Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello precious!  Happy Halloween!  This time last year you were still in the hospital and we came to see you with candy for the nurses!  Do you remember that?  Your Mimi also brought little ghost bags of candy for them.  They all appreciated the candy!  :-)

So, you have figured out that you can take apart your alphabet mat.  You keep pulling the letter "A" out and try to chew on it.  :-P  I put it back though.  

We went to bed really late last night (since we were out at Chapel Hill with friends), but you slept until 8am!  I wish I could say the same for me, but, as usual, my allergies kicked in again and I was awake at 2:50am sneezing, blowing my nose, walking around, and getting something to drink.  :-P  I wish I could breath better, and I do have really good moments .... but generally speaking I stay congested. 

Daddy and I did a lot of chores this morning .... and then Stephanie and Kevin came over on their way back to Hope Mills, NC.  They both held and played with you .... and .... we saw our deer friends in the backyard!  We haven't seen them in a long time!  I saw at least two in the backyard.  :-)  Stephanie and Kevin liked your play area.  And, I'm pretty sure you wanted them to stay so they would play in there with you.  ;-)

Afterward, we made a quick trip to Target for some groceries, and I threw in a few things for you in the cart.  ;-)  They had some cute strap covers for car seats with monkeys and doggies on them.  I got one for your new car seat and one for the baby carrier, since you like to suck on the straps when I carry you around in it.  

This afternoon, Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over.  They were heading out for dinner and a movie tonight to avoid the treat-or-treaters.  We're actually planning on avoiding them too since it'll interfere with your bath time and getting you ready for bed.  We dressed you in your orange shirt that says, "I'm so cute it scary" but we didn't go out.  Since we went to bed so late late night, we wanted to get you back on a normal schedule this evening. 

So, after we ate dinner together as a family, you had your normal evening bath and then we played in the bonus room.  Daddy put on the Charlie Brown special, "The Great Pumpkin" and we all watched it on the couch.  :-)

Oh, one more thing .... you had a really hard time with your poopy diapers today .... you were in pain, cried, and the poopy appeared to be harder than you were use to (yes, I'm your mother so I will talk about anything).  You were in so much pain that I called the 'on call' nurse at your pediatrician's office.  She recommended a few things to try to ease the pain.  So, we're going to try to increase the fiber and fruits in your diet.  If that doesn't work, we might need to give you a little medication.  After you had a big poopy this evening, you were fine the rest of the day.  Daddy and I just held you, rubbed your little tummy, and placed some ointment on your bottom since it was red.  I hope you feel better tomorrow.  I hate it when you cry.  

We all fell asleep pretty early this evening after our late night yesterday.  :-)  You had another head scan at Level Four Pediatrics tomorrow, but no physical therapy.  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you so much!  :-)



Dearest 'Peanut'~

Today we are 23 weeks gestation!  I read somewhere that at 23 weeks, you should write a letter to your unborn child .... well, since I'm already in that habit of writing letters, I figured I would go ahead and let you know a few things.  :-)

First off, I can't tell you how excited daddy and I are to be having you!  At the same time, I can't tell you how scary it is since we don't know how this pregnancy will go.  Daddy and I still pray everyday for your health (in addition to praying for your brother's continued health).  

We still don't have a name yet for you, but we have some ideas.  For your brother, we knew his middle name would be 'David', since that's your daddy's name.  On daddy's side of the family, the first born son gets his father's name as his middle name.  So, we just needed to find a nice first name.  ;-)

On my side of the family, the girls have the name 'Grace' .... it started with my Great-Grandmother from Italy .... Graciela Criscoula (though Uncle James and I called her Gigi).  Most people in America called her 'Grace.'  So, my mommy was named Cynthia Grace and I was named Crystal Grace, to keep the name going.  Therefore, one thing that daddy and I have decided on is that 'Grace' will be somewhere in your name .... though we're still toying with it either being your first or middle name.  Once we've decided .... you'll be the first to know!  ;-)  

Oh, do you know what 'Grace' means?  ....


Daddy and I love you so much, even though you're still in the womb.  And, I know your brother is excited too, even though he may not say it yet.  ;-)

Keep growing strong!

I love you very much!  :-)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

UNC Homecoming

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  

Welcome to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill!  You've been here before, but never on campus (just drove through to get to cousin Julia's wedding).  This was your first time being on and seeing the campus where daddy and I went to school .... fell in love .... and got engaged.  :-)  Daddy proposed on the steps of the South Building (which is where we use to hang out on dates, people watch, and talk).  This was also your first experience at a college sporting event .... football!  We had tickets with our friends Karyn and Steve.  They have a daughter, Charlotte (who's cousin Charlie's age).  You liked to watch her walk around, talk, and sing little songs.  :-)  We sat up in the Pope Box (like a 'sky box') so there was lots of food and drinks too.  We had your bottles all packed though, so you had two while there. 

You did relatively well during the game .... though you did not like it when the fireworks went off and if everyone around us clapped/cheered loudly (like when we were at the demolition derby).  You didn't get a morning nap, since we were walking around campus and saw your Uncle James, so you ended up taking a nap during the first half on daddy (though I don't know how you slept with all the noise!).  ;-)

The game was at 3:30pm, but we got there around noon to walk around.  We were playing William and Mary .... we eventually won (21-17), but the first half wasn't pretty.  :-P  Good thing we picked it up during the second half!  Go Heels!  :-)

After the game, we met up with our friends from last night, who were also still in town.  We all went out to eat at Outback Steak House, though we didn't get seated until around 9pm.  You were so exhausted that you fell asleep in my arms once we sat down, and stayed sleeping until we put you back in the car after dinner!  You fell back asleep pretty quickly in the car though.  Once home, daddy changed your diaper and outfit.  I put you in your little bed .... you promptly rolled over .... then, you were fast asleep again.  We were all in bed by around 11:30pm.  :-)

You got to meet two new people at dinner .... Katie was there (she went to Dental School with Sherrill and mommy) and Sherrill's daughter, Juleigh Vena.  She's about 5 months younger than you.  :-)

Tomorrow we'll likely relax since we were out all day today.  

Sleep tight little fellow!

