needs to be trimmed.  So, Grandpa Mike and daddy did some measurements, and Grandpa Mike will work on cutting the wood for us.  Tomorrow, he'll come back over and hopefully they'll be able to put the gate up.  

Mimi came over shortly after with some Valentine's Day gifts for us!  You got a movie and some books!  Daddy and I got a DVD and Peanut got some slippers and a baby wrap.  :-)  Then, we all went out for dinner. 

This evening, the three of us relaxed more in the bonus room.  Daddy and I put a movie on as you played around.  You sang for us and talked a lot.  It was so cute!  

Peanut has been passing her kick test each day.  Tomorrow, we'll be 38 weeks gestation!  Each day we're getting closer and closer to meeting her!  I know you'll be a good big brother and she'll be a good little sister.  :-)

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you very much!  :-)