Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Watching Movies

Dearest Angels~

You two were both up early this morning.  I was groggy from my sore throat all night.  I think I sucked on a cough drop every two hours.  :-P

You two did well with breakfast .... you both ate your cereal and I gave you all some more medicine.  Once we were upstairs and dressed, I put some laundry on and you all watched a Mickey Mouse.  I organized the playroom a little.

For snack time you both ate your yogurt and applesauce.  Joshua threw up a little, but I think it was my fault.  I gave you a spoon full that was a little bigger than you were use too.  Sorry!  I quickly changed your outfit and then I swept and vacuumed the downstairs as you all played. 

We ended up putting the movie Shrek on after snack time.  Our cable box started to malfunction today and erased everything on our recorder.  So, we had no Mickey Mouse.  We all sat on the couch and watched half the movie together.  I tuned my electric mandolin and played a little.  I ended up changing my 'goals' this month.  My 'physical' goals of working out are going on the back burner .... I won't be able to do much with the C section surgery and will need to heal for a few weeks.  So, I changed my 'mental' goals to include practicing the mandolin and reading more.  We'll see how that goes.  ;-)

Neither of you two ate a big lunch .... though Joshua ate  more than Grace.  Afterward, you all had a second dose of medicine and story time.  You were both napping by 1pm.  I had to wake you all up at 2pm though so we could leave at 2:30pm for our 3pm speech therapy appointment with Gloria. 

You did well little man.  We're working on the 'f' sound now.  Grace, you ate some crackers while we were waiting.  We made it home by 4pm.  I made my lunches for work this week as you two played and then Quinn came over by 4:30pm for our second speech therapy appointment of the day.  You did well again Joshua .... she worked on some possessive combinations (mommy's petunia) and trying to make sentences by yourself.  :-)

I made dinner afterward .... some taco meat for burritos and some mac and cheese.  Then, we watched the rest of Shrek until daddy got home.  We all ate dinner together.  Then, we played this evening and everyone got more medicine before bedtime. 

Sleep tight little ones!

I love you both so much!


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