I love you very much!  :-)


Friday, October 29, 2010

Fifty Four Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Today you are fifty four weeks old!  Woo hoo!  Time is just flying by!  Promise you won't grow up too fast.  ;-)

We increased your whole milk amount.  Now, I mix your bottles half and half.  So, you get 4 ounces of whole milk mixed with 4 ounces of toddler formula.  So far so good.  Now that you're drinking more milk, I need to figure out a way to keep your bottles chilled when we go out.  I have a little bag that the hospital gave me after I had you that freezer packs fit in.  I used it to bring milk to the hospital when you were still there and I was still pumping.  Since we're going out to eat tonight, I'll try out that bag and see how well it keeps your bottles cold during the evening.  :-)

I started you on a green beans and potato mix today.  You ate about half the jar.  We'll probably finish it tomorrow. 

Guess what today is .... today is your Gigi and Grandpa Jim's 33rd wedding anniversary!  Thirty three years ago today they were married on Carolina Beach at noon.  :-)  When you get bigger, I'll have to show you some of their wedding pictures.  Right now you'd just try to eat them.  ;-)

You took a little lunch time nap today and I did your laundry.  It's going to get chilly tonight, so I needed to make sure you had something warmer to wear for dinner.  We met friends at Maggiano's Italian restaurant in Durham.  It was so good .... and we have leftovers for later!  

You got to see Trina, Alicia, Jason, Stephanie, Kevin, Sherrill, and John Robert .... and they all got to hold and play with you!  They're all in town for the big UNC Homecoming weekend!  Remember I told you we have tickets to the football game tomorrow .... so I hope you're getting excited!  

We took your helmet off for a few minutes so they could see your fluffy hair.  The waitress said that her son had to wear a helmet for a few months too!  She was so excited to see another baby with a helmet!

We got home late, but you went to bed without much of a fuss.   Tomorrow will be a big day in Chapel Hill, so you need to get your rest!  :-)

Sleep tight little treasure!

I love you!  :-)


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Toddler Formula

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little treasure!  

I couldn't wait to come home to see you today!  You were sleeping when I left for work this morning, so I didn't get to hold you until I got home from work!  I was able to leave work a little early so I was home before 6:30pm!  Woo hoo!  :-)

Speaking of 6:30pm, did I tell you what your Gigi is doing now?  She joined a bowling league that plays thursdays at 6:30pm!  She plays with Lois and she loves it!  She even ordered her own bowling shoes to wear and may even get her own ball.  We'll have to get her something bowling related for Christmas since she's having so much fun!  :-)

You and Penny had fun as usual though while daddy and I were at work.  You finished your apple and cinnamon oatmeal container.  Tomorrow we'll start something new.  :-)  Also, for your dinner bottle (before I got home) daddy tried you on a little more whole milk than usual.  You did well with it.  You also took a few naps for Penny, in between your play times and floor times.  

You played with daddy until I got home.  We all ate dinner together (I had some more of Penny's soup .... yummm!) and then we all went upstairs.  The apparently cat had some hairballs during the day, so I tried to clean up and wash your bottles from the day while daddy gave you a nice bath.  :-)

This was your first day on Stage 2 Toddler formula!  You were fine with it and I bet you couldn't even tell a difference.  ;-)  It has almost the same amounts of nutrients in it .... with only a few changes.  But, we add the whole milk into it too.  

We all played together in the play room this evening.  You got fussy playing, so we sat you next to us on the couch to watch some shows on the laptop.  But, then you got bored with that and wanted your toys again.  :-P  You fought sleep too and I was getting exhausted!  Daddy took you into our bedroom and held and rocked you in bed.  You eventually fell asleep between us.  After a while we moved you back into your bed though for the night.  :-P

Tomorrow we have dinner plans with friends, so I know you're all excited!  We're meeting at an Italian restaurant, so I'm excited too!  ;-)  

Sleep tight little man!

I love you very much!  :-)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

UNC Tickets

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie! 

You were still sleeping when I left for work this morning!  I kissed my finger and then touched your little nose with it before I left (I couldn't bend all the way over to kiss your little head).

You and Penny had fun today.  You all walked outside, played upstairs, you ate more of your apple and cinnamon oatmeal, and you finished all your infant formula!  That means tomorrow you'll be on Stage 2 Toddler formula!  Penny mixed whole milk into your bottles as well, so you drank about 6 ounces of whole milk today and 18 ounces of formula (plus the 7 tablespoons of oatmeal).  You're getting so big!  :-)

Guess what else Penny did .... she made a big pot of homemade veggie soup last night, so she brought over a big bowl for daddy and I for dinner!  It was so good!  It was better than the soup I tried to make last week, so I'll have to get her recipe.  ;-)

So, I haven't told you this yet, but this weekend is Homecoming at UNC!  A group of friends are coming into town for the game, so they invited us to join them for dinner this friday!  How exciting!  Plus, another friend (I went to college with her) has some tickets to the football game on saturday that daddy and I can use .... you don't need a ticket.  ;-)  So, we have dinner plans on friday and fun day out planned for saturday in Chapel Hill.  Karyn sent the tickets in the mail, and they arrived today, so we're all set!  Daddy and I haven't seen Karyn and Steve since our wedding (when Karyn was still pregnant), so we'll all get to meet their daughter, Charlotte, too.  :-)

This evening we played in the bonus room.  You got fussy when you started to get tired, but eventually fell asleep.  

Tomorrow I head back to work again, so save another smile and kiss for me!  

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Letters

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little cutie!  Guess what today is .... your Great-Grandmother's birthday!  We called her on our way home from MOPS this morning.  We got her answering machine so we sang 'Happy Birthday' on the machine for her.  :-)

This morning was our second MOPS meeting.  There were two other women who joined our small group today, which made me feel more comfortable since I was new too (only our second meeting).  :-)  I almost thought we would have to skip this meeting because it was storming when we woke up this morning.  But, by the time we needed to leave, it was just drizzling outside.  

The speaker today was a therapist and she talked about trying to "take care of you' so that we don't get too stressed in our everyday lives.  She is a mother of grown twins, so she would journal when her children were younger as a stress relief.  Recommended that all moms take a few minutes a day to do something to re-energize themselves .... whether it's talking a short walk .... writing in a journal .... reading .... praying .... she said that being a mother will be filled with trials, so it's important to have that balance for yourself and for your family (so you can be a better mom).  She gave us some scripture verses from James 1:2-27 that talk about trials and releasing your burdens to God.  She also gave us some other verses to look at and encouraged us to give all our stresses to Him.  

