Monday, February 15, 2010

Five Wipes

Dearest Joshua David~

Congratulations little man!  Today you set a new record .... you had the largest poopy diaper to date!  Ha!  I had to use 5 wipes to get you all clean!  Whoa!  Way to go little fellow!  :-)

I tried a new size on you today.  After your big diaper, I changed you completely and put a "newborn" size outfit against you.  It looked like it would be too short, so I put you in a "0-3 month" old outfit.  You're a little short in it, but at least you're not too snug.  Maybe you've grown out of newborn?  Some of the newborn outfits look a little bigger, so I'm not going to pack them all up yet.  I think you're starting to transition more between the two sizes.

Today you were pretty awake and alert the entire time.  I didn't think you were ever going to take a nap.  :-P  At lunch, we made some dough so that we could make a pizza for dinner.  We had to let it rise for a few hours, so you and I played some games and you took a bottle. 

You were fussy during our tummy time exercises.  And, you kept fighting me whenever I tried to burp you.  When daddy came home and gave you a bottle, you burped for him just fine!  What's wrong?  You didn't want to burp for me?  :-P

Daddy rolled the dough that you and I made and we had our homemade pizza for dinner.  You fell asleep in the carrier again as daddy and I were cooking. 

After dinner, the three of us went upstairs and watched some more of the Winter Olympics.  I was falling asleep during some of the figure skating, but you quickly woke me when you got hungry.  Daddy and I ended up giving you a bottle around 10:30pm.

You ended up falling asleep for good around midnight.  I had to change you around 11:40pm when I heard you making some "toot" noises.  :-P

Sleep tight little Joshua!

I love you!


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