Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bundled Baby

Dearest Joshua David~

Hello precious! I missed you so much at work today! Before I left for work, when it was just the two of us in the house, I talked to you while you were in the bassinet sleeping. I told you that I loved you and said a little prayer that you would be safe today while I was gone.

While Penny was here with you, she wrote down different things that you all did today! Here's what your day looked like:

9:45am-10:45am .... playtime with music
11am-12pm .... nap
12:30pm .... pull ups, patty cake, and jump ups
1:30pm-4pm .... nap

Then, she wrote down something cute that you did .... "able to fix his gaze on his hand (did it twice today). He stares at his hand and then his hand involuntarily comes to his face, and his eyes cross while he is keeping site of his hand .... so funny!" :-) You're such a cute little boy!

I also noticed something else about you. Sometimes, when you get a little fussy, I can rub between your eyes and forehead (while giving you a pacifier) and you calm down. I've tried it a few times and you generally calm down easier than when I don't rub your head.

Tonight we bundled you up in a little blanket that your (Great) Aunt Pops gave you. You were all snug in there a gave us a few smiles! Then, we played on the bed again with daddy. :-)

Tomorrow I'll be leaving you again for work, but then we'll have another 5 days together!

Sleep tight!

I love you little precious!


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