We broke up into our small groups after she spoke and we all went around and discussed things that we do to help ourselves.  One mommy paints .... a few journal .... a few bake .... some have close friends that they can talk to.  I told them about our letters.  :-)

Little man, after you were born .... I was really scared!  I didn't know if you'd be ok, or even survive .... I didn't know if I could ever have other children .... I didn't know if I'd be a good mommy .... I was confused about why the pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome happened to us .... I was sad I couldn't hold you right away .... I cried myself to sleep a few nights .... I cried when daddy took me home from the hospital and you had to stay .... it was really hard .... but, I was blessed you were alive and surviving.  To help me with all that (besides family and friends), I started to write you these letters .... it helped me to figure things out by writing it out.

Now, I know it'll be years from now before you can read these letters .... and many years after that before you will really understand them .... and probably several years more before you appreciate them .... but I still enjoy these little moments and thoughts together.  It's a way I can express things to you, and hopefully pass on some little tid bits of knowledge or advice.  :-)  And, when Peanut comes along, she can share in these moments together too.  :-)  Needless to say, everyone in our small group now knows about your premature birth and our prayer request for Peanut.  All the women there were supportive and loved the story about our letters.  ;-)

As a side note though, there are three mommies in our group that have sets of twins, and one of those mommies also has a 4 year old and a 2 year old (in addition to her 6 month old twins), so I was impressed with her!  :-)

You're standing a lot more now (while holding onto things) and this evening you showed daddy how you're walking now right and left holding onto the play gate.

This afternoon your new car seat came!  We ordered it online just a few days ago!  We'll take a look at all the instructions this weekend and see if we can figure it all out.  ;-)
You took a little afternoon nap today.  I ended up closing my eyes with you!  I think my body is getting use to having a little rest/nap time each afternoon for about an hour.  On wednesdays and thursdays (days that I go to work) I feel more drained when I'm home in the evenings.  :-P

This evening we had fun with daddy.  You two giggled on the couch .... it was so cute!  You have the most adorable giggle while daddy was playing with you.  We did some laundry while you played, but you eventually fell asleep while we held you in the bonus room.  

Oh, one more thing .... daddy got in a little fender bender this morning .... someone rear-ended him on his way into work today .... but don't worry .... daddy's ok and there's barely even a scratch on his car! 

Tomorrow I head to work, but Penny will be here .... save those smiles and kisses for me .... I look forward to them when I get home!

Sleep tight my little Joshua!

I love you!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking Steps

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little miracle!  Today we woke up early (it wasn't too early, but earlier than yesterday .... no sleeping in today) and then headed over to Mimi's house.  We helped drive Grandpa Mike to a doctor's appointment while Mimi and her friend, Linda, watched you.  :-)  You were good for them and played on the floor with toys while Sesame Street was on.  Linda gave you two gifts .... a monkey blanket and an art set for when you're older (you would just eat the crayons now).  ;-)  Grandpa Mike and I didn't take long at the doctor's office, so we got to visit at Mimi's until we needed to head home for Eliza and your physical therapy appointment. 

You were a little fussy with your appointment today.  You want to stand up all the time now so you're pulling yourself up on furniture every time I turn around!  :-P  So, we worked on getting you into a sitting position from standing (since you still don't know how to get down) and getting in and out of crawling.  Eliza still loves your babbling and sometimes it even sounds like you're yodeling!  ;-)  You did some nice neck rotations to your left for her.

Since you had no nap this morning, you got fussy with Eliza and then continued to fight sleep until the mid-afternoon.  I rocked you and you ended up sleeping for about 2 hours.  It really rained and stormed at you slept.  I ended up curling up with you for that last hour and closed my eyes as well.  ;-)

You saw daddy for only a little bit (little less than 2 hours) until he had to leave for his soccer game.  He had to leave earlier than usual because this game was further away.  So, you and I continued to play upstairs in the evening.  You did something this evening that you hadn't done before .... you pulled yourself up to standing and then took a few STEPS!  You haven't been that brave yet .... usually you pull yourself up and bobble around and then either fall down or fuss until I get you.  But, this evening, you stood there .... bobbled a little .... and then took some steps to the right while holding on to the play gate!  You walked 3 panels!  You know what that means .... you'll be running loose soon!  ;-)

You were such an angel this evening.  You played and then I held you while looking at things on the laptop and sitting on the couch.  You curled up on me and just drifted off to sleep all by yourself on me.  It was so adorable and I didn't want to put you down!  It continued to rain and storm late this evening, and you were sleeping away when daddy got home (and you fell asleep with your head to the left!).  I was still awake, so I'll go ahead and tell you .... they lost.  :-(  But, we cheered for them from afar.  :-)

I'm feeling Peanut kick more.  I get excited when I feel a little kick .... daddy and I still pray for you and Peanut everyday.  :-)

Tomorrow we have another MOPS meeting.  I'm excited we get to see our new friends again.  Sleep tight little one!

I love you!  :-)


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fussy Breakfast And Dinner

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie!  How are you?  :-)

You ended up waking up this morning crying .... I don't know what time it was (I do know it was early and dark out), so daddy picked you up and brought you over to our bed.  You continued to squirm around but then fell back asleep.  You woke up again fussy at some point, but then fell back asleep again.  We all eventually woke up after 8am, but you kept us awake off and on prior to that.  :-P

We did a lot of chores this morning.  We swept the downstairs and vacuumed the house.  We organized and put away your laundry.  I tried to give you some apple cinnamon oatmeal this morning (something new), but you kicked around like a bucking bronco just trying to get you in the high chair!  For some reason you were just so fussy!  You eventually took a few spoonfuls of it, but it was a struggle.  Also, you did the same thing this evening for dinner .... you fought us just trying to get you in the high chair!  Daddy got so frustrated that we ended up switching (he was feeding you and I was cooking, so we swapped out .... not that you did any better for me!). 

