Saturday, December 1, 2012

Runny Noses

Dearest Precious Gifts~
Welcome to my birthday month!  Let the celebrations and festivities begin!  ;-)

I had bad insomnia this morning.  :-(  I was awake from 1am to about 4am.  Joshua, you had a coughing spell around 4am.  Grace, you slept a little better.  But, you were grumpy when you woke this morning.  Joshua, you ended up throwing up.  Ew!  Fun fun!  Needless to say, you all had more medicine at breakfast and then we watched some Mickey Mouse to relax afterward.  You two need to get better soon.  :-P

We had lots of baby biscuit kicks and movements this morning.  I'm not sure, but I think I had some braxton hicks contractions in the shower.  We'll see if that leads to anything.

We made a very quick trip to Target this morning for some groceries.  You two each ate two cookies but Joshua was coughing the entire time.  We probably should have kept you out of the produce aisle!  Ha!  You both had runny noses too and barely ate a lunch when we got home.  Daddy and I gave you all more medicine once home and then tried to get you all down for a nap.  I was tired too from the early insomnia.  Grace, you fought a nap and didn't go down until 2:45pm.  Daddy worked on some yard work as you all napped and I rested and read.

Once awake, we all relaxed in the playroom for a little bit.  Then, we made some dinner.  We cooked some chicken with some noodles and pad tai sauce.  We knew you all wouldn't eat it, but you all did eat some crackers and drink some milk. 

We came back upstairs by 6pm for the UNC basketball game.  We won!  We folded a lot of laundry while the game was on.  Joshua, you never stopped coughing all day!  I felt so bad for you and you're beginning to lose your voice!  Grace, you pretended you were on the phone with Gigi.  :-)
Before bedtime, you all had a nice bath and then had another dose of medicine.  
Sleep tight little ones!
I love you both so much!

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