Monday, December 3, 2012

Cereal All Day

Dearest Precious Gifts~

Ugh .... we were all congested last night again.  I wish we'd all feel better soon.

Despite being sick, you all did well at breakfast.  I also gave you all more medicine this morning.  Then, we relaxed upstairs with some Mickey Mouse.  We had a quick snack time and you both ate a good amount of applesauce.  Then, we headed out.  First we returned a library book that I checked out the other week and then we headed over to speech therapy with Kim.

You did really well little man.  Kim wants to do a new evaluation on you next week.  She sees a lot of improvement with you and knows you're in the school system twice a week with Gloria too (plus Quinn).  If you score in the average range she'll likely recommend a discharge from her and to continue with Gloria.  Which would mean one less appointment a week.

I told her that I would 'hopefully' be there on the 10th (next week) though someone else may be there on the 17th which may be your last day.   Either way, Kim is out of the office on the 24th and the 31st so you only have two more appointments with her this year.  Wow.  Time is just flying by!

We were home for lunch.  You two mostly ate cereal.  I gave you all more medicine and then we had story time.  Joshua, you fell right to sleep.  Grace, you fought it.  I rested next to you two and then read.  I had lots of baby biscuit kicks! 
Once daddy was home, we all had dinner together.  You two ate cereal again.  Then, we made a very quick trip to the grocery store for milk and medicine for everyone.  All four of us are sick now .... daddy was the last one to get congested.  :-P  When we got back home, we relaxed and all took more medicine before bedtime.

Sleep tight little ones!
I love you both so much!


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