By lunch time we were over at Mimi's.  We brought Mimi and Grandpa Mike some burgers as a treat.  :-)  Your Mimi has been getting so many chicken meals from friends that they needed a break .... and burgers sounded good to daddy and I too!  ;-)

We stayed there for a while and visited.  We told them all about your second fair adventure and your dislike for the demolition derby (at least for now).  ;-)  You got really fussy after lunch since you still hadn't taken a nap all day .... you fought sleep while we were out on the screened porch.  You wrestled with daddy and I as we tried to rock you, but you eventually fell asleep while I was holding you in a rocking chair. 

After we left, we ran an errand to the grocery store.  We picked up some more food for you (little baby mixes) and the next stage for formula.  Once you finish the container you're on, I'm going to move you into Stage 2 Toddler formula.  It's pretty much just like the infant one you eat now, but a little less calcium and a few other minerals, but you're drinking whole milk now so you're fine.  

After dinner, we went upstairs for your bath.  You watched the water go into the tub as daddy held you .... you ended up peeing on the side of the tub while standing there!  :-P  Oh well!  At least you didn't pee while in the tub!  ;-)

We all played in the bonus room after your bath.  You got a little fussy while fighting sleep, but you eventually fell asleep when daddy was holding you.  Daddy and I watched a few shows online on the laptop and then put you down for bed (we were falling asleep as well).  You woke up and fussed, once daddy put you down, but then you fell back asleep after you rolled over.  

Tomorrow we need to wake up earlier to help Mimi and Grandpa Mike with some things, so get some nice rest tonight.  Sleep tight little one!  :-)

I love you!  :-)


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Demolition Derby

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little bundle of joy!  What a fun day we had!  

First off, you slept pretty well last night, so all three of us woke up nice and rested.  :-)  After a morning bottle, we all got ready for the day.  I'm still making 6 ounce formula bottles and then filling the rest up with while milk (to the 8 ounce line) so you get a few ounces of whole milk a day.  So far so good .... no reactions.  :-)

At around 9:45am, Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie came over and we all headed to the State Fair again!  They didn't get to go last weekend, so we went again so they could see you.  You pretty much stayed awake this time (last week you took a nap while we were at the animals).  We walked all around again and saw all the sights, people, and exhibits.  Sometimes you would get a little fussy in the stroller, so one of us would hold you while we walked around.  But, eventually you had to go back in  the stroller since you're getting heavier.  ;-)

So, we did something today that we didn't get to do last week .... we saw the Demolition Derby.  Now, you daddy, Uncle Brennan, and Aunt Katie had seen this before .... this was the first time for you and I.  Basically, a group of drivers compete by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another.  The last driver whose vehicle is still operational (though banged up) is awarded the victory.  There's a couple of rounds of this, but we didn't see all the competitions .... you ended up not liking all the loud noises.  :-( 

When we went in, you were actually taking a little nap on daddy.  You continued to sleep until all the cars started up .... but then, when everyone around us started to cheer, you really lost it!  You cried and cried!  Whenever we thought you calmed down, you would start crying again.  So, I took you out after about an hour, and we played in a grassy area and people watched.  :-)  You were much happier outside the demolition derby, so I think it'll be quite a while before we go back in.  ;-)

We also ran into (Great) Aunt Beth, Lois, Gigi, Charlie, and cousin Stephanie while at the fair.  Today is Stephanie's birthday, so we brought her a card with a gift card inside.  She had to work all day at the fair, but hopefully she'll be able to take it easy after tomorrow to celebrate (tomorrow is the last day).  

Once we got home, daddy and I were tired.  :-P  So, we took it easy for the rest of the night.  We made some dinner (pasta) and we all ate together.  You finished your sweet potatoes.  Then, we all played upstairs and you had your bath.  You ended up falling asleep after I rocked you in the rocking chair.  

Sleep tight little precious!  

I love you!  :-)


Friday, October 22, 2010

Fifty Three Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  You are now fifty three weeks old!  Whoa!  You're getting up there old man!  ;-)

Today was a pretty laid back day for us.  We spent most of the morning in the play room.  You're getting better at crawling up onto your knees and sitting without help.  I didn't see you pull yourself up to standing today, but you were on your knees a lot.  :-)

You started a new container of sweet potatoes this morning.  You had some with breakfast and some with dinner.  You ate half the jar.  I'm sure you'll finish the jar by tomorrow.  

You also had something new today .... whole milk!  I put a little bit in each of your bottles today.  I was originally only going to put some in your first bottle and then see how well you did.  But, since you appeared fine throughout the day, I put some in two other bottles too.  You probably had about 4.5 ounces of whole milk today mixed with formula.  

We didn't see our deer today .... we haven't seen them in a while.  I wonder if they went somewhere warmer now that the weather is changing.  I'll continue to keep an eye out.  We've seen a lot of squirrels and birds though in the woods.  And, today we saw someone's dog running in there .... I'm guessing he was chasing a squirrel.  :-P

You took a pretty good nap today.  I thought you would only nap for a little bit, but then you ended up sleeping for about 1.5 hours.  I caught up on some things around the house and then closed my eyes next to you (you were in the play area snoring).  :-)

Since you took a longer nap, you ended up having your lunch bottle a little later than normal.  Once you finished it though, you and I headed to Target.  We needed a few things for the house and they had some children's clothes on clearance, so I picked you up a few items.  While there, we also took a look at the car seats.  Daddy and I think we know which one to get you, so we'll probably go ahead and order it sometime this weekend, or early next week.  You can stay in the infant one a little longer, so there's no urgency to get one today.  But, we'd like to go ahead and be prepared.  :-)

When daddy got home you got to play with him.  We ate dinner together (we eat dinner together in the kitchen every night, though you sometimes get fussy in your high chair).  :-P  And then we all played together in the bonus room.  We watched a few shows on the laptop and then you fell asleep in our arms.  :-)

Tomorrow is cousin Stephanie's birthday, so we're going to head back to the State Fair to see her!  We picked up a card and gift card at Target for her today.  Also, Lois, Charlie, Gigi, and (Great) Aunt Beth will be there.  We're going to ride over there with Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie.  So, get some rest .... tomorrow will be a big day!  

Sleep tight little treasure!

I love you!  :-)


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Early To Bed

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little treasure!  How are you?  :-)

So, you made some friends today in the neighborhood!  Penny took you to the park a few feet from our house (like she usually does) and you met three other children there!  You met Christopher (6 months old), Pierce (10 months old), and Connor (3 years old).  You all apparently played in the sand box for a little bit, or at least you watched .... you didn't like the sand in your hands!  I guess it was too gritty for you!  Penny said that Pierce and Christopher loved the sand box, but Conner got in trouble for throwing sand.  :-P

You and Penny also swung on the front porch and did a lot of floor and play time.  :-)  You finished your sweet potato container.

I was home at a decent time today .... yippie!  Daddy actually got home early from work.  People in his office were going out for a celebration (something that happened before he started working there).  Instead of going, he ran by the grocery store and came home early to be with you!  You have such a good daddy!  He picked up some things for the house, including some more veggies for you (more sweet potatoes since you like them) and some whole milk.  I'm going to start you on some whole milk tomorrow morning so I can watch you during the day to check for any allergies or reactions.  I'm sure you'll be fine, but the pediatrician said that sometimes children get stomach aches.  

We ran your laundry this evening .... you fill up your laundry basket really fast .... and all your clothes are so little so each load of laundry has a lot of outfits in there!  :-P

I went to take a shower after daddy and I gave you a bath and ran your bottles.  When I got out of the shower, it was surprisingly quiet in the house .... I walked down the hallway to the play room, and there you were sleeping away in daddy's arms!  Daddy said he picked you up (you were playing with all your toys for a little bit) and you just fell asleep!  Maybe you've learned not to fight sleep so much?  You took a morning nap for Penny, but I don't know if you ever took an afternoon one.  I sat down next to you both and daddy handed you off to me (because I wanted to hold you) .... it was the best part of my day!  :-)

Daddy and I watched a show, or two, on the laptop, but then brought you into the bedroom because we were getting tired too (remember, we were all up all night since you fought sleep yesterday).  :-P

Oh, Penny loves your stuffed animal dog, Scout!  Grandpa Jim, Gigi, and Uncle James got you Scout for your birthday, and daddy and I were able to program it to say your name!  When you play with it, it says things like, "I Love You, Joshua!"  It also plays music for you when you press his paws.  Penny wants to get her grandson one.  :-)

Well, I hope you sleep well through the night.  I'm wondering if you'll wake up at a weird hour since you fell asleep so early this evening.  :-P  

Tomorrow you and I get to play together!  Sleep tight little one!

I love you more than words can express!  :-)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Art Class

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello little man!  Looks like you and Penny had some fun today!  There was an art project on the couch this evening when daddy and I came home from work!  Penny apparently gave you an art lesson this afternoon.  ;-)

You and Penny went out walking today and collected some leaves that had fallen .... all the leaves are changing colors now with the fall weather.  It's really pretty outside.  :-)  Penny took the leaves inside and then traced your hands and fingers on a piece of paper (she said she had to do that part really quickly because you kept wanting to curl up your fingers and move!).  Once she got your hands traced, she glued the leaves next to them and then labeled your art work.  It says:

My Hands Are So Small-
But God's Are So Big ....
went on a walk to see the beauty that God has made.

It's so precious (Penny accidentally put tomorrow's date on it, but we left it as is).  :-)  I taped it to the refrigerator so others could see it.  I love it!  :-)

Penny also said you did well with your banana and strawberry mixture.  You finished the container that you and I had started.  So, she started you on a sweet potato one today.  

I got home late again from work (I hope this isn't a recurring theme for wednesdays, though it appears to be).  :-P  Daddy had made dinner already .... and apparently he had just changed you as well .... you had a giant poopy diaper while he was cooking dinner!  So, daddy ended up giving you a complete bath!  So, when I got home, you were playing with a new little outfit on and your helmet off!  :-)  Daddy had a surprise though when I got home .... he had a few pieces of chocolate from work that he brought home to share with a little love note from him, you, and Peanut!  Yummm!  Mommy likes chocolate!  :-)

This evening we played with you in the play room.  We ended up sitting with you on the couch and watching some shows on the laptop.  But then, you started getting fussy.  You took a little bottle and then decided to fight sleep for a very long time!  You kept rubbing your eyes and yawning .... we tried rocking you, but kept fighting it.  Daddy and I were so tired!  You finally fell asleep after 11pm!  Whoa little fellow!  I hope that doesn't happen again tomorrow night.  :-P

One more day of work tomorrow, and then we can play together on friday!  Continue to be good for Penny, and, as always, save some precious smiles and kisses for me tomorrow!

Sleep tight!

I love you!  :-)


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Standing .... Again

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  Since we did a lot of running around yesterday, we took it easy and just tried to relax today.  :-)

You're still a little congested today, but you sound better.  We played in the play room a lot this morning.  You like all your new birthday gift toys.  :-)  

Speaking of birthday gifts .... we started to write thank you cards for everything that you've gotten.  I only got a few done because I was writing while you were playing and you kept crawling up to me, like you wanted to help, but then you just wanted to put the cards in your mouth.  So, it's a slow process.  :-P  I probably won't have much time tomorrow or thursday to work on them since I'll be working all day, so what we didn't get done today I'll try to continue on friday.  

We did do a quick bank run for daddy.  He had a check come in the mail yesterday, and since we put some bills in the mail this morning, I needed to run the check out to deposit it.  :-P  We were home pretty quickly though because you made a stinky diaper in the backseat .... I could smell it while I was driving.  :-P  Plus, I hadn't showered, so I was looking rough too!  Thank goodness for drive through ATM's.  ;-)

Oh, since we started on the thank you cards and paid some bills, I ordered some stamps online for us.  It was easier than going out to the post office and we didn't need them right away.  They had some cute ones that you could order with comic strip characters on them.  So, I got a few sheets of them.

So, you performed your standing trick again .... but this time you weren't in the crib!  I left the play area to grab something, and once I turned around .... you were standing and holding onto the side!  You sure are getting brave!  You don't know how to really get down though .... so you usually fall unless daddy and I grab you and sit you down.  :-P  But, you did a new trick as well.  You climbed up on me and sat on your knees ... but this time, you let go of me and sat there .... balanced on your knees by yourself with no help!  Wow little man!  You're getting stronger everyday!  :-)

This afternoon you and I made dinner before daddy got home from work.  We made a meatloaf with a potato/veggie side .... we had turkey meat for the meatloaf and added veggies into that as well.  It ended up being pretty good, which was nice since we had never made it before!  Daddy liked it and we have some left over for lunch tomorrow.  :-)

After we ate dinner, you had your evening bath and then you got to play with daddy as I took my shower.  :-)  We got to play around in the play room for a while until Uncle Brennan came over.  He and daddy have a really late soccer game tonight.  It didn't start until 9:45pm.  When they left, we continued playing but then you started to get a little fussy and rubbed your eyes.  I rocked you in the rocking chair for awhile and then just held you as you fell asleep in my arms.  We sat there together for quite some time.  :-)  You were so cute curled up as I held you.  Finally, I was getting tired as well, so I put you down in your bed and then I curled up in bed too.  :-P  You sound asleep when daddy got home, but I was awake in bed.  He won his game.  :-)

I hate that I have to leave you tomorrow .... but you'll have fun with Penny.  Continue to save those precious smiles and kisses for me .... I look forward to them everyday .... especially when I'm at work and can't wait to get home to see you and daddy!  

Sleep tight little miracle!

I love you!  :-)


Monday, October 18, 2010

Three Appointments

Dearest Joshua David~

Today was a busy day .... we had three appointments between the two of us ....

You were the first one up, with your 1 year check up at the pediatrician's office at 8:30am.  You got four shots, one of which was the flu shot.  I need to take you back in one month for the second flu shot dose.  They also drew your blood.  Your iron looked good, so you don't need to go back on the Poly-Vi-Sol medication (you don't appear to be anemic anymore).   So, you left the pediatrician's office with 5 bugs bunny bandaids!  

There's still a question as to whether one of your 'man berries' have descended fully, so she gave me a referral to a pediatric urologist for evaluation (yes, I am your mother so I will talk about anything!).  I called once we got home and took their earliest appointment (which wasn't until december).  We can start to slowly introduce whole milk to you (little bits at a time to check for allergies/reactions .... she said sometimes children may have little stomach aches the first few times).  You're still congested with a little runny nose here and there, but you still have no fever so the pediatrician wasn't worried.  You had a few crying fits from the shots, but have been doing well overall.  I ended up giving you two doses of tylenol throughout the day to help you.  Joshua,  you are 19lbs and 1oz and 28.5in long. (though I think you feel heavier!).  :-P  She said at this point we can start to look at convertible car seats, since the infant ones usually only go up to 20lbs.  The convertible ones allow babies to sit rear facing for longer, (sitting rear facing is a lot safer) but can be flipped to front facing as well.  She recommended keeping you rear facing for as long as possible (since it's safer), but to go ahead and switch your seat over the next month or so.  Oh, she liked your helmet!  :-)

Princess Peanut had an appointment right after at 10:30am .... we are 21 weeks and 1 day.  My blood pressure was 110/70 and urine was fine (no protein).  They checked my iron level, which was 12.8 (they like it between 12 and 13), so you and I both got our fingers pricked today (though I got a dull bandaid). The OB said we were the right size for our weeks (I think he said my uterus was 20 cm?) and Peanut's heart rate was 144.  My next appointment is in another 4 weeks (after that they may switch me to 2 weeks). 

Then, you had your physical therapy appointment with Eliza .... you did a lot better with your left side rotation today.  We continued to work on getting in and out of sitting to crawling positions.  You got fussy during the appointment, which I wasn't sure if it was from the shots or your congestion.  :-P

We finally got to sit down by 2pm, which is when I ate lunch!   You got a little fussy in the afternoon, so I gave you some tylenol and a bottle .... I rocked you and you ended up taking a little nap.  

Daddy's soccer game isn't until tomorrow, so we got to play together as a family in the bonus room and relax.  You got fussy again in the evening, but when daddy gave you a bottle, you ended up falling asleep on him while daddy and I watched some shows on the computer.  :-)  We also researched car seats so we could go ahead and see what would be best for you. 

Tomorrow we have no appointments, so we can relax a little more and hopefully you won't be as congested.  

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!  :-)


Sunday, October 17, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  How does it feel to be one year old?  ;-)

After such a busy day yesterday, we took it easy today.  You slept well last night and we actually ended up sleeping in a little, which was good since we all needed some rest.   You were still congested, and my allergies were really acting up, so we all just played in the bonus room in the morning.  You took a little nap, so daddy and I napped on the big couch too!  By lunch time though, we were at Gigi's house for some more birthday fun.

Your (Great) Aunt Beth, cousin Charlie, and Lois were in town for the State Fair.  Since Stephanie is working this week in one of the booths, Charlie is staying with his Nana .... (Great) Aunt Beth.  Since they were still in town, we got to go over there and visit.  We all ate lunch there and you got to play with Charlie!  You two were cute together!  ;-)

Then, you got to open more birthday presents from people!  You've gotten so many toys from people .... but you kept wanting to chew on the cards.  :-P  You also got to see Gigi, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle James.

Afterward, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few items.  You were on my back in the baby carrier.  When we got home, daddy and I took out all your new toys and set them up for you to play with.  There are only a few we haven't opened yet because we forgot to get batteries, but we'll get those for you soon so you can play! 

You're still doing well with eating from a spoon, but we're still working on the solid foods like cheerios and baby crackers.  

Tomorrow is going to be a pretty busy day .... you have your one year pediatric appointment at 8:30am, then we have an OB appointment for Peanut at 10:30am, and finally you have your physical therapy appointment at 12:30pm!  I hope you do well tomorrow with the pediatric appointment .... you're going to get a few shots and your blood drawn.  I have the tylenol already packed in the diaper bag.  :-P  

Sleep tight little one!

I love you!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Dearest Joshua David~

One year ago today, we were given a miracle from God .... you, precious treasure, came into the world and our lives have never been the same!  Happy 1st Birthday Joshua David Watson!  You are truly a miracle and blessing from God!  Daddy and I love you very much, and we pray for you and Peanut each and everyday.  :-)

As soon as you woke up, daddy picked you up and put you on the bed .... then, we sang "Happy Birthday" to you!  You smiled and clapped .... which we appreciated since we aren't the best singers!  ;-)  I put you in a special onesie that says "My First Birthday" and we used a bib all day that says "Birthday Boy" .... both of which Mimi gave you!  Then, you had a special birthday breakfast .... well, it was your usual bottle, but you gulped it down anyway!  You slept better last night .... you didn't wake up crying and you slept in your own bed.  You still woke up sounding congested, and still have a small runny nose here and there, but you have no fever.  Overall, you appear to be feeling ok.

So, daddy and I got ready and we left the house around 10am to take you to your very first visit to the North Carolina State Fair!  We got caught in some traffic, but eventually found some close parking .... got you comfy in the stroller .... and were walking around seeing all the sights by 11am.  We got to see cousin Stephanie working in one of the food stands .... she wished you a happy birthday and gave daddy and I some fried oreos!  Ha!  They were pretty good too!  ;-)

Grandpa Jim and Uncle James came later, but we walked around a little with them too.  We saw so many people walking around!  You got to see all the rides .... hear all the sounds .... smell all the fried food (they don't really have anything too healthy there by the way!) .... but you fell asleep in the stroller once we brought you in to see some of the animals.  :-P  

It started out pretty cool, but then the weather got warmer as we walked around.  We were back at the car and heading out around 4pm.  Daddy and I had some tired feet by then!  

We took you over to Mimi's house afterward.  Your (Great) Aunt Allyson (Mimi's sister) is visiting and helping Mimi .... so she got to meet you!  You got to open some presents there and show off your birthday outfit (not to be confused with your 'birthday suit' which you also showed off later in the evening when daddy and I gave you a bath!).  :-P  

We left late, so daddy and I picked up sandwiches on the way home, and we ate upstairs while watching you play.  :-)  

I can't believe it's been a full year since you were born .... time has flown by so fast!  I remember so vividly being sent to the hospital .... not really understanding what was going on .... I don't know what I would have done if your daddy hadn't been with me for that 30 week appointment.  He stayed with me until they took you and I away to the operating room .... and he immediately followed you to the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) once you were born.  I wish I could have held you once you were out, but you needed to get bigger and healthier .... and everything was worth the wait!  I get to hold you now and cover you with kisses .... and I can't wait to do the same for little Princess Peanut.  :-) 

You've come a long way from 2 pounds 4 ounces!  ;-)

Happy Birthday to my precious son .... I love you more than you'll ever know .... forever and ever!  :-)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Fifty Two Weeks

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my little treasure .... today you are fifty two weeks old .... do you know what that means?  Well, I'll give you a hint .... there are fifty two weeks in a year, so .... tomorrow's your birthday!!  Woo hoo!  

Today didn't start out very well though .... you were up on the hour, every hour, all night and this morning with a congested and runny nose.  :-P  Daddy and I were up with you either rocking you, walking with you, giving you tylenol, or taking your temperature.  You never spiked a fever, though you felt warm to me.  I think you finally fell into a 'good' sleep at around 4am-4:30am.  Then, you woke back up at 7:30am, when daddy was leaving for work.  

Little man, we were all exhausted today!  Daddy came home from work and immediately took a nap!  You, luckily, took a little nap in the afternoon .... so I was able to rest while you slept on me (I had to rock you for you to fall asleep).  We played most of the day in your play place, though I took your temperature each time I changed your diaper.  You continued to stay in the normal range for your temperature, so we continued to rest at the house.  I was going to run errands today, but then thought it best for the both of us to stay in and get better.  I kept wiping your runny, little nose (which you didn't like).  :-P  I hope you feel better tomorrow for your first birthday!  Daddy and I want to take you to the State Fair, so we'll have to see how you're feeling tomorrow morning (and see how well you sleep through the night).

Oh little man .... I remember a year ago today so well .... I was at work and did not feel well.  I actually went home sick that day after lunch .... the only day I have ever gone home early from work.  I didn't feel well a few days prior, but people kept thinking it was normal pregnancy symptoms.  I had a crushing feeling in my chest, which everyone told me was heartburn.  I was taking everything to get any sort of relief.  I knew I had my 30 week OB check up the next morning at 8am .... little did I know you and I were very, very sick .... little did I know we were suffering from Pre-Eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome .... little did I know I was going to have an emergency C-section the very next day and that you would be born at 1:11pm!  I really wish, little Joshua, that I could have kept you in my womb for longer so that you could have grown healthier and not have to stay in the hospital for 8.5 weeks .... but God works in mysterious ways and He knew what He was doing a year ago.  

I don't remember if I ever told you this, but after I had you one of my friends sent me an email about how God chooses preemies and mothers.  The story goes:

"Most women become mothers by accident, some by choice,
a few by social pressures,
and a couple by habit. This year thousands of mothers will give birth to a premature baby. Did you ever wonder how mothers of preemies are chosen?

Somehow, I visualize God hovering over Earth, selecting his
instruments for propagation with great care and deliberation. As he
observes, he instructs his angels to take notes in a giant ledger. 

Finally, he passes a name to an angel and smiles.
"Give her a preemie."

The angel is curious. "Why this one, God?
She's so happy."

"Exactly," smiles God.
"Could I give a premature baby a mother who knows no laughter? That
would be cruel."

"But does she have the patience?" asks the angel.

"I don't want her to have too much patience, or she'll drown in a sea
of self-pity and despair.  Once the shock and resentment wear off, she'll handle it. 

Yes, here is a woman whom I will bless with a child less than perfect.
She doesn't know it yet, but she is to be envied.
She will never take for granted a spoken word.
She will never consider a step ordinary.
When her child says momma for the first time,
she will be witness to a miracle and know it.
I will permit her to see clearly the things I see--
ignorance, cruelty, prejudice--
and allow her to rise above them.
She will never be alone.
I will be at her side every minute of every day of her life
because she is doing my work as surely as she is here by my side." 

My little Joshua .... my little preemie, treasure, and miracle from God ....  you and Peanut are so special to daddy and I .... always remember that throughout life .... it will take years for you to understand some of these letters, but when you're old enough, I hope you're able to treasure them to see what blessings God has given to us and our family .... 

I pray that you feel and sleep better tonight ....

I love you forever and ever!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nunny Nose?

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  I couldn't wait to get home to you today!  It was so stormy and rainy as I went to work this morning.  I hate it when I have to drive somewhere and it's all gloomy.  :-P  Work was long, but seeing your smile and hearing your giggles made my day!  :-)

You and Penny had a fun day today!  You took a nap in the morning and the afternoon.  Then you had some floor time and swung on the front porch swing.  She said you've really been improving with your solid food eating!  Penny stated that you "actually ate one of the sweet potato snacks (like a cheerio) .... put it in his mouth .... chewed and swallowed it.  He also did well with the stars in the chicken .... he did not spit the pasta stars out!"  :-)  Yippie!  Good job little man!

She noticed something though this afternoon .... you felt a little warm to Penny so she took your temperature.  Your temperature was fine (no fever) but you have a runny, stuffed up nose.  :-P  Poor little Joshua.  I remember when you had that other cold and were congested for days.  :-P  I hate that you're not feeling well because your birthday's coming up.  Maybe you'll be a little better by saturday?  

I gave you a bottle this evening and you ended up falling asleep on me for a while.  You went to bed early (probably because of the congestion), but I didn't complain .... last night and this morning I couldn't breathe with my allergies .... I ended up waking up at 2:30am this morning sneezing and walked around the house.  You and daddy were sleeping.  :-P

Today is the first day of the North Carolina State Fair!  Woo hoo!  The fair is fun .... there are rides, exhibits, and lots of food!  You and I didn't get to go last year because .... well, I was in the hospital having you!  Daddy went briefly with Grandpa Jim though.  This year, daddy and I were planning on taking you on your birthday, but I guess we'll see how you're feeling if you have a little cold.  

I hope you feel better!  Sleep tight!  

I love you little man!  :-)


Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello my little treasure!  How are you today?  :-)

Since daddy has a new job, he gets to leave a little later in the morning, so we both got to play with you before Penny got here.  :-)  Penny got a hair cut, but you still recognized her and smiled when she came through the door.  

You two had fun today.  You're getting better with solid foods.  You ate three teaspoons of our chicken and stars mix and half a jar of pears!  You went to the park to play and use the swings and you all did a lot of play and floor time.  Penny said she LOVES your play area upstairs!  I think you all spent a lot of time up there!  You also took a couple of naps for her and you were sleeping when daddy got home!

I got home late again.  This appears to be a recurring theme for wednesdays.  :-P  I hate getting home late and missing time with you.  But, you and daddy both greeted me at the door with smiling faces!  Everyone at work always asks about you!  And, they've started to monitor my blood pressure at work to for Peanut.  I have a log that I keep, and check my vitals about every other day. 

We've noticed, since Eliza figured you out, that you hold your bottles more with feedings!  Every once in a while, you'll show off and do it one handed.  :-P

I hopefully will be home a lot sooner tomorrow!  Then, we'll have another 5 days together with no work!  Woo hoo!  And, do you know what this saturday is?  Your first birthday!!  Everyone is so excited!  

Sleep tight little treasure!

I love you more than I can express!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Dearest Joshua David~

Hello cutie pie!  Today was big adventure for us .... we had our first MOPS meeting .... and you got more birthday attention! 

First, you and I got ready for our MOPS meeting at church.  I was really nervous since I didn't know anyone.  You seemed fine, but you're more social than I am.  ;-)  I got you all ready and packed your diaper bag, and once we pulled into the parking lot, you ended up having a poopy diaper!  You always seem to have a poopy diaper when we need to be somewhere.  :-P  So, once again, the back of my Escape turned into a changing table!  Once you were all clean, we went inside and saw all the other mommies and children!  There were a lot of children there, but everyone was divided by age. 

I introduced myself at the check-in desk (and introduced you).  I had the option of keeping you with me in the big room, or placing you in a room with other children your age to play around.  Since the big room was going to have some speakers, I thought it best to let you play with other children.  So, we went around the corner to the "12-24 month" room (since you'll be one year on saturday).  That room immediately scared me since all these little toddlers were running around babbling and crying.  Luckily for me (to ease my nerves), you were bumped to the smaller room (6-12 months) since you can't walk yet.  That was a relief to me because the smaller room was a lot quieter and more your speed.  ;-)  You immediately made friends with the workers and I was much harder for me to leave than for you to stay!  Your mommy must have some separation anxiety.  ;-)

I meet new people in the big room and was placed in a small group.  All the other mommies that I met were nice.  One mommy has twin girls.  After I got to meet them, the main speaker started.  There must have been close to 100 mommies in there.  There was a panel discussion at the front on different schools (private, public, charter, home school, montessori, and magnet), so we all got to hear of the pros and cons.  Daddy and I still have a little while to figure out what school to put you in, but it was nice to hear of the different kinds.  

Oh, and a special note to Peanut .... they asked if anyone was pregnant.  I rose my hand and I got a little gift of two newborn diapers and a candy bar.  ;-)  I had to say my name and when I was due in a microphone in front of all those people!  I was so nervous!  I said, "I'm Crystal and it's my first day!  I'm due in February!"  Ha!  :-)

After the discussion panel, I went to pick you up from your play room.  You had two new stickers on your back that showed you had a bottle and were changed.  :-)  You were talking away with some of the ladies there and everyone said you were so cute.  Good job little man!  Our next meeting is in two weeks, though we may have a play date with some other mommies and children before then.  So, we are officially a part of MOPS .... and you are my little, precious MOPPET!  ;-)

You and I got home around lunch time.  We both had a little something to eat and then you took a tiny nap.  Then, we played around in your play place for a while.  

Tomorrow morning Vicki leaves to go back to Florida, so we ended up having dinner at Mimi's so we could see her one more time.  She had a birthday cookie cake for you and a puppy cupcake for you to play with (you surprisingly did not make that much of a mess)!  Your Uncle Brennan and Aunt Katie gave you a book on doggies and a tickle monster play set!  Vicki also got you a baby swing that we can hang up on our porch or screened in deck!  You'll have to share that with Peanut too!  

Mimi is doing a lot better.  You're still too heavy for her to lift, so you either sat next to her or we leaned you over so she could kiss you.  :-)

The evening was filled with your usual bath and play time routine.  Tomorrow I head back to work, so you and Penny will have fun together.  Some a big old kiss and smile for me!  I hate leaving you still! 

Sleep tight little precious!

I love you!